5 Office Work Out Tips to Keep Your Blood Pumping

This post was submitted by Kim Crossland.

Being stuck in an office can be a drag. No matter how much you love your job, sitting behind a desk for hours at a time, doing work, can make anyone feel run down and tired. To combat this, one solution many office workers turn to is working out while at work.

 The concept may seem outrageous, but innovative office workers have found new ways to increase blood flow throughout the workday. The idea of being able to get a workout in even while in the office entices busy professionals.

While you will not be able to get in the amount of cardio and weightlifting recommended by doctors, there are certain things you can do to keep your blood pumping and get in a little bit more exercise than you normally would while at work.

 Here are a few suggestions to get you started:


  • Stand more often – Did you know that standing burns an average of three times the calories as sitting does? It also helps take a lot of pressure off your hips and back helping your body to feel better all around. In many offices, from homes to offices of major corporations, standing desks are a common sight. Getting one for your home office gives you the option to stand when you want and change postures frequently throughout the day.

  • Take movement breaks – Small, short bursts of movement benefit your body more than you may realize. Set up milestones throughout your day where you will commit to doing a few rounds on the stairs, taking a quick walk around the building or doing some yoga at your desk. For example, get up after you have made 5 phone calls, or once every hour on the hour. No matter when you get up to move, it is important to set up a milestone that you will remember and commit to throughout your day.

  • Walk while you work – Sounds impossible, right? But treadmill desks have surprised a number of professionals looking for easy ways to workout while they work. While you should not plan to go over a mile or two an hour if you want to stay productive, walking just a little bit can help you keep your blood pumping and body active even when you are stuck behind a computer screen.

  • Eliminate your conveniences – Convenient offices make it easy to avoid getting up and moving throughout your day. To force yourself out of your chair so you can keep your body moving and somewhat active, move your trash can across the room where you will have to get up to throw something away. Create little ways that will cause you to get up and move so that your body can stay fluid.

  • Change the way you sit – You have likely heard of the benefits of sitting on a large exercise ball instead of your chair. While this may look funny, there are benefits to using this or similar types of ergonomic chairs in your home office. Find one that forces you to use your core to sit up straight so that you can keep your abdominal muscles engaged throughout the workday and put less strain on your back at the same time.

 Making small, simple updates to the way you work can help you stay healthier while at the office. What have you been able to do in terms of working out while at work?

 Kimberly Crossland is passionate about fitness. She loves sharing her tips for staying healthy while at the office on blogs for busy women. Click to learn more about modern office furniture that will keep you healthier at work.


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    These are some great tips. Movement breaks are so important if you work a desk job or find yourself sitting for most of your workday. My back and neck often get stiff and sore, so taking a moment to stand, walk around, and get my blood pumping again really helps with that.

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