5 Ways to Keep the Flu From Taking Over Your Home (Giveaway)

Everyone in my household has been sick — with the exception of me. During the last month, my son has gotten a really bad case of the flu, passed it on to his sister, who then passed it on to her father. Each night as I was throwing trashcans full of tissues away, I silently plead, Please do not let me get sick! Have you been there lately?

I have been very fortunate and have stayed well. It has taken an act of congress and lots of healthy foods, vitamins, and water to keep me well. I want it to stay that way, so when the flu takes over your home like it did mine, there are things you can do to combat against those nasty germs. Here are 5 ways to keep the flu from taking over your home!

1. Fill Your Body with Vitamin C

I have always heard that to fight off a cold, drink and eat lots of vitamin C, so I have been doing just that. I have been keeping oranges at the house and anytime I get a craving for something sweet, I have been eating one or two. The added boost of Vitamin C to my immune system is definitely a plus.

2. Sanitize and fumigate all areas where sick people touch

I am a firm believer that if you touch something that someone else who is sick has touched — you will get sick! My husband keeps sanitizer by his bed, in the kitchen, in the bathroom, in his vehicle, and he has a little bottle stowed away in my purse. Keep the germs at bay. Spray Lysol or some other form of germ killer in the area where they sleep or sit.

3. Politely ask all sick people to not come to your home until they are well

Many people think my husband is a bit gruff when it comes to inviting people into our home, but he is really just wanting to keep his family well. If someone mentions that they have had a cold, but want to come over and spend time with us, we politely ask them to wait until they are all the way well. Everyone usually understands and is more than happy to wait.

4. Use tissues that help kill germs instead of rags and toilet paper

When you sneeze or have to blow your nose, you usually grab whatever you can find laying closely beside you. Keep a box of Scotties tissues sitting around so that when someone feels a sneeze coming on, they can catch it quickly so that germs are not spread through the sneeze. With a rag, germs are spread because you lay it back down beside of you, but with tissues, you can throw them away immediately. Don’t forget to sanitize afterwards!

The really awesome thing about Scotties tissues is that they are passionate about the environment, so for every tree that they use to produce the Scotties tissues, they will plant three in it’s place.

Scotties sent me a care package in the mail, and thanks to them I will not need tissues for a while! We have them setting everywhere so that when others feel like they need to sneeze, we have them covered. The best part is now there is 30% more per box.

5. Attack it before it gets full blown

When you feel yourself starting to feel ill, attack the flu and cold before it gets infected into your body. You can drink herbal teas that help fight off the flu and cold, take some natural remedies that keep the flu at bay, and follow all these tips to stay healthy.

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Even if you do get the flu or a cold, at least by following these tips you won’t get it as bad. When my husband got the flu, his was a mild case compared to my children who did not take the proper precaution to stay healthy and well.

This is part of a promotional campaign witih Scotties. All opinions listed are my own.


  1. shterna says

    Slice up a onion, Add some cloves of garlic. Pour some honey(preferably raw) over it. Let it sit for a day. Have a spoonful of the syrup once a day. More frequent if you feel something coming.

  2. Wehaf says

    Wash your hands, and disinfect commonly used surfaces (phones, doorknobs, etc.) to prevent the spread of germs.

  3. Selene M. says

    Wash hands, Wash hands!! Don’t share glasses, silverware, beds. Use paper towels, tissues and sanitary wipes.

  4. says

    I carry vitamin C and emergen C packs with me, and lots of hand sanitizer. I also drink plenty of water and eat right to stay healthier and hopefully keep from getting sick

  5. Kelly D says

    I carry hand sanitizer in my purse, wipe down cart handles with germ wipes, and run when I hear people coughing.

  6. Janet W. says

    Washing my hands a million times a day, and not leaving the house unless I have to during the flu season.

  7. Jennifer B says

    Don’t get the flu shot! Wash hands, stay away from the hospital. Cut out sugar get lots of zinc and Vitamin k2 to absorb the zinc and lots of vit D

  8. Ann Fantom says

    I’m eating healthy meals, taking a daily vitamin, getting plenty of sleep and washing my hands frequently.

  9. debbie says

    take elderberry if you are exposed to someone or think you are coming down with the flu. (It was a active ingredient in tamiflu)

  10. Kat says

    My tip is to eat healthy whole foods and drink lots of water. Keep sugars at a low during this season of colds and flu to help your immune system stay strong.

  11. Michelle Hudak says

    I pack hand sanitizer in my daughter’s backpack so she can use it when the bathroom isn’t near.

  12. Laura Jacobson says

    We always wash our hands as soon as we come in the house after being out at the store or somewhere else.

  13. AmyB says

    Constant hand washing if I’m around people that may be sick. I also try not to touch my face if I’m out in public places to avoid germs.

  14. Peggy D says

    wash hands, use hand santizer if you don’t have water, drink plenty of water, and eat healthy


  15. Anastasia says

    Avoid touching things / people, especially during cold season :) Grab doorknobs with your sleeve! If you can’t avoid it as much as you like, drink stuff like Emergen C – that seemed to work well for me :)

  16. CherylS22 says

    Wash your hands & never touch your face or eyes before washing your hands.
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  17. Lim says

    Quarantine yourself if you are sick, that way you don’t spread anything and it hopefully won’t keep going around the office/school etc.

  18. ELIZABETH C. says

    I wish there was more to prevent catching a cold, however aside from taking my daily vitamins, wash my hands often.

  19. Karla Sceviour says

    My biggest tip is to WASH HANDS! ALso stay healthy by getting plenty of sleep,drink juice with vitamin c and eat healthy fruits and veggies.

  20. says

    A lot of hand washing. Beware of touching public surfaces at transportation, the office, etc. Also, making going out to eat a rarity during flu season

  21. Sarah Hall says

    Wash your hands often especially if you have been out shopping or have shaken hands with other people.

  22. monica meza says

    My father has always eaten cloves of garlic whenever anyone is showing signs of having a cold…he hasn’t been sick yet!

  23. Priscilla says

    Wash your hands often and load on up vitamin c throughout the day as soon as you notice cold symptoms.

  24. says

    As tempting as it is, never play on the playgrounds inside malls. We’ve played at the outside playground plenty of times without getting sick, but the mall playground gets us sick EVERY time.

  25. says

    Washing hands……with 7 kids in the home we are ALWAYS washing our hands. Also washing coats every week ( germ catchers …on the ground rubbing agains desks & tables). Keeping sanitizer handy, and getting a good nights rest!!

  26. Paula V says

    Before getting cold…sleep, lots of water, fruits/veggies, vit c pill. Upon symptoms: vit c and echinacea four times a day.

  27. Nadine L says

    No tip to share, other than if you feel that Flu coming on, take care of it right away. I assumed it would go away when I got it, as it had in the past, run it’s course and be gone. But, this year the strains are so bad mine went from the Flu, to Bronchitis and Pneumonia after settling in my lungs. I still have the cough almost two months later.

  28. says

    I simply drink a ton. I naturally do anyway. I drink over 100 oz a day. I don’t think I give it a chance to stay in me to get me sick!

  29. says

    A friend recently told me he drinks onion juice to fight off anything from a cold to bronchitis. Not brave enough to try it yet, but it seems to work for him.

  30. says

    A friend recently told me he drinks onions juice to fight off anything from a cold to bronchitis. Not brave enough to try it yet, but it seems to work for him.

  31. kelly nicholson says

    Share your tip on preventing cold/flu!

    gargle antiseptic when you feel it in the back of your through 95% of the time i kill it before it gets out of hand if i just gargle my ass off

  32. Annette Rosenberg says

    When the hubby and I both got really sick when our little Grace was less than two months old (and a preemie to boot) we washed our hands like every two minutes, carried hand sanitizer like an old west gunslinger, and as an added fashion bonus – even wore surgical masks until we were better. We looked so pitiful I’m sure it would have been hilarious if we could have laughed without triggering a coughing spell, but it worked, she stayed flu-free!

  33. Danna Wolf says

    I try not to overdo it with the sanitation, but I make sure to always, always, always wash my hands before eating.

  34. Tammy Owens/ Botzon says

    What works for me is getting plenty of sleep. I find I only get sick when I get really worn down and tired from not enough sleep.

  35. Jennifer Salazar says

    We keep lots of orange juice in the house during flu season and avoid all public places as much as possible. And if we can’t, I have hand sanitize bottles every where (car, purse, gym bag, diaper bag, home)

  36. says

    I make sure, when I’m disinfecting, I don’t forget all the door knobs and light switches! They are notorious for hoarding germs!

    coriwestphal at msn dot com

  37. Melissa Hartley says

    Washing hands often & staying away from big crowds when there is an epidemic of sickness or flu ..

  38. kathy f says

    The best tip is to wash your hands. Also wipe down the handles and door knobs in your house with clorox wipes.

  39. says

    Spraying everything in our house with Lysol. Wiping counters with bleach. NOT drinking after anyone. Washing hands thoroughly and often. Also, we take lots of vitamin C in drinks, vitamins, etc.

  40. Carolyn Bahm says

    I learned my cold/flu tip from my younger daughter: Cough into your elbow, now your hands. Keeps you from easily spreading germs.

  41. Anne says

    Nothing original here, but effective so far this year (knock on wood!): Frequent hand-washing, and use of hand sanitizer when away from home.

  42. eleanor says

    I try to wash my hands many times a day & I wear gloves during the cold season to avoid picking up germs from touching surfaces. I also drink ginger tea when I getting symptoms.

  43. Krystal M says

    Make sure that you wash your hands a lot! And if you are sick and don’t have a tissue nearby, sneeze into your elbow area. Mythbusters proved that works the best!

  44. Shar says

    Don’t just wash your hands but wipe down doorknobs, faucets, remotes, etc w/ antibacterial/Lysol/alcohol/etc. Another big shared item believe it or not is the handle at the gas pump.

  45. ky2here says

    I carry a small individual size hand sanitizer in my pocket. I refill it from a larger container. I try not to touch my face but I need to focus more on that.

  46. Carla says

    I take hand sanitizer everywhere and if someone coughs or sneezes in the store I try not to breathe until I can run to another aisle.

  47. Laura says

    I drink fresh vegetable juice almost everday made from celery, carrots, spinach, kale etc. It has all the vitamins and minerals I need to stay healthy.

  48. Lucy Schwartz says

    The first rule for infection control is wash our hands. With hand sanitizers it has never been easier.

  49. says

    Making sure to wash hands and take vitamins. Make sure if someone is sick to clean surfaces down as to not spread germs.

    silverneon2000 at yahoo dot com

  50. annmarie marchand says

    Moan often and loudly so that no one will come near you – that way you can’t spread your germs and people wont’ touch contaminated things.

  51. jonathan montante says

    When I leave a public restroom i use the paper towel from drying hands to pull door open so im not just touching a handle touched by all those who dont wash their hands.

  52. Barbara Stenby says

    frequent hand washing, sneeze or cough into a tissue, lots of fluids, vitamins, don’t eat out, stay away from large crowds & public transportation, hand sanitizer, and last but not least don’t drink from anyones glass!

  53. Bobby Tarumi says

    My tip: When you start feeling like a cold/flu is coming, take a ton of vitamin C (e.g. Airborne, Emergen-C). It boosts your immune system and for me personally it works!

  54. Beverly M says

    I haven’t had a cold since I started taking a 500ml. tablet of vitamin C everyday and I drink a glass of orange juice every morning too, which I think helps. Thanks for this contest!

  55. Wendy McBride says

    wash hands frequently with soap, Lysol everything, Clorox Cleanup after each shower, and cover those coughs with crook of elbow.

    wendym at cableone dot net

  56. Michelle H. says

    I haven’t had a bad case of the flu since I started taking the flu shot. But, I also like the idea of using cleaning wipes for common objects such as door handles.

  57. Bryan E. says

    Thanks for the giveaway…obsessive hand washing, and not touching your face with your fingers i.e. rubbing nose, eyes, etc.

  58. Wayne Lecoy says

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