Wordless Wednesday — Olivia Got Nine Staples in Her Head!

Wordless Wednesday

My brave girl got nine staples in her head this week!

Olivia never stops bouncing. I call her Tigger. This week, my little girl who never stops moving, gashed open her head while playing in the viewing area at the ice rink. Jackson was at his goalie practice and Olivia was keeping herself entertained playing with another child and somehow she ran/bounced into the sharp underside of a countertop.

Olivia was SO brave at the hospital, spending more time chatting with staff and giggling with her dad and me than she did crying. When her doctor cleaned and exposed the almost two inch long gash that sliced right through all the layers of her skin, Olivia just squeezed me as tight as she could and didn’t even cry. Of course, when the staples went in, she couldn’t hold in her screams. It was heartbreaking and I was very queasy by the end of the whole ordeal.

She had eleven staples – the doctor removed and redid a couple – and so the final count is nine staples in my sweet girl’s head. I am just so grateful all is well now and my girl is back to her bouncy self. Although I am really trying to get her to bounce a bit less and a lot more safely!


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    Oh my gosh! What!!! She is definitely braver than I would be! Oh, your sweet girl – good on her for being so strong! I hope she heals really, really fast and that the staple removal will be pain free for everyone! :-)

  2. says

    How horrible. You are right that she was super brave. But it also takes a super brave parent to watch stitches being put into their child’s noggin. The squeamish stomach takes out more than a few.

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    Oh that looks awful! My son broke his wrist when he was 4 1/2 and I thought I was going to pass out looking at his lifeless arm! This is much worse! Yikes!
    Sure glad they didn’t have to shave her head. Here’s to a quick recovery and a brave little girl!


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