How to Get Dinner Ready in Just Minutes (Giveaway)

Thursday was a whirlwind day for me. I got my braces on. Here I am, 38 years old and wearing braces. It’s funny, because I was totally expecting to leave that dentist appointment ready to whip the world. I was going home and cook a delicious supper for my family and then pile up on my couch, snuggle my dog, and dig into some books I needed to read. What I did not expect was to be in really bad pain later that evening. Needless to say, my glorious dinner plans for the evening were shot.

I really didn’t want to do another night of take out, because honestly, we had already eaten out 3 times earlier in the week thanks to busy Christmas schedules, sickness, and late work days for my hubby. Just when I thought I was at the end of my rope, the doorbell rang and Mr. UPS guy delivered my goodies from ConAgra Foods.

Frozen foods to the rescue!

Did you know that stocking your freezer with frozen options can be as nutritious, if not more nutritious, than fresh produce? Plus, you can be prepared for anything and limit precious hours in the kitchen, enjoying more time with family!

ConAgra Foods was a definite time saver for me that night. In literally less time than it takes me to drive and pick something up, I had a delicious meal of Chicken Tortellini Soup from Bertolli, Orange Chicken and Spring Rolls from P.F. Chang’s, and a delicious mouth watering Apple Pie from Marie Callender’s prepared for my family.

Keep your freezer stocked for those busy hectic nights

I always try to keep my freezer stocked with meals that can be made in just minutes for my family. We live a busy and hectic lifestyle (thanks to two teenagers and two work from home parents), so being able to pull a meal together to feed them before running out the door is VERY important.

ConAgra want’s YOU to be able to have that ability as well.

Enter to win a Frozen Food Pack from ConAgra

One lucky reader is going to win a Frozen Food Pack that will contain the following items:

  • Healthy Choice Greek Frozen Yogurt, Strawberry
  • Healthy Choice Greek Frozen Yogurt, Vanilla
  • Healthy Choice Greek Frozen Yogurt, Raspberry
  • Healthy Choice Baked Roasted Chicken and Potatoes
  • Healthy Choice Baked Four Cheese Ziti Marinara
  • Healthy Choice Baked Lasagna
  • Marie Callender’s Mac & Cheese
  • PF Changs Teriyaki Chicken Spring Rolls
  • PF Changs Orange Chicken
  • Bertolli Frozen Soup Meal
  • Marie Callender’s Dessert Pie, Dutch Apple
  • Marie Callender’s Mini Dessert Pie, Mixed Berry and Apple (2)

This is a $56 value package of delicious frozen foods to stock your freezer with! Use the Rafflecopter form to enter this giveaway. New to Rafflecopter? Watch this 45-second video on how to enter!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

What will you fix for the holidays this season when you are in a pinch?

We are working in a partnership with ConAgra Foods. All opinions listed are our own.


  1. CHristine JEnsen says

    holiday time saver- make lists and check them twice, I waste more time running to the store for things I Forgot the first time I went shopping! If you keep an accurate list and make sure you check items off as you buy them, you won’t end up making those last minute trips to the store.

  2. Jessica To says

    I make lists for everything – from Christmas cards and presents to grocery items. It is the only way I remember things during the busy season.

  3. Jennifer Marie says

    prepare food on the weekends when you may have more time and have it ready for during the week when it is busier!

  4. Jenny says

    I always make a list of what I need to accomplish – otherwise I miss things or spend too much time thinking about what I was supposed to be doing :)

  5. Dorothy says

    I make enough for dinner that we can have left-overs to send to work with hubby and have some for our lunch the next day. It saves lots of time in the middle of the day when I’m getting things done on my to-do list.

  6. drina m. says

    I plan our meals a week ahead. It make things simple but of course it takes time to cook everything so it would be nice to try out some of these frozen meals to see what we like.

  7. says

    I love keeping frozen meals on hand for those crazy, busy nights that I don’t want to cook. I personally love to eat Smart Ones and Healthy Choice meals.

  8. Natalie Finch says

    I make desserts the week before and freeze. Also, if guests offer to bring something, I take them up on the offer.

  9. latanya says

    During the week and on Sunday night, I make enough so that there will be leftovers for the next night. It helps to cut down on having to cook something every night during the week one.

  10. Susan P. says

    I cook a lot and freeze the extra portion as well as plan on leftovers so can get 3 or 4 meals out of one cooking.

  11. Jen F says

    We are also the household that likes to make a few extra meals ahead of time and freeze them for busy times of the year.

  12. amyc says

    Start getting items needed for baking and Christmas dinner after Halloween. Get $20 worth a week up until Christmas.

  13. Marti Parks says

    Always makes lists to stay organized and let children help with gift wrapping, even if they aren’t good at tit people think it’s sweet that the kids wrapped it.

  14. David says

    One thing we do to save time, not just in the holidays, but year round, is take advantage of the extra time we have on the weekends to prepare and freeze a large portion of the dinner time meals we will eat throughout the week.

  15. Tim says

    We bought a majority of our Christmas presents back in September because we knew the selection would be worse and the lines would be too long in December. Good thing we have an attic to hide the goodies in so the kids can’t find their gifts.

  16. Sheila K. says

    Cook twice as much as you’ll need for an evening meal and freeze half of it to use when you’re in a rush!

  17. April Yedinak says

    I make a big meal once a week with enough leftovers to incorporate into other meals. For instance, I roast a chicken on Sunday and we have chicken soft tacos the next day.

  18. Ashley says

    Start window shopping a few months before christmas and make mental list of what I want to get everyone, then buy the gifts over the next few months. It helps me to know what Iam getting everyone and makes it so I am able to get everyone a gift because I know how much I need in my christmas fund.

  19. Jessica says

    I plan out meals and then head to the grocery store. I get everything needed for the meals for that week and freeze the portions of meat that we are going to use.

  20. Mary Somerville says

    I plan ahead, so I can carefully make up the grocery lists, and avoid having to run to the store for an item or two.

  21. ANGEL JACKLYN says

    Save time & money by inviting people to your holiday dinner via your annual holiday cards you send out anyway! And when people arrive, let them help you finish your last preparations & set up (when they offer).

  22. Acmommy3 says

    Plan out 2 weeks of menu at a time, mapping out what days you need slow-cooker or make-ahead dishes….believe me, it is so awesome to have a recipe at the ready for each day, instead of searching on google. :-) And keep holiday foods and food gifts as easy as possible, it really is possible to make special candies, etc. without spending hours in the kitchen!

  23. says

    One holiday time saving tip? Prep for a week’s worth of meals at once. I cook up peppers and onions in bug batches and just pull them out of the fridge as needed.

  24. Angela E. says

    I always make a lot so that I can freeze and then re-heat on those lazy nights when I don’t feel much like cooking.

  25. Carol w says

    I look to do any cooking that i can ahead of time. It is easy to heat frozen things up when needed. no mess when the company is there. thanks

  26. says

    I cook as much ahead of time as I can, it saves lots of time. But actually my best time saver is for AFTER Christmas. I tend to make extras of everything that I have to cook. That way, hopefully, there are lots of leftovers, that I freeze into smaller containers to save. So I have mini meals that I can pull out of the freezer on a whim, for like 2 months!

    coriwestphal at msn dot com

  27. Mia Dentice Carey says

    I make several dishes at one time and freeze…I even cook up extra ground beef & freeze for various uses later….as well as cubed chicken which is great in salads & stir fry

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