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  1. Damon
    Dec 18 - 2:10 pm

    I love the, “Make It Social Tip”. Exercising should be playful and fun, like the way kids do it.

    I also think everybody should have a mantra. My favorite I’ve ever heard is, “Being healthy and fit, feels better than that tastes.”

    • Dave Smith
      Dec 20 - 2:30 pm

      A mantra is a great idea! I was working with a mom recently who told herself, “I just need to move every day” – It was her way of saying that anything can be exercise…playing with the kids, doing work around the house, anything to get the body moving.

      • Damon
        Dec 20 - 3:11 pm

        Also a very good mantra. I’ve been struggling with teaching my karate kids the value of ‘stretching vs. moving’. Let me get your feedback on this:

        My opinion at this point in life is that stretching is mostly a response to sedentariness. When people move more frequently they have a healthier range of motion.

        Again, really enjoyed your article, Dave.

        • Dave Smith
          Dec 21 - 12:02 pm

          I agree – Most people feel tight and have limited mobility because they spend too much time sitting. The old saying, “use it or lose it” sure applies to flexibility. I am reminded of this any time I see young kids playing. They can sit, bend, twist, and move without effort…and a lot of that can be credited to the fact that they simply don’t sit still!

          I think stretching is beneficial for everyone because, as you alluded to, we are a very sedentary generation. Keep teaching the importance of stretching…even if your karate kids don’t thank you until they start getting older :)

    Jan 04 - 9:14 pm

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