Tackle It Tuesday — Week 27
Enough Procrastinating

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Enough procrastinating – I am going to tackle my basement…

Ladies – this is a big one. It is not going to be completed tonight. In fact, I just hope I can get it done before Christmas!

The disaster has been patiently waiting for me.

Shortly after I began Tackle It Tuesday, I started to tackle it. I pulled reams of stuff out of the storage room and then got stuck. And I couldn’t seem to get back to it. Summer started and I was just trying to survive all the packing, unpacking and laundry of summer. The mess simply got left behind.

But how did it get so bad in the first place?

Well, like many storage areas, the storage room in our finished basement became the dumping ground of the house. Extra box? Stick it in the storage room. Emergency supplies? Yup – throw them in there too.

And then, last December, (yes a whole year ago!!!) I created the mess of the century! I decided to make a slide show for the surprise party I was planning for my mom’s 65th birthday party. I pulled out boxes and boxes to dig down to my moms and grandmother’s old photos and memorabilia. And then, after taking out hundreds of photos to scan into my computer, I did the unforgivable. I didn’t put ANY of it away!!!

But – you must understand!!! I worked day and night to get this party together – and keep it as a surprise. I worked on the slideshow every night till the wee hours of the morning for two weeks – not finishing it until 3am the day of the party! (All this while having a miscarriage!) Yes – I DO deserve some slack – right?!?

Then, Christmas was a couple weeks later and then my son’s birthday. (The day before Jackson’s birthday I had a D&C – actually make that two surgeries, since the surgeon had to go back in and repair the cuts he made in my cervix!)

Yes, ladies – it was a ROUGH winter. Can you understand now why I didn’t want to deal with it all?

But now, Christmas is here and I must get this area under control. My son nearly kills himself every time we go try to get to his basement play room and I need to get the basement ready for company!

So there you have it – the story of the mess. So please have mercy when you look at these pictures!!!

Our Basement Before

Tackle It Tuesday Tackle It Tuesday
Tackle It Tuesday Tackle It Tuesday
Tackle It Tuesday Tackle It Tuesday

So, there it is. I’ll be working hard on it this week, and I’ll share progress photos next week. Off to work I go…


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  1. says

    Looks v e r y familiar to my eyes ! It looks like our basement last year. Now it’s finished but probably not for long. I also take things out and forget to put them back.
    You are the first “tackler” I thought maybe there is none this week.

  2. says

    your basement and my garage must know eachother well.
    Good luck with that tackle. In fact, I might decide to join you with this one because misery just loooves company.

  3. says

    After all you have had heaped on your plate you are truly forgiven! But you do have your work cut out for you! I will not nag or push just cheer you on! Good luck!

  4. says

    oh my!!!!!!!!!! good luck. i don’t even have time to tackle it today, because we’re finishing up building our house and are moving in within the next few weeks. i have like 10 minutes to read blogs today.
    i want to see the aftermath!!!!!!!

  5. says

    Oh Janice! Sweetie. But you know after the story of the miscarriage… Well I say I cut you more than slack. That touched my heart.
    I think this makes a very good project. It will be wonderful when done.

  6. says

    W-o-W what a tackle you got your hands on!!! Good luck momma! I know if anyone can do it you can *wink* but wow!!! It will be totally awesome when it’s done though – and what a sense of pride!!!

  7. says

    This is my first week doing Tackle It Tuesday! You’ve inspired me. Maybe I’ll actually get something done around here. Good luck with the basement!

  8. says

    Way to go in finally tackling that basement. I’m sure you’ll be beaming from ear-to-ear when it’s done. I’ve actually joined in on the tackle with something simple despite the colds and insanity I’m feeling with a very miserable toddler (I guess that’s what Emily is now) on my hands. I’m surprised I didn’t tackle downing a bottle of Tylenol with all her crying today. LOL!

  9. says

    Oh, wow, I’m so impressed so I hardly noticing the mess… You just mention the word basement and I’ll faint….

    You have our support. You have our applauses. You have our admiration. You have us yelling: go girl gooooo!!!!

  10. says

    I’m tackling my basement too! What is it about all the Christmas decorating that makes us want to tackle storage areas? I’m determined to pack everything away much more orderly after Christmas this year!!

    After I had a miscarriage, it took me MONTHS to get my energy back — and my emotions were all in turmoil. Definitely give yourself some slack. Miscarrying involves a grieving process.

    I’m sure your slide show turned out great and made it worth the effort!

  11. says

    I’ve really enjoyed peaking into your cellar! It makes my pantry look modestly sized now. You’re clearly a superwomum after the feats you’ve conquered before. I hope you can take it easy in small bites, rather than indulge the white-tornado act and do it all in one hit. I hope you can remember to take care of yourself in the process. Looking forward to seeing how it rolls on!

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