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Top Picks for Christmas ShoppingMost little girls have their first hair bows before they’re eighteen months old.

Most Mommies have been combing their daughter’s hair long before their babies became toddlers.

But Julia has taken a bit of time growing her hair…

Little Girl Hair ClipsSo, you can just imagine how tickled we all were to choose our first bows for Julia.

Julia was thrilled too! She adores all things pretty and is obsessed with her new hair clips.

Yes, Julia still doesn’t have much hair – but we couldn’t resist these adorable hair clips from They come with a great little piece of Velcro that helps keep the clip firmly closed – even with out much hair!

And since 5 Minutes for Mom wants to support mom-run businesses, we are excited to introduce you to Lil’Sugarplum, an elegant new online store founded and run by a stay at home mom.

Little Girl Hair Clips

P.S. Their adorable Christmas hair clips are on sale! We are so happy with the two we have, we have already placed an order for more, including a Christmas clip.


  1. says

    hi janice! i thought i would try to leave a comment tho it probably won’t post. I SHANT GIVE UP!

    just wanted to say, i too was a “baldie”. my mama started glueing and TAPING bows to the top of my bald head so people wouuld stop asking how old her little BOY was.


  2. says

    What a great idea. My daughter who is 16 now had no hair at this age and we couldn’t put anything on her head except those head bands that leave a mark around the head, yuk.

  3. says

    My youngest boy was like that. He had NO hair but fuzz for the longest time ever. It’s still thin, but he wants it LONG now. LOL I wonder if there is a correlation. *giggle*

  4. says

    So cute, but no more little bows for me. I’ve got a rough and tumble little man who wouldn’t look too cute in frilly lace. Ah, but I do remember loving putting little bows in my daughter’s curly locks!

  5. says

    Toooo cute! DD1 took ages to grow any hair, DD2 was born with masses of it! DD2 though has only just started agreeing to wear hair accessories, she normally just pulls them out with contempt, but now she is happy to be prettied up and admires herself in the mirror (she’s 2) :)

  6. says

    Our little girl was born with tons of hair. She is 4 months old now. We are hoping she keeps it! How old do they have to be before you can put hair clips in their hair?

  7. says

    Thank you all for your lovely comments on my Lil Sugarplum hair accessories! I’m very flattered! :-0

    I thought I’d address a few questions—There is really no age limit on how old a baby has to be to wear the hair clips, it’s based on the amount and thickness or thinness of their hair. If you look at my gallery you’ll see a one month old baby with a lot of hair wearing my butterfly clips. You’ll also see my daughter who was 10 months in the pictures and had very little thin hair wearing the hair clips. :-)

    I designed my Princess Headband to be soft and gentle on a baby’s head. There is no need to worry about red marks. I designed it with my daugther in mind and she never had a red scalp. I’ve never had complaints with my headbands, only re-orders for the other colors. :-)

    If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at

    Thank you!

    Owner and Designer, Lil’ Sugarplum

  8. Nancy says

    I just received my small butterfly clips in the mail from Lil’ Sugarplum the other day, I highly recommend them! There are such a wide variety of goodies to choose from and an array of color that you cannot believe!! Its neverending eye candy to ooh and ahh over!!


  9. Lori Roberts says

    I received the barrettes and loved them. They really do stay in my 4 month old’s hair. I will definitely order more. Thanks.

  10. Kristen says

    Just received my clips in the mail. Absolutely too precious for words! I can’t wait to give them to my 9 month old neice.
    Lil’ Sugarplum provided outstanding customer service. So nice to see a mom-run company performing so well!

  11. Tracy Wheeler says

    I loved how the clips came packaged in the little box which is a great way to keep them together. These are for my 16 month old who still doesn’t have a lot of hair so it’s nice to be able to get small clips.

  12. Lisa says

    I recently ordered some clips from Lil’ Sugarplum – and the clips are cuter than I even imagined!! LOVE them! The customer service was outstanding, very quick shipping, and packaged so sweet in a little box. After having two daughters with very little hair in the beginning, I’m always on the lookout for hair pretties that will stay put – and these definitely deliver! I will definitely be back again & again! Thanks so much Monique! :)

  13. Valerie says

    I can’t say enough good things about the hair clips from Lil’ Sugarplum. The more my daughter wears them, the more I LOVE them!! She has such fine, straight hair, and I had the hardest time having any barrettes or clips stay put. She’d get frustrated..she’s two, need I say more :-)…and pull out all the others – -but not these. The clips are very well made, adorable, and they really add the finishing touch to her outfits. I am thrilled with them!

  14. maria says

    I absolutely love my bows from Lil’ Sugarplum. They stay so nicely in DD hair. I get TONS of compliments of them everyday. Plus Monique provides excellent customer service that is above and beyond par!

  15. says


    I love the new headband bows I got in the mail today and the beauties clip is awesome! I have loved everything I have ever gotten from you and each time I get a new one in the mail I can’t wait to put it on Abby and see how cute they look! I think at some point I will order matching clips for us for Christmas photos. That would be really cute, I think!

    I have never taken her out without someone complimenting her cute bows and clips! That is not an exaggeration either. Everyone loves them and can’t stop saying how beautiful and well made they are. I was in Target the other day and got stopped by 5 people!


  16. Frannie says

    The clips from Lil’ Sugarplums are adorable! I’ve bought clips from several different people and I love these because they are small and my daughter isn’t always trying to pull them out of her hair! I also love that there are options besides just bows. Monique’s customer service is amazing. An overall awesome experience. I will be buying more very soon!

  17. Chantel says

    These are perfect even if your little one has nothing but peachfuzz! My 5 month old daughter Sadie, who has little more than 3/4 inch peachfuzz on her head, wears the Lil’ Sugarplum snap clips with style. The unique designs are a sure fire way to earn more compliments on your cutie patootie.

  18. Rachel says

    I absolutely LOVE these clips! They are beautifully made, and stay in my daughter’s super fine baby hair–no slipping and my daughter keeps the clip in her hair. Customer service is fantastic as well! I received my clips in the mail promptly and beautifully packaged. I am extremely happy to have found Lil’ Sugarplum. I will be ordering more very soon!!!
    Thanks, Monique!

  19. Shannon says

    Two years ago I had my first child- a little boy and he was born with 2 inches of gorgeous black hair. I always wondered about what I could do with his hair if he were a girl. Well, now I have a 2 month old girl and she was born with the same long, dark, beautiful hair.

    I went crazy trying to find hair clips that would stay in her hair but after spending lots of money I still could not find anything! That is until I happened upon this site. I was so excited to browse the Lil’ Sugarplum site and I quickly placed an order. My hair clips arrived in a beautifully packaged box and they are so adorable- the selection is amazing!!! My daughter looks sweeter than ever with these clips and I would recommend them to anyone!

  20. Vanessa says

    These bows are wonderful. I wanted bows that were small enough to look appropriate for her size (she’s just two months old). Lil Sugarplum hair clips are simple and preppy with colors that work well with many outfits.


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    Janice at 5 Minutes for Mom directed me to a mom owned business called Lil’ Sugarplum that sells the most adorable hair clips. My Little Miss Throwsafit has a ton of hair, so I’m curious to see how the Velcro…

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