Ford Flex Spring Drive – The Expectations

Since purchasing my own car at age 17, I’ve owned a Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo, a Chevy Blazer (2-door sport,) an Oldsmobile Alero, and a Dodge Durango. With this range of vehicles comes a wide range of experience.

What do I look for in a car?

Safety and Stability:

Ford Flex - Photo by Erica MuellerI felt safe in the Ford Flex. It poured rain (probably 8-10 inches in one week) five out of the seven days. When I drove The Flex and the car stayed on the road in some very strong winds and high water. I could actually feel the Intelligent All-Wheel Drive kicking in and grabbing the road before I slipped!

The wide wheel-base and low riding body hugged the road well for sharp turns. The solid body made me feel like my family was safe.

The 2009 Ford Flex has earned 5 star ratings, the highest possible scores, in the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) tests.

The High-End Flex includes a Reverse Camera System. I must admit, it’s scary. I still looked over my shoulder and in all my mirrors before backing up because I just couldn’t grasp the idea that this camera idea was enough. I do think the camera would be great to make sure there are no small children or bicycles behind the car that you may miss seeing in your mirrors!


As a mom, I need to know my family is comfortable. But, comfort is not all that matters. I also need to fit my groceries in the back. And when we travel half way across the country to visit my family we need to fit a lot of luggage on board, while remaining comfortable and uncluttered. The Ford Flex has plenty of space for all our needs, and then some!

The leather seats give a feel of luxury and are large enough that even an adult feels like they have room to spare. Most mid-sized SUVs and crossovers have narrow seats, but not the Flex!
With a 6′ 2” husband, leg room and head space are usually an issue. The Flex left plenty of room on both ends and my husband said he felt comfortable, even on a two hour trip to Dallas.

Ford’s claim that kids can’t kick the front seats from their car seat was tested and proven! Our Durrango appears larger than the Flex, but the leg room cannot compare! Even when I drive and have the seat moved forward my 2 year old can kick the back of my seat. In the Flex there was nearly a foot of space between his extended legs and my seat!

Regarding comfort, I only have one complaint. The headrests seem to point forward a bit and made me feel like I always had to sit exactly straight and couldn’t lean my head back and relax.

Michelle from and I took the Flex out on a shopping trip…


I admit, I’m a car snob. There are a lot of new cars on the road that I find downright ugly. There are even more that look too similar to each other. I like that the Ford Flex is unique. The only thing even remotely close in shape is the Mini Cooper, and, who doesn’t like a Mini?

Ford Flex - Photo by Jonathan Garrison PhotographyThe Ford Flex is a good mixture of all my favorites. With a wide, low wheelbase it rides very smooth like a sedan. (It reminds me of riding in my mother in-law’s Cadillac.) It’s roomy like my Durango, yet handles the road like the Jeep Grand Cherokee.

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*Professional photo courtesy of Jonathan Garrison Photography.


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