Maybe Even Marzipan

This week, in my column at Guideposts, I was inspired by a batch of marzipan

Maybe Even Marzipan

Remembering to cherish the simple moments

It was time for our weekly after school dash to Jackson’s piano lesson. We arrived two minutes late—par for the course.

Jackson headed to the piano and I pulled the iPhone from my pocket. I didn’t have Olivia with me this afternoon and so, instead of rescuing tulips from an early deflowering while entertaining her in the garden, I was planning to spend the 30 minutes on my inbox.

But as I entered the kitchen, heading to the back of the music room, I stopped to say hello to the teacher’s sister, who was visiting from out of town. She was sitting at the table molding a small piglet out of pink marzipan. Next to her was a collection of colored marzipan wrapped in plastic, a variety of cake decorating tools and a barnyard scene made of marzipan on a cookie sheet…

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