Okay Ladies, let’s help get kids playing…

parkMoms know how important a local park is to a neighborhood.

We’ve all created memories of our children running, playing, enjoying spring and summer months. Kaboom’s goal is to ensure a play space within walking distance of every child.

My family understands the importance of a recreational area to play and relax at. We have to commute 3 miles to be at a school and an outside playground. This is why I’ve joined the 5 Minutes for Mom Kaboom Team .

My name is Kristin, your Ordinary Mom and park lover. Your go-to-gal when it comes to this team. I’ll be sharing the play spaces we have near, and all the fun our family is having visiting them.

I am the 5 Minutes for Mom Kaboom Team’s head cheerleader and biggest supporter!

For the next 67 days you can look to our team for newly added playspaces, and for the team members who submit the most spaces you’ll be featured here! I hope to show off some great parks, and family posts so make sure you sign the linky. Every play space uploaded our team will generate $1 for the chairty First Book.

Every head cheerleader has a squad. Let me introduce our squad:

Christine at From Dates To Diapers and Beyond
Shannon from For The Mommas
Casey from A Couch With a View
Chele from Saved not Stupid
Andrea from Mommas Review
Erin from Mrs. Cox’s Slice of Heaven
Lizzy from Lizzy Dear’s Life

You can check out each of these moms for great posts about local parks in the area, tweets on twitter and general info about the kaboom Team!

Join the 5 Minutes for Mom Kaboom Team and add your local play spaces now. Remember team members who submit the most spaces will be featured here.

Also you can create a play-inspired post on your blog and show it off by signing the Mr. Linky below or sign it over on our Kaboom Team Page. Pledge your support of the 5 Minutes for Mom Kaboom Team and visit the other team members posts.

It’s a simple, free way to help support two fabulous charities.

Join our team now!

Written by Kristin, your Ordinary Mom


  1. says

    Not taking part as I’m not that well organized but once upon a time I had every park in a 20 miles radius nailed on small index cards – address, shade, water features, gated, enclosed, trees, loos, parking…….ah those happy days of yore when I had a brain.

    Good luck dearies.

  2. says

    You ladies are awesome!

    Thanks so much for everything you’re doing to spread the word. Just to let you know, we linked back to this post here.

    Go 5 Minutes for Mom team!

    Annie Lynsen
    Manager, Online Content & Community Development

  3. says

    Okay, I’m going to have to remember to do this. There aren’t any playspaces within walking distance and it’s really a shame. Well, there’s always school playgrounds, but they aren’t equipped for young children or moms sitting around with snacks and whatnot. This is a really good thing.

  4. says

    I’m so proud to be a part of this group. We are lucky to have a mini playground in our apartment complex, but that is all that is within walking distance. I suppose the nice thing is that most of the parks in our area have plenty to do and see, more than a playground. With hiking trails, beach access, etc. I love it.


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