What Happened To Susan On The Way To #BlogHer12?

Look what happened to Susan on route from West Coast Canada to East Coast USA.

Susan does not seem to have very good luck traveling to New York for BlogHer. Her last trip she burst her ear drum, got us stuck on a Blue Shuttle 2 hour drive to our hotel at 2 am and later had her purse stolen.

So take a look at her today… what do YOU think happened?

a) She was attacked by a beaver.
b) She lost our fight for the window seat.
c) She fell backwards down an escalator.

Yes, it was answer C – the escalator… and it’s actually a funny story.

We entered the Seattle airport each with large 50lb rolling suitcases, smaller carry-on roller suitcases and overstuffed purses. (Yes, we tend to over-pack.)

The escalators were right in front of us and a sign told us an elevator was nearby. I said, “Should we take the escalator or elevator? I can handle the escalator if you can.” (I have good rollerboard suitcases and have taken them both on an escalator before.)

Susan went first and made a rookie mistake of pulling her small suitcase ahead and the big one behind. The big one landed in the middle of two steps and started to tip backwards. She leaned back to pull it up, but lost her balance and fell backwards – basically upside down – onto me which pulled all our suitcases and both of us into an embarrassing and painful pile as the escalator cruelly dragged us to the top. We managed to untangle ourselves and get off the moving steps, but Susan had suffered in the fall.

Once I was sure she was okay and we weren’t going to have to head to a hospital, we had a good laugh at her expense.

She does have a mess of an arm which won’t be looking great for photos, but overall she is okay. We just are focusing on the blessings that neither of us got seriously hurt and that nobody was around to see us fall like fools on an escalator.


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    Oh my gosh! So glad Susan is okay….and this is one of my fears riding an escalator & I always picture it in my head when I get on one. Mental note…do not put big suitcase in between two steps.

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      I have a new respect/fear of escalators… I shudder to think if it was one of those mile high ones. It is funny in hindsight, but actually scary and painful at the time.

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        I can’t image. I was laughing as I read through because you did so well at writing it (attacked by a beaver=genius) but then I felt so mean for laughing because ouch that photo looks painful. We went one what I thought was a really high one and I had a death grip on the side rail with one hand and a death grip on my four year old with the other hand. I shoved the luggage off to my husband for that one.

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    OH my! Hey that would be something that would happen to me too. Every time I go on a biz trip, I fall (knock on wood, I leave for one tomorrow ha ha).

    Feel better Susan!

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      Good luck! Falling down or other such accidents are so frustrating b/c you just want to turn back the clock.
      Have fun on your trip.

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    I am so sorry….this looks so terribly painful. Praying the pain will ease and that the two of you will have a SAFE, smooth, fun & fantastic time!

  4. says

    Oh my golly, I am so glad you’re both ok! Well at least it gave you a fun post material – so blog worthy! LOL! Just kidding. Susan, I hope you heal well and that it does not hurt (those bruises and scratches).


  5. says

    Oh my goodness gracious that looks like it hurts! Good to hear you’re both okay! As far a pictures are concerned, maybe she can hide her arm behind someone’s body? Or maybe a cardigan will help? šŸ˜‰

  6. Stacey Nerdin says

    I have come SO close to doing the same exact thing, seriously! I’m so sorry this happened! Hopefully you got the obligatory pitfall out of the way and can now sit back and enjoy BlogHer. :)

  7. says

    Oh no! It looks painful. I am so thankful it wasn’t worse. Reminds me of the time I fell out of a bus on a missions trip on Honduras. They were selling wares on the of the road and I was rushing to get off the bus. I had a dress on. Landed on my back, feet straight in the air. What a site for the tourists on the buss, eh?

  8. Christina says

    Too bad it happened to you! But at least not many people saw it, and you’re ok – plus, just wear short or long sleeves over the bruise until you photograph well again!

  9. says

    Good God Woman, you could have been killed! Seriously, though, your arm looks terrible, and I hate to tell you (nurse turned blogger) that it is going to get worse. I suggest ice for a couple days off and on. That is a crazy story, but I am glad you are okay! Have fun at BlogHer!

  10. says

    That’s a nasty looking bruise though! I can only imagine how much that hurts today!
    Hope the rest of the week is uneventful and full of puppies and unicorns!

  11. Cindy says

    Oh Susan, I am so sorry that happened to the two of you. : ( That was just wrong on every level. And I am sooo sorry, but I had to come back to this to send a reply after laughing so much – Well written. It does match your top though. From now on you can only take the elevator! ; ) I hope you have an awesome time!
    Lov ya!

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    Holy Smokes! I can’t believe it! Poor Susan :( At least you are not both in hospital for BlogHer! Enjoy what you can with to pain meds, Susan! Wish I wwas there too!!

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    Oh yuck! I’m thinking healing thoughts for you. I hope it is not too much of a bother while you are in NYC. Maybe we should just chip in to buy you a travel bubble. :)

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    OUCH! I have to say, though, I have been wary of escalators since some old cartoon (Tom & Jerry, I think) when the characters got sucked into the steps and the flopped ’round and ’round and ’round. They are not to be trusted! I’m glad you’re both okay!

  15. says

    I’m laughing Susan, remembering how you told the story to me at BlogHer in the lobby. “It was a three phase fall!” “It was Epic!” “Those escalators are like razors.”

    I am so glad I saw you and hugged you and that you made it home (mostly) safe! LOL

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    Speedy Recovery! Nothing like an injury on a trip ~ broke my wrist in Bermuda falling off a scooter, and had surgery while there; and just last night broke my right pinky finger while transporting the most awesome Strawberry – Peach Trifle I made – the bowl must have weighed 3 lbs! Ortho Dr. appointment tomorrow!

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    Take care Susan and don’t do this kind of mistake again in life.Actually you have very well understood what could happen with escalator. So whenever you are carrying heavy luggage then go for elevator not escalator. This time you are blessed that you have not got too much wound and safe. Otherwise you would have to be hospitalised at that time seriously. Thanks for sharing your personal condition with us.

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