Matilda Jane Clothing — The Way Clothes Should Make You Feel (Review and Giveaway)

On Thursday morning, at 6:30 am, I will be boarding a plane to fly to Fort Wayne, Indiana to attend Matilda Jane Clothing’s Annual Art Fair — and I am thrilled.

Just a month or so ago, I had never heard of Matilda Jane Clothing, but I am now a fan (and customer) for life.

Matilda Jane Clothing

Within three seconds of landing on Matilda Jane’s website, I fell in love. I immediately felt peaceful, inspired, and just plain happy staring at the ethereal photos of some of the most unique, beautiful clothes I had ever seen.

And two weeks later, when a box of Matilda Jane Clothing arrived at my door, my love deepened to a whole new level. Online, Matilda Jane Clothing looks fabulous. It is playful, colorful, and original.

But when you get to see the clothes in person and experience the incredible quality and detail, the rich fabrics, the perfect stitching, well it is indescribable.

I think most of us have become so used to sub-par quality when it comes to clothing, that when we see clothes constructed with the craftsmanship and care of Matilda Jane seamstresses, we are shocked.

Matilda Jane Clothing takes us back to a time when clothing wasn’t mass produced and fabrics weren’t chosen because they were the most inexpensive way to manufacture the most pieces.

Matilda Jane Clothing

Yet, it isn’t just the quality of Matilda Jane Clothing that makes their pieces simply stunning. It is their creative, unique designs. There is just nothing else that looks like Matilda Jane.

I was running out the door to go to a doctor’s appointment and after school carpool when my box of Matilda Jane Clothing arrived. I couldn’t resist opening the box and pulling out each gorgeous item. And even though I was just going out for an average “mom” day of driving around kids, etc, I quickly whipped off the jeans I was wearing and put on the gorgeous Josie Skirt. (I couldn’t resist taking this iPhone shot to FB while I was waiting in the doctor’s office!)

Matilda Jane Clothing - Josie Skirt

The skirt made my whole day feel more fun, more special. And I got constant compliments and “where did you get that skirt?” questions everywhere I went. Matilda Jane Clothing is just that outstanding.

Art Fair in Fort Wayne, Indiana — June 22-23, 2012

Denise DeMarchis, founder and CEO of Matilda Jane Clothing (MJC), stays true to her roots with MJC’s Annual 435 Art Fair.

Matilda Jane Clothing 435 Art Fair

Before starting Matilda Jane Clothing at her kitchen table, Denise spent a decade showcasing her painted furniture and clothing line at regional art fairs. Now that MJC has grown into a national children’s clothing business, Denise is committed to maintaining its core values of heart, loyalty and extreme generosity.

At 435 Art Fair, loyal MJC fans have the opportunity to meet the MJC staff, attend charming parties, and shop for exclusive pieces designed specifically for Art Fair.

If you live near Fort Wayne, Indiana — come join me at 435 Art Fair! It will be my first time and I would love to see you there.

Win One of Three $100 Gift Cards to Matilda Jane Clothing

Oh yes — we have some giveaway fun for you!

We have THREE prizes of $100 MJC Gift Certificates for three lucky 5 Minutes for Mom readers.

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Written by Janice Croze, co-founder of 5 Minutes for Mom.

Please Note: This giveaway is a part of a promotional campaign with Matilda Jane Clothing. Clothing was also provided for review purposes. But, as always, my enthusiasm and opinions are ALL my own!

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  1. says

    I LOVE MJ! My girls adore it too. My all-time favorite dress was the Caroline Dress from last spring. I love it! My youngest daughter’s favorite MJ piece right now is the Joanna Wrap Dress. It is beautiful. I love my cupcake tank dress. It is super comfy and very different.
    We have a ton of items on our wish list including…
    – Isabella Ballerina dress
    – Laverne dress
    – Both Emilia dresses

  2. Elizabeth says

    Love absolutely everything! But my favorites are the Josie Skirt for me and the Penny Lap Dress for my girl!

  3. Leslie Galloway says

    The Isabella Ballerina dress is SUPER cute!

    Facebook Name: Leslie Galloway (

  4. Marlena U. says

    I have have always admired MJ clothing from afar. Never had the pleasure of owning a piece. Not sure how to pick a fave because they are all so gorgeous. I am loving the Cupcake Tank Dress for sure!

  5. Holly says

    I have to say that Matilda Jane clothing is so cute! I absolutely love the chicken dress~ it’s really darling!

  6. Amber says

    Oh wow that is a tough one! I love all the kids clothes, but when talking of Mama clothes I love the Xanadu and all the skirts!! :)

  7. Michelle says

    Love Matilda Jane! Everything I have ever ordered for myself or my girls has been just perfect! We get compliments every time we wear anything from MJC :) I also love how you order through Trunk Keepers and not from a huge online retailer-it keeps the shopping process fun and the items unique!

  8. Dayna says

    Our favorite piece is the first one we ever bought and it is still hanging in my daughter’s closet (even though she outgrew it a couple of years ago.) I can’t remember the official name, but it was a red checked pleasant top.

  9. Jennifer V. says

    Our fav piece of Matilda Jane so far is probably our Platinum Poolside dress, and regular line would be Truffle Tank Dress from the Fall You & Me line.

  10. Kelli W-S says

    I’m a long time fan of MJ clothing. I can’t think of one favorite piece, as there have been so many that we’ve loved throughout the years. Art Fair pieces rank pretty high as our favorites!

  11. Amy Hilley says

    My favorite MJC would probably be the Vivian roundabout ellie for my girls. There is so much to love! And for me the Charlie dress.

  12. polly Johnson says

    So jealous that u just found MJ and are getting to attend Art Fair, We need one of those Ellie’s so bad…LOL I’m a young Grandma (GIGI) who just found MJ in Jan. I buy all my little grand daughter Emmi Kate’s clothes to help my daughter who is a single parent.. The minute I saw this brand I fell in love and knew she had to have some of it. The vintage look of it is so unique… PLease enjoy your time and soak it all in for me and all the ones who won’t get to attend…XOXO

  13. goodideamomma says

    This is my 4th year attending the Art Fair. Its turned into more of a fun girls’ weekend with some crazy Black Friday like shopping thrown in there! Prepare like a wilderness girl and get your rest…you’re gonna need it for Saturday!

  14. says

    I love that josie skirt,I got it when they had a great sale!!! We love Matilda Jane,I was introduced by a girl to it when I first brought my daughter home from India. We love that Denise helps kids oversees!!! And they do awesome things for people!! My friend was nominated to get a care package filled with clothes!! One whom I have never met,she lives in NEW YORK!!
    I hope to go to ART FAIR NEXT YEAR. I wish I could find me someone to pick up a 4 knot dress, and a 4 peasant dress and some size 18-2 ruffles!! Thanks for this chance!!!! Gidget

  15. Deanna Phillips says

    I love all finn pants for me, and for my daughter my favorite piece was the brownie lap dress!

  16. Jen says

    Welcome to Fort Wayne!!!!
    I love the MJC dresses and the Art Fair Ones are awesome. They are all unique.

  17. Hope Boyce says

    I love it all – there is something special about every single piece! But the Smoothie makes me smile and the Chrissy is my favorite style.

  18. Jennifer says

    I love the dairy queen gabbi skirt!! I fell in love with it when my daughter did. She has always enjoyed clothing, like any other typical 3 year old girl, but she loves the way the skirt twirls, the pockets on the skirt, etc etc. I watched her fall in love with the skirt & love seeing HOW SHE FELT in the skirt…she felt pretty & playful…all the things you would dream a little girl should feel. So, now i have become a huge Matilda Jane sucker too!! haha. I looked at other friends buying the clothes and could NEVER dream of spending that on kids clothing. Then, after buying a few “special” pieces as my daugter calls them…i saw every now & then it is worth it. So, Matilda Jane won me over too. I love knowing my daughter feels “adorable, pretty, fancy & playful” in a few “special clothes” as she calls them…


  19. Nikki DeSantis says

    LOVE Matilda Jane clothing! My 2 girls are big fans as is their Mama! We wear it all the time in our house, both girls and mama!!

  20. Karisa A. says

    I absolutely love MJ clothing and like you, was just recently introduced! My favorite right now has to be the tuney tank. I got it to pair with cotton candy tutu and the sweet pea leggings!

  21. Brie Rivera says

    I just heard about Matilda Jane from an old co-worker. She told me to buy a dress for daughter asap from there.

  22. Linda Z says

    I Loveeeee platinum. All of it. My favorite this season is the Swiss Miss Knot dress and the Loretta flutter :))

  23. Erin McPherson says

    I just love Matilda Jane! When my daughter wears it, I can’t help but smile because she just looks so darn cute! I think my favorite piece is the first piece I ever bought, the Jumping Wendy that I bought at a trunk show in 2010. It still sort of fits my 2 1/2 yr old but I just can’t stand to let it go yet.

  24. Amy Deitz says

    I found MJ through friends this year and love the clothes. My three year old has a couple of dresses and we are constantly getting compliments on them. In fact, I had to talk her out of wearing her knot dress to daycare today- her class is doing tie-dye t-shirts this morning and I can’t stand the thought of one of her MJ dresses being stained! I am heading to Art Fair this weekend and can’t wait to see what they have :)

  25. Brittany M says

    I love love LOVE these adorable clothes!!! I wish I could order one of everything for me and my kiddos! <3

  26. says

    My girls have several pieces of Matilda Jane. It is huge here in our small mountain town. Lots of parties. I love the quality and the unique style Denise does with each piece.

  27. Amanda says

    My fav right now is the hostess top as a dress on my little. :) I’m new to MJ and soooo addicted already. Love everything about the clothes and company.

  28. Anny says

    We LOVE Matilda Jane…I only found the brand a few short months ago, but am so glad I did! I could never go back to Pre-Matilda Jane Era! I am particularly loving the knot and lap dresses on my littlest one, so versatile and comfy while so
    stinkin adorable! :)

  29. Valerie Chmelka says

    I found Matilda Jane about a year ago and placed my first trunk show order this year. I love seeing my girls dressed in the adorable clothing. My daughter loves her DQ skirt and flutter dress.

  30. Brittany King says

    I am a seasoned MJ addict so it is so hard to pick a favorite piece. I would have to say the more recent Plat Maggie Mae peasant is my favorite. However, it’s a rare occasion that I don’t fall in love with everything I order.

  31. Gina W says

    We love anything Matilda Jane! I love my Josie skirt. It’s so hard to pick a favorite but I love the Lucky Stars knot.

  32. alicia says

    We love Matilda Jane! And I felt the exact way you just described the first time I found their website :)

    Our favorite piece right now is the Apple Pie lap dress…. :)

  33. Kari Sloan says

    Oh my goodness I love Matilda Jane! How do I choose one??? I’ve had my eye on the confetti dress for my daughter but we love them all!!!

  34. Molly says

    My favorite MJC pieces are the lap dresses. I love the soft, everyday, wearable, comfy, cute, and sweetness about them. I am obsessed and so is my daughter.

  35. Diana says

    Ohh, it’s tough to pick just one favorite! Since I don’t have children yet, I only have adult clothing. Honestly, I love everything I get from Matilda Jane; I’ve never returned anything, but of all my MJC pieces, I’d have to say my favorite is the Cheerio Wrap Dress from the Serendipity line. This was a surprise favorite; I knew I’d like it, but had no idea that I’d wear it as much as I do. If MJC made this dress in lots of colors, I’d buy every single one. The dress is perfect on its own, with leggings, or even with the brown ruffles. Every time I wear MJC, I receive compliments. MJC Rocks!

  36. Misty T. says

    My favorites change on the day. However, my current fave is the outfit I’m wearing today, the desi skirt and farrah tank!

  37. Kelly Corpuz says

    I have tons of favorites, but I’m very excited for my daughter to wear the Tomato Peasant to school this fall!

  38. Katie Ogden says

    SO hard to choose just one fav piece, I love, adore, cherish all MJC pieces! But I’ll say the Days of Summer dress is among the top of the list!

  39. Cheryl says

    There are SO many amazing pieces, it’s hard to choose just one! I have been buying Matilda Jane since 2007. I have always loved the sunshine knot dress from Homegrown–so beautiful and so unique!

  40. Laura says

    We are new to MJC since April 2012 !!! My favorite pieces for my 2 girls would be Coco Knot for my oldest and Yours Truly dress w/ Sweet Pea leggings for my youngest. I have beentrying to get matching sets, but they still look cute when they arent. So far knots are a favorite in the house, andwe do have a few ellies. Ruffles are also a big hit too. I wish we had found Matilda Jane back when my oldest was born in 2007. We sure are making up for lost time !!!

  41. JulieO'Malley says

    My favorite MJ piece for my daughter would be the Almost Summer parallel leggings. She wears them ALL the time! My favorite for me is the Cher dress!

  42. renata says

    I would absolutely love to win $100- to spend on MJC!! It becomes a very bad addiction!! I would def have to say that I love the old fashion ethel and any of the Ellie’s and knot dresses…. oh and the ruffless!! I guess I really can’t have one fav!!

  43. Julie Frank says

    My daughter and I love Matilda Jane clothing and have been buying it for a couple years now. We both have so many favorites, but the Pepper Knot dress from Hammond Bay has a special place in my heart. My daughter loves all her MJ dresses!

  44. says

    I’ve been seeing lots of people post about Matilda Jane lately, but haven’t actually bought any yet. I would LOVE the Yours Truly dress for my almost 4 year old daughter. :)

  45. Hannah says

    I love almost every piece that comes through the platinum line. Love that it allows me to dress my daughter in a way that keeps her innocence and yet shows her uniqueness.

  46. Jaime says

    I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Matilda Jane!!!!!!! How can you possibly pick just one favorite MJ piece????? I love every piece that crosses my path and we love Denise, too! :)

  47. Mary Beth says

    I love everything from Matilda Jane, but especially the Apple Pie Lap dress and the Bubblegum dress.

  48. Karly Nelson says

    LOVE Matilda Jane Clothes! I love how they make my girls LOOK like little girls and not mini-adults! I love that it’s never a fight to get my girls dressed and they always feel like princess’ in the clothing! 😀

  49. Janelle says

    I’ve never heard of this clothing line before, but I love the Carol Ann Finn skirt. It would be an amazing addition to my wardrobe.

  50. Marla says

    Hotline sara top is my favorite MJC piece of clothing I own for my daughter! I really love everything! And I love the Platinum pieces too!

  51. Jennifer says

    I love my finn pants… they are the most comfy pants ever… My daughter’s favorite is anything that can twirl…

  52. christy h says

    We love all MJ clothes. They are so well made and cute. Right now I’m loving the Johanna Wrap dress on my daughter. It’s so cute and makes every day a special occasion.

  53. Sarah says

    I am a long time fan of MJC!! My favorites are too many to list… But my favorite of all time are the denim ruffle pants followed shortly by the knot dresses. OK, and their twirl skirts… Etc.

  54. Libbi D. says

    i have been buying MJ for many years, and it is really hard to pick a favortie but if I had too….. It would probably be the Kanga Stew dress :) But our platinum pieces get a lot of love here too, especially the Fanta Knot.

  55. Shannon H says

    Favorite MJ dress: Hammond Bay confetti ballerina
    OR miami sara top OR hostess with sprites.
    I love HB!

  56. Lauren says

    My favorite piece ever is the House of Clouds Maggie dress, but from Serendipity, the apple pie lap. My daughter loves the twirl factor!

  57. Joy Williams says

    matilda Jane clothing is wonderful. The clothes are unique, stylish, and comfortable. They care about others!

  58. Missy says

    I love MJ…it is so my daughter’s style.
    We really are loving the Tuney Tank and Dairy Queen Gabby this summer…so cute.

  59. Rachele Kuehl says

    Our favorite Matilda Jane clothing is ANY wrap dress! We love them all! I also really like the chicken dress!

  60. Shannon O. says

    I love MJ!!! My current favorite is the Bridgette Dress. I bought it for my daughter in the winter and it is so sweet! :)

  61. jill says

    my favorite mj piece is the would be the emelias….my dd doesn’t like a lot of pattern and loves the softness of them!

  62. says

    Gosh, asking for my fave piece of MJC is EXTREMELY HARD!!!! I would have to say one my all time favorites is the Platinum Jenny knot! =)

  63. Michelle Clouse says

    My favorite for myself is the Finn skirt. I love to dress my daughter in Matilda Jane. I can always spot it a mile away on others when I am out and about.

  64. lisa beard says

    MJ is a favorite around here, never been able to buy new, so winning this would be a huge blessing!

  65. Amanda B says

    I stumbled upon MJC through word of mouth a couple of years ago, just like I stumbled on your site. Looking forward to learning more about your point of view as another mom!

  66. Michelle Clark says

    Old school favorite: Hotline Iris dress
    New favorite: Carol Ann Finn
    Plat favorite: Jasmine Ellie Top

  67. Karrie Pace says

    There’s so much to love, hard to pick just one favorite, but right now I really adore wearing the Gypsy Blue Michelle Disco skirt & the Jane Tees.

  68. Shellye Poole says

    I love it all, but my favorite piece has to be the mint tulip dress, my little girl just loves to twirl in that dress:)))

  69. melanie says

    Love MJ and how cute my dd looks wearing it. We always get tons of compliments when we wear it. My favorite dress is the piper. I love the style, prints, and how it makes my ddd’s blue eyes sparkle.

  70. adrianne says

    LOVE all things Matilda Jane both for my daughter and me :) The most fun unique clothes around. Current favorite is the Bowie Roundabout halter with either the soda pop or starlet shorties.

  71. Jennifer says

    I’m staying up until the wee hours to hear if I was one of the lucky winners:) I was just recently introduced this spring by a friend of mine. The clothing is unique, cute, and so comfortable! My favorite outfits so far are the Dairy Queen Gabbi with the Tuney Tank and both of the Emilia dresses.

  72. Melissa L says

    We have been in love with MJ for about 1 year. We love Sara tops and straightees the very best!!!

  73. Nicole says

    Our favorite MJC pieces right now are the Flounder onesie and the Yours Truly dress. My favorite momma MJC piece is the Cupcake Tank Dress.

  74. Courtney says

    LOVE MJC!!! I have so many favorites, but I think the Finn pants are great and any of the girls tank dresses!!

  75. gandgmommy says

    Yes the clothes are adorable, but I’m pretty sure less than half of American families cannot afford these.

  76. says

    It’s hard to pick -just one favorite- MJC piece. I’ve been a fan since the beginning and have had a LOT of favorites. My current must-have piece is the Peppermint Dress – I know my daughter would love it. :)

  77. Jenine Weinstein says

    WOW…picking one favorite is next to impossible. Might be easier to win the lottery! Hmmm…I’ll go with the Chrissy Dress from the Field Trip line. =)

  78. Stefany Kay says

    I am in LOVE with Matilda Jane clothing, for moms and for little girls! I really like the Ellies–tops and dresses. And the triple layer skirts……and I could go on and on and on and on………

  79. rebecca Lewandowski says

    I would have to say the hammond bay willow is my favorite piece, it goes with so many pieces!

  80. sarah mosunic says

    I love every piece we have! And love all my Mom skirts! They make me feel so feminine on my ordinary Mom days.

    • Barbie Harwell says

      I think my favorite outfit is… well… ANYTHING MJ!!!! She looks especially cute in her Lucy Baby Bubble!

  81. Emily R says

    I am a proud MJ Addict! I love how my little darling twirls in her skirts and dresses and makes sure she captures her image in the mirror every chance she can get! In a world where even little girls begin to feel inadequate in regards to their looks and bodies, I love buying a line which makes my daughter feel free to be exactly who she is! :)

  82. says

    really, just one favorite? I’ve been addicted since Hammond Bay and finally going to meet my trunk keeper next month! i LOVE my adult clothes, all time fave is navy ruffles and have two pairs (just in case) – i buy back ups for most of my faves, which is literally all of them! I have found that the picture of the items on-line do the clothing no justice! just wait til you open your box, aways better than what i expected! Of course, it all started with my DD wearing MJ – she has two closets full!

  83. Julie Ferreira says

    I love the knot dresses. Although I’ve never seen one in person, I just placed my first order and am waiting impatiently for the package to arrive!!

  84. Amanda says

    I’ve been buying MJ for my youngest for 3+ years now. I only wish the sizing extended farther into the “big girl” realm as she is quickly growing out of it. Sadly I think she only has a year or so left unless the sizing goes up.

  85. Jo Ellen Villines says

    MJC is amazing and so perfect for children and adults as well. So hard to choose a favorite since each new release brings such glorious choices!

  86. Courtney Voss says

    My 6-year old loves her huckleberry cardigan and the berry emelia…my 4-year old loves her sugar and spice lap and also the chelsea dress. I love my Stillwater dress :) we are definately addicts over here, would love a chance to win for te upcoming fall line! Can’t wait to see it :)

  87. Danielle Storm says

    My doughter loves her MJ clothing. It is sooo fun to see her face when I get her a new piece. She says “Mama, I am very peety now.” I love it. I dress her in it when we are on outings for fabulios pictures and I am having people always say how cute she is in the clothing. (Not that she is only cute in the clothing!!) I just cannot say enough about MJ and the clothing they make. It really makes me smile!!

    • Danielle Storm says

      And I forgot my favorite is the knot dresses. I LOVE THEM! My daughter is two and still wears a 12 month know dress as a top. Multifunctional is the best!!!

  88. Melanie H. says

    Oh, that is a hard question, what is my favorite (fav-wit, as my 3 year old says!) MJC piece…I fell in love with MJC when I stumbled upon it at a local arts & crafts show over 6 years ago, so my favorite pieces may be the peasant top & ruffles that I bought that day which have been worn by 3 girls now! But there have been SO many faves since then! Sometimes I think MJC knows what I like even before I do…each new line always continues to dazzle & amaze!
    Thanks for a chance to win some love! Great giveaway!

  89. Erin Ross says

    hmmm… I can’t pick a favorite! I love so,so much of MJ. I love the tiered ellies from Platinum or Hammond Bay. Serendipity is gorgeous too.

    If I had to choose just one thing? It would be the Aquarious Ellie I guess :)

  90. Kristin Z says

    My favorite piece of MJ is the Kanga Stew from Gypsy Blue. I’m not sure that anything will ever be able to beat that dress for us!

  91. Bonnie says

    No way to pick a favorite… they are all so delicious! My daughter’s adore their Miss. Roboto dresses. And I love that they love them!

  92. Sarah H says

    My fav outfit is the Hammond Bay green Pearl dress layerd with the HB Skye Knot Top worn with the Sprite Leggings or Genny Socks. :)

  93. Erin Timmins Nay says

    I adore Matilda Jane for all the same reasons! I also love that it is a mom run and created company! Thank you for the kind giveaway! Have a happy day!

  94. Sandra Skevington says

    Oh my favorite piece so far are the lap dresses in almost any line they have had. My daughter loves the comfy feel and the cute designs. Sugar and Spice is her current favorite.

  95. Cathy Harris says

    I really love the Marie Top on my granddaughter. I know it is a simple piece, but i absolutely adore all the detail in the top & my daughter loves the ruffles and pink buttons!

  96. Heather Holt says

    For my giveaway entry…please (; )

    My favorite pieces are mostly from the Hammond Bay collection since that was the first season I purchased. I also loved last fall’s You and Me, b/c I LOVE the Dave Matthews Band and that is my favorite song from their last release!

    Thanks for your write up about Art Fair. Great work!

  97. says

    Who can pick just one piece they love? On my list of a TON of favs….the Percy Apron Knot dress was a must have for my daughter. You don’t even want to know what I had to go through to get it. :)

  98. says

    I love Matilda Jane! It’s pretty popular here, but I haven’t tried any yet. I would love to get Ali some! I love the Tween Swiss Miss Dot Dress – so cute!!!

  99. Lillie says

    This was a really odd thing to find. I have been an addict for so many years and well. I am not even sure how I found this place but it said Hi Lillie.. SO It has to be cool. Nothing makes me smile like a big box of MJC. One will be here Tuesday! Woo hoo.
    Yes Denise is so talanted and to know her story is amazing. She is doing something she loves and it works for her while helping and making others smile.
    I will add however that these clothes do drive some mamas crazy and well they never come back! :) lol

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