Sees Candy Silver Box Review and {Chocolate} Giveaway

Lolli here…

Did someone say chocolate?

I live for chocolate, but not just any chocolate will do. When I was a kid growing up in California, chocolate meant Sees Candy (I suppose if I looked closely, I would find that my mom was rather obsessed). We would get Sees candies for every holiday, and frequently when we stopped at the mall. If nothing else we ALWAYS visited the Sees Candy store for a free sample.

My childhood was filled with Sees, and to this day I can still identify many of their chocolate truffles simply by their shape, color, and design.

Of course, I always keep my eyes open for my favorites, like the Scotchmallow (creamy caramel on the bottom, rich honey marshmallow on top, covered in dark chocolate perfection) or the classic dark chocolate Bordeaux (a creamy brown sugar center covered in dark chocolate and sprinkles). We would always hand-pick a box of chocolates and fill it to the rim with our favorite variety.

So when I was offered the chance to review an 8 oz. Silver Box Chocolate Assortment, I jumped at the opportunity. Unlike my home state of California, Sees Candies are much harder to find out here in the DC area, and I miss my regular Sees fix (don’t feel too bad for me, though. My mom still mails me at least one box a year).

The Silver Box is the perfect size for me (except the kids insisted I share with them!). With 15 pieces of chocolate in the 8 ounce box, it will still enough for my family of 7 to have two pieces of chocolate each. Guess who got that last “extra” piece? The Silver Box included some of my favorites and a few that I rarely get – it’s good for me to expand and try new flavors every once in a while!

What’s YOUR favorite kind of chocolate truffle?

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  1. Cassidy says

    I love all chocolate. It really depends on my mood which one is my favorite at the moment. Sometimes the sweetness of milk chocolate is perfect. Other times the slightly bitter indulgence of a wonderful dark chocolate is just what I’m looking for. I will say this however, See’s is one of my favorite places to order chocolates from. I wish I still had a local shop to stop into, but then again if I did that I would probably be gaining weight and spending way too much money on chocolate LOL

  2. Payal says

    I love See’s. I like the dark chocolate truffle-filled ones (that taste like citrus – lemon, orange).

  3. Fabs says

    My grandparents live in San Diego, so it was a given that we got See’s candy at least a couple of times a year, usually at Christmas and Easter. This year my grandma sent my family a 2lb. box and we had not problem polishing that off! Yikes. I love anything with nuts in it.

  4. Jenn says

    I love See’s chocolate – I think I need to order myself some :) dark chocolate truffles are my favorites although I love caramel ones too!

  5. Karla Sceviour says

    hmmm.. I love all kinds of chocolate,,but my favorite is milk chocolate..with caramel!
    ksceviour at hotmail dot com

  6. kristen m says

    My favorite kind of chocolate is any kind I can get my hands on! Really though I love chocolate with peanut butter best.

  7. Briana says

    AAAUUHHH YEEEAAUHH SEE’S CANDY YEEAAAUUHHH! my fav chocolate is def. dark chocolate alllllll daayyyyyyyyyy! i think i’m the only one on this earth who loves dark chocolate lol I eat it animal style…face first. LOOK MA NO HANDS! lol

  8. kelly nicholson says

    Leave a comment answering this question– What is your favorite kind of chocolate?

    hershy kisses,but i like most kinds

  9. Jill H. says

    Milk Chocolate – but I’m starting to like dark chocolate because I’ve learned it’s better for you.

  10. elven johnson says

    I love See’s Pecan Maple Bon Bon!!!
    My fave chocolate is the piece in my mouth at the time of question.

  11. Kathleen Downes says

    I love See’s chocolates. We get a big box every Christmas. I especially love their nuts and chews box.

  12. Chel Pay says

    I’m a huge fan of all chocolate but if I have to choose one then it’s gotta be dark. My favorite thing about See’s candies is that their chocolate is so fabulous, you never bite into one of their candies and think “what is this?!! yuck!” All of the chocolate tastes amazing and so do the flavors they devise!!

  13. Stefani K says

    I love milk chocolate, either plain or with creamy fillings. Or with nuts. Or dark chocolate with a sweeter filling. There isn’t a lot of chocolate I don’t like. Yummy.

  14. Samantha D says

    I’m on the east coast but got to experience See’s in CA while working there for a bit and love the Bridge Mix. Anything with coconut is a winner too!

  15. Betty Curran says

    I love anything Sees but especially milk chocolate truffles, chocolate caramels and the buttercream filled.

  16. Diana says

    I love pretty much ALL chocolate (except dark). My favorite would have to be chocolate with peanut butter or caramel though!

  17. says

    hyee… start makng ur day choclatly .. dark brown choclate for ur special one…
    a choclatly bit can overcome ur fight.. keep smiling .. n choclaty.. <3

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