I Have a New Favorite Toy in My Home and His Name is Neato + Giveaway

Jennifer here-

I love finding new gadgets on the market that help me keep my home clean –I mean really clean. I am not one for dirt or grime at all, and of course with me having all my dogs, sometimes that is just not possible. Dog hair gets on the floor and it causes a lot of extra cleaning involved.

However, I recently discovered a new product that makes getting all that pet hair up seem like a breeze! Let me introduce you to Neato Robotics.

Neato Robotics has just released the XV-21 robot vacuum cleaner. It does everything that I hate to do — without me doing it! When I was reading the box, I thought to myself, “How in the world is this little machine going to clean my floor?”. I am here to tell you that it does that and more!

As soon as the machine  was delivered to my home, I took it out of the box and charged it. I was chomping at the bit to see if it actually would do what it said it would do. As soon as it was charged (which only took about 2 hours for a full charge), I set the language on the Neato and then I let it rip to go hog wild on cleaning my carpets.

My dogs did not like my new toy.

The dogs were running all around my Neato trying to figure out just what it was doing. However, I knew it was really cleaning my carpets. In fact, it was picking up tons of hair and dust bunnies that I thought were already clean thanks to my daily vacuuming.

Watch this video to see how Neato Robotics really works! I am amazed at its capabilities.

My favorite aspect of the Neato is the fact that I can schedule it to clean. I don’t have to remember to turn it on. I just set the schedule and it does the rest.

I think I have fallen in love.

Neato can be purchased at places like Lowes, Sears, and Amazon. Neato retails for around $350.

You can find Neato on

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  1. Cassidy says

    This would make my life so much easier! I am terrible at cleaning, and my husband is happy if I just remember to vacuum the obvious areas on a regular basis.

  2. Crystal says

    oh my I would so love one of these. I have a one year old who is scooting all over and another one due in dec! Going to need all the help I can get!!

  3. says

    Cleaning the bathroom while my daughter takes a bath has helped get that task out of the way without working it into an already busy schedule.

  4. Suzanne Rogers says

    my 3 boys leave crumbles and trash everywhere. I would have to vac. 3 times a day to keep it clean. this would come in real handy.

  5. Lizzy says

    I have my sons help out with cleaning the house. I have less to do and they are better about making messes because they have to clean them up.

  6. Terri B says

    Started lining my fridge shelves with Press n Seal plastic wrap… if there’s a spill in the refrigerator, it’s cleaned up in no time

  7. says

    Accept the fact that you have kids and kids make messes! The main thing I do very very frequently is sweep and vacuum. Toys are one thing, but dirt and grime drive me nuts!

  8. Belinda McNabb says

    We divide up the chores and do it in little bits. It makes it all so much easier and way less painful


    I would like to win this. I have a cleaning lady to clean my home but this would sure help

  10. Anne Lehnick says

    Well, you wouldn’t need this with the Neato, but I use my son’s skateboard to scoot around on the floor to clean the baseboards.

  11. Just Coupons says

    Do certain chores on assigned days so you aren’t overwhelmed but everything gets done and your house stays clean.

  12. Stephanie H says

    I set aside different day of the week for each activity laundry is Monday and Thursday. Vacuuming is Tuesday and shopping is Wednesday. That leaves me free for activities on Friday and Saturday. Usually while doing laundry I usually clean the kitchen or bathroom.

  13. Cheryl Rahkonen says

    There are 3 adults in my home and if we all work together it is quick and easy to clean. Each one of us take a small room to clean and then work together on larger rooms.

  14. Amber Smith says

    I buy cleaners in bulk and then reuse smaller containers buy filling them and leaving them stored away in each room (not the bedrooms). That way I can clean messes much easier and quicker.

  15. Christina says

    Clean up large surfaces first (top of bed or couch, for instance), to give yourself a feeling of accomplishment!

  16. Mary W says

    Four BIG dogs and three cats in a large house. Can you say furr balls? Neato would have a work out with this crew!

  17. Laura J says

    My tip is to clean in the evening! I have 5 kids under 10 and if i clean durning the day it is a waste of time….lol I really would love this, it can clean while i sleep!!

  18. Cynthia says

    I use vinegar to clean the garbage disposal. I just freeze vinegar cubes then throw them down the disposal and voila!

  19. Sheila says

    Use non-toxic chemicals when you can – not only is it good for the environment, it’s better for the humans too! :)

  20. says

    Love it! It’s great to have in a house with kids, where something keeps dropping all the time and the best thing is it’s environmental friendly. :)

  21. Tracey says

    I would LOVE to win this – with a cat, 2 kids, a husband who works in the garden and then doesn’t take his boots off, I NEED it! Thanks for the chance to win!

  22. Brandy W. says

    If people clean up after themselves, there is only deep cleaning left to do! (The hardest part of course, is getting people to clean up after themselves though LOL)

  23. Elizabeth B says

    I try to wipe down the bathroom and kitchen counters every time we’re finished in the room. A lot less work later!

  24. patricia caradonna says

    My favorite cleaning tip is having my husband help. I vacuum he steam mops. I wash the inside windows and he cleans the outside. The work gets down twice as fast and I don’t feel so stressed out or overwhelmed.

  25. says

    My friend had a similar vacuum cleaner and absolutely loved it. She kept telling me to get one because of my dogs. But as of yet I haven’t been able to get my hands on one.

  26. Claudia says

    with a family of 5 …. 2 dogs and a cat i try to keep up with dusting , vacuuming , laundry etc. every day a different chore or 2 so it doesn’t pile up on me :)

  27. Chris Shari Alligood says

    I clean room by room when one room is finished then I move on. I always begin with the rooms furthest away & work my way forward.

  28. Jennifer R says

    My only advice, that I do not always follow well, is to have a loose schedule that you do a certain small area every day so it never gets overwhelming.
    repose4jr at gmail dot com

  29. Jenn says

    I turn on an audio book so that I’m less likely to be distracted from the task at hand :) and then start working!

  30. says

    I pretty much just follow my DH & two little guys around day & night, cleaning up after them, lol! I also focus on one room a day! Still looks like a nuclear toy bomb went off in our home, but it’s clean! 😀

  31. says

    I try to do it in small bursts.I might throw in a load of laundry and load the dishwasher while on the phone or during commercials of my favorite show

  32. Cheri C. says

    I love to have a clean house and this sounds so wonderful- a dream come true- gives more time to family and friends so that ALL can appreciate such a great product!

  33. Tracy Robertson says

    Tips about cleaning my home? That’s a tough one for me because I’m not the best at it, LOL! But when I get home from work each day I clean for 15 or 20 minutes before sitting down to relax. That seems to be enough to keep things from getting really bad.

  34. Suzanne B. says

    I try not to overwhelm myself so I have to break it down to parts. I do this part Monday, that part Tuesday…….

  35. says

    When I enter a room to clean, I start at the top in the corners and work my way down to the floors. Start at the top and work my way down.

  36. Missy L says

    My kids have chores and we all do our jobs at the same time. I’ve realized that I do best when I get most of the jobs done first thing in the morning. As the day goes on I run out of energy and motivation!

  37. Melissa O. says

    My tip is to do as much as you can but enjoy your kids and take time for them too. The mess will still be there and you’ll have plenty of time when.the kids are older. Mine are two small mess making dynamos. Some days I get a lot done and other days my boys need my attention more and nothing gets done.

  38. Kimberly says

    The only way I can keep my home clean is to clean up as I go. I wipe down the counters and pick up crumbs as soon as the mess is made, otherwise there is too much build up.

  39. Margaret Smith says

    I do a room or two each day, this way I don’t have to worry about doing everything at one time.

  40. Susan Smith says

    I spend about 20 minutes a night before I go to bed straightening up so that the clutter doesn’t get out of control.

  41. Katie says

    Don’t put off something till tomorrow if it can be done today. If you wait too long to clean, the list will grow and it will become overwhelming.

  42. Michelle Small says

    With four school aged children we teach them to pick up when they are done with whatever they are doing. Makes it much easier when going to vacuum, dust, etc.

  43. latanya says

    I try to do the dishes while I am cooking so all that will be left is the dishes we used to eat off of.

  44. Leslie Galloway says

    Open the mail while standing over the recycling/trash bins… it keeps it from
    getting all junked up in our kitchen

    Facebook Name: Leslie Galloway (www.facebook.com/GallowayLeslie)

  45. Daiva says

    Start with making your bed every morning. That might just get you going and get something else done. :)
    This would be so helpful with my two messy boys!

  46. says

    My tip for cleaning is to get everyone involved in helping! Even my toddlers love to dance around with a duster or use a child-sized broom. It gets the job done and it’s a good way to spend time as a family!

  47. Erin Guymon says

    I have a things that don’t belong basket. When I clean a room if it doesn’t belong, it goes into the basket. Then I empty the basket when I am finished with that room.

  48. Kelly D says

    My tip is to reduce clutter by donating items- it makes it easier to clean if you don’t have to pick a lot of stuff up.

  49. says

    I constantly organize & re-organize our house, constantly getting rid of things we don’t need whether we donate them, sell them or recycle them. I also have a kaboom toilet system, so I never have to scrub a toilet. My next best cleaning weapon…my steam mop

  50. Ashley says

    My housecleaning tip is to use cleaners like Method that smell nice without a ton of chemicals. It makes me want to clean more often.

  51. says

    My cleaning tip is to have a weekly schedule. For me, it’s laundry on Monday and Tuesday, mopping on Wednesday, bathrooms on Thursday, and vacuum on Friday. I never dust. I’d love to take Fridays off if I win this giveaway :)

  52. Karen says

    I love the fact that I just walk down the hall and throw out the garbage every day and down the chute it goes. Apartment living is great….

  53. Weng says

    Excellent! I’ve been using the XV-11 and it does it’s job great (albeit getting stuck in chair legs sometimes).

  54. Barbara says

    Wow! I have time to play! Neato cleans my floors at 0:dark-thirty every morning and saves me tons of time. I’ve had my Neato XV-11 for about a year and a half. Now I want the “get the dog hair out of the carpet” version. That would be even better! Love my Neato … I even talk to him when he cries … oh, yeah, he’s my friend!

  55. says

    I don’t know how helpful my tip would be cause right now my house is a mess, but one product I found that makes cleaning easier is a steam mop. I have the shark, but I’m sure they all are good. Thanks for a great giveaway!

  56. Erin R. says

    I try and stay focused on one area, and stick with it until it’s clean before moving on. Otherwise I have a ton of products started but nothing finished

  57. Stephanie Phelps says

    I carry a basket with me to put those out of place things in and when I get to that room I put it away.

  58. says

    I truly believe that a house can be messy, but it should be clean underneath. Sometimes things pile up – papers, folded laundry, blankets we used for cuddling. But deep down, it’s pretty sanitary. I like to clean all of my floors at least once a week, to keep dirt from being tracked all over. And I do laundry pretty much every day, so it doesn’t pile up on me!

    coriwestphal at msn dot com

  59. Amy Tolley says

    do alittle at a time and try to keep things from getting clutter up and dont store thing you dont use….thanks for this giveaway

  60. Barbara Scaff says

    My tip is putting a damp tube sock on the end of a broom (the stick end) to grab up cobby webs. =)

  61. Jennifer says

    My biggest tip would be to utilize a cleaning schedule. Sounds dorky, but it totally helps with not feeling overwhelmed!

  62. Roxann says

    A tip for the kitchen is to clean up and put things away as you use them. It’s a huge time saver.

  63. Lori Alcorn says

    My top for laundry is have separate bins for whites and colors that at laundry time their is no sorting

  64. Jaque R. says

    I have a routine…if I vary from that routine I am lost and overwhelmed. I do one room each day, helps me to get it under control. :-) Thank you.

  65. Steph says

    My tip is, if you have multiple dogs, vacuum often, the hair is there you just can’t always see it.

  66. Candace Ellis says

    Really really near this since my dominant arm is now disabled. Awesome invention..

    CANDIE Ellis

  67. Karla Sceviour says

    a tip about how to clean your home?..get your hubby to help! lol..
    ksceviour at hotmail dot com

  68. ginette4 says

    I put things away when I’m done with them, as I’m walking through a room I pick up the things that other’s left behind and put away therefor the house is tidy and when it’s time to clean up there isn’t much to do, just sweep and dust

  69. Lindsey D. says

    You can clean anything with vinegar, baking soda, bleach, or lemon juice. We save a ton of money by not buying cleaners

  70. Doris C says

    To get off stubborn things like crayon, grease and basically anything use Mr Clean pads. For shiny sinks use Old Dutch cleanser, sanitizes as well and smells good. To get odours out of your house including smoke use a little orange glow in your sink and fill with hot water or add it to a load of laundry you wash in hot and it smells like oranges for a week and removes any smells:)

  71. Candice Hull says

    I make it a game with my kids. I give each one a basket and we race to see who can pick up the most stuff that’s in the wrong place. It also is easy to shove those baskets in the closet if I don’t have time to put everything up or have unexpected guests.

  72. Kathleen Conner says

    I use natural cleaners for everyday, and then switch to chemicals for heavy-duty (when the natural isn’t working)

  73. Valeen N says

    I buzz through every day and do a quick pick up, but then focus on a room a day to do the heavier cleaning.

  74. says

    Having 2 dogs I have to mop everyday, esp when the weather gets warmer and they shed. I use the Swifter Sweeper which is great; however, this would most likely pick up more thn the Sweeper. Thanks for the chance!

  75. Auqakuh says

    I always start at the top and work my way down. Dust tops of door/window frames, doors, ledges, then baseboards, then vacuum the floor.

  76. Lisa F. says

    Try not to let things pile up, like pieces of mail, etc, to read. Take care of things as they come in your house.

  77. Tim Stephens says

    My first tip would be buy a Dyson… my second would be don’t get dogs, cats, or kids… and finally play some great music while you clean, always gets me through it…

  78. Jill Myrick says

    My best tip comes in a bottle.
    I can’t live without Clorox Cleanup. It is great for cleaning. And removes stains from anything white.
    From coffee on counter tops to lipstick on white carpet or laundry stains.


  79. Kristi C says

    The kids are responsible for cleaning their rooms and bathrooms and then I have a schedule of which other rooms get deep cleaned each day of the week.

  80. says

    I am a college student and my mom tolerates my cat and house rabbit roaming our apartment. Most people don’t own rabbits and they are considered ‘exotic’ by most veterinarians. Let me tell you that rabbits shed A LOT of fur. It’s literally everywhere (carpets, pillowcases, laundry, sofas, computer keyboards, bathroom, dishwasher, etc.)! Having this cleaner would be a huge help for us!

  81. says

    Oh, yes! And my cleaning tip is to use vinegar to clean up messy spills. The vinegar smell goes away after the vinegar dries. It’s good for laundry, too. :)

  82. Karen Lynch says

    Cleaning supplies on every level is a must, for quick clean ups. If you have to go searching for cleaners and rags the less likely you or helper is to clean.

  83. John Billiris says

    It’s best to have the whole family involved. If someone else picks up after you, you learn to become careless. I actually believe it’s good for kids to learn to clean, etc, because it helps them learn to notice more details, and to recognize the repercussions of their actions. (ie. spilled food left overnight is harder to get up the next day.)

  84. Kathlean Owens says

    Clean the microwave: put a coffee cup of vinegar in the microwave and cook it for 3 minutes. CAREFULLY remove the coffee cup and use a damp sponge and wipe the inside. Everything comes off easily.

  85. Shirley Hicks says

    I usually clean when everyone is gone…with school being out ..its gonna be hard finding cleaning time

  86. Leslie Luke Stanziani says

    I go room by room for only 10 minutes at a time.I find that in short bursts I accomplish a lot more.

  87. carole says

    my grandaughter brings her SHEDDING dog here and I have to sweep when they leave…this would really help me!

  88. Wendy says

    A very timely post and giveaway for me. I’ve been lamenting the fact that no one but me in my home cares about how clean it is. *sigh* My #1 tip? Keep things organizes as it makes cleaning a little easier.

  89. Molly Bussler says

    Right now…it seems that I can’t hardly get any cleaning done. I have a 3 week old baby boy that takes up most of my time, so I clean as I go, like picking up everything, wiping things and asking my husband to do it. But as far as really cleaning, I haven’t done a real good cleaning in over a month. But I usually, when I can, clean up a storm, and this would make my life so much easier, would love to have it! Thank you for the chance.

  90. says

    I keep Clorox or Lysol wipes in every room and grab one as I leave a room, wipe down the doorknob, lightswitch, etc as I leave a room

  91. carol l says

    When you are taking towels to wash quickly wipe the morrors in the bathroom with one. Easy way to clean it!

  92. Ju P. says

    I try to clean a little bit of the house each day – for example, wipe the counter one day and wipe the stove the next day.

  93. Erica C. says

    My biggest tip is to just try to do a little bit a of cleaning each day so that it doesn’t pile up. Just take 10 minutes each day.

  94. annette campbell says

    I try to keep everything organized and have a place for everything. Just put it back where it belongs after using it

  95. Kim says

    I clean every day and I am a little bit crazy about it I think I have OCD LOL I would love this vacumn I now have back problems and it is hard for me to do the floors this would be awesome!

  96. Shannon says

    I don’t think I have any unique tips but getting one of these sounds like it would be very helpful

  97. Tammy says

    I dont leave my all my cleaning for one day I do a little everyday that way its always tidy!
    dalleykt at live dot ca

  98. says

    I go through the house and pick up any messes before I go to bed. I would love to have a vaccuum that stays upstairs too. Oh my gosh! The thought of not dragging a vacuum up and down the stairs is pure heaven!

  99. wendy kudwa says

    This would be great my dog Ted’s white hair is alway all over my black rugs!!! Vacuuming everyday is not alot of fun!!

  100. Lim says

    Don’t try to do everything every day. Wipe out the sink one day, the toilet the next, and the tub on another instead of cleaning the whole bathroom all at once.

  101. Theron Willis says

    I use gin to clean the interior of my fridge, and distilled vinegar to clean glass.

    Hope to win!

  102. a marie hj saver says

    I try to tidy up a few minutes each day, which makes it easier when I have a big cleaning task.
    This would help– we have 2 cats!

    A marie hj saver
    creep4ward at hotmail dot com

  103. Caroline B says

    We use natural products like vinegar and baking soda! they work great and are safe for the environment!

  104. Carrie G says

    Hard water and soap scum can be kept at bay by using a sponge or towel soaked with lemon juice. The acidic lemon juice breaks down the dingy grey build up of soap scum/hard water stains.

  105. Lindsay Ferrin says

    In my opinion, the best way to clean your home is to put everything away before you go to bed. If you wake up in a clean house, you’ll want to keep it that way.

  106. Elizabeth says

    Write down a list of everything I want to do and clean in a day. That way when I’m bored I can make productive use of my time.

  107. Stephanie says

    Before a vacation of trip more than a day, I will clean the house and clean all the dishes. I so nice coming home to a clean house. It just tops off the vacation!

  108. Samantha D says

    The best tip I’ve seen is to just do a little here and there. While I brush my teeth sometimes I wipe my sink handles and faucet with the face towelette (after I rinse it really quickly) I used to clean my face, then wipe down the toilet seat if it needs it, flush the wipe, and wash my hands! LOL

  109. Donna says

    My Roomba is humping the leg of my guitar stand right this moment. Would be nice to have a robot vacuum with smarts.

  110. Carolyn Ann Colley (Griffith, Smith) says

    my husband does a lot of the housework, not because I’m lazy but because of my health
    thanks for the giveaway

  111. cee Love says

    A good tip and something that always works for me is to always make a list of what you need to clean. It will keep you from getting sidetracked.

  112. Rachel Ellis says

    Keeping a specific schedule helps. One day is trash day, another is mopping day, etc. That way everyone in the house can help because they too know the schedule.

  113. says

    I have 8 kids (6 who still live at home). A cleaning tip I use is setting a timer for 15 minutes and see how much we can all get done during that time. We can accomplish so much in such a little time when everyone pitches in. Even my youngest, 3 year old, loves to help!

  114. Michelle Tucker says

    Well, when I am walking by and see something tht doesn’t belong where it is, I take it to it’s place right then. No reason to have an extra trip to do it.

  115. Lucy Schwartz says

    Have children. Of course there is a proportional increase in the need to clean in relation to number of children. Definitely a conundrum!

  116. R Hicks says

    there is always so much to clean. I pace myself using a timer in each room

    brich22 at earthlink dot net

  117. K Anne says

    A cleaning tip: I use vinegar & baking soda as a natural fabric softener when I am washing clothes.

  118. Brenda Elsner says

    I have certain rooms i clean on certain days of the week. Helps so that I don’t have to do soooo much in one day!!

  119. Deborah Wallin says

    I have assigned my kids to do one room a day as a group project, and then they get rewarded at the end of the week.

  120. Shirley says

    I do my cleaning on the days my husband works the first shift because then I can be fast. I start by picking what’s on the floor and throwing a load of laudry because the smell of fresh clothes always boost me up, plus my cup of coffee. Once my house is clean is time to bathe the dogs, my kids have short hair but they leave a mess on the living room where they are all day, because outside is so hot and they need to be fresh. So this will save my back from the constant pain of brooming and vacumming so YES I NEED THIS!!!!

  121. Renee G says

    I leave my husband at home with nothing else to do — and amazingly the house gets clean.

  122. Cheri says

    Just got my neato xv-21. I love it! My Electrical Engineer husband is amazed and pleased by how well she works. We named her Bi _ch (Yes I removed the letter t so as not to offend). We have 5 dogs in a large house. We need to vacuum everyday. Now the Bi_ch gets up every morning at 9:30 and vaccums the house. After about an hour and a half the bi_ch gets tired, rests, and then about an hour or so later returns to where she left off. On the weekend I told my kids, “you better get up, it’s almost 9:30 and the Bi_ch is going to vacuum whether you’re awake or not. I’m amazed at how much dirt and dog hair she gets EVERY time. God I love that Bi_ch!

  123. Patti says

    I feel very blessed to own a Neato (Rosie). It took us quite a while to save to buy her but i feel SO blessed.
    I have been bedridden for 4 years and not able to do any cleaning. My husband who is 62 years old works at least 65 hours each week, sometimes more, yes that is correct, not a typo.
    He has little time after work, laundry and preparing meals and weekly shopping for all the housework. Thanks to Neato some of his workload is reduced.

  124. says

    We bought the Neato xv-21 which came recommended when you have pets and I must say it does a amazing job.
    My husband started making a review of his new gadget at Neato XV-21
    question: If you have a 2 story house, Do you have to buy 2 robots or are there other solutions?


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