3 yr old Julia: “I’m not going to the beach today…”

by Susan

Knowing my girls as I do, I had anticipated their lack of passion for sticky sand and salty waves.

And sure enough, they are not big fans of the beach.

Julia did gradually make her way into the ocean and enjoy kicking along while Daddy pushed her on an air mattress and I did convince her (despite a bit of terror) to sit in an innertube while I held on to her. And she did relax and have fun… at one point she even said she didn’t want to get out.

But, she seems to forget any fun and most days she informs me, “Mommy, I’m not going to the beach today!”

Instead, my little preschooler prefers 3 hour trolley bus tours with Japanese tourists!

She and her Daddy have spent two afternoons being bussed around the Island site-seeing. And today she has asked Mommy to take her again.

The Japanese tourists love Julia’s pale skin and red hair and clamor to have their photos taken with her. I’ll take some photos on my iPhone and upload them to Facebook… so make sure we’re ‘Facebook friends‘.

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