Faith Builders
Getting Honest About Church

by Susan

As I’ve mentioned earlier, Janice is away until Tuesday, so I’m trying to fill in for her.

But the problem is Janice and I are very different. She’s the writer and I’m the techie. And while we’ve both been Christians all our lives, I have spent much less time studying the Bible than she has. So when it comes to writing about Christianity, I generally leave it to her.

But, it’s time for our monday Meme at Faith Lifts, so I’ll try and join the discussion a little… I’ll share a few of my thoughts on Heather’s discussion questions and then maybe you can help me out and add some of your thoughts in our comment section or on your own blog. If you join the discussion on your own blog, remember to sign the list at Faith Lifts.

Faith Builders

Discussion – Part 1:
What does it mean for our hearts to start beating more and more like God’s? How could this change the way the world sees Christianity?

I think it all comes down to love.

We’ve all heard it before… “God is love.” It sounds simple. But it’s probably one of the toughest truths for us to fully comprehend and basically impossible for us to emulate on our own.

I think we need to constantly remind ourselves that being a Christian is being love. Unfortunately, I doubt the world would define Christians that way. I think if you stopped a hundred people in the street and asked them what they thought Christianity was about, you wouldn’t hear the word “love”.

And I think that is one of the saddest things. God has done everything to show us that He is love, yet we have done a terrible job of sharing that message.

If our hearts beat more like God’s, the world would see that Christianity is about love and it would completely change people’s attitude towards Christians.

Discussion – Part 2:
When it comes to church, what do you think God has in mind?

I think God wants our churches to be places of sincere worship, biblical teaching and loving fellowship. Again, it sounds simple, but we humans tend to mess up everything. And we certainly mess up churches.

Thankfully, God is patient with us and I think He still loves to see His people meet together and worship Him.


Interactive Faith Builders is a Monday meme at “Faith Lifts”.

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