Retrain Your Eating Habits With 80 Bites

January is the month that we all start thinking about eating a little more healthier — myself included. The reason that I have been focusing on eating better is because I have noticed that the older I get, the harder it is to lose weight. It doesn’t help that I love food either!

I have changed a lot of what I eat and am eating healthier, but I still find myself over eating at times. That is one reason why I love the concept behind the 80 Bites Diet.

What I love most about the 80 Bites Diet is that it taught me that it wasn’t about what I was eating, but about how much I was eating. For me, I found out I was eating a lot more that what I should have been and I needed to retrain my stomach.

The first week: The first week you spend just tracking how much you are eating. If you’re like me, you will be in total shock!

Weeks 2-12: During these weeks 80 Bites helps to retrain how you are eating. Reminders are given to slow down when you eat, put your fork down, talk some, etc.

About the 80 Bites Diet

The science is straightforward. Overeating – even “healthy” foods – stretches your stomach. The more your stomach stretches, the hungrier you are. The hungrier you are, the more you eat. And no amount of calorie counting, low carb or low fat food can reverse this cycle.

The 80Bites Diet offers another solution: the ability to truly rewire your hunger cravings, once and for all. We will teach you how to eat in a way that reprograms your digestive system. 80 Bites a day is enough. Spend 12 weeks with us and see for yourself!

The 12 week program sells for $50.

You can also download the app from the itunes store to go with your program. It helps you to keep up with just how many bites you’ve eaten (including snacks)!

So how much weight did I lose? I wound up losing about 10 pounds just by retraining how I was eating. I can just imagine how much weight I can lose if I add exercise in the mix!

Enter to win

One 5 Minutes for Mom reader is going to get her very own chance to try out the 80 Bites Diet along with the 80 Bites App! To enter the giveaway, leave a comment here letting us know how this program would help you.

This giveaway will end January 17th, and a winner will be chose by and announced in our weekly Around the Blogosphere post.

Disclosure: I was sent a code to try out the 80 Bites Diet and App. All opinions are my own.


  1. says

    Not entering the competition – but it sounds like a good way of slowing down eating if that’s an issue and we’re all pretty speedy these days, more like a refueling stop than a meal.

  2. Michele says

    This sounds like a doable program. I’ve been trying to lose weight since the birth of my youngest. As a now single mom of three under 8 I could use a doable solution to my weight loss problem. :)

  3. Rebecca K says

    I am trying to lose 50 pounds by the end of this summer so that we can try for baby #2. After a stressful two years, I now weigh more than I did at the end of my 9 months pregnant with DS. It’s embarrassing and I don’t want to have GD with my next child. I would put this app to great use!

  4. says

    My biggest issue is willpower. I always finish what’s on my plate whether I’m hungry or not… that’s not a good thing most of the time. My hope is that this will help!

  5. Linda Kish says

    This sounds like an interesting idea. I’d like to try it out to see if it would help me lose a bit more weight.

    lkish77123 at gmail dot com

  6. Jennifer says

    I don’t typically have a problem eating healthy foods, I have an over-indulgence problem! this book sounds awesome for that!

  7. Belinda McNabb says

    This would help me stop and think about what I am putting in my mouth and in my body.


  8. says

    Hi, Jennifer. A few observations:

    1. “…the older I get, the harder it is to lose weight.” Actually, it really isn’t harder to lose as you get older, because the older you get, the less food you need to give up to lose weight.
    You can get a lot more energy mileage out of half an apple when you’re 60 than when you’re 30.

    2. “Eating less is a lot easier than you think.” True, especially if you train yourself to do so in the right way. But it doesn’t take 12 weeks; it takes only 21 days. Also, the stomach does not change size or cause cravings. And the best way to get rid of a craving is to satisfy it..

    3. “…it wasn’t about what I was eating, but about how much I was eating.” True. But overeating isn’t necessarily gluttony. If you eat 300, 30 or even 3 calories too many for the weight you want to be, you are overeating.

    4. “I can just imagine how much weight I can lose if I add exercise in the mix!” Exercise is good for your health, but permanent weight loss doesn’t require it.

    Very impressed with this post, Jennifer. Looking forward to reading more. Thank you!

  9. bhaley518 says

    This diet is exactly what i need .. I know i have no idea how much I actually eat. When Im hungry I eat so I need 80 Bites

  10. Mary A says

    I need to lose about 25-30 lbs. and I’m looking for any help I can get! I love reading diet books and learn from them all and this one sounds like it would really help. Thanks for the giveaway!

  11. jen wexler says

    I’ve done the Weight Watchers thing and this seems like it will show me a new way to look at food and hopefully help me lose some weight

  12. says

    I always check out the girls my age (I am 22) going fashionable, doing shoots and even getting so much appreciation for them.
    When I look at them I think I would have looked so much better if I was thin.
    I shop a lot but don’t wear my clothes and keep them folded just in hopes that I will wear them one day when I will get thin.
    I do a lot to lose weight and even get into depression at times, when everyone keeps poking me saying that I have become so fat.
    This feeling of not able to attain weight loss is frustrating.
    I do not have much money that I can actually hire an instructor to keep a track of my food and help me exercise :(
    So I really very badly need this to lose my weight and achieve what I always dream of :(

  13. says

    I am a mindless eater. I believe this program would help me to slow down and THINK about what’s going into my mouth. I am positive that would help me to become a healthier eater and as a consequence lose weigh (40 pounds)t.

  14. Shea Balentine says

    I think this would definitely be better way of retraining my stomach than the more conventional methods. Would be great to try! =)

  15. Sara Kelly says

    My Mom recently quit smoking so she could watch my son, her first Grandson, and she is scared she will gain a bunch of weight. This would help her immensely!! Not only to keep the weight off, but reduce her stress and anxiety about quitting smoking!

  16. Marianna says

    This program would really help me learn more about healthy and conscious eating as I have a definite food addiction!

  17. Joni says

    I am done having kids now and am really serious about getting into what I hope will be the best shape of my life…for me, for my kids, and for my husband. :) I would love to try the 80 Bites plan to help me learn new eating habits instead of just dieting.

  18. Laura Neighbors says

    After 2 +years of MAJOR life changes, including divorce, hysterectomy & job loss x2 due to the economy, my weight has been a roller coaster ride to say the least! I have GOT to retrain my stomach & my mind! I had gestational diabetes with both children & have remained “borderline” diabetic since. I know try weight has a big role in this & I don’t wanna deal with diabetes. I would benefit greatly I feel from this “retraining” process!!!! Committed!!!!

  19. Jennifer M says

    When I’m eating something tasty, I always over do it. This would remind me that I can take a couple of bites and leave the rest or take it home.

  20. Allison says

    I would love to try this. I come from a family of junk food lovers and am trying to learn to be healthy- this would help so much. Thank you for the chance.

  21. shirley pebbles says

    I really need something to help. I have gained alot over the last few years and can’t seem to take it off.

  22. says

    Nice post! I learned a lot of information from this post. Habits are hard to die especially if we do it for who knows when you have start. One of the major habits we have hard time changing is our eating habits. The temptation is always too strong to resist. Foods are our best friends. Always have, always will be. But as much as foods gives us energy to stay active, it can also give us problems if we don’t make sure we are not over eating.
    I look forward to your future post. You can also know more about this from my blog Lose Weight by Changing your Eating Habits.


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