Jon Bon Jovi Dead and Alive on Twitter and Facebook

jon bon jovi alive new jersey

I missed the mourning.

Today, while I worked and stayed off Twitter, thousands of Jon Bon Jovi fans were weeping over the news that Jon Bon Jovi was dead in New Jersey, as falsely reported by dailynewbloginternational. I didn’t catch news of it on Facebook until Jon was proven “alive.”

With the power of Twitter and Facebook, the death hoax whipped through the Internet, prompting the Bon Jovi camp to release a photo of Jon assuring his fans that all was well in New Jersey.

Now, it is a smiling Jon Bon Jovi and a good-natured, “Heaven looks a lot like New Jersey,” printed on a piece of paper, complete with date and time, December 19, 2011, 6:00, that is swirling around online, calming the storm and yes — keeping Bon Jovi trending.

Death hoaxes on Twitter are becoming common, with a hashtag all their own, #TodayTwitterKilled.

The constant stream of celebrity death hoaxing is helped out by a hoax site, Global Associated News. Pardon me for not linking. If you want to check it out, it is…


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  1. says

    He looks so nice. If someone claimed I was dead on Twitter, I would be very angry. What a great sport!

    We saw Bon Jovi in concert and they rocked!!


  2. says

    When I first heard this I was sad until someone on twitter stated it was a hoax…thank God it is because i really like him. It’s so sad that people would stir up a rumor like this but I must say he handled it great. By the way he looks good for a dead guy…lol


  3. says

    I hopped on Facebook last night to see this picture. That stupid site you didn’t link to has done this so many times. My husband fell for it about a month ago when they said Phil Collins had died in a fiery car crash. I think they should find something better to do with their time.


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