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Weekend Reflection Meme

This is Susan here… Janice is over at Faith Lifts today. She shared a post about the challenge of leaving a legacy of faith for our children. Take a moment to check it out.

I wanted to introduce you all to a great new meme that Preemie Mommy from Mommy of Two just started today. It’s called Weekend Reflection and the idea is to:

“…look back over the week and really think about what has happened in your lives. Then, list at least three things (more if you like) that were positive in your life that week.”

I know many folks blog less on the weekends than during the week, but I think this meme is a great way to remember and share the little blessings of our lives.

Take a moment to read Preemie Mommy’s first Weekend Reflection and then add your name to the list and share a few of your own blessings.

Okay, so here are a few positive things from my week:

  1. Last night was my 6th wedding anniversary and my husband and I enjoyed a rare trip to the movie theater. We watched a wonderful, absolutely hilarious movie called Little Miss Sunshine. I highly recommend it… I literally laughed myself to tears.
  2. We had an extra week of unexpected summer weather. Early September had sent our summer south, but then as a blessed surprise we got an extra week of sunshine to end the month.
  3. My husband is not working this weekend and is enjoying a great day with Julia. (And I’m getting a bit of a break.)

I hope you had a wonderful week too… remember to stop by and add your Weekend Reflection list and visit Janice at Faith Lifts.


  1. says

    Oh I would love to go to the movies!! We haven’t done that since Grayson was born. Of course I guess 2-1/2 months in NICU and what you have to do once your home will certainly cut into your entertainment!!!

    Thanks for plugging my meme! I really think everyone can benefit by realizing the positive things each week.

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