Kirtsy — Girl Power All Grown Up

Do you remember playground days chanting,
“Anything a boy can do, a girl can do better”?

I sure do. This post may slightly echo that schoolyard chant, because when Girl Power grows up, it becomes the Power of Women.

Men and women are not the same. Despite much effort, we are not even treated equally.

I’m thinking, maybe we should admit it, accept it and embrace it.

Men and women are profoundly different and (clearly biased as I am) I’d venture to say “Thank goodness we’re different, and thank goodness I’m on the better team!” šŸ˜‰

For us in North America, it’s easy to lightly joke about the battle of the sexes but we all know that the discrimination of women is no joke.

Rage erupts in me when I hear of cultures devaluing and persecuting women. This Sunday, I was reading an article by Dr. Job about the persecution of women in India.

I ranted to my friend, “How can they do this? Why?”

Well, today I was thinking that maybe the men devaluing women do realize the power of women. Perhaps that is exactly why they do it.

They fear the power of women and so they withhold education. They beat women to ensure men retain control. They exploit their one superior quality — physical strength — to stomp out the power of women.

Thankfully women are surviving and becoming more powerful each day. You can see evidence ranging from micro-financing projects in Africa that support women starting their own businesses to the huge advance of the women blogger community.

Women thrive in community and the more we do to promote community among women, the more we lift up our sisters throughout the world.

As Gwen Bell says, women’s stories are sacred. Our blogs are powerful. Our mission behind 5 Minutes for Mom is bringing moms together to support and promote each other. We see that mission in action each day.

I think a brilliant example of women coming together in community is Kirtsy. Kirtsy is the “Digg for Chicks” and it kinda makes me want to stick out my tongue and chant “Anything a boy can do, a girl can do better.” :)

The Kirtsy girls have made a fabulous site that is blowing away the blogosphere.

“This is about finding, sharing, learning, growing. This is about our stories.

What is Kirtsy to me? A place where stories are not only shared; they are sacred.”

The passion and power of women is embodied perfectly in the woman behind those words — Kirtsy Girl Gwen Bell.

When I met Gwen at BlogHer08, we talked about how she works with Kirtsy and how their team of women have created such a popular social ranking site.

Kirtsy Girl Gwen Bell Talks to 5 Minutes For Mom from 5 Minutes for Mom on Vimeo.

And earlier that day, Janice and I spoke with Kirtsy founder Gabrielle Blair and found out how she created Kirtsy (formerly Sk*rt) and why Kirtsy is a girl’s best friend.

5 Minutes for Mom Interview with Gabrielle Blair: Part 1 – Kirtsy from 5 Minutes for Mom on Vimeo.

Since 5 Minutes for Mom is all about bringing moms together and promoting women, we are excited to celebrate the success of Kirtsy and to join in the Kirtsy community.

So Ladies, c’mon, let’s all Kirtsy.


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