Take a Shopping Spree with ABC’s Suburgatory

Last week I was sent a fun little goodie bag with a link to watch an advanced screening of the new ABC half-hour comedy Suburgatory. I’m always up for a fun new comedy, so I checked it out.

The story, as the title suggests, involves 16-year-old Tessa (awesomely played by Jane Levy) whose single Dad (Jeremy Sisto) decides that they need to move out of Manhattan into the ‘burbs. Even though it was his idea, he realizes that they are in for a big adjustment, and of course teen Tessa thinks that the change is awful!

This preview perfectly shows her first impression (and I have to admit that I’ve seen some of this in my own life in the ‘burbs):

It also stars Cheryl Hines, who Janice interviewed last summer. Though she’s a totally over-the-top mom, the closing scene shows that her character is going to bring a lot of heart to the show. I have to admit that as a mom of a young teen girl, I know that it’s hard to straddle that line between wanting to give them everything and setting appropriate limits. I hope it’s a theme that we see more of in episodes to come.

I was hoping that it might be something my young teen and I could watch together. Maybe I’m a little too naive, but it’s not anything that my middle school daughter will be watching, though those teens who are more used to PG-13 and R themes (is there even a difference anymore??) will love it.

There are some mature themes, and though I “get” the satire, I’m not sure that my younger teen has the discernment to get it (She doesn’t watch the musical dramedy that “everyone” else watches either, FYI). I do however think that Suburgatory will be popular with older teens and parents who like satirical comedy.

WATCH Suburgatory Wednesdays on ABC at 8:30/7:30 central. It starts this week, September 28.

If you missed the first episode, for a limited time you can watch it by visiting www.abc.com/suburgatoryscreening and entering access code: ta2wFhnlv

Win a $100 Visa Cash Card

Guess what? We want to give you a Suburgatory shopping spree. You can do just like Tessa, Dalia and Dallas did in the premiere and head to the mall with a $100 Visa cash card. Just leave a comment here if you’d like to win (U.S. shipping addresses only).

This giveaway will end at midnight October 7, 2011 and a winner will be chosen at random and posted on October 8. See our site’s terms and conditions for more information.


  1. Deb says

    I am watching the show tonight, Love the commercials, it looks like such a good show. I would be in shock if I had 100.00 to spend. I would have to really think about what I wanted the most! I would love to experience it though!!

  2. Bean says

    Gosh, I would first have to pick myself up off the floor if I had a Visa card for $100.00 to spend. I bet I could do it though, ha ha. I am looking forward to watching the show.

  3. Amy says

    the show is on tonight and I am ready to see it. I would certainly buy new shoes and a new outfit. I am a bargain shopper so I could make that money go a very long way!

  4. Stacey says

    Love the commercial for the show. I would love to go shopping with a pre paid Visa. Sounds like a wonderful thing to me! My birthday is coming up soon, so maybe I could be stingy and buy for myself.

  5. says

    Shopping spree? What are those? lol I will have to go back and watch this episode since I had my son with me and it wasn’t really appropriate for his age group. Thanks 4 the chance. I would love to go shopping!

  6. Jaclyn Beveridge says

    Oh I so could use a shopping spree. Single mom of 3 and as most moms know, we have no time for ourselves. A little TLC would be nice and welcomed

  7. Jennifer C says

    I could definately use a shopping spree. I gave birth to my second child in March 2010 and then found out a few months later that I was pregnant with number 3 who was born exactly 1 year and 2 days after his sister. I didn’t even have a chance to make it out of my maternity clothes for more than a couple weeks before I ended up right back in them. So my wardrobe is serverely lacking at the moment and fall and winter are coming in fast!

  8. says

    If I would like to win??? :) Sadly, this will probably go to outfitting my growing children as I’m back in the maternity clothes boat and don’t really want to spend too much $$ on that!

  9. Grandma Debby says

    I watched the show last week and it is great. Seems so real. I would love to be real and go shopping with that gift card

  10. katklaw777 says

    Luv to win!!!
    I watched the show…it was soooooooooooo sweet when the other Mom bought her that glorious bra. Every woman should have a spree to buy themselves a treat like that once in a while. I wish we could all win a spree!


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