Have I mentioned I work at my kitchen table…

A seventy five pound monkey is climbing on my back as I try to type.

“Nobody is playing with me…” he complains.

“Jackson… I am trying to write a post about you.”

“Write a post that I want to play with you,” his arms tighten around my neck as his Dad reprimands, “Jackson you are going to break that chair…”

Life without an office is challenging – but entertaining…

Jackson climbs off the back of my chair, distracted by his sweet tooth.

“Mom, can I have some cookies and milk.”

“Jackson. You already had cookies at lunch.”

“But Mom – I said cookies AND milk.” As if the goodness of milk negates the sugar.

He flashes me his clever smile. I swear that child better make something of his negotiating skills. I give in as I keep typing.

Soon it will be bedtime. No wonder I work after dark.


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    It’s so fun to hear how other moms are doing it :). Sleep time must be the best for working. I work at our kitchen table as well and have a drawer that I keep everything I need in.

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    LOL! But having a dedicated home office doesn’t help much either. I’m constantly having a 35-pound toddler climbing into my lap, spinning my chair or trying to ‘type’ while I’m sitting here at the computer. Sigh.

    Yep, it’s 1:46 am here right now and I’m getting the bulk of my blogging and blog reading done… :)

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    I can totally feel for you. My “office” is in the kitchen as well, although I do have a corner of the room with a desk and filing cabinets. But it doesn’t stop the chaos from following me.

    My hubby has tried to do things on the computer – once or twice during the day – but says he has no idea how I can form sentences with all that is going on around me.

    I don’t admit that there are those days when I can’t. 😉

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    What’s amazing to me is that if I go put the computer completely away, my toddler COMPLETELY ignores me. I try to play with her and she turns her back. I go get the computer, and she’s crawling all over me in less than 5 seconds!!

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    Well, there are some perks to the kitchen/office. Take the dress code where everyday is casual Friday. My office mate who is a four year old, is very casual, often underwear is not part of his day. I will have to write a memo about that.

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