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Tackle It Tuesday

I believe I am a good mother and I do everything I can to make the best life for my girls.

But I have weaknesses and a full stockpile of mommy-guilt. One area where I feel I fall short is in the good old fashioned homemaking talent of growing and preserving your own food. I see beautiful blog posts from friends who show photos of the amazing fruits of their gardens and tell stories of teaching their children to garden and preserve foods.

Well, I have a townhouse with a tiny backyard, a fear of bugs, a disdain for dirt, and so little knowledge of preserving foods that an attempt to do so would be dangerous.

I’ve always assumed I’d just let my failure to introduce my kids to gardening and growing vegetables add another layer to my mommy-guilt.

But, no longer… I have a successful TACKLE to report…

Sophia with GrowumsThanks to a fabulous swag item (retail price $9.99) that I received at a party during BlogHer, my children have officially planted carrots, cucumbers, tomatoes and lettuce!

Yes, I am thrilled by this adorable little kids gardening teaching tool called Growums®.

My children and I spent about 30 minutes going through this special kids gardening activity and I think it is now one of my favorite teaching activities for children. It was simple and didn’t take too much time which was important for my 3 year old’s attention span, but educational and advanced enough to inspire my 6 year old.

We watched a couple quick videos on the website, followed the simple instructions and had some fantastic conversation about gardens, vegetables and healthy eating.

The girls are excited to watch their little gardens grow and I’m relieved that I can take my mommy-guilt down a small notch. Perhaps this little step into gardening will take us further towards creating a real garden one day.

Sophia and Julia with Growums

What about you? Do you garden? Have you taught your kids gardening basics?

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In case you are wondering, this is NOT a sponsored post. I received a sample item worth $9.99 during a party at BlogHer. I sincerely love the product and wanted to share about my experience.


  1. says

    Starting young is a great idea. Mine were older when we started to garden and feel it is a chore. Actually, it is both but they do not see the enrichment it gives as well.

  2. says

    I think it’s wonderful you’re getting the kids involved in gardening! We did our first raised bed vegetable farm this year, I linked up our harvest which wasn’t too difficult to tackle.

  3. EthEng says

    Gardening is a good thing to teach kids. I do something different though — I let my kids play the Fashion Fantasy Game. I thought it was an educational thing to do, but yeah, I think I’ll try gardening some time as well.

  4. Tina Candes says

    You have to grow a TickleMe Plant to get the ultimate gardening experience with plants and kids. The TickleMe Plant is the only plant that suddenly closes its leaves and lowers its branches when Tickled! See video it will wow you and of course grow one.

  5. says

    Learning about gardening young is great! You might also find that it is a way to get them to eat the dreaded veggies! There is a strong interest when you grow your own to cook and eat them.
    You are doing a great job! Happy gardening!

  6. says

    Nice Blog, Kids gardening is the best way to make your children mind more creative. Gardening keeps your children busy during holiday and create lots of fun for them. Get the gardening kits from online websites, and grow your own garden.

    Nicole Martin

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