What Were The Top Ten BlogHer’11 Moments?

We are compiling a list of the Top Ten BlogHer’11 Moments to publish at Babble’s MomCrunch.

We’ve got some ideas… hint hint…

Operation Glory Flash Mob

Operation Glory Flash Mob at BlogHer'11

Operation Glory Flash Mob at BlogHer'11

Jumping and Lounging on the Beds at the CheeseburgHer Party

Laughing on the Beds at the CheeseburgHer Party

Jumping and Lounging on the Beds at the CheeseburgHer Party

Impromptu Chats On Route To The Convention Center

BlogHer'11 Conversations on Route to Convention Center

Running Into Friends on route to the Convention Center

But, We Want To Hear YOURS…

Leave us a comment telling us what are your favorite memories of BlogHer’11.

  • What were the best sessions and keynotes?
  • What was the best booth in the Expo Hall?
  • What were the most fun parties?
  • What made you laugh?
  • Did anything make you cry (in a good way)?
  • What should everyone remember?

If you have a photo and/or a blog post, leave the link in your comment.

You can see more of our BlogHer photos on our 5 Minutes For Mom Flickr account. Go ahead and leave links to your photo sets whether shared on Flickr or somewhere else.

Also… remember to Link Up your BlogHer’11 posts!

Okay Ladies, together let’s make this THE list to remember from BlogHer’11.


  1. says

    A quiet(ish) dinner with some lovely old friends and some amazing new ones on Wednesday night was a perfect way to kick things off.

    Sparklecorn was also a highlight. It was a chance to let loose with some of my dearest friends. I’ll never forget dancing with reckless abandon with my girls. Happy sighs.

  2. says

    Since Flash mob is already taken, it was the keynote with Indra Nooyi. She just drove home what I walked away with from last weekend: that a woman has infinite potential.

  3. says

    Watching Janice curse at PR peeps (friends) in a good way.

    Trying to explain my StumbleUpon strategies to Grace Duffy, and getting interrupted.

    Dancing on the stage at Sparkklecorn and CheeseBurgHer.

    Seeing all of my good bloggy friends all in one place.

    Being able to take unlimited amounts of swag home because I drove there…

    • says

      Ha ha ha… yes, Janice can be quite the riot.

      Yes, we have to include photos of people dancing on the stages. Do you have any good ones or have you seen some that you think we should use in the post?

      So lucky you could drive home with swag. We take very little home with us b/c of flying and mailing it to Canada isn’t really worth it.

  4. says

    I have a few fab in the groove pics of Miz Angry Julie on stage!
    She is rockin’ 😉

    For me, coming away with ideas of the good things that can be done with my blog, the differences that I can make, the positive side of being part of change – it made me feel good (which was great since I was very under the weather while there!)

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