Wordless Wednesday – First Day of Ballet

Julia had two big “firsts” today – Susan will tell you all about it tomorrow. But here is a sneak peak.

(Her helper in the shot is her best friend Madison. Although they are only a few months apart, Madison mothers the much tinier Julia.)

Thanks to Uisce for creating Wordless Wednesday.

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    She’s such a cutie!! I wish my daughter had been into dance class. But no she’d rather be mucking out horse stalls and riding dressage than dancing anyday!

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    I LOVE the little ponytails…so adorable!

    MY WW this week is about youth & old age. It is a picture of an elderly family friend Idalio (98) cutting up a piece of his chocolate birthday cake for my son Michael (4) – SO sweet.

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    Awww those 2 little ballerinas are so adorable! I love those picture! It look like the older one is saying this little piggy …. to the other one so cute!!

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    I have a little girl who is getting really into horses, too (Tiff @ 3 peas!), but I think I could easily convince her to try ballet, as well. “Just give it a try, honey. Just until Mommy gets a ton of pictures of you in the adorable pink outfits, okay?”

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    What a sweet picture. How’s she doing with ballet?

    Madison sounds like a sweet girl; little kiddo friendships and how they interact are the cutest thing.

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    What a sweet pic! My youngest started gymnastics, my third started tap, ballet and jazz last week and my second daughter just started hip-hop dance last night! My oldest is waiting for acting lessons to begin in October. I love this time of year and being a mom of four girls. :)

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    She looks happy! My daughter cried her first day when she was three even though I was there with her watching her first class! We eventually had to quit, because she cried every week for a month. Now that she is four, she is more independent and takes gymnastics- no problems!!


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