Why Professional Mom Bloggers are Here to Stay…

With the ever shifting landscape of social media, some critics continue to predict the demise of “Mommy Bloggers.” But are professional mom bloggers in any danger of losing their value and power in social media?

Jenny-Ingram-Mom-BloggerMoms rock social media. Studies prove it. Experience shows it.

No one needs to explain the power of relationship building, storytelling, and community to a mom. It is how women have always functioned — from old school village to new.

So, when women exploded in the blogosphere, and mom bloggers revealed they could weave inspiration and information through their online storytelling, creating an irresistible platform for marketers, the world began to take notice.

The demeaning questions began: Who are these mommy bloggers — and could they really be worthy of marketing dollars and attention? Surely, they are merely a fading trend. How long can someone ramble on about diapers and dirty dishes?

But at the same time as we were discredited, companies continued to increase their dependence on mom bloggers to accomplish their social media marketing goals.



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