Fitness and playdates

I have an almost daily playdate with my friend and her children. This playdate, however, involves everyone being active, not just the kids.

We pack the diaper bags with plenty of water, healthy snacks, and load everyone up for a long walk to the park. Upon arrival, we unleash the kids and instead of sitting down on the bench to chat, we are moving around the playground seizing every opportunity for fitness possible.

We lunge back and forth across the playground, each of us carrying our young babies as an added strength component. The older kids get involved by counting along and encouraging us to do more.

We do squats in between pushing kids on the swings, again with cheers and clapping from our mini-trainers.

We do step-ups on the picnic benches and attempt to do pull ups on the monkey bars. (no success yet, but we are getting there!)

We wrap it all up with the same long walk home. The kids have fun and not only are we staying fit, but we are setting a great example for our young children. Fitness does not only happen on a treadmill or exercise bike, it can be found in many different places.

Yes, there are definitely days when I just don’t feel up to it, but knowing that I have this playdate on my calendar helps keep me motivated. After all, who doesn’t want a bunch of 3 year olds cheering “Only 5 more lunges, you can do it!”

Call up a friend right now and schedule a fitness playdate. What have you got to lose?

This column is hosted by Lisa. She can be found doing squats and lunges over at Workout Mommy.


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    How fantastic! What a great idea.

    I can just imagine you all doing your workout with your little trainers cheering you on. I bet it will catch on and soon you will have a playground “class” that you all will have to host!

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    What a great role model you are for your kids (and the other moms & kids at the park!). :) Keep it up!

    I ran with my daughter (she was in the jogger) while my son was at school this morning. I saw a number of other moms out walking and playing with their kids. Hooray!

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