Which Blog Conference is Right For YOU?

So you want to go to a blogging conference… but which one should you choose???

blogher11-logoOnce upon a time, in a world before Twitter and Facebook, a small conference was born. It came from three women asking the question, “Where are all the women bloggers?”

Now, six years later, BlogHer has not only brought together tens of thousands of bloggers at their conferences, but fueled the explosion of women focused blogging conferences! Every year, more conferences appear — and their success is testimony to how committed and passionate women are to social media and building successful websites and online brands.

But, as the options grow, bloggers who once only had one flavor of blogging conference to choose from are faced with a problem — which conference(s) should I attend?

When bloggers and businesses ask me which conferences I recommend they attend, I suggest they begin by considering a few things.



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    I’d like to go one time, just to experience the masses. I enjoyed Blissdom Canada so much last year, my very 1st blogging conference. It’d be hard to match that one!

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    I wish that I could go to BlogHer’11 this year, but unfortunately will not be able to make it. I am definitely saving for next year, though!

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