What is YOUR Diaper Disaster Story – Share to Win a $200 Cash Prize!

No mother has escaped.

baby in diaperWe all have been peed on, pooped on and puked on. We all have been hit with diaper disasters — we have woken up at 3am to wet sheets and crying infants, mopped up soaked car seats with whatever napkins, blankets or wipes we could find, and scrubbed our weight in onesies and baby clothes from poops that exploded out of diapers.

Most of the diaper “situations” are par for the course, standard messes that we take in stride.

But I bet almost all of us have stories of true diaper disasters — perfect storms of poop and predicaments that made us want to cry at the time, but make us laugh now that they are safely tucked away in history.

And, of course, we moms love to hear each others stories — so, if you have a diaper disaster, please share it in the comments and/or on your blog and leave a link in your comment. We will have a $200 Cash Prize for one random winner chosen from the comments on this post.

But, wait — yes, of course, I have a diaper disaster story to share. Try and beat this one ladies…

My Worst Play Date Ever

Play dates were never easy for my son. They still aren’t. With a complex list of conditions, including ADHD, ODD, Anxiety Disorder, and Sensory Processing Disorder, coping with emotions, stress and learning to interact socially is tough!

Understandably, when he was young, I tended to avoid play dates unless I felt very comfortable with the other parent.

But one day, for some crazy reason, I went against my instincts, and took my son on a doomed play date.

I had met the mother while she was out for a walk and playing with her son in the green space behind our house. Our boys, both about two years old, would play together, climbing on the rocks, etc. while we visited.

The mother was older than I, having had her only child later in life. She was a yoga teacher, calm, and very “zen.” Her son was also quiet and tended to play more on his own.

If you know me and my son, we are the farthest things from “zen.” We are on over-drive! We are high energy, talkative and constantly moving. We did not match this mother and son, not at all.

Yet, when the mother invited us over to play at their house, I said yes. And off we went.

When we got to the house I knew things were not going to go well. My son is a very interactive child, wanting to engage and play with his friends. Her son preferred to play on his own and barely acknowledged my son’s presence.

Meanwhile, I was feeling insecure, chattering away to the soft spoken, zen mother. After a respectable amount of time had passed and I was about to announce it was time for us to get going, it happened.

It was fast. I am not sure of the details, but somehow the other boy had started playing with my son’s favorite toy truck and my son got frustrated and upset.

My son THREW the toy truck at the other boy!

Now, I am pretty sure the other boy’s life was not in danger, but the other mother flew across the room as if protecting her son from a bullet. While hugging and checking her son for fatal wounds, she glared at my son as if the devil himself had just assaulted her child.

I flew into a flurry of apologies, taking my weeping son by the shoulders, questioning and reprimanding him.

And then I saw it — a strange, huge pile of bluish-brown something in the middle of her white carpeted living room. It took a second to realize what it was — and where it had come from!

I quickly checked my son’s diaper and saw an explosion of blueberries and porridge I had fed him that morning. It was huge and had escaped the confines of his diaper and fallen down his leg and out of his pants on to her white, perfect carpet.

I was horrified!!! The mother was still comforting her crying child and clearly thought my son was a horrible child. I had to fess up to the mess and get supplies from her to clean it up. And I had to clean up my son!

After changing my son, futilely scrubbing the floor, and offering constant apologies, we fled the house.

That evening, I took my son back and made him give the boy his truck as an apology. (Considering my son’s issues, this was a huge consequence for him. But I was so horrified that he had thrown his toy at the child, that I wanted it to make a big impression on him.)

And that was the last time we ever spoke. We never saw them again. The mother must have changed their route and never passed by our house. And I am left to wonder, did they have to replace that carpet???

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Share your Diaper Disaster Story and WIN a $200 Cash Prize

If you have a diaper disaster, please share it in the comments and/or on your blog and leave a link in your comment.

We will have a $200 Cash Prize for one random winner chosen from the comments on this post.

The giveaway will end on July 1st, and a winner will be announced on July 2nd. Open to residents of the US AND CANADA!!! Please see our site’s terms and conditions for more information.

Written by Janice Croze, co-founder of 5 Minutes for Mom.
Talk with me: @5minutesformom and Facebook.com/5minutesformom.

Please Note: This post and giveaway is part of a promotional campaign with Huggies at 5m4m. Opinions (and poop stories) are always our own!


  1. christy davis says

    my 10 year old daughter had a diaper diaster today lol i had her change the 2 year olds pull up before we left while i changed the newborns diapers and she forgot to check for poop and ripped the thing off and a giant turd fell on her ipod it was so funny and gross all at the same time lol!!!!

  2. Lucy Gilliam says

    I have one! I was 21 years old when I had my first son. I was a single mom and living with my dad at the time.
    This happened when my son KJ was about 9 mos. old. We woke up early one morning and I was still quite tired. I put KJ in his play pen and turned Sesame Street on. I heard him grunt once and I turned over to see if he was doing what I thought he was doing. I recognized “the face”. So I said to myself that I would wait 2 minutes for him to finish because I did not want to get pooped on….well I turned back over and what I saw was SHOCKING…IT WAS A POOP MASSACRE IN HIS PLAYPEN! I mean head to toe he was covered in poo..his playpen was COVERED with poo….I could not believe it! And he did not even flinch. He looked at me with his big brown eyes and smiled…I will never forget that day! I still remind him of the incident, even though he is almost 10 now! I would say that was the worst poop incident of all of my four boys!

  3. says

    My second son had major digestive issue from the get go, turned out he was allergic to soy and milk. He was about 6 weeks old and we had ventured out into a certain large chain store that starts with K, they are notorious for filthy bathrooms and not using the a/c enough in the summer. I was waddling around in a postpartum sweaty haze, shopping for baby items, when we heard the rumble in the jungle and he screams let us know he needed to be changed NOW. I was not about to take in him in the hazmat scene bathroom or to our 200 degree car to clean him up. So I improvised, laid down our changing mat in the cart in a corner of the store and laid him down to discover is was a level 3 disaster, with leakage. I quickly stripped him and started to wipe him down when it happened….
    Poo started shooting out like a playdough fun factory. All over the pad, the cart, the floor, and me!
    Dh was laughing his buns off (and wrestling our then 2 yo autistic son). I was sweating even more and using every wipe we had to clean the wreckage. Finally he was clean as was the explosion zone. But I will never forget that day!

  4. says

    My first son was three weeks old, when I was preparing him for his bath. I had him up on the long bathroom counter, and had just removed his diaper. As I lifted his legs to put a towel under him, he poo’d. It wasn’t any small poo…it shot out with such force, the poo flew across the room about six feet. My husband happened to be walking into the room, and was blasted in the chest. I laughed when my husband said, “You did that on purpose!”

    Like I have any control over my kids’ bodily functions! LOL

  5. says

    I have a 2 year old who figured out how to take off his diaper a few months ago. We keep a gate up at his doorway at naps and night to keep him in his room so he’ll sleep. One day I heard him wake up from his nap and he was just talking and being quiet so I figured he’d be fine while I took care of the newborn twins for a bit. When I finally went up the stench hit me before I even saw it. He had taken off his diaper, pooped on the floor, and was painting every surface in the room with it. The walls, closet, nightstand, bed, and mostly the floor with the stomped in poop and poopy footprints all over. Oh, and himself of course, head to toe. I had to grab him up and throw him in the shower then spent the rest of the day trying to scrub everything up. My husband got home and took over the cleaning and eventually, with the help of hydrogen peroxide, we were able to get it all cleaned up. We learned our lesson and we now keep a vinyl mat in front of his doorway where he sits and waits for us in the morning, it has come in handy a few times already.

  6. Mia Dentice Carey says

    We were driving to Pittsburgh from Georgia, ONE HOUR away from reaching our destination when my son had a volcanic eruption of runny poop EVERYWHERE on him & in his car seat. We stopped at the Pennsylvania stateline rest area / welcome center & did our best to clean him and the car seat. Oh BUT the smell…..it lingered & we gagged the rest of the way to my Aunt & Uncle’s house.

  7. Rita O'Neal says

    I had my first son very young (two weeks after I turned 15 I have birth). While I was changing a very messy (one of those runny, up the back ones) I was holding his legs t wiping the grossness off his cute little bottom, he decided he wasn’t finished. Yes, he lot it loose. Basically, spraying my white shirt as a sprinkler would spray the lawn. Absolutely disgusting.

  8. says

    I used to be a sales executive for a large IT company. I had worked for months on a proposal and a multi-million dollar deal with a CIO that enjoyed nothing more than to see who really really wanted his business. In order to validate commitment he would schedule meetings in the early morning. I mean, really early.

    So after months of proposals, planning, scheduling, 6am meetings, back and forth the big day was finally here. I had a meeting scheduled at 7am, a reasonable morning meeting by his standards. I got up a little early. Dressed myself in my best power suit. Got the diaper bag readied for the day. Woke my son, fed him and dressed him. Picked him up, grabbed my laptop bag threw it over one shoulder. Threw the diaper bag over the other shoulder and bent down to run out the front door. As I turned the door knob it happened. I felt something on my hand. I looked around my son and down at my hand to see green. My stomach turned over and then I felt the wet running down my stockings as the waft of foul odor hit my nostrils.

    It was everywhere. All down my suit. In my pantyhose. In my shoes. On my laptop bag. My son touched my suit and then promptly grabbed a handful of my hair. I dropped everything but my son right at the front door. Stripped us both down, save for the leaking diaper. Wiped the dripping sewage from his legs and we both got in the shower. I must’ve channeled some super human strength and mom powers because I got us both showered and redressed and out the door in 15 minutes. I threw a clip in my wet hair. Dropped him off at the sitter’s and broke every speed limit between the sitter’s and the meeting, whilst applying fresh makeup. I walked in the meeting huffing for air at 2 minutes past the hour.

    When questioned about my state I thought about citing traffic. That momentary lapse in judgment aside, I told the truth. I pretty sure, he inked the deal just because he felt sorry for the morning I’d had. It really wasn’t funny then, especially considering I had to clean up everything I left at the front door when I got home. Looking back at it now? Poop saved my deal…perhaps.

  9. says

    I’m reading these and cracking up…..yes, we have all been there. My boys are now 8 and 6 but I can still remember all of the play date and diaper disasters. The one that sticks in my mind was when Matthew was 2 1/2. My dad had to go to the hospital and the nursing home called me to let me know. I grabbed the kids and put them in the car and left. I didn’t even realize that I forgot the diaper bag…UGH. We were in the waiting room and I started to smell something and I just knew…my little guy pooped. I panicked since I didn’t have any diapers with me. I brought him into the bathroom to check out the situation and low and behold, it wasn’t just any ordinary poop that I could just flush and let him him keep the diaper on until we got home…..no, it was the watery, mushy, smelly stuff that leaked through to his clothes and got all over me. Yes, I stunk and my son stunk and now he had no diaper on and smelly clothes. Do you think the hospital had a spare diaper for me, NO. Anyhow, finally a really nice lady came into the ER waiting room and saw what I was dealing with. She ran out to her car and got me a diaper. Oh, I was never so happy to see a diaper in my life. We still smelled pretty bad but at least I knew that he wouldn’t pee all over the place now!
    Marianne :)

  10. erin says

    wow… i feel bad for everyone so far. my story isn’t nearly as bad and i am almost ashamed to put it up here. but can’t pass up a chance to win a gift card :)

    my son was just a few weeks old and we were shopping before going to a new year’s eve dinner (early) we were quite surprised to find he leaked all over himself, carseat….and this was after we picked him up and got myself wet from holding him.

    don’t hate me….

  11. says

    Ok, the circus has nothing on this one. The acrobatic pee….My friend and I took his two little boys to see the circus. He had one 7 yr old and a toddler. Well, time came to change the little one and my friend suffered the humility of having to ask me to go change his son because there were no changing tables in the guys room. No family room either at the arena. Needless to say, I took the little man into the bathroom and as I managed to corral him in the stall he signed poop. I laughed and got his stuff together on the changing table. The minute he was on the changing table and I opened the diaper. He peeed the most aerobatic of pees I have ever seen in my life. It hit the adjacent wall, bounced off the ceiling and hit himself in the face. It never hit me. Not a drop. That was the maddest little red headed child I have ever seen. He spent the rest of the circus after I cleaned him up in true redneck style….camo overalls, diaper, and hunting boots with no shirt….he peed it too. Now that I am a mom….I am still awaiting my own diaper disaster….

  12. says

    OMG, I almost don’t want to tell this story–it is soo bad! My girls and I were on a playdate at the park and as soon as we got there I realized I didn’t have my diaper bag–I had left it at home (probably the only time I have EVER done so). Just as I realize that, my youngest daughter begins the grunts. I can tell that it is a big one. It’s ok, I act calm, bring her over to me and since it is usually a solid (I know TMI, but hey), I think, I can do this without anyone seeing. So I grab a mut bag (to clean up your dogs doo doo in the park), reach down the back with it and attempt to pull it out. But instead of pulling a solid piece of poo out, I rub soft, runny poo all over my arm, the back of my daughter, her pants and her shirt. She starts screaming and it blows my cover. Needless to say that we left immediately and have NEVER left home without our diaper bag again.

  13. says

    My worst diaper story was actually not from my own child. I was working as a Preschool Teacher and we didn’t have enough assistants and we weren’t allowed to change the children in the classroom unless it was an absolute emergency. Well I had a child who was a rowdy little boy and none of the other teachers liked having to work with but for some reason he and I just clicked. So, he had a dirty diaper and I was waiting on an assistant to come help me so that I could change him. I continued on with my bible lesson to my other 3 year old’s in the class and he kept acting up so I moved his chair right next to me so that he would quick distracting the other kids. He decided to dig into his poopy diaper and wipe it on me, yes yuck, major yuck! At that point I was forced to change him in the classroom and while doing so he managed to wiggle around and somehow see the tattoo I have on my lower back so he then stuck his hand into his diaper while I was trying to clean him and wiped it all over my back. How this boy was that flexible I’ll never know but he managed it. This was just GROSS, but I honestly couldn’t help but laugh because he never seemed to stop getting into something or causing some sort of mischief.

  14. autumn mingee says

    it was 4th july of 2010. My daughter was 3 months old. We didnt have a vehicle so my mom and her boyfriend took my daughter, my fiance, and i to new richmond, indiana from crawfordsville, indiana. Just as the fireworks got done we walked to the car to wait on my mom so we can leave and we didnt notice she pooped. and we forgot her diaper bag at the house!!!!!! So we put her in her carseat and it took forever to get out of the parking lot. We all smelt something and we figure out it was kaylee! We got her out and thank goodness my mom had some wipes! We opened up her onesie and it was all in her carseat, up to her hair! It was EVERYWHERE. Finally, we got her as cleaned up as we could and my moms boyfriend has a weak stomach and he was about to vomit! We got home and it was way worse then it seemed!! We washed her carseat cover maybe about 5 times and it never came out! Horrible 4th of july!!!

  15. Emily says

    Ok. So we live in Texas and its a billion degrees outside so it kinda stays warm in my house too. Well I put my 8 month old son to nap in his crib in just a diaper to stay cooler. He took a long nap or so I thought. I went to check on him and he had taken his diaper off and pooped. There was poop EVERY where…on him, his sheet, bumpers, mobile, wall, crib…u name it, it was covered in poop. It was in his hair, toenails, on his face…and oh so disgusting. I wrapped my hands in receiving blankets and lifted him out of his bed to wash him. Then I trashed the blankets, scrubbed his crib wall and mobile for over an hour with just about every disinfectant known to man and washed his sheet and bumpers 3 times. God it was gross. I took pics so I can show him what I did for him one day. Lesson learned…always put him in a onesie for sleeping.

  16. sara says

    my son was about 2 months old at the time i could smell him a mile away i went to change his diaper thinking he was done it was completely full i couldn’t imagine there would b anything left in him as i lifted his butt up to wipe him he projectile poops all over the front of my shirt to my leg it was sooo gross i couldn’t move i was in shock and grossed out lol i called for my husband to come help me and he couldn’t stop laughing at me he told me to wait a min while he grabbed the camera so i have picts of crime scene somewhere 😀

  17. says

    My husband and I went to a co-worker’s house for dinner. It was the first time I had ever met her or her family. We brought our daughter along to play with their daughter. Everything was going fine, until Rachel started pulling on my hands to get my attention. I could smell that she needed her diaper changed, and that was why she was pulling me to her. I took her in the room to change her. When I pulled off her pants, poop was everywhere smeared down her legs, up her back, everywhere!! (She had been on antibiotics for the past 10 days because of an ear infection. And the antibiotics gave her diarrhea….so it was awful!!) I ran out of baby wipes trying to clean her up. Then I really didn’t know what to do with her! My friend came in to see what was taking so long and if I needed help. She saw (and probably smelled) the mess. She helped me start a bath for her, and gave me a change of clothes from her daughter. (since I didn’t have a spare outfit for her in the diaper bag.) It was the worst explosion I had ever dealt with. Even worse than getting projectile poop in my hair and down my shirt, when she was only a month old!

  18. says

    My biggest diaper disaster was not an actual mess from the diaper- it was me, putting it on backwards. My excuse is that it was on my first child, but there is no excuse for doing it multiple times over!

  19. Rhonda Layne says

    I bought a very cheap store brand diaper when my son was young and it didn’t fit very well. Our little family had gone to shop and my husband was ahead of me, carrying our son. , I was able to find them by the little brown balls of poop that left a trail……No more cheap diapers.

  20. says

    OMG! That is hilarious!!!!!!!!! Im still laughing!…im assuming you’re at the point where you can laugh about it now =P
    My worst was with Aiden, my oldest. He had makeshift sushii roles – just seaweed wrappers with a rice filling. It didn’t match his stomach and it was the smelliest, weirdest stuff that just leaked out of his diaper and onto his bed and floor and rug….my pregnant friend was over at the house when it happened..and she had to leave before she puked. Never bought generic brand diapers again! I kind of wish I had a kid in diapers JUST to buy these jean diapers! Theyre adorable!…ok, but not adorable. no more kids if i can help it!

  21. says

    I think mine is bad because it wasn’t my child… If it had been mine it would have just been par for the course, but I was only 19 and nannying for the summer… 21 month old twins and they got sick.
    I didn’t realize they were sick until I picked one of them up from his chair at lunch and the diarrhea literally poured out the sides of his diaper all over me.
    Needless to say I scrubbed that kitchen floor (and gave him a bath) and 2 days later I was sick. Fun!

  22. Alicia says

    I was a stay at home Mom with my 2 oldest daughters & knew when starting them on differnt baby foods no matter how much they enjoyed it at first it had to be in small amounts incase their stomach did not agree with it. With my youngest daughter my husband was the stay at home parent. My daughter was just starting to eat baby food & he tried her on prunes. She loved them so he feed her the entire jar. Her Godfather was over & was bouncing her on his knee when it happened. Of course the prunes went right through her like water. It went everywhere! Running down her legs, all over his legs & the couch! Last time she ever got prunes!

  23. says

    As I’m retrieving this memory my stomach is getting queasy. It’s been 11 years and I don’t think I’ve quite recovered yet.

    I nursed my daughter and attended la leche meetings for the first few months so I could get some help on what I was doing. She was a big baby and I needed all the advice I could get.

    On this particular day It was my very first meeting, there were about 14/15 of us all sitting in chairs in a circle. I had just finished nursing my sweet new baby; I thought she was asleep. All is well when I noticed one by one the ladies looking at the floor under my chair. Each on looker had a more worried look on her face but not a word was said. It didn’t take too long for me to realize that my leg was warm and beautiful baby girl had just had the world’s worst blow out in the history or diaper blow outs!!

    Now you would think all being mothers and all that someone would run to help me out. But nooooo, apparently it’s each to her own baby when it comes to newborn baby poop and monster blow outs. Yeah…well, she had blown out not just her diaper and complete outfit, but all the way down the center of my legs onto the floor, all over the seat of the chair and front leg, and my shirt. It was the most God awful mess I’d ever seen in my life.

    I managed to get her cleaned up and changed. Got the floor and chair cleaned up and me…lets just say I had to drive home with my car seat filled with paper towels and my head half out the window. YUCK…okay lets never speak of this again. :)

    Luckily I can say with 3 children that was the worst and one like that NEVER happened again. I guess God had mercy on me. Whew!!

  24. Anne says

    My son’s diaper exploded and he ended up with poop all down his back. Unfortunately this happened at church and everyone was starrring at us as I made a quick exit.

  25. Becky M says

    My son had a blow out during the funeral for a friend of my husband. The only bathroom was toward the side of the funeral home. He ended up covered in poop from head to toe and screamed the entire time I tried to clean him up. Since the bathroom was so close to the funeral service, apparently the only thing you could hear during the eulogy was my son screaming!

  26. says

    After having an emergency c-section, I was in horrible pain and could barely move by myself when I got home from the hospital. My husband had to go back to work, so it was me and my week old son. Everything was going fine and I was very relieved, until…… we had the BLOWOUT! By blowout, I mean every way possible. We had poop, pee, and puke everywhere! All over me, my son, our couch, the floor… It was awful! We were both crying and I didn’t know what to do, so I got him cleaned up, cleaned up the furniture, and finally sat back down to collect myself. After about 15 minutes, I kept smelling something awful and couldn’t figure out…. In that moment I realized I was a “true” mom…. I had been sitting with all that yuckiness on me and didn’t even care. LOL (I did go take a quick shower though)

  27. Christine Jensen says

    this is more funny than disaster but here goes:

    I was really sick and my husband was at work, so I just did the best I could taking care of our daughter (who was about 6 months old). When my husband got home for the day I asked him to change our daughter’s diaper. He went to do so and proceeded to remove her diaper…and found something quite interesting underneath it..another diaper. I had been so tired and out of it that during her last diaper change I had not removed the old diaper…just put a new one on over it.

  28. Selene says

    While traveling, my son had a dirty diaper that ended up violating his car seat and the people who attended to him. We had to change him in the car, out on the highway. Luckily we had some water with us to clean up somewhat, then stopped at the next facility that soap and water to clean up further.

  29. says

    Haha! My diaper disaster story happened last year. My family went on a 3 week driving/camping trip that took us over 6000 miles. Needless to say, some of those days were long hauls. And more days than I’d like to count included me realizing my son was strapped into his car seat with his face turning beat red and straining against this straps as much as he could..because he was pooping. And we couldn’t pull over. And by the time we did the poop was out of the diaper, down the pant legs, up the shirt….every.where. My husband thought we should just throw the clothing away with the diaper because who wants to drive another hundred or so miles with THAT in the car? But me? I just discreetly put them in a zip-lock bag and quietly went into the gas station bathroom and rinsed everything off without leaving any sign I’d been in there doing that. Then zip-locked the evidence up again until we could get to a camp laundry mat in a few days. The trip became known as Poopocalypse 2010 because we must have gone through this scenario 10 times in 3 weeks.

    • says

      This is where I tell you that we are doing this same kind of trip again next year. With a hopefully successfully potty trained boy child and a diapered girl child. We are hoping to avoid Poopocalypse 2012, but it would definitely explain that Mayan calendar thing.

  30. says

    My Mother-in-law and I were out shopping at a rug outlet a few towns over a couple years back. It was my first outing as a “mother of two”; son was 2 and newborn daughter but a few weeks old. On the return trip we had stopped in one of those restaurant/gas station deals (this one a Burger King) for lunch. At one point during our meal, our noses picked up that extremely obnoxious, yet familiar smell. As I reached in to check my infant daughter’s diaper, my fingers encountered the “goo” before I even managed to touch her. It was EVERYWHERE! All over both her AND the carseat she was half-asleep in! How in the world ANYONE, even a child, can sleep through something like that, I’ll NEVER understand. (shaking head in consternation) Although have a pretty good grasp of the English language, words seriously fail to convey my UTTER mortification when I reached in the diaper bag, in the midst of changing my precious girl on the proverbial changing table in the Ladies handicap restroom stall, and came up with naught but an empty pack of wipes, tube of vaseline, travel size bottle of Magic baby lotion and a handful of toys. NO, I repeat, NO diaper. And NO, oh my, NO spare change of clothes. (Refer here to afore-mentioned “New Mom of two” statement!). Couldn’t leave treasure on table unattended. No wipes to clean her up. NO WAY was I going to attempt to carry her, covered in feces the way she was, out to the PACKED dining area (height of lunchtime) to enlist mother-in-law’s aid. So I did what any semi-experienced Mom in said situation would do: I waited. I knew my mother-in-law would come search us out eventually. Little did I realize it would take her 25 minutes! Thankfully, that time is but a blur in my mind now. When she returned from being sent to the gas station next door with nothing but wipes, the situation quickly took a turn toward the satiric. The gas station was OUT OF DIAPERS! I’m sure the expression on my face when I heard this could have “moored a thousand ships”. No “Helen of Troy” here! Ingenuity saved the day in the hated form of the maxi-pad. Funny how the gas station was stocked with those. Guess they didn’t want to risk a PMS’ing woman coming in for a pack, to be told they were out! Talk about incurring wrath! 😉 Once I arranged my cherub, naked, in the carseat, with the pad situated under her bottom and tucked between her thick thighs, we walked the “Green Mile” to the car. I never once looked back: until now!!! Thanks 5MinutesforMom for the trip down Memory Lane!

  31. says

    We went on vacation to my brothers and while their, my mom and I decided to run to Home Depot to buy some plants to spruce up my brothers house. It was a last minute decision, so I ran out of the house without a diaper bag. Therefore, my daughter decided to let one of those poops that go up the back so far it got in her hair. Giving her a bath in one of their bathroom sinks was the worst part. Did you know you could make a makeshift diaper out of things at Home Depot? With some cloth shop wipes and a couple of plastic bags, we made it out of the store and back to my brothers without any more accidents.

  32. Kristin says

    I was still breastfeeding my daughter when she was a couple of months old. She hadn’t pooped in a week so we knew it was coming. I had just got done feeding her around midnight when I put her in her crib. She started fussing and I could hear the pooping. I waited about 5 minutes to make sure she was done. I was trying to keep her room dim so I only had the hall light on. Once I started changing her she of course started pooping again. Poop everywhere: the changing pad, the wall, the wipe warmer. I thought I had done a pretty good job cleaning up until the next morning when I went in her room to still see some poop on the changing pad and on her wipe warmer.

  33. says

    My 6 month old just started eating veggies. She had eaten sweet potatoes this day. I opened the diaper to clean her up and she stuck her hand down there and proceeded to smear “sweet potato poo” on her tummy. Then she almost put her hand in her mouth. Totally grossed me out! Had to take a wipie and wipe her tummy and hand before I could do anything else. I also had to keep fending off her hand to make sure she didn’t try it again.

  34. says

    We got new furniture when my daugter was about 7 months old, and one afternoon, she was standing on the sofa, doing that baby bounce, then she sat down. I started smelling an odor, and then I looked down to find a brown stain under my daughter on my 2 week old light green/white floral couch. Her diaper had really leaked and my couch was a mess!! It was scotchgarded, but some of the discoloration was noticable even after it was steam cleaned!!

  35. says

    So my “diaper disaster” happened just a few months ago. My 3 year old who we were in the process of potty training was running errands with me one day and in the car said he had to go potty. I thought I had enough time to run into the eye doctor and pick up my contacs and then take him . Boy was I wrong! By the time we walked in to the building from the car only about 50ft, my 3 year old went from I have to go I went potty. I looked down to see brown down his legs and him telling me he was done. I quickly rushed him into the bathroom only to find a small sink and no changing table to clean him up in. I also only had my purse with me and not a change of clothes, pull-up, or wipes for him. I did find a diaper {belonging to my 15month old} so I cleaned him up with paper towels, put the diaper on him, threw the clothes away and carried him into the doctors office with only a t-shirt and shoes {socks got ruined as well} and a very small diaper on! Needless to say I now never leave home without being prepared!

  36. vickie couturier says

    My son was 10 months old an we were out side playing,,,he was wearing a cloth diaper an a rubber covering,,,this was 36 yrs ago,he was playing in dirt an then the dirt was mud,,,he had exploded an it had filled the diaper an ran to the ground,,,i called for my husband to help,,he ran gagging,,,,MEN! well he was so nasty an covered,,,so I put the water hose down his diaper,,,after the first shock he liked it,it cleaned him an the diaper,,,,I was 19 an wouldnt do it again but it did clean him an the mess up at the time


  37. Lachelle says

    My dad had asked us to meet him at a restaurant to meet his girlfriend (my future stepmother). We had a nice evening at the restaurant and all got up to leave and I went to pick up my 18 month old out of the high chair. All of a sudden I realized that she had exploded up her backside! It was everywhere. I scooped her up and ran to the bathroom where I realized that I was on my last diaper and had no spare clothes in my diaper bag and was on the last of my wipes as well. My sweet future stepmother followed me in and we stripped my little girl down and used wetted down paper towels to get my girl all clean. The clothes were so disgusting that I just threw them in the trash and we had to leave the restaurant with my daughter just wearing a diaper. To make matters worse – we had plans to go down the street to a baseball game. I had to run straight into the team store and buy my girl a super expensive outfit so she wasn’t hanging out in just her diaper!

  38. says

    I can give you one and double it! My youngest daughter was about 18 months old. She was napping and I knew it was past time she should have awakened. I went in to check on her and she was quietly playing in her crib … naked … covered in poop from head to toe! She had filled her diaper while sleeping. She woke up, managed to get her diaper off, and proceeded to play in and get it all over herself, her crib, and the wall behind her crib. OH My Goodness what a mess. She had it EVERYWHERE. It took the rest of the afternoon to get the mess cleaned up, get her clean, and get the smell out of her room. Fly forward 22 years and start over … only this time it was her nephew (my oldest daughter’s son) who did the exact same thing … about 3 weeks ago. Wash, rinse, repeat … he did exactly what she did and it took equally as long to clean up the mess.

  39. Stefanie says

    I had put my daughter down for a nap, she played for awhile, then cried for a bit. This wasn’t out of the ordinary. After a few minutes she stopped and was again playing, I left her since she sounded happy, later I checked in on her to see why she hadn’t fell asleep and she had taken off her POOPY diaper and had poop everywhere, like it was fingerpaint, all over her face, her body, the crib rails, the mattress… I don’t even want to the about the poop that was most likely ingested. Gross.

  40. kerry says

    I was a new mom, my 10 day old had been struggling with breastfeeding, was on the bililight for jaundice and had not pooped in 7 days. Our local car dealership was having a special Carseat check for grandparents. New grandma was with me to get a carseat for her car. I was waiting in line for what seemed like forever, when I turned around to see how my beautiful new baby was doing. She was bright red in the face. My mom, the new grandma said, I think she is trying to poop. Well, was she ever. She made up for 7 days and some. The poop was up her back, in her neck, on the carseat, in her belly button with the cord still attached. I was freaking out, how was I going to get all that out of her cord stump?? I panicked and started looking for anything, help, sympathy…a bucket of water. Straight ahead I see my pediatrician. I looked at my mom with this look of do I go ask her what to do?? I did, while she was adjusting carseats with the technician. We got her all cleaned up the best we could, finished the inspection and went home to give that stinky beautiful baby of mine a bath. Now she is almost 7 and we laugh hysterically about this!!

  41. tony says

    I was just a dad trying to help my wife with the diaper duties. I had my almost 1 year old laying on a blanket on the floor. She had farting all morning. I opened her diaper expecting to find an exploion. Nothing. So I took off her diaper and was getting a new one ready when she farted again, only this time the poop came shooting out on me, my pants and all over the carpet because I screamed and scooted back. My screams scared my daughter and the poop mess threw my wife in a tizzy. So much for helping.

  42. says

    Let me just say that this was horrific, for not only me but my daughter. You see, me and mine are allergic to Aloe Vera, which is put in every brand of diaper I know of. And we aren’t talking a little stuff, we are talking boils that burst and ooze blood.

    Well, as you can bet i kinda go MamaBear all over people due to this allergy. Does your lip balm have Aloe? does the diaper wipes? the soap? hand sanitizer?… only what do you do when someone puts a disposable diaper on your child in church nursery because “the box doesn’t SAY it has Aloe in it! So it can’t!” Let me tell you, i was livid and my daughter who was 3 months at the time is 5 years old and has scars on her to this day.

    So yea, worse diaper experience was open sores that oozed blood for a full week, and this only from her having a disposable on for 2 minutes… (or so the workers claim… who knows how long really).

    (out of curiosity… why don’t they put the ingredients on the box? the reason they have to do that with shampoo is in case a baby eats it medical personnel know what it is made of… but for some reason there is no kid that is going to accidentally ingest a diaper?)

  43. Noreen says

    It was my first morning back at work ( I only lasted a few weeks) when my daughter exploded up her back, out the sides and down her legs. I went to start to change her and she was not done! As soon as I peeled back the diaper it sprayed out right on my clothes, the wall, our bed and carpet. At least it did not hit the heater like our neighbor at the time.

  44. Julie says

    On the day we were set to take my first child home from the hospital, we were getting him all dressed up and packing up everything and decided to change him one last time before we left. We laid him down on the hospital bed and began to change him. My husband lifted his little butt and suddenly we heard a loud squirting noise. It happened so quickly we didn’t know what had just happened until we turned around and saw the streak of runny breastfed baby poop that had just left a trail all the way across the room! I’m talking, down the sheets, across the floor and to the other wall! Being new to this, we had no idea the force he was capable of putting behind that stuff when the diaper wasn’t there to catch it! Needless to say we made a quick exit from the hospital after cleaning up as best we could and made sure to stay out of the “line of fire” for all future diaper changes!

  45. Cara says

    We had photos taken of our family when my daughter was one week old. The photographer thought it would be cute to do some diaper-free shots. As my husband cradled my daughter in his arms (with no diaper on her) she started to poop. Even at one week old, she made a very distinct face when she pooped so I said “Is she pooping?!”. My husband calmly replied “Oh yeah, definitely” and calmly asked the photographer “Did you get the shot you wanted?”
    That picture of the three of us is one of our favorites and everyone who sees it says “Oh my gosh! The face she’s making in that picture is so cute!”. We know it’s her very cute pooping face:)

  46. Laura Lee says

    When my first son was about 3 months old he was having bouts of constipation. Our pediatrician recommended an ounce of prune juice mixed with an ounce of water. It helped. My husband thought if one ounce did the trick three ounces would work wonders. It was Christmas Day. Our little guy had made a big mess in his diaper so I went to clean him up. When I went to change his diaper he pooped…not just pooped but projectile pooped across my arm. I was wearing my favorite Snoopy p.j.s After it hit my arm it continued to hit the wall. I would say about 3 feet. I yelled out for my husband. He walked in the room and he just laughed. Ha-ha! Very funny! Not! 😛

  47. says

    when my daughter was 2 months old, i found my self in our local hospitals ICU waiting to visit my grandfather who was recovering from a minor brain surgery. my daughter had a MASSIVE blowout so i took her into the waiting room bathroom to change her, only to find NO diaper station!! so i laid her blanket down on the skinny counter top next to the sink and proceeded to change her diaper. during the change, i unknowingly knocked her last clean diaper into the sink…the automatic sink. the water ran, ruined the diaper and my baby is laying on the counter with a poop stained onesie, and no diaper. i ended up laying 2 flannel burp cloths against skin and tying it all together with the poopy onesie, then putting her in a clean onesie and wrapping up her bottom half in a blanket so no one could see my makeshift disaster diaper!! i have since learned not to put anything near an automatic sink

  48. Jen Carl says

    My little guys diaper blew out at a restaurant when we were on vacation. It was all over and my husband tried to sneak out of the restaurant to take him and change him in the car. Turns out the tab had ripped off. We were so embarrassed and tried to play it off like he dropped water on himself (while I scrubbed the floor with napkins)

    Jen C
    jenc2522 (at) yahoo (dot) com

  49. nan says

    my diaper disaster happed on my sons baptism day…everyone had gone to mass without us..we were just going to go for the cermemony..so i got showered dressed..and got him bathed and dressed and then i nursed him while everyone was gone. we still had a few minutes before we left so i was just holding him on my lap when i looked down..my new outfit..the only nice one that fit my new shape and his white baptism outfit were covered with poop!! we had five minutes to get washed and changed before we were suppose to be at the church….so we both arrived in our not original outfits

  50. says

    I have a different type of diaper disaster. My step mom washed one of Andrew’s swim diapers by accident. It actually came out ok the first time. But then it happened again…
    I’m not sure what is in those swim diapers but you do not want it getting over an entire load of laundry!

  51. says

    This is crazy!

    I do not have an authentic diaper disaster story. The only thing that even comes remotely close would be my child falling off the changing table…but that ‘s not really about the diaper. In reading these, I can not believe some of the stories y’all have.

    I’m glad to say I dodged that bullet (well, maybe it isn’t exactly a bullet that I dodged :)

    I’ve made up for it a hundred fold in other ways though…..

  52. betancourtjeanette says

    I have a horrible, completely disgusting poop story. Our children are only 18 months apart (complete surprise to us…not HOW it happened but rather that it happened so soon lol) and I suppose my hubby’s was thinking I needed some time out when he suggested dinner out one night. Of course I couldn’t allow myself to leave my newborn and 18 month old with a sitter ( almost impossible when you are nursing anyway) so we headed to a “family friendly” restaurant for build your own burgers and hotdogs. All was going well but as we were about to leave I began to smell a strange smell. At first I was unsure of what it could be. Just then my hubby goes to pick up our newborn daughter from her carseat as we are about to leave and I see the familiar seedy, yellow poop all too familiar with newborns. It had leaked out of her diaper, out of her outfit and onto my hubby’s forearm. He didn’t even notice…MEN! I quickly begin to say “give me the baby, give me the baby, now”! He does, staring at me strangely probably thinking this is a ” postpartum” thing lol. I grab her intending to head straight to the women’s room but not fast enough to miss my husband say ” darn, I got mustard on my arm and my shirt” while LICKING what he thought was MUSTARD OFF HIS ARM!!!! Can you say GROSS?? Lol, we, well I still laugh about that day! My husband has now learned to dump his “manly” ways and to use a napkin to clean up messes on him and not his tongue!

    • Wendy says

      the mustard-poop story is one of the funniest I’ve ever heard!

      Our story involves a cloth diaper that I accidentally flushed down the toilet one day. It had the typical polyurethane outer layer, with white plastic snaps. As we hoped, it did not clog the pipes, and passed through to the septic system.

      Fast forward about 2 years, to the day my husband decides we need to get the septic system emptied. He decides to speed things along by locating the septic entrance, opening it to make sure it all works well, and so forth. (yes, MEN!)

      The wonderful, stoic man nearly had a heart attack when an alligator-like creature surfaced to the top of the septic contents. Turns out it was the diaper … they apparently hold up REALLY well even in that goop. The diaper’s front panel came forward in a snout-like way, the white plastic snaps were clean of any … stuff … so they sort of glowed like a pair of eyes.

      He closed the lid and left the rest to the professionals (a company called “honey dippers”, no less).

      I just hope it wasn’t breeding mutant versions of itself down there.

  53. Heather says

    I have been cleaning my great-aunt’s house since before I was even pregnant with my 2 1/2 year old so after he was born I would just bring him with me. Well, he was under a year when our “diaper disaster” happened so he had those messy, watery “breast milk” stools. I went to change his diaper and looked in the diaper bag and there were NO diapers left! Thankfully I was almost done cleaning and not too far from home so I just cleaned him up and the diaper the best I could with wipes and then placed a couple paper towels in the dirty diaper so he didn’t have to feel the messy stool that was left on the diaper next to his skin. Needless to say, since then, I make sure I have extra diapers before I leave the house!

  54. says

    After our first born was about one month old, my husband and I were enjoying lunch together. He was holding our little one, while we ate lunch. We were just about to finish up eating, when I questioned my husband’s coloring of his shirt. (He was wearing a white one, and it happened to have a lot of yellowish color on his side) We soon discovered our sweet daughter had a little surprise for us. He held her up, and the poop was so messy it proceeded to drip out of her diaper onto him so more. We were laughing and screaming, as we ran into her bedroom so he change her little stinky bottom into a sweet one!

  55. Debbie McLendon says

    We live about 4 hours from Gulf Shores and were headed to the beach for the weekend. My son who had just turned 2 was with us of course. The trip had gone great, we were about 20 minutes from our condo when he decied he needed to poop. He did and i though no big deal we are almost there so we can change him then. We get there, get out of the car and as he is running in front of us I notice something fall out of his diaper. Yep, you guessed it!! I guess he was sitting weird in his carseat so needless to say we had to pick up after him and give him a bath when we got to the room. It was so funny and unexpected, we just had to laugh about it.

  56. Robin T says

    My first diaper disaster occured before I even had children. I was visiting my coworker and best friend who was on maternity leave for her first child. Holding the baby, I commented on how loud her “toots” were. My friend assured me that she NEVER leaked out of her diapers. When I got ready to go back to work I discovered a large yellow-brown spot in the middle of my light gray skirt! Luckily I was able to borrow a skirt frm my friend for the rest of the workday! At least it didn’t scare me too badly, I went on to have three kids of my own!

  57. Dana F. says

    My biggest diaper disaster happened when my daughter was 22 months old and my son was 4 months old. I had errands to run and started at the post office. I put her in the stroller and him in the Bjorn.
    I was picking out postal supplies when I heard him explode in his diaper. I even felt the rumble against my stomach. “Great,” I thought, “Where am I going to change him before we go to the grocery store?” Little did I know that was not going to be my biggest problem.

    I felt something on my foot. I looked down to find poop on my shirt, dripped down my leg, pooled inside the cuff of my cargo pants, all over my foot and flip flop and ALL OVER THE FLOOR!!! It was so much that I actually questioned myself and whether or not I forgot to put a diaper on him!!

    I looked at the guy behind the counter and said, “Um, do you have some paper towels?” He reaches over and hands me a tissue. HAHAHA!! “Uh, buddy, that’s not going to cut it.” And he peeked over the counter and instantly a horrified look washed over his face. He ran from behind the counter and returned with a mop. I started using baby wipes to clean myself off and could feel more poo squeezing out from his diaper every time I bent over. I had to get him out of the carrier. So, I left and went out to the car. There was no way I was putting him in his carseat or anywhere near my tan interior. I scrambled to find his blanket that lives in the car and then remembered that I had just taken it inside yesterday so it could be washed. Argh! I grabbed my jean jacket that was on the backseat and laid it down on my passenger seat and put him on it. I took off the Bjorn (which was also tainted) and then took off my shirt. (I always wear a cami underneath cause it keeps me covered if I have to nurse in public.) I used the shirt to try and get the crap off of my pants and foot and then laid it on the ground. Then, got my daughter put in her seat and put the stroller away. And finally stripped him down, gave him a baby-wipe bath right there in the front seat, gave him a clean diaper and headed home. While driving I couldn’t help but laugh. I think it was my coping mechanism cause I was so mortified. Then I realized I had crap smeared up both of my arms. I laughed harder. If I didn’t I would have started to cry.

  58. Jennifer C. says

    Luckily, this funny story happened to my husband, therefore I can still laugh about it. He was changing our youngest, who was probably only a few months old at the time. He had her diaper off and had her cleaned up (she was BF so pretty much every diaper had a mess in it). Just before he was able to put the clean diaper under her, she had some gas and poo shot out at him. He was gagging and carrying on as I came into the room laughing at him.

  59. Kathryn Mom of 2 says

    Our diaper nightmare started with three words: sick, and road trip.

    We were so exited about taking our first family road trip up the coast of California to the Pacific Northwest. A week of traveling, rainforests, big cities and a visit to the “old house”? Yes, please! What could go wrong with our cute little boy in tow? He’ll make such a great impression on everyone we see!

    The sickness started in the evening at our hotel. A fever turned into liquid poops. Nonstop poops that quickly dwindled our diaper supply. We had to check out of the hotel by 11. No home base or place to wash — it was all in the car now. We had 3 hours before our “dinner appointment” at a friend of my parents’ home and things were starting to get desperate. We were going to a place that did not cater to the smaller set — a fancy, beautiful home with a very nice but very non-baby older couple. The diaper and outfits were running lower and lower…(I should add we are not the type to just go out and “buy” a whole outfit if there are 8 perfectly good (yet soiled) ones in the car…perhaps we should have been, but the thought to seek out a store and buy clothes didn’t even cross our minds.) Our little one, just about a year and a half old, was big enough to make a big mess with every poop, and he made the best of it. Down to our next-to-last presentable packed outfit…Then, as our little car was climbing the mountain to our fancy host home, he exploded — through his diaper, his LAST set of nice clothes, the carseat liner, and into a little puddle of gunk on the seat. It was horrible to see, smell and think about cleaning up. “What in the world happened back there?” “Aaaaah, there are NO more clothes in the bag!” “What are we going to do?!”

    We arrived at our dinner date with a half naked baby, wrapped in a blanket, and our first request was to use their washing machine. A memorable, classy entrance, if there ever was one!

    I will warn every mother who travels to keep that extra, extra and extra outfit on-hand when you’re away from home (and away from the washer).

  60. Michele says

    The worst diaper incident I’ve witnessed happened right after I changed my infant daughter’s diaper in a restroom at a church building where I was attending a funeral. As I was getting ready to return with my baby to our seat, another mom started panicking as her child was not yet done…she had started changing an icky diaper but soon realized there was more. A lot more! I have never seen a child that small produce that much “yuck” that fast. I grabbed as many paper towels as possible in an attempt to “help” the poor woman. She managed to get the small child cleaned up, but it depleted her wipe stash and most of the paper towels in the restroom!

  61. Ashley Bullock says

    Anya LOVES milk and we all know how dairy can cause disrupt the “natural flow.” During our potty training days, she began having problems going. She would cry when she went to the bathroom…I HATED not being able to help her. After calls to the pediatrician’s office, talks with the pharmacist, and consulting my “mom mentors” I had a plan: fiber gummies and suppositories if necessary. Finally after two days of screaming in the bathroom and minimal results, we went for the “bum medicine” (suppositories). The first one shot out into the toilet like a torpedo! Round two was successful. We went to bed praying that it would soon work.

    In the wee hours of the morning, I woke to blood-curdling screams from my daughters room. I ran in and picked her up and she was wet (remember we’re potty training). I didn’t think anything about it until I realized she was wearing a pull-up and the smell was BAD. I rushed her to my bathroom (larger room), turned on the light and saw a mess that words can’t describe. She was trembling and panicked by the experience. Let’s put it this way, in those hours before work I had to:

    1. complete a load of laundry including ALL her bedding, some stuffed animals, and both our pajamas.

    2. bath for her and shower for me

    3. cleaning the toilet, tub and bathroom floor

    4. spot treating half a dozen spots on the carpet between her room and my bathroom.

    That is a night she hasn’t forgotten. As a matter of fact, she mentioned it tonight when we were getting ready for bed. Definitely a diaper disaster!

  62. Raven In A Blue Room says

    it happened a few years ago when my older daughter was in the crawling stages and one hot summer day only dressed in her diaper. The one second I must have not looked, she somehow managed to open the fastener on one side and then IT happened. Brown mess on the carpet and all over her…then all over me when I was carrying her to the bathroom. Lesson learned, no more diapers without any kind of pants or shorts 😛

  63. Kendra says

    Wow Janice that story is horrifying! I’m fortunate to not have such a disaster story. The worst diaper disaster I’ve had is having my daughter pee on me while I was holding her after a bath. I hope I don’t have any disasters with this little one due in September LOL!

  64. June says

    Back in the day, I use to have the cloth diapers, and every now and then one would get away from me when I was rinsing it out in the toilet. Not so good on the pluming.

  65. says

    It’s hard to believe that this happened so many years ago now..but my boys were about 18 months and 30 months old when this happened. My now ex-husband had decided that it was time to buy a house. So, after looking at some, we found one that we both really liked and headed down to the realtor’s office to make an offer. It was summer and both boys were dressed in their little bib overall shorts and t-shirts. Just as we pulled in, I smelled the smell that we all know. No big deal, I figured I’d just open the back of our van and do a quick diaper change before we went in. That would have worked except both boys had blow out diapers. I don’t know what I’d fed them but it had gone right through both of them! It was a mess! Down their legs, up their backs..as moms, we know the kind. I opened up the diaper bag and breathed a sigh of relief. I had extra diapers and wipes. I got them all cleaned up before I realized I only had one change of clothes! The face on the secretary and everyone inside of the realtor’s office was priceless as one boy toddled in wearing nothing but little bib overall shorts and the other one toddled in wearing a t-shirt and diaper! After that, I always made sure I had *2* outfits with us!

  66. says

    the story I have is…..
    My daughter had been not feelingo well, but I needed to get a few things at the store so I took my chances. She had a clean diaper on, so I put her in the buggy, and tried to rush to get what I needed. My husband whi was in iraq at the time called, so while I was on the phone with him shopping I didn’t realize my daughters diaper was leaking through her clothes and left a little trail on the ground. I was so imbarassed. I had to but diapers and change her at the store.
    oh and my hubby was laug

  67. says

    I was a young first time mom, and my daughter was maybe 2 months old. She was in her bouncy seat and started crying I picked her up to find the entire back side of her brown. Her diaper did not contain “her stomachache”. It was all over her…up her back, on her tummy. I was left to figure out what to do with this screaming, poopy baby. I couldn’t just lay her down and clean her off. The mess would have multiplied. So by the time it was done, she had a bath, I was in tears, the bath tub needed bleached, and we were both exhausted.

  68. Christina Mosher says

    OMG, I’m laughing so hard!
    I don’t know if I can think of a worst diaper disaster. They always seem disasterous when poop is escaping in public, and I have two good poopers! I think the best one was probably with my daughter (my second.) It was one of those classic, running out her diaper, down her leg, and the more she wiggled the more escaped. I have a very small economy car and I HATE having to change either of them in it. Well, I found the mess after we had gotten back to the car. I just popping the car seat back into the base when I got that horrific whiff. Luckily I had an extra diaper. However, it was one of “those” days where everyone is rude to you, everyone tries to cut you off in traffic and then go slower than the speed limit, and I was running behind and “didn’t have time for this!” As I pull her out of her seat and the ooze starts to run, I’m one handing the changing pad, trying NOT to let her touch me, and generally trying to contain the mess. I’m not afraid to do running commentary when no one is there and I was just short of cussing. When I’m finally finishing up, wrapping her yuckie clothes into a spare plastic bag, I noticed there was a teenage boy in the car right next to us, looking on in horror that I had just “done that” right in the open. It was great! It was so rediculous I totally laughed and relaxed because as a parent, sometimes, “that’s life”.

  69. says

    Janice, your story made me LAUGH!

    Our first cloth diapering experience did not go well. The baby was maybe a couple of months old and I joined a friend at Taco Bell for lunch. Leaving the baby strapped in her car seat on a table close by, I went to order my food. When I returned, I immediately noticed THE SMELL. So did my friend. I had given baby a bit of apple juice that morning, as she hadn’t had a movement in a few days and now the evidence was EVERYWHERE! In the car seat, oozing out of the car seat, a bit on the table and a puddle on the floor. This was no ordinary, “diaper wipes will fix it” kind of mess. By the time I finished cleaning it up, neither my friend nor I were hungry. I think a few people around us lost their appetites as well. But the baby was happy and ready to eat!

  70. says

    A few months ago, I was still learning how to juggle the new life of parenting 2 kids: a newborn and a 2 1/2 year old. My newborn was 3 or 4 weeks old, and we were still in the throws of waking multiple times a night, deciphering random daytime crying jags and overall learning about this new little person. My 2 1/2 year old was learning to adjust as well, and had done so with flying colors. One morning, a seemingly very normal morning, I was in the kitchen getting my preschooler’s lunch ready while she played with legos. I suddenly heard what sounded like my daughter upsetting the large box of legos all over the floor – the blocks hitting each other in a colliding waterfall of sound. I turned to go check on her and was surprised to find she was standing only 5 feet away from me in the kitchen. Confused, I started to walk toward her, when I noticed her strange stance and focused face. It did not take long for me to realize the awful colliding waterfall sound was not that of legos crashing to the ground, but of a very terrible intestinal explosion happening in my daughter’s diaper. I could not believe the awful sound was coming from my sweet, beautiful little girl. I waited a minute more to make sure was done, then I carried her upstairs to our bathroom, as I could see the dangerously low sag of the diaper through her pants. As I entered the bathroom, my newborn started crying as she woke up from her nap. Perfect. I could feel the panic setting in as I tried to prioritize the needs. I knew the newborn would be ok for another few minutes, as she was safe in her crib. To the soundtrack of a newborns wails, I courageously dropped my daughter’s soiled drawers. The strench filled the room, and I could not believe the amount of poop I was dealing with (if you could call it poop – there was no form to this liquid grossness). It was out of her diaper, up her back, down her legs, pooling in her socks. The diaper was a joke; a pinky finger in a cracked dam. I did not know where to even begin. I scooped her up into the tub, peeled off her clothes and hosed her down. Literally. She was eventually cleaned up, but I am sad to report that , unbeknownst to me, we were dealing with had a strange stomach bug, so I dealt with about 5 of these blowout diapers per day for 3 or 4 days. Let me rephrase that: I dealt with it day AND night. Round the clock explosive poop. All starting with the awful sound of a colliding waterfall of legos.

    Talk about on the job training!

  71. liz says

    Hi there everyone!!! I am sure we have one or more good (or bad, I should say) poopy stories to tell as well, but thankfully I don’t remember any right now!!! Thank GOD for divine amnesia!!! ( Our daughter is 22 months old!! Pooped totally accidently once in her new potty seat already and peed in it yesterday!!! ) Some of these stories here are soooo funny…I am at work in my quiet office (at work) which I share with 3 others and I am trying EXTREMELY hard to keep from really laughing out loud…hahaha

  72. says

    When my oldest son was about 9 months old, he had totally slept in which wasn’t normal for him. I had gone to check on him a few times and he was out cold. The third time I went to check on him I found more than I could imagine. His diaper was off and he was fingerpainting himself and everything around him with its contents. I had to completely take a step back to figure out a game plan. I started the bathtub, started the washer adding a ton of bleach, grabbed some towels and went in for the cleanup. I swear the smell lingered all day. Having a third with stomach problems right now and constantly having leaking issues and spillovers, I think this still tops it. Hilarious now that I think about it. Not so hilarious while cleaning him/it up.

  73. Mommy Jacqi says

    I am a first time mommy to a little boy of course he has peed on me many times! But last summer we went out of town shopping and we were walking around a store looking at toys and what not. I had the baby on my hip as any proud parent would! I see people just staring and my husband and I smiling at one another like “Yeah our baby is that cute . ” I finally happened to look down and realize Our precious boy had gone poo and it had gotten all over my white shirt. I was breastfeeding at the time so it didn’t really have a smell but it had a bright color especially on WHITE! Anyway they may have been looking at our sweet boy but I’m pretty sure they were staring at my poop smeared shirt !!!

  74. Kayla Drorbaugh says

    I believe this one just might be the worst of my many diaper disasters….

    My husband and I were Christmas shopping with our brand new baby girl (only 3months old and still breastfed) at barnes & noble – I was carrying her in a front pack and constantly held her bottom for security that she wouldn’t fall out… When I felt something wet… Oh no… It gets better…. I look down – horrified- and there’s nasty runny poop all the way down my pants splattered on my shoe!

    God only knows how long I had been walking around like that… I ran into the bathroom – cleaned up the baby and me- well my shoe and what I could of the pants and we left barnes & noble. Luckily we were at a mall and I bought a new pair of sweat pants right next door :/

    She is now 3 and has a 1 year old sister and I am STILL too scared to use a front pack! Lol!

  75. Ruthie says

    I thought I had several diaper disaster stories…until last night…there is only one that will stand alone for being the worst diaper disaster in the history of my parenting years. All nine and a half of them. Our sweet baby boy is almost 8 weeks old, and we decided we’d take our family to a local minor league baseball game.

    Everything was going great–Until the top of the sixth inning. My husband went to get drinks for all of us. He was gone for about ten minutes when all of a sudden I heard a blast from my sweet little innocent baby boy’s diaper. I looked down to see a thick greenish-yellow river running out of his diaper, down my capris, and onto the concrete under my seat, next to my navy blue flip flops. To say the least, I was awestruck! I had no idea what to do. My older son was sitting in the seat in front of me while two of my friend’s daughters were snuggled up next to me – tickling baby boy’s feet & making him smile (their mom was across the ballpark & I couldn’t leave them there, but I couldn’t take them with me in case she came looking for them…and I was in NO position to text anyone for help)…Besides, my husband forgot his phone. Just lovely. I grabbed a blanket from the diaper bag and wrapped it around my little guy’s bottom. I snatched the wipes and tried to clear the mess on my capris as well as I could. I kept turning to see if my husband was anywhere in sight…nope. nowhere. He finally made it back to our seats with ice cold drinks about five minutes later (seemed like an hour) as I warned him not to slide in the mess that our son had created just a few minutes before. I gathered up my smeary little boy and made the trek up to the bathrooms, thanking God for the Koala changing table as I rounded the corner, all the while praying that no one was there to watch me tackle this disaster alone!
    I had forgotten to replenish my supply of wipes before we left the house, so there were maybe seven in the bag. I carefully unsnapped Little Slugger’s patriotic baseball onesie (so far it was untouched by all things greenish-yellow – I kept thanking my lucky stars for that b/c his extra clothes were…you guessed it…the whole way across the bridge in the car!), pulled it up as far as it would go, and got to work! Operation diaper disaster clean-up…100% success! I managed to get my little guy’s bottom (and back) wiped squeaky clean with seven wipes and a blue blanket that now carries a greenish-yellow hue.

  76. Wehaf says

    As a teenager, I was babysitting once, holding the baby on my lap, when suddenly there was diarrhea gushing everywhere. It didn’t explode, just flowed out, covering the front of my shorts. Unfortunately, because I was at someone else’s house, I didn’t have anything to change into so I had to stay that way until the parents came back a few hours later!

  77. says

    I definitely can’t beat your story. Yikes! But we’ve had our share of disasters too.

    At my sister’s college graduation, I had my little one all dressed up. A cute little vest and lightweight khaki shorts. We were all standing around waiting for the ceremony to start when I started to feel something warm all over my side and belly. I looked down to realize my son’s diaper had leaked and he and my dress were covered in pee.

    Of course, about the time, they made an announcement for everyone to take their seats. I ran to the restroom with him and tried to clean up. But since my dress was soaked, I used him as a shield most of the day, keeping him in the same spot to avoid wondering stares.

    I was so thankful when we got back to our hotel and I could change into clean clothes!

  78. says

    When our second daughter was 6 months old we went to an amusement park. While I was taking our 3 year old on a ride my husband had baby duty. Well, the baby (who was breastfed) pooed.. the poor thing had it up her back, soaked through her clothes, and into the stroller. My poor husband had to take the baby into the men’s restroom (which did not have a diaper changing station) then had to ask around for the “family bathroom” which was nearly across the park. Once I found him he looked exhausted and told me “I don’t know how you do it!”

  79. Melissa P. says

    When my son was about 2 1/2 we had an incident while in the craft store. He had pooped so bad that I literally had to take him to the bathroom and wash him down in the sink. I didn’t know what else to do. I’m not sure why but I had no spare pull-up to change him into and I had no spare clothes and his clothes were a mess. Needless to say, I strolled him out of that store in the shopping cart with just a t-shirt on which I pulled over his legs and bum with the hopes that no one would notice. LOL

  80. Nyssa Stack says

    As a mother of three children, ages three, two, and 6 weeks, I have experienced my share of crazed diaper messes, misses, leaks, and moments of terror. However, my diaper disaster story does not involve one of my children. Six weeks ago I was one week away from my third scheduled c-section when I got up to use the restroom and BAM……my water broke. I had never had this happen before and was at a loss as to what to do. I thought the initial gush was the worst of it and that I could put my clothes on and be okay. I called my sister, my husband, the hospital, and was running around the house trying to get my life in order……all the while I was leaking all over the place. I was panicking. No one was home with me and my older children at the time and when my sister arrived to watch the kids, I quickly grabbed her keys and proceeded to drive myself to the hospital. Before leaving I attempted to stop the leaking by making my own pad out of one of my daughters size 4 Huggies. I drove fast (and safely) to the hospital and met my husband. I got upstairs and to Labor and Delivery. I changed into my gown and put my old clothes into a bag and joined my husband in our room. The next thing i hear in the hallway is a woman asking for the janitor to come upstairs to remove a child’s soiled diaper from the FLOOR OF THE BATHROOM. I had forgotten to throw it in the trash and I was completely mortified!!! The diaper worked wonder though…..no leaks!

  81. says

    Ooh dear, some of these are horrifically hilarious!!

    I have a few. Lol The first is from our newborn son’s photo shoot. We were doing the pose where we hold him and he’s totally naked. Well, daddy was holding his rear, and he got a handful of poop. All over his hand and all over his black sweater.

    Then when he was about 5 months I think, he was in his jumperoo happily playing. We had to put a pillow under his feet for a while, because he was a small baby. I went to go check on him, and discovered that he had a blow-out diaper. He had poop from head to toe. Apparently, jumping excitedly with a full poop diaper is not a good idea! His onesie was trashed. So were the socks, and the pillow under his feet. It was up his arms and on his hands. He was a mess! We opted to cut off the onesie to avoid getting poop in his tightly curled hair – the one place it managed to miss!

  82. says

    LOL Your diaper disaster is HILARIOUS! I don’t have a disaster that sticks out in my mind but I do have a funny diaper story. When my now 8 year old was a little over 1 and my 11 year old was about 4 we were laying in bed one morning and could hear our then 4 year old telling his little brother “you’re not gonna do this Cameron, you’re gonna lay her and be still while I change your diaper. You’re not gonna do this! I said lay still” No we didn’t let this go on very long, long enough for us to quit laughing because we thought it was hilarious he was attempting to change his brother’s diaper and of course at 1 they never want to be still.

  83. northern mom says

    We went for a day long dinghy float down a fun little river with our first child. It took maybe an hour of wondering what those yellow gel beads swarming all around our legs were before I realized that we were all sitting in suspended pee. Actually, I was quite impressed with diaper technology at the time.

  84. Donna B. says

    My worst diaper disaster didn’t actually include a diaper, but having your son poop in the bathtub is no joke. Especially when he has an upset tummy….. and I didn’t have a hand held shower at the time (I bought one shortly after, though!!).

    It was probably 10 minutes before he stopped long enough for me to get him rinsed off, dried off and diapered. It was disgusting. :(

  85. cheryl h says

    My diaper nighmare happened 32 years ago but I’ve never forgotten the hell I went through with my son who was a middle child. I cant quite remember how old he was but everytime I put him down for a nap in the afternoon he would rip his diaper to shreds and smear his feces on the wall, over his crib and all over himself. How can one baby poop so much as to cover such a vast area. It was a nightmare cleaning up that mess and boy did it stink bad. Cant remember how long it lasted but it seemed like forever. When he got a little older and started to wear his big boy underwear, he decided to use the floor registers as his own personal toilet..yes the duct work had to be replaced from rusting out and the stench of pee. I am so happy those days are long gone. No wonder I have fine hair LOL

  86. Jessica T says

    My story happened right after I had a c- section. My mom was changing my sons diaper for me and he passed his first mecconium…it actually shot right out at my mom with some real force! I was laughing so hard, but crying too cause my incision hurt soooo much when I laughed!

  87. says

    lmao! And of course it would have been blueberries.

    My twins are responsible for all my poop horror stories. I dont know what was going on with them – But poo was always going straight up there backs! It was disgusting!! Sometimes there was only a tiny streak in their diaper, cause the rest was in their shirt.

    One time I was in a huge hurry to get my oldest to preschool on time (we were always late), and one of my twins had a stinky diaper. So I rush into the nursery, set him on the changing table, whip his diaper off – and BAM! He wasnt done going. Poop actually shot out with such force that it hit the wall across the room.

  88. Tracy says

    Our daughter was 5 months old when we finally got to visit my family in GA. We went to an outlet mall. Our daughter had just started on baby food & had ate 20 minutes before arriving at the mall. We hooked her car seat onto the stroller & started walking. Our daughter started screaming. I hurried & took her out of the seat thinking she had trapped gas & was just hurting. NOPE, it was a HUGE HUGE blowout. It was everywhere in the car seat, me, & leaking down into the stroller from the holes where the straps attach to the seat. We ran to the closest bathroom(thankfully we were next to a family bathroom that had a huge changing table area. My mom had her hand over her mouth to keep from spewing everywhere, her clothes were not salvageable. The car seat was so covered that we couldn’t even sit her inside of it even after we wiped the inside of it. It was that bad! Luckily, I had a change of clothes for her. Finally we get out of the bathroom & head to a dollar store in the mall. We had to buy an apron & borrow a pair of scissors to cut slits just so we could strap her back into the car seat to drive to my parents house.

  89. says

    The worst diaper disaster I remember having was on a Sunday afternoon. We were at church early because I had choir rehearsal. My husband was going to play with our daughter (who was about a year old) in the nursery while I was busy.

    About half-way through practice, one of the teens came running up to me and said, “you have to go to the nursery NOW!” As I opened the door, the smell assaulted me. It was one of those huge diaper blow outs, made worse by a dad who wasn’t quite diaper savvy and had managed to get poop EVERYWHERE! I ended up bathing our poor daughter in the sink and washing the nursery before everyone arrived for the evening service. It was really bad.

    But now that I read your story, I’m not feeling too bad!

  90. says

    My story isn’t about too much poop coming out, but rather about poop that WOULDN’T come out… we had driven to Santa Barbara (from San Diego) for a few days, with our 3 kids, 7, 2 1/2, and infant. We were walking around the mall when my toddler started having trouble going, so I went to the ladies lounge at Nordstrom to deal with it. Either she was really constipated, or the stool was just too darn big, but either way, it was HORRIBLE. Imagine a young, definitely not Nordstrom-fancy mom crouching on the floor, holding her screaming toddler’s legs in the air while trying to coax a stool out. The scene down there was MONSTROUS. My poor daughter’s “bottom” was turned inside out from all the pushing. I swear it was like watching a woman give birth. Man, come to think of it, I was so traumatized, I don’t even remember if it came out or not! Good grief. Sad to say, I HAVE had to physically pull some out. Not often, thank goodness, but one time is too many. Needless to say, I took her to the doctor after that terrible, horrible experience.

  91. stacey dempsey says

    I cant even remember how many disasters we had, i had 3 kids within 4 yrs so at one point i had 3 in diapers, i have been peed and pooped on more times than i can count.I learned very early on that while my son discovered he loved the taste of prunes, that you have to be very very very careful how many you let them eat lol Soo unpleasant i cant even say.My worst story involves NOT using a diaper, my son was wearing one of those zip up all in one footed pajamas, he was about a year and a half old, i forgot to put his diaper on after i changed him and i , not really paying much attention just zipped that zipper and caught his little well what do i call it on here , his wee wee, in the zipper, he screamed soo loud and i was soo afraid of what i had done, luckily he had a little cut but nothing too bad, i still cringe at the thought, if you ever are used to the protection of the diaper between your sons privates and the zipper be VERY careful if they are au natural when you go to zip the zipper

  92. Holly J. Cunningham says

    OMG – I can imagine how mortified you were… but you have to admit, it IS sorta funny, too! That “oh-so-perfect” Mom w/her “perfect, quiet,child” & her “perfect white carpeting”… how totally boring! Bet THAT Mom wasn’t quite so “ZEN” after that~! I’ll bet the look on her face, when she saw that blue-brown pile on her carpet was PRICELESS!!!

  93. says

    Oh goodness it’s hard to narrow it down to just ONE diaper catastrophe. So I think I will list my top three, if that’s okay. The first one happened when I was 15 and babysitting my sister who was a little over 1 at the time. She ended up having an explosion of pooh and I was so grossed out by the yuckiness running all down her legs and onto our cream colored carpet. I really wanted to swear off diaper changing all together after that. The second one happened when my son was last summer, I was 8 months pregnant and at home with my 1.5 year old. He caught a stomach bug and ended up having messy runny pooh all over me, our carpet and himself. Not a fun experience, at all. And the third, and the most embarrasing for me, happened when my daughter was 3 months old. I was shopping at Target with her. I hadn’t brought in a diaper bag because I wasn’t planning on being there long, but you know how Target can suck you in. I was browsing the baby clothes when an older woman started talking to me and my little one. All of a sudden my girl let out this angry pooh, scaring the woman off, and covering both of us in mustard yellow. It was completely embarrassing to have to walk through Target with pooh running down my shirt, and her outfit.

  94. says

    I have had several poo-tastic episodes with my small children but the worst was a recent sticky situation my potty training daughter got me into.

    We went to have dinner with some friends and my daughter announced that she wanted to use the bathroom. Not thinking, I took her and as I took off her pull-up, I realized she had a slight explosion in her pants. So, I was left holding her with one hand, and holding half the pull-up up. There was poop smeared down her legs, on my hands and arms, and on her clothes. I was stuck… I couldn’t set her down without making a mess in their bathroom. She was kicking her legs and getting poo on me and all over herself. So, I started yelling desperately for help from my husband. Why is it baby poo is too thick to wipe up with toilet paper alone??

    Eventually my husband heard me from the bathroom and brought baby wipes. I think he had quiet a chuckle when he saw me holding my screaming daughter and we were smeared in poo. Next time I will check her pull-up before we just rip it off!

  95. chana says

    nothing so dramatic – but i will say if you flip one of the cushions on my mothers couch, you’ll find a yellow patch from one of my newborns

  96. says

    I tried cloth diapers once. That lasted about two minutes. My son was about 1 1/2 and he was playing in his room one morning. I popped in to check on him and saw that his diaper had disintegrated and was flopping around his ankles. The carpet had poop smeared all over it and my son was happily smooshing a chunk in his hand. He smiled at me and all I could think of was “that is never going to come out of the carpet”. My story is similar to yours except that luckily it was at my own home and I threw out all the cloth diapers that day.

  97. says

    Our worst diaper disaster happened to my husband. He was bravely changing our newborn girls diaper – but before he could get the new diaper fixed she started shooting poo out at him – the icky greenish black stuff. He couldn’t handle it so I had to take over :)

  98. Judith says

    Many years ago, at a Church Christmas pageant my son about 10 weeks ago was baby Jesus. I gave him to the 11 yr old Mary. They are asking for a room at the inn. When the little girl scrunches up her nose, looks down at my son, and thrusts him at Joseph. Joseph was shocked at the movement. (pageant is in pause). Joseph figures out why he has the Babe scrunches his nose and thrusts him at the inn keeper. The inn keeper, figures it out carefully places him on the floor and continued with his lines. The audience is now laughing so hard no one can hear the kids who are going on as if nothing is wrong.

  99. Georgia Caudle says

    Worst diaper nightmare was when I was at the beech with my son and I didn’t have a dry diaper to put on him. I had to wrap him up in a beech towel to get him home. It really was not that bad.

    gmissycat at yahoo dot com

  100. sandra says

    my son used to have large, hard poops and it would clog the toilet all the time. so i would give him miralax to help ease the pain and allow him to poop more often. one day, after having given him miralax the night before, he had an explosive poop. it was horrible

  101. says

    My son was merrily playing with blocks in the family room. I looked down and thought there were little piles of dirt that maybe the dogs brought in from the backyard. We had given my son carrots for lunch that day, and the “dirt” was almost the same color. I smelled a normal smell and went to take him upstairs for a change. The “dirt” rolled out of his diaper every direction it could. To this day, I don’t know if he ate some. What a mess.

  102. Marlibu says

    It was christmas at my cousins house and I forgot my change pad, no problem I thought I could use her blanket to protect their bed. I was a new mom, my baby was only a month old. My baby had pooed so as I was cleaning her bum i remembered I forgot to get her clean diaper out. Leaving the baby diaper less on the bed I bent down to grab a new diaper as I got up a second later I heard a huge toot. She had a huge poo explosion on the bed, and my shirt. I frantically used all the wipes I had left to clean everything up. It’s a Christmas I will never forget.

  103. Jennifer Marie says

    My oldest son was just learning to be potty trained. We decided to go out to eat before doing some errands at a local store. My youngest son was only a few weeks old. My oldest son had some apple juice at the restaurant. Unfortunately he had too much. We then went shopping and all over the cart, his clothes, the floor he had diarrhea. I was in the womens restroom trying to nurse my youngest son and I heard my husband taking my older son next door to the bathroom. What a mess!

  104. gail says

    After arriving to work, I looked down and saw something smudged on my blouse. It didn’t look too bad until I realized it was around the hip that I had held my daughter on just before changing her dirty diaper! Ugh.

  105. says

    That is hilarious!! And yes, every parent has a poo story!
    Actually, I blogged about my poo story:

    Story short for my comment, I was having problems getting my twins to keep their diapers on. One day, they were having too much fun in their cribs when they were supposed to be having a nap. I went into their room to see that they both had poo’ed and taken off their diapers. Throwing it, jumping on it, smushing it all over their bears …. and eating it!!
    2 of them! I almost died at the sight!

    It’s really a funny story {sure I can say that now, right?}, so read the entire story.
    I still shake my head, the things we parents endure!

    Thanks for the fun giveaway 5M4M and Huggies!

    My Organized Chaos


  106. M Woolard says

    Our diaper story was when our oldest son, now 9, would not stop screaming! He was only about 9 months old. I had tried everything. Finally I stripped is seemingly clean diaper. Something fell out. It appeared to be some of that “stuff” that absorbs…that once full, starts to come out sometimes. Anyway…upon closer examination is was the DIAMOND solitare from my wedding ring! I have a “trillion” cut=triangle=sharp on 3 sides= OUCH! It was the bottom side so it didn’t sparkle until I flipped it over. The nightmare part of the story is that our son did not in fact poop diamonds, or lay golden eggs…just a $60 repair on my ring was necessary!!! bummer…thought we were onto something :)

  107. says

    I am that mom who tries to prepare for ever disaster that might come along. This basically means 2 diaper bags full of diapers, wipes, 3 changes of clothes, snacks, etc. My husband has grown to rely on my prepared passion so he never thinks of packing anything when we go on a day trip. One Saturday, we decided to go out east to Montauk just on a whim. I grabbed what I thought was my fully stocked back and headed out the door. We finally get to our destination and smelled something horrible. We go to check our 2 year old son only to find a poop emergency. This is the kind of poop emergency that would require a major shower. It was going to take both of us to tend to this emergency and when I went to my ol’ trusty bag of stuff, I was horrified that somehow, the diapers and wipes were MISSING! I must have taken them out to put something else in! We scrambled to get the stashes of wipes and diapers I keep all over the car, in my pockets, the trunk, my purse only to find NOTHING! We were in the middle of nowhere so hitting a store was not an option. We decided to abandon all hope, use a change of clothes as a wipe and send them on their way to the trash. It was one long scary ride with our diaper less, not-so-clean two year old nuclear poop reactor in the back seat. Two years and another kids later…I am never, ever without wipes and diapers.

  108. Lori A. says

    My big diaper disaster was after my daughter’s baptism. As we were leaving the reception afterwards and I was putting her in her car seat something didn’t feel right. I turned her over and the whole back of her beautiful dress (and her!) was covered in green poop! At the time I wanted to cry but was also glad that it happened when the whole thing was over and not during the ceremony! I stripped her down and cleaned her as best I could in the parking lot. We put the dress in the trunk because it stunk. Fortunately, the dress came perfectly clean.

  109. says

    I had heard all the horror tales about little boys peeing everywhere when you change them. I had seen those teepee covers, they make those for a reason right? I had even had a few experiences with changing little boy bums while babysitting that had proven the tales true. However, I somehow thought girls were exempt. When my first daughter was born… it simply never occured to me that she might pee all over me while changing her. When she was about a week old, I was changing her on my bed and I was kneeling down next to her. She shocked the hell out of me by peeing in a fountain that arced a good four feet away from her little body and hit me directly in the face. Needless to say for then on I was much more cautious, and much more likely to change her somewhere like the change pad on the top of her dresser, where I was safely above and to the side.

  110. says

    This is a little more about potty training…
    When my second of 5 kids was 3, we were struggling with potty training. I gave her a lecture, even using peer pressure “all your friends are potty trained” and guilt “I can’t change you and your baby brother, all day long”.
    She crossed her arms and glared at me and said
    “your job is not my problem”

  111. says

    I had used cloth diapers all the time for my son, however, we were going to a wedding in MD and we were in IN at the time so we decided to use disposable for the wedding. Big Mistake! We went to the reception thinking all was well. I was changing him often and checking constantly. Apparently not enough though.

    My husband was dressed in a suit, tie and white shirt. I was in a dress and heals. Being the proud dad that he was he decided to walk around with my son so all could get to see him. Another bad move!

    I walked up to my husband and looked and there on the floor was a huge puddle. I mean huge!

    Upon saying something to my husband he pulled my son back a bit away from him and looked. There it was! The wet was all down the front of my husbands pants. It looked just like he had wet his pants and not my son!

    To make it even funnier (after it was over!) I took my son to change him and his diaper was dry! Apparently he was aimed right out the edge of the diaper and shorts the way my husband was holding him!

    I teased hubby for ages on that one as circumstantial evidence did not back up his story that it was our son and not him. (I knew it was though, there was a small spot on the elastic that was wet!

    Poor hubby had to walk around the rest of the L O N G reception with wet pants from his fly down.

  112. Shelia Moore says

    Love the Story!! My granddaughter, 21 months, is an excape artist from her diapers during the night! We haven’t woke up with a poopie yet, but I’m sure it’s coming! Her little naked hiney is greeting me almost every morning!! I’m ready to resort to duct taping her diaper on!! lol…

  113. says

    We were living in a small village in Switzerland. My daughter, who was six months old at the time, became quite ill with some sort of stomach discomfort. I pleaded with the her pediatrician, the only one in town to take her immediately. On being ushered into the examining room, the extremely upright and reserved elederly doctor questioned me closely to ascertain her symptoms. He then asked that I remove my little babe’s diaper so that he could exam her.

    As I bent over my daughter to remove her diaper, I lifted up her legs to take it out from under her bottom. I felt this whoosh of spray. When I looked at the doctor, he was covered from the top oh his white hair to the bottom of his pristine white lab coat…WITH YELLOW DIARRHEA. He gasped and stalked out of the room.

    Of course, I was mortified. I cleaned my little girl up and after 15 minutes decided to replace her diaper. By the time the doctor returned, after a half hour, she was fast asleep apparently relieved from a long night of sickness. The doctor did not go anywhere near her upon his return. He silently wrote a prescription, tore it off, handed it to me and looked me squarely in the eye and crisply uttered these words, “Never, in 30 years of practice has that happened to me. NEVER”. The old Swiss gentleman was not smiling, nor was there a twinkle in his eye..he blamed me!!!

    I picked up the prescription, my daughter, and what was left of my dignity and slunk out of there. But I must admit, I did laugh all the way home…just saying!

    ~The Chief Blonde

  114. says

    So funny! That is a great disaster story! Mine is simple. My husband was changing our first son on his changing table and really doing a great job… and then…my young son’s mustard (liquidy) poop came shooting out his bottom as he lay on the table, flying past my husband and hit the back of the door! Some hit my husband on the way and created a big mess. We had never seen anything like it. AND, our carpet was white, too!

  115. says

    For our oldest daughter we used cloth diapers. We also used a “Jolly Jumper” If you’ve never seen one(they don’t make then anymore)It was a hanging harness that allowed the baby to jump while suspended in a door frame, feet just touching the ground. Our children LOVED them. Our oldest daughter was in the jumper one day, after a feeding of a new formula. I guess it didn’t agree with her stomach, but she didn’t seem to mind. She happily jumped as diarrea sprayed from the inadequate cloth diaper… all over the floor and nearest walls! What a mess!

    • audry mosbrucker says

      they do make them! they are called johnny jumpers now and its a seat suspended from the door frame! :)

  116. says

    It was family picture day with my husbands family. All his siblings were actually in the same state, so we went to get some professional pictures. As we are sitting there getting arranged by the photographer, I start to smell something. Then I feel it. Our baby (only a few months old) had just pooped, and it was leaking out, up her back, and onto my leg. I really needed to get up and change her. We had brought a change of clothes, incase, although I wasn’t expecting to use it. With so many kids wanting to squirm around though, they asked me to please wait until after the picture. So hubby and I adjusted to cover the poop on my pants, and hopefully not see it all over her. The picture turned out nice. Of course as soon as they were done pictures I was off to get that poor girl changed. Too bad I didin’t bring a change of clothes for me.

  117. says

    The worst diaper disaster I experienced was with my daughter. I always changed my daughter in her crib, since we didn’t have a changing table and it was at a nice level. Well she was about 2 or 3 months old when I went to change her just before leaving the house and she starting to poo…all over! I was in such shock that I didn’t think to cover her up. I ended up needing to change all her bedding, my clothes, her clothes and scrub the rug next to her crib before we could leave. :-/

  118. CaroleM says

    I think my worst incident to date was the time we had a “containment breech” (you know, like Star Trek, except not the warp core), while my son was in his car seat. Except I was on the freeway and couldn’t pull over, and then he got car sick. It was sooooo messy. I got to my friend’s house and we literally took the car seat out with my son in it, took it upstairs and unstrapped him and into the tub right from the seat. Thank goodness those seat covers are machine washable!

  119. says

    On my mother-in-law’s college graduation day (she went later in life obviously) I dressed Aidan in an adorable white sailor outfit and my MIL had on a white and blue polka dot dress (that was probably expensive). He did great during the ceremony, especially for only being about 6 months old. Then we went out to a nice lunch to celebrate and while my MIL was holding him, he had a blowout of pure brown liquid. Since it was our first child I was somewhat clueless and didn’t have an extra outfit. So we went to the bathroom scrubbed and blowdried as best we could and wrapped him in a blanket, even though it was summertime! Luckily my MIL has a sense of humor and didn’t freak out. Although, now my son is 4 years old and we have only gone out to eat with my in-laws one other time, and I wonder if she is still bothered by the poop explosion!

  120. Cindy P says

    LOL…daddy changed our daughters diaper one time right before we went to a family dinner,,he didn’t get it on right. Then someone noticed something that looked like raisins on the floor, yeh you guessed it wasn’t raisins, so everyone then started looking all over to find all the Rainsins..

  121. says

    Our Diaper Disaster Story is when my first was a few days old and we where new to the parent game. Changing baby’s diaper I picked him up to change the diaper, squirt poop flew out all over me. My husband went running across the floor laughing, half way across living room he froze and laughing ceased. He realized he had to help clean up the mess. We laughed cause he reminded us of a cartoon character that realized the ran of the cliff. Later we got into pat a cake poop, when son realized how to take diaper off. We have lots of diaper disaster stories:)

  122. says

    oh that is too funny Janice! at least to read “) i’m sympathizing with you while in it for sure! the other child is definitely a ‘first born’ – content to sit and play on his own b/c that’s all he’s known. not sure where yours is in the birthorder of your family, but that will be a contributor. those personalities sure do carry on through life! and since you’ve written it down, your story will continue on in posterity for when they’re old enough to read it themselves “)) thx for the morning laugh!

  123. audry mosbrucker says

    When me son ,who is now 5 months old, was about 2 months old, we used to put him to bed in those zip up sleep sacks. We had recieved A LOT of diapers from his baby shower and were using up the last of the store brand diapers. One night, my brother in law was watching our son at my mother in law’s apartment when my son awoke screaming bloody murder, and upon lifting him from his crib my brother in law noticed a smell as well as a “squishyness” lower than it should have been….. To his horror, he opened the sleep sack to discover that his diaper had COME OPEN!! There was horrible runny poop from his chest all the way to between his toes! My brother in law is NOT a baby person, and does not have the intestinal fortitude to handle a poppy diaper let alone poop from head to toe. Thank goodness my MIL was there to save the day with washcloths or I fear my well meaning BIL would have either just fainted or held my son at arms length in th shower!! It was afterthis xperience that we decided my “fluffy” (he is not fat!) somn was to big for the size diapers he was in, and that we would not be using that particularbrand ever again!

  124. says

    We cloth diapered so we really didn’t have poop disasters, but once when my daughter was about 4 months old she had a blowout while we were shopping at Toys R Us. I took her to the mother’s room not realizing the volume of poop in her diaper that had creeped out of her diaper, the protective cover and onto her outfit. It was everywhere! The more I wiped, the more it seemed to spread. This was not a one-woman clean-up. I poked my head out the door and yelled for my husband to come help. We used up all the wipes we had, paper towels, and toilet paper. I stopped short of plunking my baby in the sink and giving her a bath.

  125. Jen says

    My son was just a few weeks old and at that time we didn’t realize that that he issues every time I ate dairy. His poops were huge, frequent and explosive!
    Well, middle of the night, my husband got up to change him and in the process my son managed to soil his diaper change pad, hit two walls, and cover my husband in poop! I was so glad that I didn’t get that change, but yes I did clean up the room!

  126. says

    Shortly before I started potty training my triplet boys, I walked into their room, following nap time, to find they had all taken their diapers off. One had pooped in his crib and it was EVERYWHERE! The other had pooped in his crib and peed through the slats of the crib, onto the carpet. The third was just sitting there, butt naked, laughing hysterically. Ahh to be 20 months and a boy.

    I think I’d rather deal with that than Janice’s playdate!

  127. says

    Hahahaaaa omigosh! These stories are hilarious! Just sitting here drinking my morning coffee laughing my butt off… thanks for the great start to my day ladies! hehe

  128. says

    Great stories! I must say, my Son ‘nailed’ everyone in the family that changed him. He was the typical boy, air hits the pee-pee and out it comes. His Daddy got a mouthful once. It was horribly hilarious. Same with throw-up… why must everyone lift them in the air? They most certainly disliked the taste of formula the second time around. LOL! As for poopie, he would get the occasional middle of the night explosions. There’s nothing like a 3 am changing where they’re head to toe in that gorgeous, new baby poo… All I could do was pick him up and rush him to the sink… Now mind you, his Daddy is hitting the door, gagging and puking over the look and smell of it all (being my ex now, I look back and smile even more, lol). As my Son’s senses developed, I learned that he had picked up Daddy’s weak stomach… There was no hiding when he pooed. I’d be able to change it immediately because he’d be gagging and carrying on over his own smell…. lol! By the way, at 21, he still does it! LOL! (Shh… don’t tell him I told you!)

  129. says

    This actually happened with my niece. My mom watches my niece during the week and I decided to take her out to lunch one day. We wen to this restaurant in the mall and it was packed. Towards the end of lunch I looked over at my niece and noticed that she was filling her diaper and then she got upset. I grabbed her and told my mom I would take care of it. She needed a break anyways. So I scooped her up and took her to the bathroom. I laid her on the changing table and all hell broke loose. I had no idea that she hated having clothes pulled over her head, but she had a onesie on under her outfit. I looked down and realized there was poop all over the onesie and her outfit. After about 10 minutes of struggle trying to get the poop filled onesie off of her, she ended up being covered in poop from head to toe. I scrubbed the poop off of her and tried to change the diaper quickly without letting more poop escape. While I was doing all of this she was screaming so loud that the entire restaurant heard her. You would’ve thought that I was hurting her from the screams. I finally got it all of off her and tried to put a new sleeper on but I gave up. I walked out of the bathroom and everyone was staring at me with the “poor you” look on their faces. I looked up and saw that my mom was laughing on the phone with my sister-in-law aka mother of the baby. I didn’t know that she also hadn’t pooped in a couple of days. It was one of the most mortifying experiences ever! I am still surprised that I wasn’t bawling after all of it. And then I had to go back to work after lunch. I swore I had poop on me somewhere because I kept smelling it!

  130. says

    I can’t say that one diaper disaster story stands out over all the others, but with my daughter, she had many, MANY diaper blowouts as a newborn! She just loved to PUSH out her poops with explosive force and even if the quantity wasn’t a lot, her forceful pushing would ensure that it escaped her diaper nearly every time. :) The worst one I can remember though was one time when I was nursing her in the middle of the night and she had a nice big poop explosion all over my stomach. 😛 I called a little frantically for my husband to come help me!

  131. says

    Not sure about the “mother’s can’t buy diapers” line… I mean, really, cloth diapers are so inexpensive, not to mention healthier for the baby and the planet…

    But I digress!

    I always kept a change of clothes for the kids in the car and diaper bag, so most “poop-splosions” could be dealt with, however gross or messy they seemed. Our biggest disasters happened (twice, you’d think I’d have learned!) when hubby or I was HOLDING the baby at the time, and… yep, WE got some “friendly fire.” And no change of clothes handy for us! 😛

  132. says

    Oh mine is the typical story, baby has diarrhea, baby wakes up in middle of night, baby puts hand in diaper, baby smears pooh all over the bed and walls, mom is mortified and disgusted at teh same time. lol. Now it’s the story i tell to prospective girlfriends (of my son) to get a good embarrassing laugh out of my son.

  133. Kim McQuarrie says

    As summer was just beginning to break over 100 Dad needed the house. Mom and two toddlers decided to go to our adored Chic Fila for dinner and playtime. The boys ate an amazing amount of nuggets fries and salad. I truly thought we could stay for hours. At home they are potty trained but we are really relaxed about outside the home so they were both in diapers. As the wretched farts became worse I asked if they needed to go poo. Too much excitement in the playroom to stop for such trivial things! A few moments later a tear drenched 2 year told me he could not wait to go poo. The watermelon from the day before was now draining down his legs. I shuttled them to the car to find I had rushed out with no diapers or wipes or extra clothes. As I gathered my thoughts and shuttled the toward the bathroom I passed a family of Elders from our church. Seriously I smiled and waved nearly piling from the smell off goo dripping from a sweet smiling child! Once in the bathroom I used wet paper towels to cleanse his body and the changing pad. Then I hand washed the shorts and socks dressed that more child in wet shorts and proceeded to clean everything we had touched. Finally I took soapy towels to wash up the footprints we left throughout the place!

  134. Jeanette Jackson says

    One time, many years ago, I was a teenaged babysitter. The baby was asleep when I got there but later woke up needing to be changed….cloth diapers….never, ever changed cloth diapers before. I managed to diaper the baby and put her back in the crib…I forgot the rubber panty. Some time later, screaming baby…soaking wet mattress and panic stricken teenager.
    The parents came home and were very understanding, and I even babysat for them again…after getting instructions on how to diaper with cloth and rubber panties.

  135. Kelly Manges says

    We were visiting my mom who was in the hospital. Of course she wanted to hold my 6 month old son and I happily let her. Unfortunately he decided to let loose on her and proceeded to baptize her and her blankets as well as destroy his clothes! Fortunately I had an extra set of clothes!

  136. says

    Oh my, what a story! My oldest son has ADHD/ODD so I understand where you are coming from.

    My worst diaper disaster was a big blow out on a road trip. My son was recovering from the flu and had a diaper explosion that leaked all over his clothes, his car seat, and of course me while trying to clean him up. Ugh! Not fun.

  137. Charity S. says

    Do I really have to relive this disaster? Anyway, it had be the time my son leaked all over his carseat and all over my floor mats, and he wiped it all down the back of the seats. Of course, he didn’t understand what he was doing. I hope. He had a really good time smearing it all over my cloth upholstered seats. Too bad I couldn’t afford a car with leather seats. The heat didn’t make it any better. I made sure to give him a nice long bath at home, and my car got complete detail the next day.

  138. heidi says

    My worst poop story to date was one morning when we were down by the waterfront for a nice long walk, my2 year old son spotted the ice cream hut. my husband went to collect the car (about 20 minute walk away) while my son and I went to get us all ice cream. While we were walking over to the ice cream hut, my son had really bad diarrhea, which leaked right out of his diapers and shorts, and all down his leg. I had nothing to clean him up with while we stood in line. We got the ice cream while getting comments from everyone walking by. Finally after about half an hour, my husband pulled up with the van. We had to strip him down and wipe him up. We didn’t have a spare pair of shorts because it had been a really long time since a disaster of these proportions occurred, so we had to go home just wearing a diaper. Yuck!

  139. says

    Our worst diaper disaster was with our 1st son. He woke up in the morning, and I heard him chattering…but strangely after a bit of chatter he got quiet again and stayed quiet. So I just assumed he’d gone back to sleep….YAY!…right?! Well, about 30 mins. later I heard him again so I went in to get him and I found a MESS. He had pooped…and it had come out of his diaper…and was all over his crib, pj’s, fav. stuffed puppy…and worst of all, his face. He had even tasted it! Ewwww!!

  140. Josie says

    We were at a birthday party for one of my daughter’s school friends. It was at their home. I had our 2 month old with me and noticed she had a poopy diaper. I asked the mom if there was somewhere I could change her. She had a little one to and offered up their baby change table. I went in to the room and proceeded to change the diaper. Well I guess my daughter wasn’t quite done yet. Right when I pulled the diaper off she had explosive diarrhea. It was all over the wall in the bedroom and all over the change table. I tried to clean it but I ran out of wipes. I was so embarassed. I quickly dressed my daughter and went to face my biggest fear. I had to tell the mom what happened and ask her for something strong to clean it. Thankfully she was a mom….a normal mom! And completely understood. Still, very embarassing!

  141. Judy S says

    I used cloth diapers for my children when they were young. We did not have wipes or the conviniences of the diapers/wipes that are available today. Once while on a trip to see my mother my daughter had explosive diahhrea and what a mess. I wish we had the portable wipes and such that are available today.

  142. says

    My worst diaper moment was when my baby had a huge poop but I had been running out the door to my oldest daughter’s soccer orientation and in my hurry I had forgotten to grab my pack of wipes. I had to use tissue papers and a bit of water from my water bottle. So embarrassing!

  143. Jessie says

    I work part time from home as an attorney doing real estate transactions. When my child was in diapers, I frequently took calls from clients when necessary while she was busy with her toys. One afternoon, I was on the phone with a very anxious client who was also a first time home buyer. He needed me to walk him through everything and was really nervous about all of the details. I was desperately trying to assure him that the boilerplate language in the seller’s contract was fine. Meanwhile, my daughter, who had just discovered the contents of her diaper, started to explore them. I was trying to stay calm with my client, simultaneously trying to stay calm with my daughter as she was painting the walls in the background with the contents of her diaper. My client started to literally hyperventilate on the end of the phone so there was no way I could excuse myself to handle my daughter’s new hobby; I was literally trying to prevent two major breakdowns as once–my client’s and my own! Honestly, as my client became more upset, my daughter’s organic artwork seemed to get more elaborate! She even started to “paint” the glass on our china closet. It was horrible! I was holding my hand over the phone receiver scream-whispering for her to stop, while simultaneously telling my client to gently breathe in and out of a paper bag! I was truly stuck in a bad situation, unable to do anything until my client calmed down. After about a half hour, I was finally able to get off of the phone and attend to my little Picasso. It took me quite some time to get rid of my daughter’s “installment” as well as the charming odor in my house, but with some repeated cleanings and lots of freshening sprays, we finally managed to do it!

  144. says

    Wow! What a great story! My story actually has to do with my son having NO diaper on. It was on purpose, because he had quite a bad rash that needed some airing out. He had just had a poop so I thought we were safe. However, we had been blueberry picking that day and all those extra blueberries were making their way through his system. I had piles of clean laundry all over the floor when I see my son take a towel and try to wipe himself. Yuck– poop smearing all over the place! I grabbed him and headed for the bathroom. It gets worse– I didn’t have a chance to warn my husband about the mess when he came around the corner to see what the commotion was about and SPLAT he stepped right in the pile of nasty blueberry-diarrhea-ish poo. I will never forget the look on his face!

  145. Judy Bradley says

    My worst diaper disaster was when my daughter was only a couple months old. we were on some sort of outing – my husband had the 3 boys & I was changing my daughter in the car. I laid her on the seat – without a blanket, etc. under her, something I never did. As soon as she was uncovered & diaper removed, she was a poo shooting machine! All over everywhere, running down between the back & the seat, all over me too. I cleaned it all up & with the last wipe, it started again! How she had that much in her little body is beyond me! Anyway I cleaned her and the car and changed my clothes. It was awful!

  146. Shaun says

    I thought I had put enough diapers in the diaper bag for my dad to watch my son. I did not. My father had run out of diapers for my son and had to improvise. He decided to use a towel wrapped around my son. Since my son was on the go the towel would not stay put. Needless to stay when he urinated it was all over the place. Thankfully he did not have a bowel movement at that time!

  147. says

    I almost thought that I didn’t have a poop disaster story until I remember the one from when our son was about one month old. I had taken him in clean clothes and all in out lovely Peg Perego stroller to see the lactation consultant. We were having issues with him latching on, and had worked with the lactation consultant. She had helped me with him , and he had ended up consuming a little too much milk. So, after she was done with us, he ended up spitting up alot. After I had got him cleaned up from that and had put a clean outfit on him. I found out that he had blown out of his diaper, up the back. He got cleaned up again, and then ended up in his last outfit. I prayed that we would make it home, which was about 30 miles from the hospital, before the next diaper change. It was definitely a day that I wanted to forget!

  148. Suzanne says

    My poop story is from many years ago but I also found it funny as it was first time my sister was going to see her niece and her and her husband were thinking about starting a family. They showed up at our house and just as she is walking into baby’s bedroom I am removing a diaper and the little one fired poop out so hard it hit the closet door . It was kinda disgusting but it opened her eyes for sure.

  149. Christina says

    When my daughter was a week old, my husband and I took her for a three hour drive to see family. About half way through our trip, my sweet little newborn baby girl needed a diaper change. We stopped at a McDonalds and sat in the parking lot trying to make our game plan. I didn’t want my precious girl to lay on a public changing table. (I got over that, by the way.) I decided my girl should be changed on the seat of our compact car. Although this was my first baby, I’d taken care of many. I’ve seen them changed in cars before and had even done it myself a time or two. Besides that, she was super tiny and didn’t move much. Piece of cake, right? Since I was still healing from a c-section, I elected my husband to squat down and change the baby. This was his second daughter, so I figured he was a pro. We worked together, like cute new parents in love, to get all supplies ready for the task at hand. He removes the diaper which I immediately put in one of those nice powder scented bags (new mom) before walking it across the lot to the trash. I figured, “He’s got this.” Wrong. I turn around to walk back to the car and I see my husband holding my naked newborn by her head and feet. She’s in the air like she’s a fish he just caught and is so proud of. The look on his face and the oddly feminine screams coming from Daddy did not say, “proud.” Apparently my girl decided to let loose with one of those runny, nasty, new-baby poops just as soon as he was lifting her legs to put the other diaper on. After I calm him down and point out that she’s still going, and although I kind of understand the instincts he had to hold her in the air away from the mess, it was probably best to lay her down on a fresh diaper and let her finish. (I guess he forgot we packed plenty.) Once the coast was clear, he squatted down to finish the job. He again lifts her legs for the new diaper and this time she releases gas along with a spray of liquid poop, which got on his shirt and landed in his mouth!! I’ve never laughed so hard in my life, which was a little unfortunate given my recent surgery. I had definitely over-packed for the baby and myself to take this poorly-timed daytrip. I had an extra shirt for me in our bag, (leaky boobs, anyone?) It never occurred to me to pack for my hubby. I wonder if anybody noticed he was wearing a woman’s tshirt? Nobody said anything…

  150. hippie4ever says

    My worst diaper story occurred outside and sans diaper, you would think it couldn’t be too awful, we’re outside on the back lawn after all. But my son proceeded to have copious amounts of loose stool flowing down his legs adhering to every part of his lower body; this deluge also continued for several minutes with short pauses when I would anxiously query “Are you done?” and his reply “Two minutes!”. Meanwhile as he finishes I am scooping poop with a few nearby leaves and flinging them into the back field, while hosing down the walk and wandering how I am going to get him to the bathroom without getting poop everywhere in the house ( I can’t use the hose, it’s well water and below 50 F, the outside temp is 68 F.) Finally I sense my opportunity…even though he insists he is still not done, how could there be any more in that body? Scooping him up, attempting unsuccessfully not to become smeared with feces; I run to the bathroom and deposit him in the tub, realizing only after I get there that I neglected to turn off the hose and the shower consequently is barely dribbling. I also find that my son was telling the truth and he was in fact not done as he continues to deposit large piles in the tub! Eventually we were cleaned…

  151. Anne Taylor says

    lol all of the stories are funny/horrible

    When my eldest daughter was a wee babe, my brother was coming over to meet her for the first time. He’s a bit of a clean freak, so I tried to make sure that she had a clean diaper and had nursed before he arrived.

    Everything was going well (she had spit up just a bit) but not enough to scare him off lol when we heard the most horrendous bubbling sound come from her diaper. Omgosh, she had lovely yellow breast feeding poop soaking through her sleeper, between her toes, up to her neck, up her back and under her arms. lol my brother was completely horrified lololol

    The amazing thing is that the inside of her diaper was clean as a whistle!!! I must not have had it on her snug enough because she managed to squirt her poop out completely missing the poop catching part of her diaper lol

    I don’t think my brother has ever recovered!!


    nancyrobster at gmail dot com

  152. Valerie says

    My first (but definitely not last!) and most memorable diaper disaster happened when my son was 6 months old. It was during his christening. My husband and I were standing in front of the church, with our priest, and I smelled something strange. I was hoping it was just gas but then I felt my sons diaper become wet. The odor was strong. I could tell my husband and priest smelled it too but there was nothing we could do! When we got back to our seats, I looked and the poop had escaped from the diaper and made it’s way up my son’s back and all over his white outfit! I made a mad dash to the bathroom where I had to bathe him in the sink!

  153. says

    oh my goodness, oh my goodness, I want to hug you what an experience, but I love that you set such a fantastic example for your son!

    This isn’t a story about my child, but I was present, horrified and laughed about it with coworkers after. I use to work retail, and you meet quite a few characters managing a store for 2 years, I had a mom and her little girl come in the store and shop around, the little girl kept complaining about having to use to the restroom, but the mom kept telling her to hold. Girl whined. Mom told her to shush. FInally the mom got to the cash register….. and the little girl couldnt hold it anymore and just squat and pooped…. on our floor. :O. :O. :O. She apologized profusely, we said it was ok. It’s our job to make our customers feel at ease. but goodness.

  154. Eugenie W says

    one time at my in-laws I was responsible for grabbing the bag of extra diapers. Not till later at the restaurant when they needed them did I realize I’d grabbed the wrong bag. too late. we improvised with cloth dining napkins. we tipped extra.

  155. Lee H. says

    I was babysitting my niece. Laid her down on the sofa and when I picked her up I noticed the dark stain underneath her. What a mess. What works? I used baking soda and vinegar to clean up.

  156. says

    As a mom of two sets of twins, I certainly have seen all sorts of diaper disasters. The first was with one of my twin daughters, who was about 4 months old at the time. I was home alone with them and had brought them both inside asleep in their infant car seats thinking I’d just let them nap there. Well, she had a blowout that went through the diaper, her outfit, and the car seat cover! Thankfully, her sister slept through the entire thing, but it was awful for this new mom. I did take a couple of photos of this mess.

    Next was one from one of my twin boys. My mom was changing their diapers while I was pumping. The boys must have been about 1 month old. She called out for me and told me to STOP pumping and come help her! This was the first and only time I was ever asked to stop pumping while in the middle of doing so. My son had projectile pooped onto her hand, the wipe warmer, a stack of blankets, and the floor. I wish we’d gotten a photo to show him later.

    The other diaper disaster that comes to mind actually happened to my aunt when my cousin was little. She had taken them to McDonald’s for lunch and playtime. Well, he had a gigantic blowout inside the tube slide and it was everywhere! She just grabbed him and ran, I think. How could you clean out the slide while trying to keep your kid from getting more poop other places?!?!?!

  157. says

    My diaper disaster story has to do with taking my little one out of town to go shopping. He had a diaper blow-out, which I was prepared for, and had extra clothes for. He then had a second diaper blow-out which I had to cave and buy him a new outfit for. When he had the third and had to wear his older brother’s t-shirt as an outfit we headed home. Fortunately, my older son also had a hoodie on that could be used as a shirt.

  158. says

    Play dates with new Moms and often strangers introduced by a friend of a friend or someone you meet at the park, are always a great topic of conversation years later. Throw diapers and potty training in the mix and you have a great read. I have enjoyed reading all of the entries, they brought back many fond memories. The play dates and diapers experience for me was fraught with embarrassment. The highlights include my son taking down his pull up and peeing in the sandbox, at a home where children are supposed to sit and draw, and the sand stays in the sand box. Dry, preferably. Another favorite memory was at the local and busy park where my son once again pulled down his pull up and pooped at the bottom of the slide. And finally there was the time that the diaper imploded and the oversized raisins shot out. I could go on. Thank you for the opportunity to recount the stories I hope to share at my son’s wedding one day :)

  159. says

    I think my worst one actually happened rather recently. Ok, so maybe I have two from little man’s last bout with “the runs”. We were at Callaway Gardens and he had been fine all days prior to the “disaster”. We had finished the Tree Top Adventure and I had run to the restroom while my mom had little man. (he was in the stroller) I came back out to hear “Um, that is where the bathroom is??” So I went over and he had pooped EVERY WHERE! It was on the stroller and out the side of his diaper. SO gross. People kept coming in the bathroom and I was so nervous they could smell and or see the mess. Oh my gosh. The other happened with the same bout of it, just a couple days later (when I had tons of shirts in my bag, but no pants) and I was sitting in the car waiting for my friends to come out of the store when I heard that awful noise. I got out and sure enough little man had pooped up his back, out the sides and up the front of his diaper. Thank goodness for a good friend with spare shorts. Somehow it missed his shirt and just got his shorts and the car seat. And luckily, the car seat has an insert, which was all that the poop hit! Oh man, it was a disaster. I was literally thinking I was going to have to let her stand with little man while I went and bought him new pants, THAT BAD! So yeah, talk about diaper disasters!!!!

  160. says

    you beat me to the blueberry overload incident my son had – which was supposed to fix his constipation – it was while we were hiking :-O)

    much easier to clean up when it is the outdoors and not a white rug though. I feel for you.

  161. C Williams says

    My friend gave her baby some prunes and he pooped all of himself. She had to throw away all of his clothes. It was crazy.

  162. Heather Erbe says

    We were at McDonalds and my son was in the play place. He was having great time until I saw him in one of the circle windows and you could tell he was going poopy. As I looked at him, I could see the poopy coming out of his pants and onto the window. I tried to get to him but before I could he was away from the window and heading further into the play structure. I finally got him out and took him to the bathroom to clean him up. Poop had gotten all over the play structure so I had to tell the people at McDonalds that my son had an accident in the play structure. It was so embarrassing at the time but now I can laugh about it!

  163. Shawna says

    We took our kids, ages 8 years old and 6 months old, on vacation to Hawaii to see our extended family. I’m obsessive about packing properly and took enough clothes for the kids and enough diapers and wipes for the baby…we had a record snowfall back at our home and our local airport was closed for days. This happened while we were on our first flight from HI to Las Vegas, so we got stuck there. Over the New Years Eve… We had a hard time finding a hotel to stay at since it was so crowded on the holiday…. We got a room but had 3 diapers left…. We ended up stuck in Vegas for 4 days, could not find diapers anywhere….My dh had to take a cab all over town going from store to store looking for diapers. Over two hours and $140 cab fare later he found some diapers.

  164. says

    Mine was when my son was about 10 months old… He had been in his room asleep so I laid down for a quick nap. When I woke up and walked into his room, he was rolling around in a crib entirely covered with poop. It was everywhere. I felt so horrified that I had left him like that, not knowing how long he had been in there like that!

  165. Natalie J Vandenberghe says

    This isn’t exactly MY diaper disaster story to tell…but, it’s the most recent one that comes to mind. I am a first-time grandmother of a beautiful 14-month-old boy. Last month his parents came to visit for a while (they live an hour away). Shortly thereafter, my son-in-law decided to drive to the new Cabela’s store (which is about 40 minutes from my home) and my daughter and the baby stayed here. Soon after, the baby experienced a little bit of diarrhea. Well, you guessed it–the diaper bag was in the car my SIL drove. We live in a rural area–no stores nearby. It’s been 13 years since I had a baby, so there were no diapers in this house. My oldest daughter (the baby’s mother) asked my youngest daughter (16) if she had any sanitary pads that could be used. Don’t ask me how–but, in some way, they fashioned something for the baby to wear using sanitary napkins and a small pair of underpants. I’m relieved to say it was adequate and managed to last until the baby’s Daddy returned.
    My grandson is a Huggies baby as was his mother (who is now 29). Thanks for the giveaway.

  166. says

    My son’s messy diapers always happened while in his carseat. Always. There must be something about the angle of that little carrier, cause he’d dirty that diaper good every time he was placed in it. The angle also seemed to leave a gap in his diaper’s seal, because I can’t count the number of ‘blowouts’ he had in that seat and how many times I have to completely disassemble it and throw the straps and cover in the washing machine. I am quite sure there will always be a slight yellow tint to the cover…

  167. Deanna says

    When my now toddler was a baby he had diarrhea and his diaper failed. Poop ended up going all of the way up his back. I did not know how I was going to get his onesie over his head without getting poop in his hair, but managed to and took him straight into the bathtub for a thorough cleaning. After four kids I have a pretty strong stomach, but that incident was almost too much for me (and my stomach)! :O

  168. tennille says

    we were out for a long outing with my son in his carrier when we had a diaper explosion of epic proportions. It not only escaped the confines of his diaper but leaked out of the carrier and all over me. Now every good mother brings an extra outfit for her little one but I did not have a tee for myself.

  169. nancy says

    Last easter we finially baptized our 12 year old daughter at easter vigil.She wore the traditional,infant style white gown with the matching bonnet,lace socks and white ‘mary janes’.I took her outfit to the nursery to dress her there and had her lay in a baby crib while i put her cloth diaper and rubber pants on her,she was shaking real bad and was quite nervous.I got the diaper and rubber pants on her and had her sit up to put her under shirt on her,when all of a sudden she threw up.she got the crib sheet,the rubber pants and a blanket that was in the crib.I quickly to some wipes and wiped her and her rubber pants off and then had to do the crib sheet.I got it all cleaned up quickly and finished dressing her.She told me she was nervous about having the diaper and rubber pants put on her and having to wear them for the day.Every thing went ok after that.


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