Win $500 in our Summer Fun Photo Contest

Grab your camera – or search your archives – it is time for another photo contest here at 5 Minutes for Mom!

This time we are celebrating summer fun with our sponsor The Skinny Cow, who recently launched their newest too-good-to-be-true treat, Skinny Dippers.

Since my greatest weakness is dessert – especially ice cream -The Skinny Cow is my kind of company! I am all about indulging in my favorite treats in a responsible manner. That means finding treats that taste insanely good, but don’t pad my waist with a crazy amount of fat and calories.

So when The Skinny Cow wrote me to tell me about their latest creation, Skinny Dippers, it was all I could do to not jump in my car and go buy some of these dreamy treats.

Weighing in at just 80 calories per pop, the perfectly-portioned chocolate-dipped ice cream snacks are available in rich vanilla, creamy caramel and refreshing mint flavors. Skinny Dippers contain no trans fats or artificial sweeteners and are only 3 grams of fat, making them a great option for guilt-free indulgence for the entire family.

But before I went on a Skinny Dippers hunt, I thought, “Hmmmm… The Skinny Cow sounds like the perfect sponsor for a summer fun photo contest…”

Which brings us back to YOU and YOUR PHOTOS!!! Let’s have some photo contest/carnival fun!

The theme for the contest is Summer Fun – which leaves it wide open for your creativity. Your photos can be of kids, adults, animals… anything that represents summer fun to you! Just keep the shots family friendly please.

Here is how our “Summer Fun” photo contest/carnival will work:

  • For the next two weeks, we will accept entries. We are looking for photos that reveal the spirit of summer fun – however you want to do that. Entry deadline is Wednesday, August 13th, 3pm EST.
  • If you are a blogger, post your photo on your site and then come back here and add your link to the Mr. Linky. (In your post on your blog, you can explain that it is a part of this contest and link back here. Explaining your photo is totally optional. If it adds to it, write about it. If you would rather let the picture do all the talking, that is great too.)
  • If you are not a blogger – you can still play!!! Just email us your photo, with the subject line Summer Fun Photo Contest, to 5minutesformom @ gmail dot com. (Please add your image into the copy of the email so that we do not have to open attachments.)
  • We will post the finalists on Friday, August 15th. If you are selected as a finalist, feel free to announce it on your blog, facebook, twitter, etc and get your friends to vote for you. That is fair game. But please play fair and do not use proxy servers or other black hat methods of increasing your votes. If we do discover unfair practices, we will have to disqualify the parties involved. Remember the spirit of our site and play nice!
  • Voting will end Friday, August 29th, 3pm EST. We will announce the winner the same day! :)

This contest is only open to US residents, and please enter only one of your best photos. (So sorry Canadians, Aussies, etc! As Canadians, we feel your pain! However if you are not a US resident and thus not eligible for the prizes, you can still participate in the carnival fun. In our Motherhood Photo Contest we had an Aussie who participated on her blog and won an honorable mention with her fantastic photo. So join in anyway – don’t miss out on the photo carnival fun–just be sure to state clearly in the entry that you are not eligible for the prize.)


Entries are now CLOSED. We will post the Finalists on Friday, August 15th.


  1. says

    Interesting…the photo I entered was named “Summer Fun”. As soon as I read about the contest I knew exactly which picture to enter.

  2. says

    What a fun contest! I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Skinny Cow fudge bars. They are the best fudge bars ever. Seriously, get thee to the store and buy some right away. They rock.

  3. says

    I’m so excited for another photo contest! I think I’ll run to the store, buy some Skinny Dippers, and eat them one by one while I wait to see the contest results. :)
    Thanks for the opportunity!

  4. Sarah Galbraith says

    oohh, i am so excited…I have never entered my pictures in a contest before!! thanks for having these!! i cant wait to try the skinny cow bars!

  5. says

    Oh I LOVE your photo contests!! I hope you don’t mind that I couldn’t narrow it down to just ONE entry – that’s asking a lot!! I read your rules multiple times and it didn’t say anything about one entry per person, so I’m having summer fun picking out my summer fun pictures!!!
    Thanks, ladies, you are the best!!

  6. says

    I entered a photo of my two daughters heading down an enchanting path towards the beach this Summer. This is one of my favorite photos of them because it tells a story of its own: little Meredith following her big sister Lydia and the purity and wonder of childhood! Thanks for the contest!

  7. says

    The post I linked to has 3 pictures in it, but since the rules say to submit 1, I’d like to submit the first one, of my son being thrown by Dad.

    So hard to pick just one!

  8. says

    I entered one of my daughter having a wonderful time on the beach. We live near the coast of South Carolina, and the beach is summer fun for us! Great contest.

  9. says

    I love taking pictures and if nothing else at least some people may come look at my beautiful kids! Thanks for the contest!

  10. says

    Yipee! Another photo contest! I enjoy the contests so much. It’s fun to look at all the entries!

    WOW! $500.00 would be awesome. It would be a great help on back to school shopping! It’s sad to see summer winding down already! The upside, we’ll have lots of fun memories to keep us through the long winter while looking forward to next summer!

    Thanks a bunch 5 minutes for moms for another generous opportunity to win something great!

    ~Lori R.

  11. says

    What a great contest! I knew the exact picture I was going to use when I read the title. I can’t wait to see others’ pictures.

  12. says

    This is my first blog photo contest! It was so fun to go through my photo archives of summer pic’s! Hard to choose though. I hope I win $500. the day before my BIRTHDAY! I will have to celebrate with the Skinny Cow! ;o)

  13. says

    This is the first contest that I have ever entered! Thanks for the opportunity. I have never eaten a Skinny Cow, but I would sure like to be one! HaHa!

  14. says

    I love this contest for many reasons!
    I have to say it is the only contest where I have actually kept coming back to check out everyone’s photos. I love taking pics and I love seeing what other people are doing.
    This is great!

  15. says

    I love skinny cow, and I am looking forward to seeing everyones entries! Thanks for hosting this fun contest. :)


  16. says

    My picture is of my little girl chasing waves in California. The picture was snapped right before the wave got her and was totally soaked. The picture on my blogs header is of the same beach. ENJOY!

  17. says

    Thanks for this very fun contest! My entry is actually the second picture (the one of my little girl) on the blog entry.

  18. says

    Hiya! Could you possibly delete my accidental entry (yeah, no link…I’m a genius), #167 and just leave up the one with the link? Sorry ’bout that!

  19. says

    What a fun summer contest! I love browsing through all of the pics….looks like everyone is having LOTS of fun this summer!

  20. says

    What a fun idea!! I love looking at everyone else’s “spirit of summer fun” – cherishing the moments as it will come to an end all too soon – here in the midwest anyway :)

    Thanks for the photo opportunity!

  21. says

    All the summer pics are amazing….kinda making me sad that summer is nearing an end. Need to move south, way south…..keep summer alive!

  22. says

    Thanks for another great giveaway. I have loved looking at all the pictures. I do not envy the person who has to narrow them down!!!

  23. says

    great giveaway girls! Way to go! It was hard picking my favorite picture… I’d hate to be the one narrowing down the field!

  24. says

    what a fun contest! it’s been fun to look through so many of the photo’s! it’s going to be tough to choose, i’m sure!

    this is the first time i have visited your blog. seems like a great place for moms! thanks!

  25. says

    Many great photos and thought I would throw mine into the ring. However, I am clearly the minority here being the stay at home dad! :-)

  26. says

    Awwww, I was so excited till I read ‘not open to Canadians’.
    It was a fun task anyway, thanks for the idea!

  27. says

    Skinny Cow … mmm… Skinny Dippers? Holy Delicious sounding!

    Swimming pics, of course. If that’s not summer fun for my kids, then I don’t know what is. Looking forward to seeing the finalists.

  28. says

    I don’t envy your job…having to choose between all those cute pictures. I only regret not entering a fun silly picture of both my boys enjoying the summer.

  29. says

    The Skinney Dippers sound yummy, and I need to lose some baby weight, so if I win maybe I’ll buy $500 worth of Skinny Dippers!! Hmm, then again, maybe that’s not the best way to lose weight…anyhow, here’s my entry!

  30. says

    Oh it was hard, but my wonderful readers were kind enough to help me pick the perfect picture. It has been fun participating and you haven’t even picked a winner yet!

    Thanks for the chance to win, can’t wait to see the finalists.

  31. says

    saw this on a friends blog and had to enter, but i will be emailing in my photo, can’t wait to see what you guys pick!

  32. says

    Hi all….what a cool contest. Those skinny cows are making me hungry. I can’t remember who turned me on to this site, but glad I found it.

    All of those pictures are great!!!!

    (but pick mine, pick mine…) ๐Ÿ˜‰

  33. says

    Man, it sure would be exciting to win! I’ve never won an online contest yet so maybe my chances are getting better? I MUST think positively. I’m sure there are lots of fabulous photos out there. Have fun choosing!

  34. says

    Hey, this was my first contest to enter and it was so much fun to try and find and/or take the best picture that captures summer. I had it narrowed down to three and this one was my favorite – the popsicle! Thanks for doing this!

  35. says

    Summer is almost over for us. We start school in a few days, but our wonderful summer memories will last a lifetime.

  36. says

    I love skinny cow bars – just as much as I love swimming in the lake during the summer. My entry is #309, taken at sunset on Lake Minnetonka, MN. Thanks for your consideration of my lake-action, summer fun photo!


  37. says

    I don’t have a blog yet (will soon!) and I’m not sure how to embed a photo into the email without it showing up as an attachment, so I hope it’s okay if I directly link to the image in an online album!

  38. says

    I am very excited to have just joined the many mommy bloggers! You two are a great team! Thanks for guiding the way!

    Wonderful contest! Who doesn’t love sharing pics of their precious little ones!

  39. says

    There are some great summer photos here! I can’t wait to finish looking at them. I knew right away exactly which photo of my kids to enter :)

  40. says

    Hello, what a great contest & lots of fun! I entered one of my daughter swimming as that is what she has GREATLY enjoyed this summer! :) Thanks, Michelle

  41. says

    I had a few fun summer pictures to choose from but by far, this is the perfect picture! What do you think? Thanks for the great contest! Can’t wait to see the results :)

  42. says

    I feel blessed that my friend Jenn told me about this contest. I have never entered a contest like this before so let the FUN begin!

    I am submitting our two daughters who love to play out side everyday especially in the water and with each other. I like this picture because it clearly shows how much fun our girls have even being 6 years apart! It’s not too often your oldest daughter (12) wants to play with her little sister (6) ๐Ÿ˜‰

  43. says

    Also, Thank you so much for having me participate in your contest! I have never done anything like this before…. I never knew I would get this nervous, excited, and feel like a kid again! Thank you!

  44. says

    I LOVE this contest! There are some really great pictures on here and it looks like everyone is really enjoying their summer!

    Good luck to all who have entered!

  45. Cindy Reed says

    What a fun contest!! I’ve entered my photo — but e-mailed it rather than providing a URL.

    Thanks!! :o)

  46. says

    I am so excited about entering your contest! I have really enjoyed looking at the entries and can’t wait to see the finalists!

  47. says

    My wife entered a picture of our daughter on her blog but I couldn’t resist entering this picture of my son! This has motivated me to start blogging.

  48. says

    OK so I had a hard time finding a “good” picture. I think I need a new camera :) but I tried…It was fun looking at everyone’s photos..some really cool ones…probably hard to narrow it down, so I will help you..PICK ME! :)

  49. says

    thank you for this chance! I had so many pictures I could have posted, but this one has always stuck in my mind when I think of the kids in the summer! :)

  50. says

    Couldn’t make up my mind which post best represented summer. Ended up submitting three. Feel like I’m suffing the ballot box! :) Please let me know if I can’t have more than 1 entry & I’ll decide which one I really like best!

    Thanks for the great contest!

  51. says

    I dont know how you are going to choose. Just looking at all the photos. There are some really artistic ones, really fun ones, and silly ones. Great shots ladies!!!

  52. says

    Oops, spelled something wrong in my URL, and I’m sure thousands of people will want to flock to my blog after enjoying my witty comments…so here it is spelled right this time…fingers crossed.

  53. says

    My husband and I have been on Weight Watchers for several weeks now and recently discovered Skinny Cow products. I have tried the Skinny dippers and I love them! Although the store didn’t carry the mint flavor, I will have to keep an eye out for that one! Yum! These products let you feel like you are indulging without all of the calories and fat!

  54. says

    How fun! Living in Orlando we have summer 75% of the year… lol! I entered a pic of my sun playing in the pond, I mean puddle created by one of our many afternoon storms

  55. says

    I thought these represented summer in different ways. To my son, summer is about climbing and exploring. To my husband, its fishing. My dd2 loves camping because she gets her dad all to herself lol. She loves playing in the sand.

  56. says

    I knew exactly what photo to enter. Little boys in the dirt is the epitome of summer fun! Mmm.. Skinny cow sounds yummy!

  57. says

    What a generous giveaway!

    There are some truly amazing photos on here. WOW…y’all have your work cut out for you!

  58. Roxanne at TG Photography says

    Yea ! Thanks for allowing me to enter the contest. I had known about it a while back and then forgot!



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