HP wants to help pay for your trip to BlogHer!

We love their products (I bought an HP laptop last year and I just love it!) and now we just plain old love them — cause HP is getting into the BlogHer fun!

Have you heard the buzz in the blogosphere that, thanks to Maria Bailey and BSM, HP is helping bloggers get to this summer’s BlogHer conference with $250 scholarships?

Yes, those clever folks at HP are winning over mom bloggers with their scholarship generosity. Not only are they including us in their scholarship campaign, (Susan and I are going to BlogHer this year!) but they want to give one of YOU $250 to help cover your BlogHer costs.

Isn’t that just so darn nice of them!?!

You can use the money towards whatever aspect of your trip you want – airfare, conference fees, hotel, food, whatever you want.

Now all we have to do is decide who to give it to… that is the hard part!

We do so many contests here at 5 Minutes for Mom where we choose the winner by random, we thought we would mix it up a bit for this contest.

So, to enter to win our $250 HP scholarship for BlogHer contest:

  • Write a post on your site about your upcoming BlogHer trip. You could write about who you want to meet, why you want to go, what you are going to pack, anything! Make us laugh, be creative – just make your post stand out in the crowd and Jennifer might pick you!

    (Yes – I am going to leave the cruel, impossible task of picking the winner up to Jennifer. I have the excuse that I am going to be up at summer camp and away from internet access next week, but really, it physically hurts too much to choose who should win, so I am relieved I get to leave it up to Jennifer. But if she really gets stuck, she may have to call on the help of random.org to bail her out.)

  • Come back and sign the Mr. Linky letting us – and everyone else – know that you are going to BlogHer and you have a post up for our HP BlogHer scholarship contest.

Canadians and Americans are welcome in this contest and we will announce the winner July 9th.

And while we are talking about BlogHer, I have to say — we can’t wait to meet you!

Leave a comment and let us know if you are going, what parties you are going to etc. We will be at as many parties as we can manage to get to, and, of course, we will be at the People’s Party.

5 Minutes for Mom is actually one of the sponsors of the People’s Party, so we will be there for sure! Make sure you come by so we can chat, okay?

Thanks again HP — we won’t forget your generosity! And of course a huge thanks to Maria Bailey for organizing it all! By the way, have you seen BSM’s latest project, NewBaby.com? We love it and we will be talking more about it soon! :)


  1. says

    I tried to make a post but Blogger is really temperamental today and it ate my post (about how I really wanted to be the first to link here). I’ll try again, but figure I won’t be the first link, but maybe I could at least have the first comment!

  2. says

    I’d love LOVE to attend BlogHer! I hadn’t planned on attending (even though I want to go so BADLY) because we just couldn’t swing the conference fee. I live 80 miles away from San Francisco and could drive there if I got this scholarship!! I would love to meet you all and finally get the chance to put faces to the names that I see daily!

  3. says

    This will be my first BlogHer and I’m hoping to go to ALL the parties. Maybe that’s a bit ambitious? I am going to be bringing my ittle nursing baby too.

  4. says

    Wow…what a great giveaway/scholarship. I am going to BlogHer and just posted about it (before I even made my rounds of my daily reads and this post!). I’ll be there with Metropolitan Mama herself and would love to meet you both!

    But I’m not too proud to say that the cost of going is climbing. With airfare, conference fee and hotel stay, it is a financial squeeze we feel. I’m sure most of us are in the same boat. But I’m so looking forward to going anyway.

    Even if we have to eat Top Ramen for the next month. I’m so totally kidding! I wouldn’t do that to my family!

    Thanks to you and HP for having such the great scholarship giveaway!

    Woot! for BlogHer SF!

  5. says

    Am I allowed to participate? Would it be fair, even though I am co-hosting The People’s Party?

    Because, for real, I am flat broke. My credit card company is not going to accept Chuck-E-Cheese coupons to pay for this trip.

  6. says

    This would really really help us out…my son is still nursing so I can’t be away from him. We’re making it a family trip but the costs are climbing very quickly….

  7. says

    This will be my first time to go and it’s only because I won a Blogher giveaway from wonderspot! I still can’t believe I’m going and, well, I’m sorta freaking out. A huge new city, new people, new clothes????…maybe…LOL.

    Looking forward to meeting all who are going!

  8. says

    The reason I’m really entering this contest is because I want my friend Nicole of Apron Strings Aflutter to win. She is a relatively new blogger, but she is diving in with enthusiasm. Plus, she’s a terrific mom, a great friend, and a fun person to be around. If I win, I’ll be passing the $250 from HP on to her…and – hey! – if HP wants to “match” the scholarship and pay for my hotel, I definitely wouldn’t refuse. 😉

  9. says

    still deciding on BlogHer, would luv to, but time is critical these days. am working on it though.

    the prize may help me decide !!!

  10. says

    I am one of the scrambling about hopefuls attempting to make my BlogHer dreams happen:) Is this contest still open at this late date??

    <3 sarasophia


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