The Finalists in the $1000 Mother’s Day Photo Contest

Mother's Day 2008 - Giveaway Event

It’s time to announce the finalists of our $1000 Mother’s Day Photo Contest. Now it’s your turn to decide who should win $1000.  Voting has closed.

There is a reason we usually choose our contest winners by random. Trying to choose WHO should be finalists or win is ridiculously difficult!!! It is far too much responsibility. I don’t want to be the one who determines if someone is happy or if someone is disappointed.

Choosing who should have their fabulous motherhood photo moved on to the final round is literally painful. Each photo represents the incredible, God-given gift of motherhood. Each story is precious and beautiful.

At each site, I saw loving families and mothers who adore their children as much as I adore mine. I was blessed by each one of you and your devotion to your families.

I hope that in writing your post and putting up your photo(s) you realize how much you already have “won” having such wonderful love in your life. (But yes, I know, $1000 sure would be nice too!)

Please forgive us if your photo isn’t here. As I said, choosing was almost unbearable. Jennifer and I worked through the list all day today and finally got our favorites down to a final list of twenty.

I know I said we would choose fifteen, but ladies, this was really hard! We did the best we could. Now it is up to you all to vote. (I am just so relieved that the final vote isn’t up to us!)

Some photos we chose because of the story behind them. Others, we chose because the images resonated with us. But for all of the photos we strongly suggest you click over to the site and read the story behind the photo. It brings each shot even more meaning to meet the family behind it.

(Please note: I wanted to comment at each one of your posts. Each one was so moving. But due to the number of sites I needed to visit, I had to give up on trying to comment at them all. Please know that I was touched by every one of you and if I didn’t have a family of my own begging for attention, I would sit at this computer for 24 hours straight to comment at every post.)

Thank you for sharing your photos and your stories. May God bless each one of you and your families! This was so much fun, we will HAVE to do it again! :)

And last but not least, we want to thank Egg Beaters and their delicious new Egg Beaters with Yolk for sponsoring this contest with an unbelievable $1000.00 prize!!!

The winner, as determined by the voting in the poll below, will be awarded the $1,000.00 prize via an American Express gift card. This contest is open to Canadian and US shipping addresses. In the event of a tie, the winner will be determined by a random draw.

(The finalists are not listed in any particular order and you can only vote once.)

So here are the photos:

Perky’s Perspective


Working Momma 247


The Ragan’s Ramblings


Grasping for Objectivity in my Subjective Life


It’s My Blog and I’ll Cry If I Want To


Flip Flop Mamma


Heiner Clan


QWeird Utah


This Not So Simple Life


Too Small For Me


Bill, Miss and Brood


The Nelson Gaggle


Geek Parenting


Rio Oso Designs


Tara’s View of the World


Momology – Adventures in Motherhood and Photography


Baby Dolls and Soccer Balls


Overstuffed with Polka Dots


2nd Cup of Coffee


Email entry from Jorja

Since this is an email entry and there isn’t a site to visit to read the story behind the shot, I will include here Jorja’s explanation included in her email.

“This is a self portrait I took of my youngest daughter and I. She woke from her nap as I was making dinner. After nap snuggles took precedence over making dinner. I had my camera handy and set it on a self timer cuz I realized these were the moments I never want to forget.” – Jorja


Honorable Mention

We also have a bonus “honorable mention” photo. Even though this blogger, My Three Ring Circus, is located in Australia and couldn’t participate in the prize draw, she still played along and posted a fantastic shot. The look on her baby’s face is priceless. Thanks for playing!


PS After you have voted, make sure you stop by our Mother’s Day 2008 Giveaway post to enter all our other Mother’s Day giveaways.


  1. says

    All of those were just great! If that’s just an example of the selections you had to go through, then I do not envy having to pick so few!

    I voted for Geek Parenting, ’cause that is exactly what my mommy experience sums up to at this moment in the trip.

  2. says

    I LOVE the self portrait of you and your daughter…what a TENDER moment! And such a good idea. I am going to do that more! =)

    thanks for chosing me as a finalist! =)

  3. Janice says

    Melissa – just wanted to let you know that the copy with Jorja’s photo was written in her email. It wasn’t me talking. I will go back in and edit that to make it clear. Sorry for the confusion.

  4. says

    Oh my gosh! Great photos! I love them all! They all gave me a big smile. Everybody has their own story of motherhood to tell. Even the people who weren’t “winners” (that’s me!) have shared beautiful photos that told their stories! Thank you all, ladies!

  5. says

    Wow! I can’t believe I made it to the finals. Mine sticks out like a sore thumb. All these endearing, heartfelt, artistic shots followed by my crazy boy in a toilet!

    Good luck to the finalists – I must have looked at over 100 of the entries yesterday and they were all incredible. :)

  6. Rachel says

    Wow – thanks SO much for putting me into the finals! I am so excited! Everyone’s photos are so great, and I can’t wait to find a moment (when my 16 month old isn’t wiggling in my lap) to read all of the stories behind them!!

  7. says

    That was a very very very hard choice.
    However, I cried with three of them, though the last tears were the best. I LOVE the sibling love one!

    That one did it for me!

  8. Lynn Thomas says

    Tara’s pic sums up the emotional bond we have with our precious gifts from God. That’s a true “mommy moment”, for anyone that is a mommy, you can “feel” this picture!!

  9. says

    I voted for ‘It’s My BLOG and I’ll cry If I want to’. The picture was beautiful and the story was heartbreaking. It brought tears to my eyes knowing that a child that small has been through so much, it reminded me of my nephew. There are millions of happy moments, but the ones that test our faith and our strength are the ones that truly inspire. Good luck to her. And I wish nothing but the best for her and her family.

  10. says

    I am so honored to be apart of these wonderful photos. Thank you so much for letting me into the finals. I love all of the submissions, they are just wonderful!

  11. says

    Such lovely photos! This is a great way to start my morning! Although all of them are unique in their own way, I voted for the e-mail entry by Jorja because something about that photo (and the corresponding message) just made my heart go pitter-patter.

  12. says

    Wow….what great pics to choose from and congratulations to the finalists! It warms my heart to see that Motherhood is expressed in so many unique ways. Now I have to vote?? Oh boy!

  13. says

    Wow great photos by everyone!

    Thank you so much for choosing me as a finalist! I still can’t believe my photo is up there!

  14. Marina says

    Wow! From a photography perspective, and from a “capturing the essence of motherhood” perspective, I LOVE this one!

  15. Marina says

    Wow! From a photography perspective, and from a “capturing the essence of motherhood” perspective, I LOVE the one from “Momology” with the little girl handing the green stem to her mom! I had to comment again, because I noticed the comments aren’t tied to the pictures, and I love this picture so much!

  16. Ingrid says

    This brought me back to a time when I gave flowers to my mom for Mother’s day. I can see the tears in her eyes and feel the hug she gave me. This picture even allowed me to feel and see the meadow in my mind from which I got the flowers. What a precious beautiful gift. I am sure many mothers have similar memories when they look at this gift.

  17. says

    I’m so honored to be included as one of the finalists! I really enjoyed looking at so many of the photos that were entered! Motherhood means so many things to so many people and it was fascinating to see the various photos!

    I have to admit — the moment I captured of CutiePie on the carnival swing may be my idealized moment of motherhood, but the baby in the toilet DEFINITELY captures the moment-to-moment reality of motherhood!!!!

    I love them all!

  18. says

    I love them all. I couldn’t find the photo I wanted to submit. Oh well. I think they are all winners. Beautiful photos, absolutely wonderful!

  19. Tom Busch says

    Awesome connection between the two of you Tara, a great shot of a tender moment. All the best

  20. Heather says

    I just can’t choose. “Bill, Miss and Brood” and “Geek Parenting” bring a smile to my face but the deep stories behind “Too small for me” and “Rio oso designs” make me ponder and re-evaluate my life and gain strength and appreciation for life. All so inspiring. How do you judge someones story.

  21. Jasmine says

    You need to have two awards; One award for the picture that _should_ win, and an award for picture with the largest following of blog readers. =)

  22. Barbara Hinkle says

    I will never forget the second I saw my first child – I was never the same again. My life changed forever because I had never know this kind of love. I am the mother of Miss, in Bill, Miss & Brood and I could not be more proud of her, my first born. A wonderful mother herself she is passionate about capturing those precious moments in time that will never be duplicated.

  23. Cindy says

    Bill, Miss and Brood, I came by this site by chance and thought I would let you know I just voted. I remember that very moment of my own, 4 times with each of my boys. That very moment, right there is perfect happiness in every way. The world is right, skies are a perfect blue and Heaven is shining down and the Angels are singing. Thanks for the great big smile. :)


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