Is there an Xbox 360 with Kinect under YOUR Tree?

Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the land
Each child dreamt of gaming, no controller in hand
Xboxes were wrapped and waiting under the tree
Parents slept soundly knowing their time would be free

Tomorrow the children would be up off the couch,
With Kinect in the house, there’d be no time to slouch
And Mamma and Pappa could get in on the game
All for the good, family time would ne’er be the same


Yikes, can you tell that it’s 4:30 am and I’ve been playing Santa and wrapping gifts all night?

As I cut and taped, I couldn’t help but think how many parents must have wrapped up an Xbox 360 with Kinect. I bet it’s one of the most sought after gifts this holiday season.

But with that thought, I couldn’t help but think how I wish every family could afford one. I truly think this unique new gaming platform can bring parents and children closer together as they have fun and get active as a family.

The more opportunities kids and their parents have to play together, the better. And I love seeing technology add positively into the mix.

Of course we wish we could give each of you an Xbox 360 4GB Console with Kinect, but well… we don’t wear red suits and certainly haven’t any flying reindeer, so the next best thing is a GIVEAWAY!

Yes, we can give one of you lovely readers an Xbox 360 4GB Console with Kinect!

If you think your family would benefit from some moving and shaking Kinect style, leave us a comment and tell us why you wish you’d had a Xbox 360 with Kinect under YOUR Tree.

Oh and in case you haven’t heard ALL about why Kinect is so awesome, here’s the score…

Xbox 360 4GB Console with Kinect

The new Xbox 360 4GB console with Kinect has built-in wi-fi, a black wireless controller, a standard definition composite A/V cable, a Kinect Sensor, the Kinect Adventures game, and even comes with a free one-month Xbox LIVE Gold Membership.

Kinect brings games and entertainment to life in extraordinary new ways—no controller required. Easy to use and instantly fun, Kinect gets everyone off the couch moving, laughing, and cheering. See a ball? Kick it. Control a HD movie with the wave of the hand. Want to join a friend in the fun? Simply jump in. Wi-Fi is built-in for easier connection to the world of entertainment on Xbox LIVE, where HD movies and TV stream in an instant. Xbox 360 is more games, entertainment, and fun.

Price: $299.99

About Xbox LIVE Gold Family Pack

For $US 99.99, you’ll get four Xbox LIVE Gold Memberships for the price of two. The Xbox LIVE Gold Family Pack includes:

  • Family Center, an easy to use destination for Family Settings and account management, which will be accessible to you on the Xbox dashboard. While Family Settings are available to all users, you must have an Xbox LIVE Gold Family Pack Membership to access Family Center.
  • Simplified billing that applies all purchase charges to the primary account holder’s billing account and the ability to authorize purchases, helping to manage the family’s entertainment budget.
  • The primary account member has the ability to purchase and dispense Microsoft Points allowances to secondary Xbox LIVE Gold Family Pack members on the account.
  • Activity monitoring reports viewable on to help encourage discussions about safer more balanced gaming and entertainment habits.
  • Exclusive discounts on family-friendly games and other content on

Xbox 360 Family Settings are being taken to the next level this November. It’s Microsoft’s goal to provide parents and caregivers with tools and resources to manage their children’s gaming and entertainment experiences, and these features are available to all Xbox LIVE members:

  • Family Programming that removes all mature games, movies, and content from the dashboard, based on ESRB, Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) ratings and the TV Parental Guidelines system . Family Programming is password protected, and easy to turn on and off for each member. (Compatible with international ratings systems.)
  • Title exceptions – the ability to allow your family members to play specific games above the console’s designated ESRB rating if you deem appropriate. (Compatible with international ratings systems.)
  • Intelligent default settings for Child, Teen, and Adult profiles. Xbox will automatically assign default privacy and activity settings for each member that can later be individually customized.
  • Family Settings are displayed prominently in the My Xbox channel. Current tools include the Family Timer, which allows you to control the amount of time – either daily or weekly – your children may use the console.

Visit for a new video and simple guide on safer gaming with Xbox 360 and Kinect, or download step-by-step guides for how to set up Xbox 360 Family Settings on the console.

Wanna Win It?

We’re giving an Xbox 360 4GB Console with Kinect away!

If your family didn’t get a Kinect from Santa this year, leave us a comment and tell us why you wish you’d had a Xbox 360 with Kinect under YOUR Tree and you might get us sending you one!

This giveaway is open to BOTH US continental shipping addresses AND CANADA (Yay!) and closes on January 7th. We will announce the winner on Saturday, January 8th, 2011. This giveaway is void where prohibited. Please see our site’s terms and conditions for our complete contest rules.

(Hey Canadians, did you catch that? You get to enter, eh!)

Please Note: Janice was provided a review sample. Our opinions are always 100% our own!

Written by Susan Carraretto, co-founder of 5 Minutes for Mom.

Talk with us: @5minutesformom and


  1. says

    As a mom of four, 2 boys, 2 girls, of diverse ages, I’m always looking for ways we can spend time together having fun. I know this would be wonderful for that.

  2. Marcella Cook says

    My family couldn’t afford an Xbox Kinect this year because DH hasn’t worked since Febuary. He has a brain injury from Iraq, and his job won’t let him work with the unsteadiness that it gives him. Soooo…with that said…the Kinect would be really good for this family as it would help DH with his balance and it would be something that he could do with Monster! There’s so many things that we’ve had to give up with everything going on, that it would be good to actually do something new.

  3. says

    My kids would love an XBox Kinect, but I’d love one too. While not a big gamer, I was completely transfixed by this product! I’m completely clutzy, and the thought of not having to hold a remote or stand on a balance board while gaming with my kids is the big lure for me. :) It just looks like a whole bunch of fun! What a fabulous giveaway! Merry CHRISTmas! :)

  4. says

    My in-laws have a Kinect and our family played some Kinect games last night – talk about fun! And the whole family is doing the activity together – which is awesome. I also love the video chat function especially since our family lives out of town. :)

  5. says

    I just had a baby & don’t know if I’ll be able to afford. Gym membership & trainer next year. I’d love to have some fitness games that my daughter could do with me.

  6. Dana White says

    My kids would freak out if they got an X-Box!!! We all love playing games as a family and spending fun time together!! Thanks and Merry Christmas!!!

  7. Kevin E says

    We are not getting an Xbox 360 with Kinect under our tree this year, but I wish we did! My kids would love the Kinectimals game! Our 3 year old boys have trouble using the controller for Wii, so the Kinect seems like something they can actually use with ease!

  8. Ursula says

    It looks like it has great workout games (which I need) as wel as fun family games (great for my four kids) and I to play together. Thanks.

  9. Tawnda says

    I wish I had an Xbox under my tree because this would be a great way to get moving and shaking (and exercise & calorie burning… shhh, don’t tell ’em! ☺)

  10. says

    I would love to have Kinect! We would use it to exercise (it’s hard to get out to exercise with 3 little ones) and to engage with the kids as we introduce them to gaming. :-)

  11. Angie M says

    I would love to win the Xbox Kinect. I think it is great that you don’t just have to sit in a chair and play games anymore. Now you get exercise too! Amazing.

  12. says

    I would love to win an Xbox Kinect for my son. He has had a pretty tough year and REALLY wanted one from Santa. Sadly it was not in Santa’s budget this year.

    Thanks for the great giveaway!! :-)

  13. Stefanie says

    We’re couch potatoes who don’t get enough exercise & we need to remedy that. Having a Kinect would be a fun way to get & keep us moving (& together at that!)

  14. Debra B says

    It sounds like it is really fun and getting some exercise at the same time is a huge bonus, especially over the winter when we tend to be indoors more than out. And it’s great for adults and kiddies! We would love to win.

  15. fokxxy says

    I wish I had an xbox 360 with kinect under my tree because my son is super bored on his holidays right now and this would definitely keep him busy!!! We would have so much fun with it!

  16. says

    I’ve never been much of a gamer so I don’t usually go crazy over the new big things but my kids have been *dying* for this one and I must admit that seeing them roll around on the floor playing Kinectimals would make me smile. I’d love to see them playing together for a change, rather than pushing each others’ buttons!

  17. says

    My husband says because he is just a kid at heart! He always gives so much to our children, I would love to be able to give him something he really wanted (and can share with the kids)!

  18. says

    We weren’t able to have an Xbox Kinetc from Santa this year. I don’t think it is because we were ‘bad’ though. We were all definately good enough. We were so good at paying our bills and staying ahead of the game and not in the red that there was just no way we could afford such a gift. The two children in our house were extra well behaved this year. Being four and five isn’t always easy, heck, neither is being 34 though. There was no serious fighting, hitting or non sharing this year. My husband Steve and myself made it to our eight year anniversary this year after a very rocky seventh year (yeah for us). We adopted two cats and raised our own chickens this year. All in all, it was a very good year for us. So, our bills are paid, we are happy in love together and we just don’t have an whole lot extra to spend on an extravagent gift such as the Xbox. (thank goodness craft supplies are not so costly and my girls love to craft).

  19. says

    No Kinect under the tree this year but plenty more to be thankful for. :) A XBox Kinect would be great because it would get my kids moving even more. Oh…and it would probably get my butt up as well. Happy Holidays!!!

  20. says

    I wish there was a Kinect under our tree because I know my hubby would love it and my daughter would also totally love the animal game I’ve seen commercials for.

  21. says

    We actually have the 360 (just got it a week before the Kinect came out) and my hubs REALLY wants the Kinect. But, it’s one of those expenses I can’t justify right now. haha Especially after the 360. haha

    If we won, we’d definitely gift the 360 to someone else!!

  22. says

    We would love to have an Xbox 360 with Kinect for our family! We haven’t had a chance to upgrade our system (we have a regular XBox) and it would be neat to be able to play the newest games. Thanks for the chance!

  23. ivy says

    No Kinect under the tree this year. However, my three-year-old played with my cousin’s Kinect (Kinectimals) the weekend after Thanksgiving and has fallen in love with the idea of having a pet tiger to explore and play with.

  24. Katie says

    I wish we had one under our tree this year because we would have so much fun together playing as a family, especially while we’re snowed in!

  25. Sarah W says

    We spend the who day together as a family on Christmas, eating and playing. It would be great to have the XBox so that all of us, even the grandkids could play even more!

  26. Heather says

    We want one SOOOO bad! We have been thinking about getting one later in the year but just can’t afford it right now… We would love to win this!

  27. Sandra Brower says

    Like a lot of families, this year has went from bad to worse. With cost of living prices going up every day and the loss of my job 2 years ago, we have all had to learn to do with less and less. This Christmas is meager with mostly the decorations to celebrate the holiday. My kids are troopers and don’t complain even knowing the oldest two won’t have any presents under the tree so the little one can a have a few and not get her heart broken. I wish we could have had an Xbox 360 4GB Console with Kinect under the tree for all of us to enjoy together. That is the blessing that we have received this year is being closer and learning what it means to truly be there for one another. It isn’t always easy to stay close when every day is hard and even the kids can feel the stress of living day by day. We do have our good moments and there is always at least as much laughter as there is tears. The silliest things can make us break out in some corny song or bust out in laughter. We love Christmas and I can’t wait to cook a big meal for everyone tomorrow, the one thing that will let them all know I love them and would do anything for them. As a single mom it is hard to watch them go without the things I know they want but it also makes me proud that they are so willing to give instead of asking for something for themselves. We are delivering a bag of stuffed animals, new, but from the time I had a good job and could put back things for presents. Instead of asking for them for themselves they all told me they wanted to take them all to the church to put in with the holiday meal boxes in case there was a child who didn’t get one for Christmas. My kids work hard every day helping me take care of a horse ranch, that just pays for our rent, and the two oldest work a few hours a week to help pay for their own clothes and help with the bills when I can’t make ends meet. So, yes, I truly wish to put a game for the kids under the tree. Thank you for the giveaway. Because of you and other bloggers like you, I have won a few gifts for the kids or items for the house that I wouldn’t have been able to afford. Thank you again and Bless you all.

  28. pam r. says

    I would just love to win this for my husband; they have many games he would love to play, right now he’s stuck with the wii games :)

  29. Kristen M. says

    The full body tracking is one of the coolest game console features I’ve seen. I’d love to have one to keep the family active while indoors and keep me in shape after the baby is born!

  30. Aura says

    As my oldest son is getting older he’s not so into his parents anymore- I would love to have something that can get my son active and interested and interactin with the whole family. Plus the Kinect doesn’t have any remotes to lose or break and my little kid can join in too

  31. says

    My daughter and my best friend are absolutely addicted to playing games together. This would be fantastic to have this. I think my mom and I would also join in!

  32. angie williams says

    I feel horrible because I couldn’t afford gifts for my husband and son this year. I am scheduled for surgery so we thought we could just wait and have Christmas when I get home. Now I feel horrible Adian’s not going to get a Kinect I guess he wrote santa and asked him for his mommy to feel better and that I would if I had a Kinect! Ha ha poor kid.

  33. says

    We would love a Kinect to play with especially in the rainy season when the boys cant get out and play as much. I would be great to have something with out a hand held device that I think they are going to throw thu the tv!

  34. Lachelle says

    We had to sell our XBOX when we moved to a new state for employment and my husband and kids would be in heaven if we had one under our tree! We would have lots of family time as a result.

  35. Amy Brewer says

    I don’t have one under my tree. My kids would love it to win one of these…They see the commercials on television and really want to have one. I couldn’t afford to get one and other gifts for my 3 kids. Money was a huge factor for this year. I wish they could of got one and I have to admit I would love to play with it as well…

  36. says

    My son really wants one. That is all he has been talking about for weeks. He is so sure he is getting one but we can’t afford to get him one. The whole family can use this for family night or working out with it.

  37. says

    My whole family would just love playimg together with the Xbox 360 with kinet. How cool is it that it follows your movements and you don’t need a controller. Even my youngest could play along with us. Family game night would be that much more fun!!

  38. says

    I would love to win the Xbox 360 with Kinect- it looks really neat!
    My little family and I love to play together. Since paying off debt is our first priority, this kind of a gift wouldn’t be possible for quite a few years. I would love to see the look on my children’s faces if they got this gift. And for that matter- I’d love to see my husband’s face too!

  39. Serena Debolt says

    My husband is just recovering from a ruptured disc with sciatic nerve damage, and is going through physio. This is the perfect tool for him to get off that darn couch and start working his back and legs again.

  40. says

    Why would we love one? Well, my ds16 would die if something like an XBox showed up under my tree. I, howevr, would really like one because I’d like to try some games to get me moving. This is my year to lose some major weight (50 pounds) and this would be a fun way to do it…plus, the bonding factor with ds would be great!

  41. Stephanie Brown says

    I have three boys and I know they would really love one, but I just don’t have the money to get them one this year. Winning one for them would be great, they would have fun and get some exercise doing it!

  42. says

    Our oldest son (7) has some coordination problems that go along with his speech disorder (he’s non-verbal) so we’re always on the look out for things to help him gain coordination.

    We happened to walk by a Kinect display at Wal-mart where you could actually try it out. Amazingly, our oldest son had a blast and was actually able to move the character in this game. We’ve tried similar styles of games in the past and he had trouble controlling the characters but with the Kinect, he did great. He had some trouble with staying in the play zone because he’d get so excited that he was doing it. And of course, our youngest son thought it was fantastic that they could play together and they both agreed that this should be put on their list for next Christmas since we had already completed this year’s shopping. It would be amazing to win one and surprise them with it.

  43. Amanda says

    Oh my goodness! Would my family love this. Most of the boys in the family enjoy playing video games on the computer but it is hard to find one the family could enjoy together. With this console the whole family could enjoy. I also have three nephews that would get a kick out of playing!

  44. Chacooy says

    we aren’t gettng one under our tree as it wasn’t in the budget. I am & have always been a firm believer in extracaricular activties so my son isn’t in front of a television all day but I love the idea, concept and ‘no controllers’ that the Xbox 360 & Kinect offer. It’s not only a way for my son & the rest of the family to get exercise but to have fun so you dont feel like your working out! Thank you for the opportunty what a great after Christmas-Chhristmas present!

  45. says

    What a great giveaway! We need one as being really older parents with a four year old and grown kids and grandchildren….. we need something that all of us can play, will help us keep up with newer gadgets/technology, will get us active (and we need it!). Even though we are tired alot as any parents would be, this would be a great energizing, connectional gift. Merry Christmas!

  46. ellen says

    Writing this Christmas morning- and no XBox here! I think this would be a great way to have fun and exercise- have attended a bazillion twitter parties trying for one and heard nothing but great things about it. Thanks for the chance!

  47. staceyx says

    oh ya thanks for including canada !! i would soo love this , i have 3 teens and to have a game that has them on their feet and moving around would be awesome, then i would play woth them too

  48. Lilac says

    I would love to win a Xbox 360 4GB Console with Kinect . Everyone is saying such good things about it. It would be a lot of fun and involves full body gaming. I love that is responds to your voice. My family would love this. Thx so much for the chance.
    Merry Xmas

  49. says

    My family would love to win an xBox 360 with Kinect! It wasn’t in the budget for us this year but it would be a wonderful opportunity to bring my family together in family centered gaming!

  50. Cynthia Mercado says

    I would love to get this for our family! We are on a limited income so could not afford it. We play games together and this would be another great way for family game night! Thank You! This would make Our Holiday so much brighter!

  51. says

    No XBox under our tree but a lot to be thankful for. This would be a great family addition…we all love playing board games so this would just be an added bonus! Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  52. says

    This was one thing my kids wanted and did not receive. This was way over our budget. My son has sensory processing disorder and some other social and behavior problems so our Wii is one way for him to connect to other people and socialize. I think the Xbox Kinect would help him with his physical needs as well – he is overweight and also gets axious and chews on the controllers.

  53. shala_darkstone says

    Hi, I’d love to have an XBox with Kinect so our family could play a variety of games together. I love that it’s so interactive.

  54. says

    We would love the Xbox 360 & Kinect. It would be the perfect game to play with both the littles and the big kids in our family. I think we could even get the grandparents involved! How Fun!

  55. Brenda Rupp says

    We’ve been looking at the Wii but were told the xbox was much better. I want something that all of us, when our friends are over, can interact with! Being couch potatoes is definately not good for us!

  56. says

    My kids would love the Kinect, especially the game with the lion that you can pet- we keep seeing it on t.v.. I think the adults in my house would love this as well, it would be good exercise!

  57. CaroleM says

    Oh we talked about it, even talked about picking up one post Christmas, but just couldn’t justify the cost. But we want one for us and the kids. I the exercise game I’ve seen would be so good – especially after Christmas!

  58. Annette P. says

    We don’t have a game system of our own but have played Dance, Dance Revolution and Guitar Hero when visiting relatives out of state. So much fun! I can only imagine the good times we’d have if we won this. Also, our house is midway between 2 culdesacs, so it is ‘the’ house to meet-up and play at. It would be awesome to share this with our neighborhood friends! Thanks for the great giveaway.
    the4peels at yahoo dot com

  59. Linda Kish says

    It looks like such a fun way to play games and, more importantly, to exercise. I need one. Please choose me.

    lkish77123 at gmail dot com

  60. pixie13 says

    No XBox Kinect for us under the tree today. I’d love to have one as I’m looking forward to getting in shape after the Holiday Season is over, & this sytem would be the fun way to do it :) Plus, my 2 kids would love it!

  61. Jendi says

    This was on my wish list this year, but Mommy’s gifts come last. We don’t have any gaming system and the activity would really help me make it through the winter with 3 young children.

  62. vickie couturier says

    We didnt get one this year because of finances,but the grandchildren wanted one so badly,this would be a g reat thing for them to all share at my house,I have 7 grandchildren so it would get used quiet a bit ,none of them have one at home either,so this would a such a great late Christmas gift for them to learn to share at my house,thanks for the chance

  63. Jennifer C says

    I would love to win an XBox 360 with Kinect – Sadly it’s not something that can fit into our budget for a long while to come. However I know my kids, myself and my husband would all have fun with this. I especially like that it doesn’t use a controller because sometimes the little ones just can’t handle controllers correctly. So they could just relax and have fun also. It would also be nice to have around when friends or family come to visit. What a system to get everyone moving!

  64. says

    Our family would love, love, love to win this. We are video game junkies and everytime that darn Dance Central commercial comes on, it makes me want to get up and DANCE!

  65. says

    We have a Kinect already. However my sons God Mother has 3 children who would LOVE the kinect. She is already drooling over mine. My 3 year old loves the Adventure game it comes from and I know her children would enjoy it as well. I would love to win and be able to give it to them to enjoy as a family as we do at our house.

  66. says

    We’d love to have this because their’s a basketball game that our grandson wants that isn’t made for his Wii! He’d love to have the xbox/kinect, too!
    someluckydog at gmail dot com

  67. says

    We’d love to have this. I have one very active son, and another who’s a a bit of a couch potato (but loves games). I think this would get him up and moving!

  68. Allison McGrady says

    My son has been asking for one of these since they came out but we definitely can’t afford it! I would be an awesome gift for him!

  69. says

    No Xbox for us this Christmas even though it was dearly wanted. I was thinking of getting one after we get income taxes but it just depended on what else needed to be done. Hopefully we could win this one and the kids would be happy!

  70. Betsy Hoff says

    We are SO behind in technology! These look like such fun and something for us to do together with our older kids :) Would love to have one these for my family!

  71. Samantha D says

    I wish we would have got one of these under our tree because my boys (and my hubby) would be SO excited to get one of these! I love that you can use your body as a remote!
    So COOL!

    Samantha D

  72. says

    We had a tree fall on our house in April, we just finished rebuilding the area and added a media room (small, but still) and we don’t have Xbox 360 and would really complete the room!

  73. katklaw777 says

    Why…cause my son would go bananas. What a wonderful treat it would be to have this under the tree. Great giveaway, thanks.

  74. says

    I wish we’d had an Xbox 360 with Kinect under our tree because I have two children still at home (12 & 9) and ten grandchildren that come over to spend time with us. When they all get together, they can get kind of wild. It would be nice for them to have something they can all play together!

  75. kathleen says

    Who wouldn’t want that?! My husband would love to play together and our kids would too when they get a bit older!

  76. annaliza says

    i wish i could have the kinect so our family can enjoy each other’s laughs through the fun and silly expressions we make during the games. thanks for the opportunity!

  77. Marlena U. says

    We don’t have any gaming equipment in our house (unless you count the ORIGINAL Nintendo that is boxed away!). We would love to win this as I think it is amazing what it can do and how your body can interact with the system…very fun!

  78. says

    Although I would definitely love to play the XBox 360 with Kinect with my family, I would actually donate this to a friend in my Mother’s group. She is married with two children (5 and 1 year) and is battling thyroid cancer. Money is tight for them, and this would be a great addition to their household.

  79. Corie says

    I really wanted to put an xbox 360 and kinect under my tree for my son. He’s a good kid and is a really great big brother, he also has done well in school this year so i just feel he deserves it, and i would love nothing more than to be able to surprise him with it.
    Thanks so much for the chance!

  80. judy brittle says

    I was really hoping I could put an Xbox with Kinect under my tree for my 2 grandchildren who live with me. They have been asking for a game system and I feel so bad that we can’t afford one for them. They are such wonderful children and its so hard on them having to live with us I would love to bring some happiness into their lives.

  81. Amanda A says

    I would love to have the 360kinect for our family for 2 reasons…….
    1. I have two great kids, 4 and 6, that really do deserve something this awesome for putting up with mom and dad’s crap this year.
    2. This is exactly what I need for them and my husband so maybe when baby gets here I wont be spread as thin.

  82. tennille says

    I saw some kids trying it out at the store the other day and it looks great-I would love to win it for my family. And thanks for letting us excitable Canadians enter. It is nice as this is such a great prize!

  83. says

    We did not get one of these this year. I think we are one of only a few from what I can tell by viewing friends pictures. :( I heard that this system is a GREAT workout and with no controllers it is even easier for kids. That would work nicely in our house. Would also do great for starting to help us get active.

  84. says

    We want a kinect and xbox cause it looks AWESOME !

    My two kids would LOVE it.


    I really, REALLY want to try the Biggest Loser with kinect game.

    And my bro got one and I’m totally jealous :-)

  85. Eileen says

    Id love to have this for my family…as there is a huge age spread of 6 kids from 11-29 and this would be SO fun to play for all of them to “KINECT” and cut that age spread when we get together!. We get tired of playing cards and old games. I love that they have the Family settings too…have never heard of this!


  86. says

    Our gaming equipment includes …. ummm … WAIT … we don’t have any gaming equipment. The last gaming system we owned was the original Nintendo! I really wanted to surprise the boys with a gaming system this year but the money just wasn’t there. Winning this would make a wonderful birthday gift for them!

  87. Alicia P says

    With three boys under 7 we would love, love, love to have an xbox with kinect to help burn off some of that energy! It would especially be nice to use this winter when its just too cold to be outside for long periods of time.

  88. says

    Our kids really wanted this! It looks like a lot of fun but sometimes it is difficult to justify getting things, you know? Like when is it overboard? Are we totally spoiling our (high school and college aged) kids?

    Of course if we win it, it’s guilt free!

  89. Kimberly says

    I wish I’d had an Xbox 360 with Kinect under my Tree because this is something our whole family would be abe to enjoy together, especially right now, during our cold weather.
    I like the idea of the wireless controller.

  90. Shawna OBrien says

    I wish I had a Xbox 360 with Kinect under my tree for my boys because they are very active and this would be a fun activity for them that will also get them moving around more to help them burn all that energy they have.

  91. Jeanette Jackson says

    I wish the Xbox 360 with the Kinect was under my tree because I will be trying to lose weight for my son’s wedding in June and this looks like a really fun way to help me reduce

  92. Anne says

    We want a Kinect because it looks like so much fun, and I love the idea that the kids would be active while they play video games.

  93. says

    Over the holidays, I was sharing with my parents about how we got Nintendo 5 years after the gaming system came out. My most recent gaming system, generic old X Box. Would love to get into the 21st century with the Kinect and be on the forefront for the first time in my life. Please don’t make me keep playing my Atari.

  94. Amy Norman says

    I have tried and tried to win an Xbox with Kinect to help my 6 year old son as his fine motor skills need to be improved. Also, it would help me lose some baby weight after I give birth this coming August. :)

  95. says

    We need an XBox 360 with Kinect because our whole family needs to get moving for better health! This would be fantastic for our son who has just discovered his love of video games.

  96. Melissa P. says

    The XBox 360 with Kinect would be perfect for both my son and I. With the winter months, what better way to move and groove than with the this awesome system. Not only would it be fun but it would help to keep those unwanted winter pounds away. : )

  97. says

    I have three energetic children who are coped up in the house all winter. Two of my children are autistic. They love to dance during theme songs at the beginning of every show. This prouduct would be perfect for them. Too pad I couldn’t save enough to get them one. With a total combined income less than 50 g and the cost of medical bills it may never be possible. Thanks

  98. Melissa S says

    With 2 out of 3 kids having birthdays in January, right after Christmas, this would be a welcome addition – we all would love it!

  99. Vilmarys says

    I wish we had this under our tree. This is another great way to have families spend more time together which is exactly what my family needs!

  100. says

    I wish I had received a XBox 360 with Kinect for Christmas because it would be wonderful to replace our stolen Wii. Yes, we are still recovering from our break-in of Feb 2010! It would be nice to have some good times with the family to help forget all the horrible moments of 2010…it would be a great way to start of 2011 right!

  101. Steph says

    I would love the Xbox Kinect so my kids could get some great exercise in these cold winter months. Such a great and fun way to keep them active and fit.

  102. says

    oh I wish I could win this because my kids so badly wanted one for Christmas and we just couldn’t afford it this year!

    Also I think it looks really cool. The kinect part intrigues me and I’d love to see it in action. I think my boys could work off a lot of their excess energy using it and that is always a good thing!

    I’ve also heard that Olivia could play kinect and that would be really cool- it is hard to find a gaming system that all 5 of us are able to play.

  103. says

    We would love this under our tree, because hubby and I would use it to help loose weight. There are so many great games for the Kinect that would lead us in the right direction to losing weight. Besides my husband is a total gamer and he has been wanting this under his tree. Just sad I couldn’t get it for him.

  104. says

    Well, I have a few reasons. We do have a used PS2 that I bought a couple years ago from Game Stop. It’d be nice to have something a bit more current and have games that are still being made for it. We’re also in MN and not big outdoorsy people (at least not in the winter). I can’t afford a gym as a single mom of 4 and have no other opps to really be active and fit thru the cold winter MN months. Work slows down and that means my daily activity comes almost to a screeching halt. The Xbox and Kinect would be fantastic in these long winter months! Of course my boys would totally dig it. The only way we’ll ever get one of these kinds of consoles is to win it. LOL

  105. Angel S. says

    I would love the Kinect system to help my family Connect – playing together is great! My oldest is almost 17, the youngest 9. That is a big span. How great to have something they could do togher!

  106. says

    With 3 boys (ages 5, 6, 7) in the rainy northwest, anything we can do to get them moving and playing together is fantastic. We live in a tiny house and are the “working poor” on an affluent island. I would love to give our boys this gift!

  107. says

    We have no video games in the house, because I don’t want my kid focused & planted in a chair. I want them active and engaged. I hear this game is a great family game and requires activity. I would enjoy some family play together and love the response from others I’ve heard about it.

  108. db says

    I would love to have X-box 360 with Kinect because it offers active family time at home. It would get everybody of the couch and get us moving more.

  109. Holly says

    We’d love to have an Xbox with Kinect. We enjoy playing games as a family and this would just give us more options and at the same time keep up active. :)

  110. says

    I would of love to gave this to my daughter because she does not have any fingers on her left hand and so playing games that require her to hold a controller with two hands makes playing very difficult and frustrating.

    But with the connect she does not have to worry about that.

  111. Kim says

    I wish our family had one under the tree to interact with the kinect and it would give us hours of entertainment along with laughs :)

  112. says

    I have heard awesome stories and experiences with the Wii Kinect system, from a educational, health, and emotional impact. Oh how I would have loved it when my daughter was non verbal but now at a speech delay – I think it would benefit her greatly! Plus it would bring us together even closer as a family!

  113. says

    This would be such a great after-Christmas gift for the whole family to enjoy. We love having people over and this would be a great hit for get-togethers as well.

  114. Robyn A. says

    I wish we got one. One, so that I would have a fun way to work out . Another reason, it gets so hot here in the summer that we really need more ways to move and grove indoors.

  115. Heather Adams says

    I wish we had gotten a Kinect this year for Christmas because we have no gaming systems at our house. We have five daughters and I’m sure we’d all have a blast playing this together.

  116. says

    The Kinect would be perfect for my family because during the long winters, we all go stir crazy. Plus it looks like a good workout, which I could totally use!

  117. Naomi says

    I sure would love to win this for my kids. They are both in physical therapy and could really use this to keep active indoors while the snow flies outside. Thank you for this opportunity!

  118. says

    My two boys have been asking for one of these, and it just didn’t fit in the budget this year. They played the adorable animal game at a cousin’s house. I’d love for “Santa” to leave this as a late gift that was maybe lost on the sled. The boys even said they’d donate the Wii to “needy kids” if we got one of these. Great Giveaway!!

  119. Dina says

    I didn’t get an Xbox 360 under my tree and hoped I would. I did get a hoodie though. That’s all I got for Christmas this year and I’m not complaining. :-) It’s a nice hoodie from Old Navy.

    I really would love an Xbox 360 with Kinect because I need the exercise! I tried Kinect at Best Buy and LOVED it! I know my family would have so much fun.

    Thanks for the chance! :)

  120. K. Warren says

    An xbox 360 and kinect would be an excellent way for my two boys and I to spend family time together. And while we are having fun my boys and I will also be getting an awesome workout! It’s so much easier exercising when you’re having fun doing it!

  121. says

    We didn’t get one for Christmas, as we couldn’t afford it. But after playing with my friends last night I am now going to start saving for one. But winning one would be awesome!!!

  122. Jessica says

    We could really use an Xbox Kinect. We have been struggling for years and all of our money goes on our kids so they can have fun. My husband and I have forgotten what it’s like for us to have fun. It would be wonderful for us all to have fun.

  123. JD Northwest says

    I’m a big fan of XBox and I have a growing number of family members and friends with them. I would have loved to have one under the tree this year so we could connect on XBox Live. I think having an XBox with Kinect would be a blast for the kids to watch their mommy and daddy dance wiggle and jump and then join in to have the family fully engaged in the games. Seriously, some awesome tech.

  124. Rebecca B. says

    My husband is totally addicted to video games… he comes home from work and plays Black Ops. His days off, he plays ALL.DAY. He plays so much that he wears XBoxes out… the one he has now is about to die on us. And he’ll spend money we don’t really have to buy a new one, no matter what I say or do.

    If I had a new system, first of all, I could set my girls up with Kinectimals… they love to “play” with their daddy and I would so much rather them play something that doesn’t invovlve blood and profanity. And then my husband would have to play with them, not play his game. Second of all, I could use the game my brother got me for Christmas to help work out and relive the stress that basically being the only parent (let’s face it… he doesn’t help me out) of a 2yo and a 15 moth old put on me!

  125. Jori says

    Our family would love this! The Xbox technology looks so cool, we would having a great time dancing, playing sports, and pretending to pet and play with the animals. Plus, it’s something active to do indoors during our long winter!

  126. elaine says

    We borrowed one on xmas day, and had so much fun playing with the family all day! I would love to have one so we could have family game day

  127. Katherine L says

    As a mom to 5 children ages 4-15, one of the 5 being a foster child, I would love for my family to win the xbox! Our foster child has never experienced a gift such as this and it would be incredible for all of us to share in the joy & fun of an xbox;-) it was his number one request, but we just couldn’t afford to make it happen. Thank you.

  128. jules says

    No Xbox 360/Kinect under our family’s tree this Christmas … a little too pricey for our budget these days! We have 3 kiddos & a large extended family & friends who are here … A LOT. This would be such a great way to entertain everyone while keeping people active, and having a lot of laughs. Please count us in for this giveaway, and thanks for the great opportunity! Happy holidays to you & yours!

  129. cindy champion says

    I wish i had the kinect to I could get my butt in gear and start playing some fitness games. I like the idea of the kinect better than the wii, in that you don’t have to use the remotes. Sounds fantastic!

  130. Heather says

    As a mom of 4 children I’m very engaged in keeping them fit and moving around (as well as my husband and myself). I would LOVE the Kinect for my family, it’s a great way to keep the whole family happy and moving around, especially when the weather isn’t amenable to being out of doors. I actually rearranged my LR this December to accommodate the Kinect and make room for the whole family to play but we were unable to purchase it due to mounting bills so… This would be an epic win!

  131. Caroline says

    We didn’t get an XBOX this year because we got a Wii back in the spring. The Kinect looks even better than Wii Fit and I know the whole family would have a blast playing it!

  132. says

    I wish that we had a Xbox 360 Kinect under our tree because we have to cancel our gym membership due to financial strain and it would be great to be active with the entire family! That dance game looks like so much fun and our family loves to dance!

  133. Jeni says

    I would love to have one it would make working out fun plus the kids could get up and move around and have fun doing it

  134. says

    I personally, find it impossible to find the time to work out, what with taking care of my babies (3 and 2), going to school part time and working full time in order to pay our bills and for my school (my hubby just got out of the military and is having a really hard time finding a job). I think that having this would help me with this whole getting-my-weight-under-control-thing, and then maybe, just maybe, I could stun my currently-depressed hubby.

  135. says

    Way to pricey for us… each of the kids (teens +) got a $25 GC to something they liked… that was the best we could do this year…

    But Oh man, family game night would take on a whole new spin….how I would love to challenge my teens — show them a few things! HA! I know for a fact that we would be laughing our bee-hinds off having a go with Kinect.

    Just giggling and smilng thinking about the possibilities.
    Oh and YAY!!! for Canada — they are in this to win it too! WOOT! WOOT!

  136. Kim C says

    I would love to win this because for the longest time my older kids have been begging me for a WII, now that the Kinect came out this yr the begging changed to that. I have not been able to afford either since I am a stay @home mom but would love the chance to win the Kinect. .

  137. Angela G says

    As a single mom of 2 little boys I just could not afford to put the Kinect under the tree this year even though they had both asked for one. My youngest has a birthday in Jan. so I would love to be able to fulfill the Kinect wish for his bitrhday. Have a safe and blessed New Year. Keeping my fingers crossed :)

  138. Debra N. says

    We played this system at our cousin’s on Christmas and we loved it!!! It was PERFECT for our toddler because she could participate without the hastle of using a controller. She doesn’t yet have the dexterity to manage a controller. This is a system she could use successfully, making it great for our whole family to play together. It was also a much better workout for us than our current system. We would just LOVE having a Kinect!!!

  139. Brandi A says

    Wow! I would soooooo love to win this! :) I know my son, hubby and MYSELF would get so much use out of it! Thanks so much for the chance to being one of these into our home! :)

  140. Martin says

    Our family enjoys the Xbox but feel the Kinect capability would really add a new element of FUN!!! We have seen in action at the Minnesota State Fair also at Best Buy.

  141. Sommer says

    I would love to win this because my husband wants one sooooo bad! I wasn’t able to get him one for Christmas because we used most of our Christmas to make sure our kids had a good Christmas and got what they wanted. It would be so awesome to win this for him and give it to him for his birthday next month!

  142. April says

    I would love a Xbox and kinect. Both of our kids are teenagers. I think this game would be great family bonding. It looks like so much fun!

  143. says

    We did not have the money to purchase a gaming system, but it is something that we could definitely use… it’s the rainy season and we will be mostly house bound until April! Even typing that out sounds depressing (;

    With two toddlers we all need something to help us keep active and that everyone can participate with.

  144. says

    My four kids and I would so enjoy this. Getting the kids up and moving is something I always try to get them doing, and this would just make things more fun. Plus this is all my 9 year old daughter wants, and she didnt get one.
    Thanks for the opportunity.

  145. veronica parish says

    My children wanted a kinect so bad for christmas,but I could just not afford it this year.Being unemployed really sucks,but they got toys and they really appreciated them.They asked me if santa would bring them one next year I said maybe,so I hope I win they would be so excited.They would appreciate it so much and so would I.

  146. says

    Between my fiance and myself we have 7 kids. Our finances were really bad this year and we weren’t able to get them any gifts for Christmas. This would make a great late Christmas gift that everyone could enjoy.

    Also, i have fibromyalgia and arthritis and i am unable to do a lot of the things that i used to do with the kids due to pain. I think that i would be able to use the Kinect as a FUN way to start moving around a little more to start loosening up my muscles while at the same time spending some quality time with my kids.

    I greatly appreciate this opportunity.

  147. SuZ says

    I would like this because I want to DANCE!!! I see the Kinect commercial for Just Dance and I want to be that cool. :) Plus my hubs could play all those annoying man games :)

  148. Heather D says

    In all honesty, I think it would just make our family nights that much more fun! As my kids turn into ‘Tweens I’m trying to embrace the moments as I can. Silly as it may be, playing a video game together is it at times. Yes, they do grow too quickly.

  149. Kari L. says

    I love the idea that our whole family can be active and having fun while using the latest in technology! I can see the youngest of kids having fun with grandparents… looks very user friendly, which is not usually the case with gaming systems. Thanks for the chance to win!

  150. Chelsey says

    This would be great for my family because we can have fun while being active and together. Plus, our daughters are old enough to want to play, but too young to do well with buttons and such. What an awesome giveaway!

  151. Btrflywmn says

    My kids asked for this, but we just couldn’t get it. It would be so AWESOME to win for them. Thanks for the chance to win.

  152. Britnie says

    This would be so great to win so we can play as a family while it is cold outside. My kids have played it at the store and love it.

  153. says

    Thanks for this fantastic opportunity to be able to win and play some family games together Techie Style! Love that they are interactive now with sports and song and DANCE! ☺

  154. says

    I SO wish we had a Xbox 360 with Kinect under our tree because my two boys, ages 4 & 6, are totally enchanted with the Kinect commercials. The ads show kids moving like animals to interact with other animals. My kids think that’s the best thing ever and they are dying to try it. I too need something to get me moving around. It looks like a ton of fun. Thanks for the chance to win!

  155. Ty says

    Just what I wanted for the holidays/my birthday (which was yesterday)
    I still have Kinect on my wishlist. I think it would be great for the family. I plan to use it for P.E. for with my children and as a workout for hubby and I.
    Thanks for the chance!

  156. says

    We considered selling our wii to make up some of the cost to get the xbox360 with the kinnect but didn’t. My 3 boys and myself would have endless hours playing it. We’ve had a rough year with the hubs being unemployed but have a hopeful outlook for 2011. Winning this would make it brighter!

  157. Diana says

    This would make my grandson so happy. I am his grandmother and only person to give him presents and could not get it this year. I barely got them anything and feel so sad that I failed them. Child support is 3 months behind and I’m on disability and 140 a month afdc gets enough food for a week. This would be a Christmas we wished had happened.

  158. Natasha says

    We would love to have an xbox 360 with kinect because it looks awesome! We love to have a good time together as a family and have friends over to play so this would be great fun for us all!

  159. Lisa Roussel says

    I would love to try the fitness programs they have. More exercise is always at the top of my list of New Year’s resolutions.

  160. DHicks says

    This would be incredible for my godson. He comes to see me fairly often and being that his father is in prison, we both cherish the the time we spend together. What better way to spend that time together than playing Xbox360!

  161. Debbie H. says

    What a way to bring family and friends together – not only during the Christmas season but at any time during the year.

  162. says

    I’d love to win this contest for my younger sisters. They are quite busy with school and extra curricular activities, but this gaming system would provide them with a time in which they could play and bond with each other. :)

  163. Summer says

    I wish I had one of these under my tree because it looks like so much fun. I love to find games that my husband and I can play together. I think this would be perfect. :) Thanks for a great giveaway.

  164. says

    Oh, we have started over from scratch after being homeless all summer, this is all that the boys wanted for Christmas, unfortunately we didn’t get any present quite that big…wouldn’t it be a joy and a treat if we won :)

  165. says

    I would love this for my family of 7 kids. We always are looking for ways to bring us together and this would be a great way for that. We are going to be officially blended after out Yule engagement and this would be a great gift to give the kids from us big kids :)

  166. says

    We would love the Xbox/Kinect system after seeing the ads for it. I love that the kids can be the controller, since my son sometimes struggles to figure out how to work a controller for other games. Plus, it just looks like it would be a lot of fun for the whole family!

  167. says

    Hi Susan! I love this new interactive “generation” of gaming, don’t you? It’s great to be able to move along with the games…it’s more fun (+ healthier too)!

  168. Samantha R says

    I would love to win this for my husband and son!!!! …I would probably use it a little too, but they are the ones who would love it!

  169. andalene says

    We unfortunately were not able to put an XBOX Kinect under the tree this year but our hopes are still alive for next Christmas. Good things come to those who wait. God Bless everyone this New Year – about 33 min.

  170. Corey says

    I really hope that I can give my kids all the things that they desire and thankfully for me, this year it was not an XBOX KINECT. I got away with a Barbie jet and NFL 2011. THe kinect would be an awesome play though and our family loves to play video games together.

  171. says

    I need one because we want to work out and feel like we’re playing here in our house. Plus having a 3-yo daughter doesn’t leave much time for working out in front of the TV without her trying to do it, too, so why not make it crazy fun for all of us? :>

  172. Karry Knisley says

    It would be a great way for the family to try and get fit indoors during the winter while having fun and quality time together.

  173. says

    I’d love to keep my boys active and creative, while doing what they love…video games! My littlest has special needs and the vivid images would be really appealing to him. While he can’t use controllers…he can use his body with Kinect! What a great way to get him to be included with his brothers!!! Thanks!

  174. Kerrey Reyes says

    We *need* one of these because it would be so good for my family and me to move a little more, and the kids to burn off a little of their energy. Plus, with 2 special needs kids, not having a controller to get thrown into the TV would allow me to relax a little more!

  175. says

    My kids love playing the new type of video games that involve moving around. We want the new xbox one because you don’t need those annoying remotes! This would be a great thing for our family to spend time together!

  176. says

    We have a family of six and would love to win this awesome Xbox 360 with kinect!!! We are always running from practices to school etc and this would be so fun to have some family time. My kids love to play games and this would definitely be a joy to have!!!

  177. AutumH says

    You know my husband suggested we get an xbox and the kinect for Christmas but I kept telling him no,the kids didn’t need it and so on. New Years Eve we spent time with friends and their kids and I watched my boys thoroughly enjoy themselves as they moved and jumped around to the kinect system. This would be great for the family to play together and just plain wonderful if we won! Thank you for the opportunity.

  178. says

    Never in a million years will I be able to afford an Xbox360 with Kinect. I’ve had my eyes on a Wii for quite some time but after reading about Kinect, I think I like this better! My kids and I greatly need some movement exercises. Sounds like this would be a fun way to do so.

  179. polly says

    this would be perfect for my little grandson when he comes over to visit and i’m sure we will have some fun with it also!!!!

  180. says

    I would love to give this to my son. He plays video games with his college buddies as a means of stress relief between study bouts. This would be so perfect!

  181. says

    We would never in a million years afford one. I really want one because its a great way to interact with my family and squeeze in family nights. Plus it’ll help me with losing wieght.

  182. says

    What a GREAT giveaway!! We didn’t get one under our tree this year :( My brother has one and brought it to our big family party… and we all LOVED it, even my little one played and she loved it! We WANT TO GET ONE, so count me in! Woo hoo!


  183. gayle b says

    I would love to win this prize. Becoming more fit is one of my more important goals this year and I do believe that this would help me. This also looks like a great system for fun, family times, and what family couldn’t use more of that!

  184. Mary B says

    We lot games that we can all move and have fun as a family! I’ve heard nothing but amazing things about the Kinect.

  185. Sarah says

    I would love to win this! My boys want one so bad and I would love to be able to give it to them!


  186. Kerrie G says

    I wish I had a Xbox 360 with Kinect under MY Tree! My 3 boys would be ecstatic! I have heard great reviews about the Kinect, I think it would be fun for my husband and I too!! A good way to get in shape for the new year!

  187. Ann says

    We didn’t have an xBox360 with Kinect under the tree. Our family would love to have this for game night, togetherness and dance/fitness!

  188. says

    We would absolutely love the X-Box 360 with Kincet. The kids have seen it and that is all they talk about. We love spending time together and playing games. All kinds not just video. But, I think we could have some mad fun with this!

  189. laura says

    We don’t have a gaming system and would love the x-box 360 with kincet, wouldn’t have to go looking around for the controller, have a hard enough time finding the remote for the tv

  190. says

    My grandson Kenny had meningitis when he was barely two years old. While he was at his sickest, he had several small strokes which left him mildly impaired as far as fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination. One of the things recommended by Physical Therapy for improving his coordination was a video game system. They have been proven to help in this area. Kenny gets teased because he isn’t like the other kids, and I’d love to be able to give him something that would help him gain some strength and make him feel better about himself. We don’t have the money to buy him one and his parents are struggling to put food in their kids’ mouths, so the only way he’s going to get a system is if he is gifted with one.

  191. says

    2010 was the worst year of my life, I lost my second husband and had to struggle through the entire year. Sometimes we need a little help finding joy and fun. Having a new family game system would go a long way in bringing some fun and games into my home. I would love to win it.

  192. says

    I wish we would have had one under our tree to get the family more active without having to join a gym. We have a very busy schedule so it’ s not easy to fit in exercise. I think with having an XBox360 I would have been able to get up in the morning and do it before going to work. I got to try it out @ Sam’s Club while we were out Christmas shopping. It was fun unlike boring exercise videos that I have stored in my tv cabinet.

    It would have brought a smile to my 6 year olds face too! He wanted one really bad but with our sitter quitting child care I knew it wasn’t in the budget since he was going to have to return to a daycare facilities.

  193. Bonny MacIsaac says

    I would love to own one for the simple reason our family could have more fun together and get exercise at the same time. They really do look like al ot of fun!

  194. Jen Hagen says

    I would love a new XBOX 360 w/ Kinect! With my husband deployed, getting time to work out is a challenge and with an XBOX 360 w/ Kinect I just may be able to squeeze in a workout during naptime or after bedtime…and did I see that they have lots of children’s educational games too? Perfect!! That would be a blessing in disguise to get one! Happy New Year!!

  195. says

    Santa sadly didn’t leave a xbox with Kinect but we’d love to win. My daughters and I love to dance and to be perfectly honest between Kinectamils and the Just Dance game we’d all have so much fun with it. Okay so Just Dance is for me, it looks like so much fun! And could be a great way to get in shape, at least add to what I’m doing.

  196. debi says

    I would love to own one of these. in hopes that it would bring the family together for some fun family time and a great way to get the kids off the couch and exercise.

  197. says

    Our Santa couldn’t afford a Kinect :( but our family would love to have one so we can have fun and active family nights. Mommy wants a Kinect for excercising purpose since she was recently diagnosed with hypertension and told by the doctor she needs to do some form of aerobic exercising at least 30 minutes a day.

  198. Jill H. says

    I had actually planned to get a Kinect for my girls and me…so far I’ve dropped 30 lbs on Weight Watchers, and wanted a Kinect as an exercise option for me and my girls…but the Grinch took my job in early December, and our house blew it’s main sewage line….so Christmas was very sparing this year. I’d love to win for me, and my girls.

  199. says

    I would love something like this to help my 10 year old with Cerebral Palsy with his coordination. Plus, it would be something great for the entire family to do together.

  200. says

    There was not an Xbox Kinect under our tree this year, but my 9 year old and 19 year old son would have been happy to see one. This was probably the only gift that could actually bridge the time gap between the 2 boys. This year we were a one income family so I could stay home with the 2 year old, so big electronics did not make the list this year. We all had a nice Christmas just the same, and were blessed to have each other. The boys are excited about the Kinect because they love the “motion” type games and not having to hold a controller while playing seems like the best rout to go. To tell you the truth, it has also peaked my curiosity and I wouldn’t mind taking a stab at it! :)

  201. crystal allen says

    my 10 yr old son really wanted an xbox 360 with kinect under our tree. i would have loved to have made his dreams come true but i wasn’t able too this year. his 11th birthday is jan. 18 and i would love to be able to surprise him with one then . thanks for a chance to win an xbox with kinect. clallen at ntin dot net

  202. says

    My 10 yo daughter came home from school 2 days before they let out for the holiday asking the dreaded question, “Is Santa Claus real?” The next day she put the XBox360 w/Kinect on her wish list to Santa. Of course this was like 3 days before Christmas and all the gifts had been bought so there was no way she could get her XBox. I really wish that she could get it late if nothing else to maybe carry her over through one more year of innocence.

  203. Glenn H says

    My family would have loved to have an XBox360 w/ Kinect under the tree.
    My kids have been bugging us for one of these systems. They wanted a Wii and we held off.
    These seem to be very popular and I guess if the kids do play video games, it;s better to have one that forces them to move around and be active. They have played it at a friend’s house and they really liked it .
    Thanks for the opportunity and exteneding this offer to Canada :)

  204. Amanda says

    We did not have one under our tree, but I wish we would have. My daughter is getting to the age when she would be really fun to play with. I have seen the commercial with the small kids “controlling” the animals and it is the cutest thing. I also think they have fitness/exercise games that would get me motivated in the cold winters.

  205. says

    I would love an Xbox kinect under our tree because it will keep our family moving while spending qualilty time together! My husband is going away for 6 months for the military and this would be a great way to “KINECT” before he leaves and on a visit home! We didn’t buy ourselves any presents this year, we used it all for the kids, so this would be a great suprise for my husand and family.

  206. says

    We are a HUGE gaming family, we have a PS3 and Wii. I’m totally lusting over an X-Box 360 and Kinect!! I know my kids would get a kick out of it (4 and 2) and I know my husband and I could totally use a workout too!

  207. says

    Oh I wish we had gotten one at Christmas. We got to play with one on Thanksgiving and it was so much fun. The Kinect is just amazing!!!! I really want one so I can play the dance games with my 3 year old daughter. She would love it.

  208. Anita says

    I would love to win this! I can picture my family moving around having fun dancing — and NO ONE is fighting over a remote!

  209. Shannon D M says

    I would have liked to have one under my tree so we could have fun family time & lets be honest mom guilt. My daughters 4 & her friend is also 4 & he got one for Christmas as in his OWN! They already have one in the living room but he wanted his own to go with his other present a flat screen tv. I know my daughter see this but I’m sorry we just don’t have that kind of money (neither do they but….) I would have loved to get one for her but we just don’t have the funds and it would be for all of us in the living room! I know that we all would have a blast with it and maybe I could get this baby weight off 😉

  210. jennifer white says

    I would love to have this for my kids, I ha
    ve twin girls that are 5 and my son is 11. They would hopefully play togrther and get some exercise.

  211. Kei M says

    It would be great to win one of these for our family. My youngest son would have less frustration with the Kinect than he has with the Wii remote when trying to do interactive games. Not to mention no more adults smacking themselves in the head, legs, etc with the Wii-mote when dancing 😉

  212. Heidi C says

    I would love to have something like this to do with my kids and husband. What a great way to spend time as a family and be active at the same time instead of playing a game from the couch! I hope I win!

  213. Allie says

    I wish we had recieved one under our tree because I think exercising with the Kinect would be healthy and fun for the whole family!! Thanks for entering me!!

  214. Gina Gambino says

    I have to boys who are 15 months apart and I would absolutly love to loose some of the baby weight and have fun doing it too. I would have loved to have a kinect under my tree this past year but unfortunatly my husband was layed off 4 days after christmas and we knew it was coming but not that soon so we were only buying gifts for the kids.

  215. Janelle says

    With three active kids cooped up in the house for the too cold winter months, anything that would allow them to burn some of their energy would be a blessing! Not to mention that *I* would love to play with them.

  216. Shaynie cleveland says

    we sadly couldn’t afford one this year with 6 kids to buy for between us. my husband is currently deployed and has quite a time left still away from us which made christmas really tough especially as we only been married 6 months. our son has aspergers and is missing him so much and this xbox would help him with his interaction problems, and give him something he can do with dad on his return. it would just be the best bit of news to win this :-)

  217. Kim says

    Would love to win this…my kids have watched it being played and we all think it would be a blast. Going on vacation and would be nice to come home with a win for the kids.

  218. Kimberly Hill says

    I am a single mom of 4 children. I have been a stay at home mom most of my adult life. I started working to get away from my second husband who became very abusive to me and my three sons in ’08; We left him August of ’09 after getting a Domestic Violence Order on him. Him and I have a daughter together who is turning 5 years old on January 11. A couple months after we left him he murdered a man and has been in jail since October of ’09. He sends letters addressed to my daughter but they are to me, which is breaking the DVO. I lost my job July 2010; but thanks to God and our church we did have a nice Christmas. I am planning a special birthday party for her turning 5; I’m trying to get her excited about her life, starting school, riding on the bus, being a big girl etc. I want her to know good things happen and she can be whatever she wants to be regardless of bad things that happen.. This would be a wonderful blessing for our family. :) Thanks for considering us.

  219. Brianna Beers says

    I just had a baby and Id like to workout to their interactive workout games. Also my 4 yr old is begging me to buy a video game for the tv for us to play and since Im a single mommy…I cant afford it right now, Id would really make out whole yeat if we won a Kinect!

  220. says

    Woohoo! This Canadian is super excited to be able to enter this giveaway!!!! Thank you!

    I think the thing I like the most is not having to worry about picking up remotes off the floor all day when I am at home. Or other various accessories which seem to just jump right out the game basket all on their own, because none of my children would ever leave them just laying around willy nilly. 😉

  221. says

    Best giveaway EVER!!!! Okay here’s why we are DYING to get a Kinect in our home:

    I just had a baby and want to DANCE that baby fat OUT THE DOOR!

    Main reason though is I recently started homeschooling my son due to social reasons at his school…. he’s autistic and kids are down right MEAN! This would be so fun for him to do for his physical education ~ we can dance together!!! OH I HOPE HOPE HOPE HOPE HOPE did I mention HOPE I win!!!!!!

  222. Harley Mansker says

    I would like to win this for our family. We have wanted one for awhile I know my family would love it. We never buy Christmas presents for eachother so we can use what money we have towards the kids and other family members. Fingers crossed!

  223. Elaina Gray says

    I wouldn’t know whether to keep it here for the grand-babies or sent it home with them. Nah. It would definitely stay here. A little bit of persuasion so mom will let them come over more!

  224. Sarina says

    Because I think it would be an incredible after Christmas surprise for my family! I am a Mom of four fairly hyper boys. So not only could I use the break but they could use the exercise! 😉

    I haven’t ever won anything…but its always worth a try!

    Crossing my fingers and toes and eyeballs…

  225. Jody says

    Winning this game system would bring so many smiles and so much fun to the children in our family. This would be such a great way to spend some time together laughing and having fun with everyone. We are always in need of more smiles and laughter in the house. There’s nothing better than a child’s smile and laughter.

  226. Laura Jones says

    I would absolutely love an XBox and Kinect for my kiddles the adorable pet game would keep them blissful and engaged for hours! Crossing my fingers and toes : )

  227. Raivn says

    We would love to have one of these. My son only got thrift store toys this Christmas, and I wish I could give him something like this, but we could never afford it.

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