Tackle it Tuesday – Replacing a Dryer Cord

This wasn’t the tackle I was meant to do, but it was too good to pass by.

I finally got my washer and dryer out of storage and was ready to commence operation laundry. I hooked up the hoses to the washer and ran the water to it and was ready to go. I then went to plug in my dryer — big problem. I have a four prong plug, and the wall was a three prong outlet.

I stood there, plug in hand staring at the four prongs and then the three holes in the wall wondering what on earth I could do. Did I need a new dryer? Did I need a new wall?

I ran to my office and got on my computer to find a solution. Surely the internet would be able to tell me what to do! Apparently, I needed a screwdriver, and a new dryer chord.

I go to our local Home Depot and ask for the chord. The man said I could not do it. Immediately, I smelled a challenge. He was an older man, an electrician prior to retirement and he told me to tell my landlord that I needed a four prong outlet, and we would need an electrician.

Thanking the man for his help, I corralled the kids and headed to the other Home Depot in town. I walked up to someone and asked where I could get a replacement dryer chord with 3 prongs. The young man escorted me and gave me the cord. I then found the tool section and bought a 98 cent screwdriver and a monkey wrench (It was an impulse buy).

I get home, and look at the about.com article one more time before I start. The boys were napping on the couch and it would be the perfect time to concentrate.

I unscrewed the back panel of the dryer and put the screws into the detergent measuring cup by my feet.

I stared at the exposed wires and took a deep breath. I always get a little scared of wires, and thought about my husband who is a bomb expert and ran a “blue wire, green wire” cutting scenario in my head — Enough! I thought. Its just a dryer, not a bomb.

I detached the four colored wires and had successfully taken out the silly four prong cord that was halting operation laundry.

I reached for the new cord, so pretty in its bag and ready to bring life to my dryer. I lined up the wires to the connectors and screwed everything in nice and tight.

I closed the panel and fastened everything back in place, pushed the dryer back against the wall and took a deep breath. I made sure both my feel were firmly on the ground and placed one hand on the wall to electrically ground myself — this prevents getting shocked, something I am always phobic of…I even do this at the gas station.

I plugged in the dryer, turned the knob and pushed start. SUCCESS! I never thought the sound of my dryer would make me so deliriously happy.

So Operation Laundry has commenced, and dare I say has not stopped all day. Today I have Tackled my way into my own Hero’s list.

What about you all? What are you tacking today?

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Written by 5 Minutes for Mom editor Carmen. You get our feed, right?

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  1. Marni says

    You did greeeeaaaaat!

    Did you enter my giveaway yet, Carmen? It’s only got until Wednesday close and then I announce the $75 Gift Card Giveaway winner!

    • Carmen says

      Yeah, I had to move back to take a picture, but there was no electricity running through it, and there hadn’t been for at least 6 months, so I was safe. =)

    • Carmen says

      I was scared to do it at first, but when the husband is deployed, a wife has to to what a wife has to do. Everything always needs fixing when hes gone!

  2. says

    Wow, when I first seen your post I was instantly intimidated but you made it look so simple! I might have to bust out the tool box and find something to fix.

    • Carmen says

      I was intimidated at first too, but I HAD to get laundry done. Plus women are much more talented and able than we give ourselves credit for. I almost caved and called my friend to send over her husband, but after reading the instructions a few times I knew that it was something I could do. Feeling very good about myself and super empowered!

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