Under the Tree 2010

We just love the holiday season. It truly is the most wonderful time of the year. We are looking forward to the expressions of our little ones as they excitedly run to the tree on Christmas morning. We are already planning our holiday travel, looking forward to feasting with family and friends.

We can’t wait for Christmas music and laughter to fill the room, as we reflect on the past year and take time to thank the Lord for all He has done.

For some, this upcoming season might paint a different picture. There are many struggling this year. That is why we plan on sprinkling some Christmas hope and joy out into the community, helping families in need, with our third annual Under The Tree program here at 5 Minutes for Mom.

Under the Tree is about getting some of that Christmas magic (bloggy style!) right to some families who need it!

And here is how we do it — with your help of course. :)

We will choose several families to sponsor this Christmas.

The wonderful companies who are taking part in our Christmas Giveaway 2010 are donating items for our sponsored families.

So, in addition to providing prizes for our readers to win by commenting on the individual reviews, the companies participating in the Christmas Giveaway 2010 are providing presents to these selected families who are in need this Christmas.

We are so blessed to partner with such generous companies.

We know there is so much need out there, especially in these difficult economic times, but through Under the Tree, we hope we can share the spirit of Christmas and ease the burden from some families who just don’t know how they will be able to provide presents for their children this Christmas.

How you can help?

If you know a family who will not be able to provide presents for their children this Christmas, please nominate them in the comments below or send a private email to us at info(at)5minutesformom(dot)com. You can also nominate your own family.

Please leave personal information, such as last names, out of your nomination, but do include the number and ages of the children.

It’s going to be very tough narrowing the nominees down to just a few families. But due to the fact that we only have a limited number of gifts, we will have to make those hard decisions.

Since we do not want to disappoint anyone, please do not let the families know that you are nominating them. If we choose them, we will contact you to verify the details and then determine if the families want to accept the gifts.

Please note that we will also not post personal information about the families that we select. We’d like to keep it as private as possible.

We will do our best to match presents to children according to their age and gender, therefore the families we choose may be determined by the suitability of the gifts we have.

We will keep the nominations open until November 19th, 2010.

Please feel free to also post one of our Under The Tree buttons on your blog or site. Click here to get the button codes. We greatly appreciate you spreading the word and commenting here to show your support.

Your enthusiasm for Under the Tree and for the participating companies generosity helps pave the way for future projects!

THANK YOU for helping us transform these families’ holiday season into a time of blessing and excitement!


  1. Melissa P. says

    I am nominating my sister and her family. They are a family of 7. My sister and her husband have 5 boys. There ages are 16, 12, 6, 3, 1-1/2. My BIL is the only person that brings in any income and that income is barely enough to pay the rent each month. He works a very hard labor job waterproofing basements but the pay is not much. They struggle not only to buy diapers and to put gas in their vehicle, but also with buying the little things like shampoo, soap, laundry detergent, and so on. So Christmas gifts are out of the question. They do not live above there means at all. They do not live off luxury, but necessity. But yet, through everything my sister stands strong in her faith. Every so often, when the need arises, she will watch a friends child to make a little bit of extra money. And she strecthes that little dollar as far as she can. She is always willing to help out others and will go out of her way to do what she can. She just loves people and I think she and her family so deserve to blessed this Christmas. I am praying that you can help. Thank you and God Bless.

  2. tiyuana jackson says

    i really need help,it hurts so bad to even ask,ive asked the local churches but they said i was to late.im a single mother of three boys 9 & 8 year old twins,i work doing house cleaning,i dont drive,take buses and always late.i am a cna but there are no jobs.i struggle to put food on my table and pay my rent.we do even have dressers in my home for my childrens clothes but we have alot of love.they understand as children but shounld have to,i just want to see them smile.if u can help,that wounld be appreciated from the bottom of my heart.if not i do understand and thank you just for reading this message.

  3. sherry says

    I am writing this on behalf of my children. I have 3 girls; 3,10, and 13. The 13 year old does not beleive in Santa but the other two do. We are currently not in our home as our electric just got shut off. We are staying with family trying to get money to get it back on, wich is putting us farther behind on rent. We are going to have to move. My husband wrorks full time and I was working part time, but couldn’t pay daycare. We have been trying really hard to hold things together with no help, but things seem to keep falling apart. The worst part is that it is happening at Christmas. Not only because we can’t afford presents, but will not have our own home. We are a family that is really into Christmas. They whole family decorates every room in the house together and have been excited about it for the past couple months. It breaks my heart that they won’t have that this year. So if they can at least have some presents, it might not be so hard. Thank you so much for the consideration, this is a wonderful thing you are doing to help people!

  4. says

    I would like to nominate my friend Jeanine and her husband Frank. Jeanine is a SAHM, that recently took a job in the evenings taking care of an elderly woman, and Frank is a graphic designer that has been out of work for almost two years. They are both the type of people that would never ask for help for themselves, but would rather help other people. They have two daughters, F is almost six and M is three. I know this Christmas will be extra hard for them because in addition to their economic situation Frank lost his father to lung cancer earlier this year. I would love for something positive to happen to this family because they definitely deserve it.

  5. says

    I’d like to nominate my sister-in-law. They have 4 kids: 23, 10, 7, and 3. The just lost their house and had to go through bankruptcy. They moved into their old house. My brother-in-law used to own a real estate business and I’m not even sure what he’s doing anymore because they lost nearly everything. She works occasionally as a fill-in at a doctor’s office. Last week, after they moved back into their old home, the pipes broke in the basement and they’ve had to tear up the floor in the living room. They have been living at my other sister-in-law’s for the past week. Several years ago they were the ones helping everyone else out. Now they are on the other side of things and I’d love to have you brighten the holidays for them. Thank you for the opportunity to nominate them.

  6. says

    What an amazing program. I am sure you have all the help you need but I am here if you need more help. Running to put the button up on my site right now.

  7. amy says

    I am writing to ask for help to provide my chrildren a christmas(13 yr boy,8&9 yr old girls) I have been a single mom for 9 yrs now.never did I imanage that this past yr would b so hard. I lost my job,but have finely found one. During the time I was out of work I got behind in all my bills. Everypay I struggle to pay my bills(each month things get cut off until the next pay) I am trying to provide for my kids I am all they have(dad hasn’t been around nor has he paid any cs) It breaks my heart that not only will they not have any gifts under the tree but because I just started a job,I will not even be able to see them wake up christmas morning. They are good kids and deserve something for christmas(my son has 2 pair of pants that fit him,an 1 pair of very worn sneakers) If only I could get them the things they need for christmas(socks,shoes,underwear,winter boots) I would be ever so greatful if you would choose to help me give a little christmas to these kids. I don’t care what I do with out as long as they have there needs met. I have managed to keep a roof over their heads,may not have soap for them to wash but what litttle I have I put food intheir bellies. Thank you for the oppertiunity to nominate my beautiful babies for a chance to have their needs met where I fall short.

  8. Jen says

    I would like to nominate a friend of mine. My friend, Kelly (Kay Ellen) has been a single mom to three boys (17,10 and 11) for quite some time now and let me tell you, this girl is not afraid to work! She has had multiple jobs at one time, many times. On top of caring for her kids she also takes care of her mom and uncle (who is pretty much her dad). Her “dad” has heart issues and has been in and out of the hospital the last couple of months. Kelly lost her job recently due to taking time off to be with her sick “dad” and also because she had to take time off because one of her sons needed surgery. I do not know how this girl does it. She keeps her head high and moves forward (without financial support from her children’s father). She is currently trying to get enrolled into a college. Kelly teaches her kids that Christmas is NOT all about getting but about giving. How awesome would it be to have her children be on the receiving end of Christmas this year? Thank you for considering the nomination of my dear friend.

    • says

      PS I already “like” you on Facebook :)
      I signed up for you newsletter and added your button to my blog! God bless as you help those in need.

  9. Vickie Couturier says

    I am nominating a sweet family from my church,They had it bad enought when he got laid off from his job an now he is working at a job at half his old pay,she found a job parttime,they werent making ends meet an then her 19 yr old pregnant sister moved in because she had no place to go,sooo sad,an her baby is due anyday now another little boy,they were too kind hearted to turn her away,so now the burden is doubled,she cant find a job until 6 weeks after the baby is born,they have little boys age 5 an 3,I hope we can get these wonderful young Christian couple an their family some help this Christmas,how many young couples could handle this burden ,I can get any more information you may need,thanks for the chance for them

    • Vickie Couturier says

      This family with 2 little boys,I forgot to add ,doesnt have a phone,internet,or cable/satellte TV,they have only the basics that they have to have,the new baby has arrived, the boys are 5 yrs an 3 yrs.,I hope you can help,thanks

  10. Jenny says

    I would like to nominate my family, I wouldn’t normally ask for any help. But at this time, my little one deserves to have a christmas. I have 2 children at home ages 18, and 6, both girls. My husband got laid off two years ago, and still has not found work. We had to move in with his mom, and my youngest daughter has been in and out of the hospital with ongoing medical problems. So, I got fired a year ago, because I was in the hospital for 5 days with my daughter, the bills for medical reasons have just been mounting up. Please help us give my daughters a christmas. Thank you so much.

  11. says

    Reading the comments, my heart was breaking. Thank you for doing this. I don’t know of anyone in real need. While many are struggling, we’re making it and certainly not in “need”. Hearing of those who don’t even have a home of their own, I realize how much we have been blessed. Each year our church collects gifts and food for those in the community who are in need. May all of us reach out to someone in some way this Christmas!

  12. Rhonda Dick says

    I am nominating my on family. My husband and I have separated (his idea) and I am a semi-unemployed mom of one tween and one teen. I am trying to find work but I have Crohn’s disease as well as I am in recovery from alcoholism and addiction to prescription pain pills. I am, however, currently trying my hand at my creativity and selling hairbows, bow holders, and boo boo bunnies. It is very hard to humble myself enough to ask for help but I realize that it isn’t about me. It’s about my two children that deserve to have a happy Christmas. We pray nighty for God’s will for our family. We know he is going to provide what we NEED but its hard for children, even teens, to understand why that can’t have the last technology or jeans and tennis shoes. Other children pick on kids who are less fortunate. I’m not saying all this for your sympathy. I am saying it for your empathy. You never know if and when you will find yourself in our situation. It has taken the bottom in my life to grow my spirituality and get close to my Father. It has also take this bottom for me to get to know myself and get in touch with my creative side. Those ideals are the blessing from these life lessons I am learning today. God could and would if he were sought. I’m praying for His will. If luck has it, not His will, you will choose my family. I know you will receive many stories and it will be a hard and tedious decision to pick the families you help. I do not envy you. But I do appreciate you and the opportunity for me to enter my family in this give away. Have a blessed Christmas and may you have God in your life daily for him to work miracles in your life as he has mine. Thank, Rhonda
    Contact information:
    Rhonda Dick
    P.S. Please call and email as I may have to chose soon as to keep my internet on or my phone. I pray not but they are not necessities. Thanks again.

  13. says

    I want to nominate my own family. As much as I feel I shouldn’t nominate my family, I do know that without help, my family won’t have much of a Christmas. This past year I have had several surgeries which has made my depression, bipolar, and fibromyalgia worse. I am a single mother and, though, Domestic Relations is involved, I never see any child support. My son, 12, has special needs and has major behavioral issues, i.e., last night he chewed a whole bottle of flouride pills. My daughter, 9, is gifted and the local school district isn’t keeping her challenged enough so now she is having behavioral issues too. I’m not sure what all you want/need to hear but I can give you more details, if needed. Thank you for giving me the chance to nominate my family. God bless.

    • says

      I forgot to mention I lost my house and car within the last few months. There is no local public transportation. I have a difficult time just getting to the store sometimes.

  14. Cariess Tutson says

    i am asking for myself and my 16 year old daughter. I have worked hard all my life. I moved back home from Florida to PA to help my parents. In the 3 years I have been here my health has deteriorated. I have been diagnosed with lupus, RA, Fibromyalgia and many other diseases that cripple my mobility that now has my parents taking care of my daughter and I. I have lost everything I worked hard for accept for my 24 years old daughter (now pregnant with my first grand son) and my 16 year old daughter along with my family. I desired nothing more for myself than to see a smile on my daughters face. She has spent so much time in taking care of me and wondering if I am going to wake up another day. PLEASE HELP ME SHOW HER HOW MUCH I LOVE HER AND I WILL ALWAYS BE HERE FOR HER.
    thank you.

  15. Stephanie Grant says

    I would like to nominate my sister in law who just recently went though an aweful time in her life she lost her husband and she has been struggling with rasing her 3yr old little boy while trying to go back to school and working nights as a waitress at the local pancake house and she was just telling us the other day that is is afraid that she isn’t going to be able to get her son anything for Christmas morning and it’s just really heartbreaking…my husband and I have done what we can to gather up a few gifts for the baby but with a toddler of our own and our own hard times I’m afraid that we just can’t give that much help. I really hope you do consider her and her son. Thank you for being so kind during this Holiday season…I just wish there were more people in this would like you.

  16. Maralda Davis says

    My name is Maralda Davis I have seven children ages 3months, 3, 5, 10, 12, 14, and 17. I just gave birth to my 3 month old baby August 14th 2010. I had complications during my pregnancy and I am still suffering from those complications even though I had my baby already. I can not go back to work right now and I am currently staying with my mom because of this matter I couldn’t afford to keep my appartment. I do not have any money to buy my children anything for christmas this year. I have been struggling for the past two years because I have been having a few medical problems and was not able to keep a steady job. Therefore my children were not able to get anything for christmas last year either. I am asking for your help because I just don’t want my children to miss out on yet another christmas not getting anything for christmas. Please if you are able to help me with giving my children a nice christmas this year I will be more than greatful for any and everything you can provide for us. Thank You

  17. Rona Lewis says

    My name is Rona Lewis and I have six children ages 16, 14, 13, 7, 6, 5. I am currently not working at this time and can not afford to buy my children anything for christmas this year. I haven’t been able to work because of my medical conditions. I suffer from high blood pressure my calcium level is 8 and I can barely walk some days. I am asking for your help with helping to give my children a nice christmas this year. I hope and pray that their is somebody out there with a kind heart that will help me to provide my children with a good christmas. I will be more than greatful for any thing that we can get. My home address is 3525 w. Douglas BLVD Chicago Illlinois 60623 apt #3. Thank You

  18. MARQUITA says


  19. says

    I look at the list of people asking for help and I feel so bad for everyone. This has been such a tough year, clearly for more than my family. I feel so bad about having to ask for help. My husband was laid off last year shortly before Christmas. They strung him on for eight months, during which he collected unemployment. He found another job and has been working for a little over two months now, but for way (about 1/3) less money than he was making before. We were barely squeaking by before…and then our renters moved out abruptly (after not paying rent for a month). I have two boys, ages 12 and 9. I cannot work because our oldest has severe ADHD and I have to be able to go to the school at a moments notice. I just spent the last week driving him back and forth to school (a twenty minute drive each way) because he got kicked off thebus. We do not need much, just a little help. Anything would be greatly appreciated. I have your buttons on my blog, and plan to blog about the Under the Tree Campaign. Please help another more needy family before us, there are so many.

  20. melissa says

    A family member who is a single mom with 2 special needs children (16 girl,22 boy) yes they are older but they are special needs and she is their sole provider. She also takes care of her 83 year old mother who has trouble getting around and cant get out of the house to do her errands. She also has a 26 y.o. daughter and a 2 y.o. granddaughter whom live 1900 miles away that she only gets to see possibly once a year. her income got cut in half so she barley makes $20k if that and takes care of everything and everybody. this year she can hardly meet their basic needs and has decided that she has to explain to her kids and granddaughter she can not buy them any gifts this year and both her daughters birthdays are only days after christmas.

  21. April says

    I would like to nominate my own family. I am a single mom of 3 boys. I lost my job last November and have been able to do short temp jobs, but am currently unemployeed. The stress I am feeling as the Holidays approach is begining to become overwelming. Because of our financial situation my Mother who is on SS and is a cancer survivor, and my Father who is disabled and is on SS, myself and my 3 kids have all moved into a house together. This house has a basement and my brother (who just had his plant close last week, so he is unemployeed at this moment as well, with 3 kids)and his girlfriend, all live together to help each other and to survive.
    The stress around here is rather thick. My parents tell me, it will be ok, which I know it will. But not knowing if your children will have Christmas or not is not a easy thing to deal with. I know, 3 yrs ago my kids got nothing for Christmas, not one thing. I could not afford it. It was the worst Christmas ever and I do not want to go through that again. Knowing you have no Christmas gifts for your kids is one of the most stressful things I have had to deal with.
    If you can find it in your heart to help my family in any way, it would be so greatly appreciated. If you could possibly help my brothers kids as well, that would be even better. I have 3 boys, and he has 2 girls and a boy.
    Thank you for your consideration, and even if you dont pick me or my brother, I understand its a very difficult decision on your part and that in itself is very stressful.
    So thank you very much and have a wonderful holiday season.

  22. Monica says

    Hi my name is monica i Am writing to ask for help this christmas i am a 22 year old single mother of a three year old girl who would be 4 years old next month. i am not working i am receving welfare at this time and all i would like is for my daughter to have a nice christmas this year so if you can please help in any way please contact me back at my email monica21574@yahoo.com
    thank you

  23. Amber Phillips says

    I am nominating my family. My mother and I live together in a house in Muncy, Pennsylvania. We struggle to pay the rent and utilities every month, along with buying groceries and such. My mother is an amzing person who loves everyone. She tries so hard to so that we can make it. I am a college student, and being a full time student makes it so hard to work and make the money that we need to get by. My mother worked at the mall in a department store, but can no longer do so due to a chemical allergen. The perfumes and such make it very difficult for her to breath. She is currently seeking some disability, but the process is long and tough. My brother is currently in prison, which also makes this time of the year very stressful and sad. My mother has tried so hard for so long to achieve a descent life for us, but it seems like when things are beginning to look up- something else happens. My family would be forever greatful to recieve something like this giveaway. My mother does not know that I am nominating our family, but I just wish that for one Christmas things would begin to look up for her (us), rather than struggling.
    Above all else, our family is very close and we love each other very much. A gift like this would allow us to spend time together and enjoy the season rather than focusing on money or bills. In my study at school (Human Services), I know that there are an incredible number of families that need a gift like this as well. I chose my major because I want to help families like this through the tough times like we are still in now. It feels good to know that there are gifts like this being given to families in need!

    • Amber says

      My brother’s children that my mother is helping care for are Blake 4 years old, and Peyton 1.5 years old.
      I (Amber) am 22 years old, and stuggle with the desire to be a “normal” college student and be able to focus on my studies!

  24. Maria says

    Hello I’d like to nominate my own family. We are a family of 5 including 3 daughters ages 4, 2, and 1. We’ve been through a lot these past couple of years. We went from being self employed with a great business to being basically homeless and without work. Due to the recession, we had to close our business down because there was no work out there. We also fell behind in all of our expenses and had one of our cars repossessed. Then a little after that our home went into foreclosure and we chose to sell it to avoid having a foreclosure. We had no where to go. We ended up staying with an Aunt who is currently renting us a room in her home.

    We miss our old life, but are happy that we still have each other and a roof over our heads. Our daughters have begun asking for Christmas presents and to decorate like we used to. But that will not happen this year. My husband barely makes enough money to keep us alive and a roof over our heads. My daughters deserve some happiness in their lives. They really miss their home and still ask to go back. They do not understand that our home is no longer ours and that we can never go back.

    Please help us to be able to provide Christmas presents for them. We have no money for Christmas this year. It’s really tough. God bless you and thank you for reading.

    Maria Z.
    San Bernardino, CA

  25. Heather says

    I would like to nominate my own family as well. My fiance and I moved back to Maryland from Kansas where we had our own home… our own vehicle … the kids had their own room… to a 2 bedroom house with my grandmother. I am currently trying to get disability which anyone that has done knows is a long drawn out process. My fiance has a job at a local convenience store but that doesn’t pay much either. We have 3 children, 10, 3 and a 6 month old baby. For the past year we have been trying to save up money to purchase a used vehicle .. but somehow the savings keep getting depleted by necessities that pop up. I just want to be able to see my children smile again and to be happy. We do not live on public transportation and can not afford to take taxi’s everywhere as they cost alot.. but twice a week I have to spend that money to go to physical therapy for my back and I may have to have surgery. I dont know what we are going to do but Christmas certainly doesnt look very promising this year. Please help me remember the joy of christmas past. and give my children something to look forward to. God Bless. Heather

  26. Angel S. says

    I will say, I don’t envy you right now. SO many familes are hurting and in need. Our story isn’t more desperate or sad than any others here. Just more of the same hard times, wondering how we are going to make it through the next month, let alone Christmas. My husband lost his job, we had no income or unemployment etc for 6 months, found a job at half his pay and then got his hours cut even more due to the economy. We marvel each month at how God is providing for us. We lost a lot, but not our faith. Our two sons (9, 16) have learned a lot through this process, about trust and placing value on what’s truly important. I’d like to add our name to your list for my husband’. He works so hard, is such a good person and just seems to be stuck. I’d like to lighten his burden this Christmas, with one less worry on his plate.

  27. shannon kittrell says

    I am nominating my own family . IM a 40 yr. old single Mother of 3 . I have always worked and provided the best that i can for them . However this past Sept. 2010 I was diagnosed with stage 4 Vulvar cancer and went through my first surgery . I am unable to work and Im getting ready to have my 2nd surgery on Dec. 1 st . I am absolutly heart broken that i cant work and give my children a wonderful Holiday . Im so very Thankful for any kind of help this season . I wish all of you a Very Happy Holiday 2010 . My oldest is 20 and has asked for ONE thing that his Mom win this fight . My next is 13 and wishes the same , but wishes to just have something for the Holiday . Then i have my youngest who is 5 . He dont really understand why Mommy is so sick and cant get him even the little suprises when he comes home from K so im very sure hed love to have a Christmas this yr.
    Thank You , Shannon N.Y.

  28. Maralda Davis says

    My name is Maralda & I am a mother of 7 ages 3mos, 4, 5, 10, 12, 14, & 17. I just gave birth in on the 14th of August to my baby girl. I was having complications during my whole pregnancy and I almost lost my baby girl but she mad it through it. During my preganancy I lost my ability to walk on my own without being in pain. I had problems with my hip & my knee & the doctors didnt know what was wrong & I am still having problems with my hip & knee even though I had my baby already. Yet, even though I am having complications I pray every day & I keep on going as if everything is fine. I am not able to return to wrok at this time so therefore, I am not able to buy my children anything for christmas. I have been having problems since last year when I lost everything I own in a fire. I wasn’t able to do for my children last year either. I just don’t want my children to have to suffer two years in a row not being able to get anything for christmas. I am asking for help to give my children a christmas this year & I will be greatful for any & everything that is given to me for my children. My address is 1441 n. monitor Chicago Il 60651 God Bless You All Thank You.

  29. Kathryn Stepanek says

    I am writing this to nominate my own family. I am nominating my family because my mother means the world to me, and recently she has undergone some tough times. In September my mother was sent to the hospital due to kidney failure. Since then she has been put on a strict diet, and must go into dialysis three times a week. My mother is finding it hard to keep up with her bills, groceries, and simple expenses such as gas money. My family consisting of my youngest sister, 12, my two younger brothers 15 and 18 and my mother all deserve a good Christmas. It breaks my heart to think about Christmas because I know my mother cannot afford it, but she works her best to give my brothers and sister a great life. We never had to much money to start with, but we always made it through. Now this year we have been plagued by this burden as well. In the midst of everything happening to my mother, it turned out that my mother’s health insurance was canceled and now she can’t even afford her medical bills. In addition to this, she cannot work very many days of the week due to her dialysis appointments. To further this my mom tried to get on disability to help her pay the bills, but the disability check she would have received would not cover her expenses. Thus my mother went back to work even though the doctor told her she needed to take at least three months off. She went back to work in three days instead. My brothers and sister got jobs just to help my mom pay for gas money so that she can go to dialysis and groceries. I am attending college right now, and can only send home a little bit of money. I am crying writing this because thinking about it makes me upset. I send home the little money i have after part of my paycheck goes toward my tuition, and then i have no money to go home and visit my mother. I really want my mother to have a great Christmas, and i know that if my brothers and sisters have a good Christmas that would put a smile on her face which in turn would mean the world to me.

  30. lisa Harrison says

    I am mother of two boys I have breast cancer I just had my surgery last week! I start my chemotherapy on Monday. I don’t have any money to buy them anything I all so take care of my nephews who live with us.my bills are over due.my boys are 14 AND 15 AND MY NEPHEWS ARE 17 AND 18. I JUST WANT THIS CHRISTMAS TO BE A GOOD ONE THEY BEEN THROUGH TO MUCH THIS YEAR AND MY SON FOUND HE HAS LUPUS. THANKYOU AND GOD BLESS YOU ALL

  31. michele says

    I would like to nominate my own family. In may we lost our 11month old daughter to a tragic accident. Then followinf the accident my husband lost his job. We have to other daughters 10 and 6. Christmas will be rough this year for them not having there baby sister there. We are also struggling to get the electric turned back on. I hated doing this but there are so many caring people out there and I hope to be able to contribute next year

  32. pamela says

    oh dear, i want to pass along anything i can to anyone who might need something. i have a bag of mega blocks, a couple of baby einstein dvd’s and a book to go along with it. i think i can find some clothes for anyone in need also.
    with that said, i need to nominate my own family for this. i am utterly without an extra penny. i am a single mama of three girls. my ex left one week after i learned i was pregnant with my youngest, now 9 months. i also have 5 year old twins. i am a stay at home breastfeeding and cloth diapering mama and we do homeschool, and i try to sell the things i can make for a little extra money (which is just getting me by paying for the minivan i had to buy on my own). i did have to break down and get food stamps so we can eat. i’m deaf and we are currently living with my parents on their 3rd floor. i plan to try and make some things for my girls, but it breaks my heart when they say they want to make a list for santa and i can’t afford t buy them (or its not something i can make) i wish i could give them more. i’m using fabric scraps to make them stuffed animals, i sewed some headbands, and will probably make them a pair of pajamas and a blanket each since i do have that kind of fabric on hand.
    actually, come to think of it, if maybe i could make something and donate it to help someone else, let me know. i can’t give back much, but i will give back something. all for my 3 little girls.
    i should add, my folks can’t help financially, they’re a month behind on the mortgage. as for my ex, well.. he hasn’t bothered with us, since.
    i do know that the true meaning of christmas is far more than material things. it’s hard to explain that to kids and even harder for them to comprehend that. i try to make sure that they understand jesus is the reason for the season, and not get lost in consumerism and materialism. in light of that, i DO hope that we win, it would take a burden off my shoulders and make 3 little girls ecstatic with joy on christmas morning. i haven’t been more stressed out in my life. what gets me more is, my birthday is on christmas eve, go figure. <3

  33. Debby says

    As weird as it feels to me, I need to nominate my daughter and her family. My family has always struggled but we know people that are worse off than we are. Sometimes you just have to do what needs to be done so I am nominating her. She is a stay at home mom with two little girls ages 4 and 3. Her husband’s job has been laying people off and we are so thankful he has not been one of them. The problem is they have cut his pay and now he only brings home around $300.00 per week. I know that sounds like a lot of money to some people but it is not enough for them. They live in a very modest house (some rooms have a concrete floor because they can’t afford flooring) and now they are so far behind on their mortgage that they may lose their home. They can not have their electricity turned off because the 4 year old has severe asthma, and must have breathing treatments. This is the only reason their electricity is still on. Their phone has been cut off and that is not good since the 4 year old has febrile seizures and has to be hospitilized for it. My daughter would be so excited to have any help because there will be no presents under the tree this year. I wish I could help, but I do not have money either. My electricity was almost cut off this week too. We do not waste money, or use it unwisely, there is just not enough of it to get everything done. I will make sure that each girl does have something to open but it will not be much. If they could each just have one little gift it would be such a blessing. Thanks for helping everybody, it is a really hard time right now for most of us. Whatever happens, please have a Great Christmas!

  34. Amy says

    I am nominating my daughter, she has a 2 year old daughter (my beautiful granddaughter) who is in great need of clothes.(socks,shirts,pants and panties)
    The clothing need not be new…used would be great and alot more inexpensive! She is having a tough time right now paying utilities and its hard for her to be able to get my grandbaby pants and shirts at the rate she is growing. I try and help as much as I can but my husband lost his job after 21 years at the same company. All I want is for her to have a happy Christmas!

  35. says

    I nominate my brother and his family. They live over 2 hours away in a horribly drafty house trailer. They can’t seem to get the landlord to fix. Last time I was there I nearly fell through the floor in the bathroom and walking down the hall. There’s a board over the one inthe hall but it scared me when It bent when I stepped on it. I could see the outside through the floor hole. It breaks my heart to have to drop my nieces off there after spending some time with them. Unfortunately my brother has in and out of work for 2 year and trying to get on disability. He has some mental health issues and gratefully he finally is getting help from doctors for about 6 months now. His girlfriend is trying to find work but since her surgery early in the summer she lost her job as a nurses assistant. I truly wish there was more that I could do for them but my husband gets laid off any day now for 5 months and things are tight here already. My brother and his girlfriend have a total of 3 girls together.

    4 yr old Girl
    12 yr old Girl
    13 yr old Girl

    Anything they get would be a blessing. Many Prayers and Happy Holiday to all.

  36. Taiyanca says

    I would like to nominate my on family. The past year has been very rough for us. My Husband has been very sickly for the past two years. Aug. 08, he had three and a half of his Para-thyroid glands removed. He was in the hospital Sept.08 and Oct. 08 due to his calcium level dropping and causing him to fall twice. I rushed him to the hospital where he then had a seizure and my God I thought I’d lost him. I will never forgot that view. We found out that he had three fractures in his left pelvic and a right shoulder fracture. They closed the three fractures in his left pelvic and let the shoulder heal on it’s on. He got out of the on Nov. 6 08 in a wheelchair. I had to nurse him back to health along with the nurses and Physical Therapists coming in and out of our home.
    Both my Mom and Husband does Periteneal Dialysis on themselves at home. They both had End Stage Renal (Kidney) Diseize.
    On Jan. 14, 09, I had to take my Husband James, my very sickly pregnant daughter Amber, and my Grandbaby Zo’Riyah down to Alabama with me so I could care for my Mother who’d just lost her right kidney due to Cancer. James hadn’t been out of the wheelchair three weeks yet. So I had to literally take care of all of them which was very hard for me.
    James has been in and out of the hospital pretty much since then. Mom has gone a time or two.
    We have been at a struggling point due to health issues. We have been homeless and just recently got our on apartment again. Why? Because when my Mom lost her right kidney, we went down to stay with her for three weeks and when we were getting ready to return home at the end of those three weeks, my Mom was still having some bleeding issues and needed me to stay, so I chose between my Mom and my apartment and I chose my Mom.
    This year 2010, God has Blessed my wonderful Husband of soon to be 12 years with a Kidney Transplant on June 5th 2010. Almost lost him then as well but Thank God today he is well and adjusting to this new kidney. I am so proud of him! He is my Blessing from God!
    I nominate my family because through it all our love is still strong and we’ve been so stressed out and not able to shop until we can definately use some Holiday Cheer. I have a beautiful tree, but no presents. I’m on the verge of losing our only vehicle and the only way I can shop is that I miss a note.
    I have two Grands living with me. Zo’Riyah ( a girl who’s 2) and Jaiden ( a boy who’s 18 months). James (42), myself 42, Sha’neese 22 ( she’s in school and unemployed).
    My Husband and I are both Disabled. I am a Diabetic who’s diabeties is way out of control, with high and low blood pressure and other health problems as well.
    I know Zo’Riyah and Jaiden is young but it is breaking my heart to hear Zo’Riyah when she sees Christmas decorations and say, “I Love Christmas!” and there is really nothing I can do.
    Everyone, please keep us in your Prayers as James is still trying to get his labs under control and adjust to this Kidney. Peace and Love to everyone and Happy Holidays!

  37. Angela Jones says

    I would like to nominate a family i feel really deserves it. They are a family of Husband3?, Wife3?, 3 girl 4 size 8 girl 7 size 10 boy 4 size 6 or 7 ,kid mother in law5? and Lil sister in law15.

    I have never seen such a great family have such hardship, they go to church every Sunday, they live in a small home, and when mother law fell on hard times they even all had to move in with them everyday they are host to family and friends who can not eat any where else, He fixes anyone car and will help any woman stranded, the father was laid off and had a hard time finding work, He and She have not brought them selves any new things in 2 years they are a great family I promise they deserve the some help, This family is one you can always count on to be there when you need anything but never get or ask for anything in return.

    They kids are in need of new clothes, I dont know how to really ask without putting so much of there story on here.

    please take time to think of them
    May God Bless you all and I hope all who asked are able to get your wish granted

  38. Kelly says

    a friend of my her and her family.

    Her & husband alomg with thier 3 girls 7,11,12 moved down to tis bigger city for a better life, but the job she took here ended up laying her off not to long after they moved here and his company cut his hours. This family is always giving to help others and I know sometimes it hurts them to help but the still will end in good faith.

    I know the Girls Love everything PinK Purple and I beleve tuqouise, these girls sing damnce and ae the most greatful family I have ever seen. They are struggling patig thier rent and I know for sure they are not going to beable to provide christmas for the kids this like many other familes out there, but they are really great and I have seen them gives boxes of clothing out thier home for kids this last week because they did not have the right winter clothes, they will give you a ride and never look for anything in return

  39. Xovanna Ramirez says

    I nominate my family. We have created a wonderful family in the past year. Me, Frank, Cheyenne 16, Christina 11, Frankie 9, Kattryne 6

    I has been a year since I left my partner of 10 years because of domestic viloence. After being in the cycle of violence finally got the courage to leave. I left with almost nothing but my pride and my children. Since then I lost hours at work that financial hit us hard. After fighting court battle after court battle I get 50 dollars per month for child support. The plus is I get custody. I am barely making it and would love to give my children a good christmas to looks foward to the future.

    Frank is the father of my oldest (Cheyenne). I called him for help when I left my partner and it was such a considence that he had left his partner a week prior. We used our friendship to lean on each other throught the rough patches. Our love for each other has grown. We have and are still fighting court battles to gain custody of his children (Christina, Frankie).

    Well that is our story in a nutshell. We have not recovered financially form all this and are asking for help with providing a good christmas for our children. We are creating a family from two bad situation and would love to show our children that there is light at the end of this tunnel.

    Thank You
    Xovanna Ramirez

  40. Jeni Lutz says

    I want to nominate my family, I have 5 kids girl 11, boy 9,boy 8,boy 7,boy 6. my 11,9,6 have cystic fibrosis my daughter is waiting for a double lung transplant she is on oxygen 24/7 she is in and out of the hospital my husband is the only person working and we are living paycheck to paycheck and the medical bills are stacking up which leaves no money for things for our kids,i would love a wonderful christmas for our kids since i never know if this will be my daughters last christmas
    thanks for letting me nominate my family

  41. sekityree says

    I am asking for your help..In August 2010 My son had brain surgery and a few weeks later i learned my son had cancer..What a tough pill to swallow…I have 4 sons ranging in ages 3-12..I am not picky just want my kids to enjoy christmas under the circumstance..Thanks and youll be blessed

  42. Joey Franklin says

    Let me start by saying thank-you weather u choose us or not what you guys do is truly amazing and kind I would like to nominate my family we are a wonderful family of 6 starting with myself 23 my wonderful wife randi who is one of the best mothers I have ever met and a truly amazing wife we have 3 beautiful children starting with our oldest kaiden 4 who is incredibly smart for his age then I have my little princess kylee 3 and my lil tank wyatt who is 2 then my wonderful father who lives with us as well. A little bit about my family we are in The marine corps I have been in 4 yrs now and am a cpl e4 between bills and food and me having the only income for our house hold this time of year is always stressful we have been living pay check to pay check since I have been in making it incredibly difficult to save money to get presents for the 3 children after bills we have about 280 dollars left to last us til the next pay period. Like I said I truly appreciate what you guysvdo wether you choose our family or not I have read some of the stories and there are for more deserving families then ours nominated here again thank-you for your time and god bless and semper fidelis.

  43. says

    i am nominating our family because my husband john has been out of work on and off since 2008 due to surgeries.our children names are kaelin shes 7 and our daughter Israel is 3 or 2 sons Justin 21 and Schuyler 17. My husband john has been told he cant go back to work due to restriction.My husband john has always provided and has been a hard working loving husband and father to us this year is so so very hard
    tring to pay anything due to this,i would like our children to wake up with Christmas presents under our tree and to see and hear laughing and smiling through our home and to see a sigh of relief and a smile on my husband face.and our children blessed by people who care to help one anther. I know children no matter where they are in the world Christmas is Christmas and the meaning and expectation in there little hearts is the same as our own children .merry Christmas and thank you for listening and caring .thank you Shannon

  44. Michele Miller says

    I am writing to nominate my own family – Myself as a single disabled mom and my two hurt children – A special thanks to a Drunk Driver – I have done many things in my life since I graduated from High School. Thought I found the man of my dreams and ended up divorced and living and struggling to make ends meet on my own when in approx. 2000 the intenet giant EBAY was born – I borrowed $150.00 from my brother to buy merchandise to resale – well the $150.00 turned me into an Ebay Power Seller – From 2000 I busted my butt, every single day – I ran somewhere or traveled around looking for the best deals I could get be home when the bus arrived and then come evening and early bedtime for young children I would list adn list and list and list on Ebay, stay up all hours of the night either listing, packing, shipping, etc.- I ended up doing absolutely WONDERFUL on Ebay – I couldn’t beieve the money I was making and I pretty much was a stay at home working mother that got to choose her hours, etc. etc. and was there for my children whenever I was needed – Life waas absolutely WONDERFUL – Couldn’t get any better than this OR so I thought. One Friday (March 3, 2006) I ran that day getting my bargains or resale – I was a lil’ tired also however my children wanted to go Ice Skating – We live approx. 45 min. to 1 hour away from anything as we are really out in the boonies – So they found a ride home from a friend that would be there – SIMPLE all I had to do was take them over and drop them off. My cousin was having a Home & Garden Party that night and my nephew was to go with my son – however my Sister in law decided it would be too late when they returned home for her to travel back home to her place so late minute he wasn’t allowed to go – My daughter was to take her friend who ended up doing something after school I don’t actually recall what but she ended up grounded so all that were going were my kids – Since I was just taking us 3 I told to kids to start towarm up the Jeep as we would just take it as there was SO MUCH stuff in my Excursion from a good buying day – i can’t rem. if it was me that changed my mind or the kids wantinig to just take the Excursion – Well we ended up taking the Excursion – Laughing and being SO excited they emptied the back seat – got it warmed up and we were ready too roll – I actually a little eited also as OH A NICE QUIET evening to myself and I was going to plan a niceot beth, and just some mom pampering – In the Excursion we get so we can meeet their friends at a particular time – Kids ALL excited and off we go – however what we did NOT know was this evening was about to change all our lives FOREVER.

    As we were heading to the skating rink and around one of the turns a car came right over into our lane and hit us head on – the State Police stated that we rolled approx. 5 – 6 times – I can only remember one roll and that rollover was the nose of the Excursion going down and the back end up over – After all the rolls and listing to the pierving screams of my chldren we finally stopped – I did not have a seatbelt on and ended up in the back of the Excursion on the roof upside down – My children screaming a scream that I can still har as plain as day as i did then. My daughter was sitting upfront and was able to unhook her seatbelt and fall into her seat – My son whom was sitting right behime my daughter was his turn – I tried and tried adn tried as I listened to my kids screaming that it is going to catch fire it is going to catch fire – All I was worried about was getting my son out of this vehicfle and thinking to myself – I don'[t believe this – we just survived the most horrifying accidnet ever and now we are all going to burn alive in this vehicle as I couldnt get my son out of his seatbelt – I wa a mesS as a mother as you can imagine – fighting for saave my childrens lives as I just knew at any time was going to burst into flames. After trying and trying I got my son released OR SO I THOUGHT (u will have to read on for that prt) – I then am crawling to the back of the Excursion as it lay on the roof to try to open the hatch – NOTHING – the back doors – NOTHING – the front doors NOTHING – the next thing I know my son is gone so I am screaming for him – here he bolted out the back broken window – I got my daughter over and help push her up and out – now my turn – as soon as I stood I knew without a doubt my leg was broken, my ankle was broken and who knew what else – I couldn’t do it – I tried and tried adn tried – I told my VERY YOUNG children to run up to the road and stop a car and for them NOT to look back if they heard anything as I was horrrified it was giong to blow up – Again they wouldn’t leave – My little girl (very young) said give me your hands mommy – I gave her my hands hoping that she would be strong enough to help me try to climb out – However she literally pulled me right up and out – How she did it – I have absolveuly NO idea – so my kids are crying I am crying and I am still begging them to get up to the main road to stop a vehcile and they would NOT leave my side – I couldn’t walk – I was literally on my handss and knees and I was crawling up to the road – once we got up near the road a car finally came I had the kids flag it down but not real close and they stopped – Not knowig they stopped becuase of the drunk driver been shot across the road and the backnd of his car was up against the bank with the front end partially on the road – the peopl saw us and immediately came to our aid – it was March and it was a chilling night (No snow or freezing rain, etc) but very cold – They wanted to put my childen into the car to warm them up but they would NOT leave my side – so we all sat on the hood of their car – me in the middle and one on each side of me. We had to wait on another vehicle to arrive on scene as where we live there really isn’t any cell phone service so the next vehicle we had to send to call from a landline – As we were waiting I tried to setttle down for my children who just kept crying and crying, etc. etc. My son lat me put my leg up across him and was freaking out because of how huge it was and how black it was turning but I tried my best – all along no-one would go up to the ohter vehicle as we all figured that whoever it was didn’t make it – when all of a sudden I look off to the right where the Excrsion was and I see this person covered in blood – as he stood there he did the little stumble here stumble there thing and I tought to myself he had better not be so I gave him the beneft of the doubt as I knew that from being thrown from the drivers seat to the back and myexcursion and being beat around a few times my head was pretty loopy and I was pretty off balanced, etc. until he decided to walk over to us sitting on the car doing the crab walk – I told the man who was standing there with us that if he comes over here and if he smells of alcohol that brokenn leg/ankle that I was going after him – well sure enough he comes and leans against the side fender of the car by my son smellikng like a brewery – I jumped down off the hood which took me to my knees becaue my leg and ankle were most definately broke – I starting yelling at him what the heck is he doing drinking and driving, etc etc etc that he just about killed my family and he had bbetter pray that there is nothing seriously wrng with my kids -WHAT A WASTE – The next hard part was now the ambulances are arriving on scene – who do I ride with – Do I go with my son who is the youngest or do I go with my daughter who is just about 4 years older than him – Now rem. this happened March 3, 2006 at 7:30 PM – I tried to get the ambulance to put my children in the back and let me ride in the front that that wasn’t allowed so my daughter told me to go with her broth – This as a mother was one of the hardest things in my life to do – we were all strapped on backboards – loaded in 2 separate ambulances and off to the hopistal we go – this was the LONGEST most horifying ride to the hospital in my life – Once we arrived they opened all the partitions and they put us all side by side – they put me in the middle with one of my babies on each side – ALL on headboards, neckbraced in etc. all we could do was stare at the ceilingand just cry – They didn’t even put us close enough so that I could hold their hands – I can still see that same light that I just stared at as I cried for my children as they were screaming for me – My son who was in the back seat right behind my daughter they were really worried about – being that we rolled so many times and the seatbelt locking and not getting him out – his stomach all away across was already bllack – they were thinking he most definatley had some type of internal injuries – as they drew blood – my son is SCARED to death of needles I stll can hear that curdling scream as all I can do is lay thre and tell him to be a big boy for mommy – after that they wheeled him away from for for CAT Scans, x-rays, etc etc – I laid there and cried my eyes out as I could hear him screaming all the way down the hallway until they were far enough away that I couldn’ hear him anymore – they were stilll working on my daughter and she was getting a little more better and wasn’t screaming and crying near as much and then my turn – labwork – scans – x-rays, broken leg, broken ankle, messed up back and the list goes on and on.

    And a drunk driver that – well I will give you one guess – pretty much walked away from it

    My father whom actually lived in Baltimore, MD was on his way home at the time of the accident which I did not know and came to the hospital along with my family immediately thereafter – now my children could be with someone

    All testing, wraping, bloodwork, 1/2 casts, etc. done and we are later sent home.

    Now the problems all begin – I am finally all casted up and ended up getting a hospital bed deliered becaus I could not any longer go up steps – So I lay from March, 06 – approx. Febriary, 07 almost a year in a hospital bed. As the days went on after the accident back problems worsen, migraines start, depression has set in, nightmares and panic attacks and the list goes on and on – After going thru many many many endless tests with the Neurologist for the migraines, etc – We find that there are 3 small spots on my brain and you guessed it – Head injury with memory loss which at the present is absoltely horrible (my childhood is pretty much gone, I do not rem. anything on a day to day basis, get lost driving, etc etc etc) I now suffer from at least 2 very SEVERE migraines a week – The banging of my head knocked off my petuitary gland which made me have my period pretty much 24/7 – the dr. tried a D&C first one month, the next month if I recall its called an Oblastion and then the next month a hysterectomy that if I could have any more problems OH DID I HAVE THEM – The day I was to get my staples out – I NEVER NEVER sleep on my back because of the lil’ dogs – this morning after the kids got on the bus I dont know what happened but i dozed off – my lil’ dog approx. 6 Lbs. jumped square center right on top of my incision which blew it WIDE OPEN – Thank goodness I had a dr. appt. that day – Tey tried to fix that – I ended up with staph infection and a TON of problems and a nice WIDE scar, a bladder and bowel that keeps coming untacked – let me tell you I could go on and on and on – I keep forgetting things and have tokeep addining – I am sure you are thinking WOW what else could go wrong – well let me tell you a WHOLE LIST and I am sure I am forgetting ALOT more – A DRUNK DRIVE now took away my right to have any more children :o( As for my back At first 2 blown discs were found and just recently another now shows the original 2 plus 3 more and pin-holes in my spin leaking some type of fluid, more testing shows that when I was trying to walk up from th accident that the bone in my lower leg that was snapped off was actually cutting into my nerve without anyone knowing it – My nerve is now dead up to approx. my thigh – I have foot drop which means I can no longer hold my toes up and I fall and fall and fall and fall – I fought and fought and fought with insurance companies to get me a lift chair as I can no longer sleep in a lying position – I got a lift chair oversized with heat and massage which came to $2,289.00 because it had to be purchased before anything would be paid for – however if I bring it home and the insurance don’t cover it I am responsible – Well give you another guess – I now have a $2,289.00 bill for my lift chair. I can no longer lay in a laying position have have to sleep pretty much in a sitting position so I have been sleepiing in my lift chair since April, 2010 – got a mattress rec. for people with bad backs, one from Inviracare if I recall with some type of padding around the outside and air chambers that I could adjust in the center – nope – another style hospital bed matress – nope – to a bed from a bedding store – it was just picked back up on Thursday as I literally had to be drug out of it so all I can do is hang out in my lift chair and sleep in it. Another reason the lift chair is because I have problems going from a sitting to a standing position – with the foot drop I have fell so many times that I have blew out both knees so I now have to wear this brace that gives me horrible blisters on my ankle which is to supposedly hold my toes up, I then heave to wear these huge braces on both my knees, from lifting myself with my right hand/arm – I started having problems with my elbow which is now a mess and has now moved into my Right shoulder – there is something major wrong there are I literally have to push my nails intom y shoulder area for me to even know that I am being touched in that area – What next – more pain pills – more shots – I would go do the Dr. an in ONE visit – I would get a shot in my ankle, one in EACH of my knees, one in my elbow, one in my shoulder and one on EACH side of my lower spine of cortizone not knowing I should not have been getting that many shots – From Sept. – Approx. Febrary a 5-6 month period I rec. right at 28 shots – I started having gynological problems again (I had a partial hysterectomy) I felt like I was sitting on a golf-ball – go and get it checked and by the day the opened me up it was the size of a softball and weighed right at 9 Lbs. , bladder and bowel all untacked and this Dr. was blaming all the cortizone shots.

    So now the HARD PARTS begin – Looking for a new Dr. and the severe depression – You can’t even begin to imagine how many pain clinics, etc. have turned me down as a patient all quoting “TOO MANY OTHER EXISTIN PROBLEMS” so really all I am told is that all they can do for me anymore is make me comfortabale – well making me comfortable annymore just isn’t cutting the trick anymore

    So as you can see I went from this person who was on TOP OF THE WORLD to this person who is so totally depressed, etc. and I literally feel like I am being punished for something I may have tdone as a child or someting – I can’t for the life of me figure out WHY – WHY am I the one who is being punished for that night when all I wanted to do was take my children out for a few hours for them to iceskate – I was the one doing the good dead – NOT the one sitting in a bar and now forth erest of my life I have to lay around (well sit in my liftchar and now suffer until the Lord decides to call me home) WhAT KIND OF A LIFE IS THIS – SOMEONE PLEASE tell me why God is punishing me as I can’t see God doing this to a member of his Church – A memver of his family whom are believers and especially to my sweet INNOCENT children – He should be the one punished – he is who the Bartender picked that night after telling the police that he had been there for some time and had drank I forget how many bottles of Budweiser, shots, hits of a mary-jane pipe, etc.

    My children have lifetime injuries also – My daughter for intance isn’t allowed to take gying class, etc. whre ther is any chance that there would be a posibilty of her being hit on the head – if she would get hit just right in the exact place – it would drop her over dead – she also sufffers severe migraines and on occasion I will have to take her to the hospital for shots for her hea. She also has neck and back problems and will be on medications the rest of her life

    My son has stomach, intestion, bowel, back and leg injuries most of which keeps him from playing high school football, wrestling, etc. He recently in the last few months has had a colonoscopy, a shot of some type of nuclear stuff and had it read,

    I would LOVE for more than ANYTHING to take that night of March 3, 2006 and just wipe it cokpletely out of my life – which I know will NEVER NEVER NEVER happen.

    I am SO SO SO tired of being turned down for EVERYTHING – I can’t even get food stamps, etc. when I sit back and watch people in my very SMALL area, get cars bought for them, houses built, they are put into apartments, all bills paid, food stamps, etc. and then they turn around and SELL their food stamps for .50 on the dollar and here I sit – CAN”T GET ANYTHING

    I fidigit and twist and juggle bills EVERY MONTH – I have fought and fought and fought with my Mortgage Holder to help me, I have had to let credit cards go as I can’t afford them so I am now in collections, etc. My house was in foreclose.

    I just am so AGGRIVATED ad FRUSTRATED that you have no idea – after reading my story which I am cutting short as the deadline is just about here or I could go on n on and on about more of the kids problems which there are ALOT more – however I am the one who took the brunt of everything – to be honest there I do thank the Lord Daily that it is me as I have lived my life – I pray everyday to heal my children and give them their lives back as I guess I have lived mine and I am gonna be miserable the rest of it so why more add to it – I don’t know – Maybe out of anger but I am not sure.

    Anyway – with my story I would absoltely LOVE and feel that me and my children deserve to have ONE – JUST ONE KICK BUTT Christmas – I think we have fought and fought and have fought together and I would LOVE to see smiles and I am more than 150% SURE that my children would be MORE than happy to see our home and bills taken care of and them something small from the dollar store for Christmas this year as they pretty much have everything from when their mommy was on top of the world.

    We don’t live in no million dollar home – we don’t lve in no 100,000 dollar home – I own a 63,000 dollar home and I would do or give just about ANYTHING to find someone to grant me a wish and pay it off for me for so I don'[t haev to have that frustration and aggrivation of struggling every month which is and has taken a toll on my children – Because I lay around and am depressed, etc. I am SO acaid they will become depressed along with me and they are children.

    For Christmas PLEASE HELP ME let my children become CHIDREN again – Let them know that they don’t have to worry about mom – that she will be justfine

    I truely hope my story has touched your heart as I am not very good with words with my head injury but I am hoping that in some way, shape or form you feel mine and my childrens heartbreak and call for help and give us the BEST CHIRSTMAS EVER since 2006

    May God Bless You and may you have a Happy & Safe Holiday Season
    God Bless

  45. Annell Nation says

    I am asking for help this Christmas. I have 7 children, 4 still at home. Their ages are 25,20,19,17,16,14 and 3 . I live on disibility and just have enough to pay my bills. Nothing left for Christmas at all. I live in a small town and there isn’t realy any help for parents with Christmas. I don’t expect help for the children out on their own, I love Christmas ! I decorate for it with much joy, but don’t know how there will be any gifts under our tree. Thak you for this chance to submit my story. I know there are so many hurting people out there and maybe someday I will be able to give back by helping families! This is my hope. God bless and Merry Christmas to all of you!

  46. says

    I would like to nominate my Friend Tami and her family. They have 4 children, the youngest just three weeks old. He was born with Apert Syndrome, which is a rare but debilitating disiese. He will have to undergo several surgeries in his lifetime, and will have permanent disabilities. They live with their parents, and her husband is the only income in the house. The 4 children’s ages are 3 weeks – a boy, 21 months – a boy, 3 years – a girl, and 4 years – a girl. They are a very kind and warm hearted family, and will be unable to give their children a Christmas this year. Please keep them in your thoughts as you choose your families!! Thank you!!

  47. Chantal says

    I would like to nomiate my dear friend J and her 3 kids, T(12), R (9), C (2). We meet J when we were the foster parents to two of her kids, R & T. We worked with her as she kicked a life long drug habit and over the past two years she has been clean, held down a job long term for the first time and left a 13 year co-dependant relationship so that she could be the parent she needs to be for her kids. She is now standing on her own two feet and taking care of her kids all by herself. She is an inspiration and now gives back to the system that helped her by working with other families who kids have been taking into foster care and helping them recreate there lives. She is in need of asssistance this Christmas season to be able to give a few gifts to each of her children. If you all would be able to help, it would be such a blessing.

  48. Curtis Tyler says

    My sister just relocated from NJ to Fl on October 1st 2010 and has two teenage boys ages 16 & 15 years old. She has had a very rough start using all of her money to make the transition a successful move. She has stated to me on a few occasions that she is on a fixed income, and has to pay all of her utilities with what she gets per month, and she is struggling financially. This Christmas is special to her & the kids as she had a battle with cancer last year, she survived a double surgery , and spent her previous year praying that she would survive to see another Christmas. She is now doing well healthwise, but is having difficulties getting back feet, and have not been able to find work, she spoke of the awful side effects of the chemo treatments that has left her with no feeling in her toes. despite her battles, she has enrolled into college, and earning her BA degree, is there anything you all can do to assist her this Christmas? I know that she would greatly appreciate it

  49. says

    I guess this is unusual for this site. My husband and I are unable to buy gifts for out kids, grandkids and greatgrandson and another one due in January. During the past two years, I have had 3 brain surgeries, a brain bleed and a stroke. I had to have 30 units of blood. I have had in home nursing and rehab for the last two years. I have been in the hospital too many times, approximately 15, to really count in two years.
    My husband Tom and I met in 1968. In 1969 my parents forced us apart with threats. Eight and a half months later I gave birth to a beautiful baby girl. The next day my mother told me Tom had been killed in an automobile accident. He has been calling me,, but my mother had been telling him I had married someone else.
    We found him on the internet while looking for some of his family because our daughter has a genetic inherited disease. We talked on the phone for months, met and it was like almost 39 years disappeared. We married on our daughters 38th birthday. She met her dad for the first time that day.
    I have another younger daughter who 3 years ago had a double lung transplant and has a 12 year old daughter. Her husband divorced her for a nurse right after the transplant..
    Previous to this I had 4 other brain surgeries for tumors, but I am starting to be able to walk around our apartment.
    Please consider us for your wonderful christmas giveaway. There are times we are unable to pay even our utility bills and buy food as we are both on Social Security Disability. Both our cars need repairs which we cannot afford.
    Thank You for sponsoring a contest such as this no mattter who the winner is.

  50. Jacquelynne Schrake says

    My husband and I have 3 kids, and due to me losing my job and him being disabled with a incureable bone diease, We cannot afford to buy christmas for our children this year. we have always provided for them the best we can, but not this year. Both of our cars just broke down and we have to walk them to school. My daughter hailey is 7, my sone Treyton is 8, and we have a 17 year old daughter. My older daughter understands our situation, but my two little ones have been saying extra prayers at night for Santa to bring them toys this year. I know everyone is truggleing but I don’t want to let my kids down. They are so excited and to have nothing to give would break my heart and theirs… Thank you for this chance and may god bless.,,

  51. says

    Hello i’m a single my of 3 kids we’re homeless this year and I need help in making my childern happy this year. My two sons birthday are on the same day two years apart december 31st and they are 9 and 7 going to be 10 and 8 and I have a daughter thats 5 years old i’m not being picking on the gifts I would just like them to get something. My oldest loves putting things together and my middle son loves video games and the five year old loves to do my job play cooking and cleaning. In the past years I’ve been able to give them an ok christmas but this year i’ve been a dmv relationship I had to pick up and leave one state to another and we have no stable housing if god would open your hearts to consider us as qualifiying family in need that would be so awesome!!!! for my childern. thank you naquita king

  52. says

    I would like to nominate my best friend jackie and her nephews for the christmas giveaway,my friend has been taking care of her nephews every since birth of the two, she gets no help from the grovnment the mom of the kids was a teenege mom so she thinks the world revoles around her and not the kids so my best friend just keeps a positive hoping that one day the mom will come around and take responcibility for children. The frist child name is Anthony 6 and he loves video games he never had a game before but when get over someones house he never wants to leave it makes my friend sad she cant afford most of the things he likes. She currectly is waiting on social sercurity so she cant work and she has no medical for herslef and shes sick she has no way to pay for medicine when the doctor prescribe medication her condation is bad shes a diabetic and its not controlled at all. The second child imagine 8 months old hes a baby and loves anything he can get his hands on I really think you guys should look into her sitaution shes doing a peranting job by herself and she doesnt have any childern but treats the boys as her own. I really think shes a angel from above to take in the kids and spoil them with her love I take my hat off to this women because most people would call children services just to get money and other things she does it because of love that she has and struggle everyday with them please help my friend..

  53. Ritchie Castro says

    I would like to nominate a family for christmas help. THe family I would like to nominate is the Bingham family in Springfield Oregon. The family is very special and important to me. I met them 4 years ago when my dad started dating Kelli. Kelli is a single mom of 3 girls. My dad and I didn’t get along very well and he ended up putting me out of the house. Kelli and her family took me into their home. Back then I was skipping school, running the streets. And now with kelli and her families help I just got my GED, and I start college in January. I just needed someone to believe in me, to show me they cared about me, Kelli pulled me out of the alternative school I was in and placed me int he Ged program. I am so thankful for her and her family because without them I would be on the streets. My own family does nothing for me. Whenever Kelli and the girls go anywhere I am always included. Kelli suffers from some disabilities like ptsd, anxiety, and agoraphobia. She was a domestic violence victim for 10 years. Her daughters also suffer from alot of the same disabilities due to the domestic violence they witnessed growing up. They are on a fixed income yet they didn’t hesitate to take me in and make me one of their own. I am almost 19 now, and I wish i could give them a christmas they deserve. But i am not able to so that is why I am asking for help for them. It is really hard for me to express the situations i was under and how they picked me up and helped me to succeed. They truly saved me from myself and the streets,

  54. Carrie says

    I would like to nominate my nieces and nephew. I have two nieces who are the ages of 8, 4 and 1 nephew that will be turning a year old on dec 28th. My sister lives with her in laws and she doesn’t know how she will provide gifts for her children this year. The toys for tots program that we have in our city already ran out of applications 3 hours after it started and its supposed to last around 12 days.

  55. Natalie says

    HI I would like to nominate my cousin J . She has 2 wonderful boys ages 10 and 2 , she also has a step daughter , She struggled for many years with a drug addiction and now is clean and has been for a very long time. I am so proud of her and her family, she is a single mom and has a boyfriend who has the daughter taht I mentioned. I try to help her as much as I can every year but its hard. She is always happy with just the basics, food, vaccum whatever the house needs, never thinks of herself, she has a job, and is working hard to get herlife the way she wants it. I am very proud of her Thanks you so much for this

  56. says

    I think that this is a lovely program and I greatly commend you all for all of the hard work you put into it. The job market is finally on the upswing, but there are still many families struggling to get out from under. Putting a smile on a child’s face on Christmas morning is it’s own reward!

  57. says

    I would like to nominate my sister E. She is the mother of 4 kids…9 year old girl, boy girl twins 7, and a little cute princess 3. Her husband is a new police officer. He was laid off his job about a year and a half ago and decided to go to police academy to be able to have a job that would provide for his family. This was extremely hard for my sister. She developed anxiety and depression knowing that her husband would be risking his life each time he went to work. Luckily he found a job right away, however, due to the poor salaries that police officers make and being at the bottom of the totem pole, they are really struggling….despite my BIL working 20-30 hours overtime each week. Last year this family had a very sparse Christmas, 2 presents per child…one a piece of clothing they needed and one a toy they wanted. This year it will be yet another sparse one. This puts so much stress and sadness on my sister as she would love to be able to provide more for her children. I think it would be great to be able to thank someone who puts his life on the line for the community each time he goes to work and the family that stands behind him. Thank you for providing such a wonderful program. This will bless lives in so many ways!!

  58. says

    We will not be able to provide Christmas for our boys without help this year.

    My husband lost his full time job and has been working diligently to find another full time job. Our biggest Christmas wish is that he gets a full time job. He has some great possibilities. He is scheduled to have surgery on Friday (12/3) to repair a hernia that is causing major pain and sickness. The surgery will set him back some on his job search/interviewing but has to be done. We know that even if he was to get a job immediately we still be struggling to provide presents for our boys. Our oldest is son was born 11 weeks early and has developmental delays and medical needs that require me to be at home with him. As you can imagine money is pretty much non-existent.

    Our boys – D (4), C (2) and I (1) have not received a lot of brand new toys this year since money has been tight we have bought clothes from second hand stores and toys for birthdays from second hand stores. My husband also has 3 boys from a previous marriage R (14). E (12) and J (11). They understand that money is tight and that they will probably not receive but we would LOVE to be able to provide them with a gift or 2.

    I know we are not the only family in need this year. I know that there are other families who are more deserving of the help then we are. I also know that it would be the best Christmas ever to surprise our boys with gifts on Christmas morning.

    Thank you and your sponsors for providing a chance for needy families like ours to make a Merry Christmas for our kids.

  59. says

    I am a single mom of five kids. A daughter who is 9. I have four boys the ages are 9, 6, 4, and 2 years of age. My two year old is suffering from CAH (congenital adrenal hyperplasia). He is constantly sick all the time. We are in and out of the hospital. I am having a hard time staying employed due to the fact of constantly being called home. He has a doctor that is on call for him. I really can use your help this year for christmas. I have no income coming in at this time and i would love for the support of being able to bless my kids with a christmas this year. I would greatly appreciate it a whole lot. Thank you for giving me this opportunity to be heard.

  60. Pamela Wells says

    I am a single Mother of two and w are homeless and this has not been a really good year for us trying to get over the death of my oldest son and all the others things that has occured this year alone. I would love to have a nice christmas but Im not able at this Im due to have surgery on 12-01-2010 and this is the second one within the last year and ahalf. I just pray that we have a great one with God’s help.

  61. Tiffani Oglen says

    Greetings, I am a single african american woman 32 yrs of age homeless with 2 boys 4yrs, and 5yrs currently in a shelter. i need help

  62. msmolly says

    My family consists of my husband, daughter (4 1/2yrs old) and I. My husband and I both made the decision to go back to college full-time in hopes of providing a better life for our daughter. In addition to our hours at school, we both also work 40hrs a week. We have really cut back on all unnecessary expenses this year to be able to afford our college educations. We do not qualify for any type of government aid because we are working however there are several days a week where my husband and I may not eat because we cannot afford food for all of us on our budget. We really want our daughter to have a good Christmas and though we’re trying to teach her about what is really important this time of year, she sees toys when we buy groceries and asks us if Santa can bring them to her since we don’t have money. It breaks my heart that she is concerned with our finances at such a young age. We would not be expecting much, and of course anything is appreciated but after a friend referred me to your site I couldn’t help but post a comment. I realize also that we are not the only family in need and since I am sure there are other families like ours who do not qualify for other forms of aid, I thought in addition to this giveaway maybe we could start an email group and just send “wish lists” out to our address book in hopes they reach someone who can lend a helping hand. If anyone is interested in this please email me at christmasaid2010(at)yahoo(dot)com. Thank you for your consideration! Merry Christmas & God bless!

  63. says

    Hi I am a mother of seven kids six of my own n one step son ages 12 8 6 4 2 1 11months .my 11month birthday is december 23 n my 1 year old birthday is december 22.my bge is over4,000 my water bill is over500dollars.we dont like to ask for help but please help us.thank.. You

  64. Tina Paul says

    I would like to nominate myself, I dont mean to sound selfish…But I think I am deserving of the help!!
    I am a single mom of 2 wonderful daughters, I also have custody of my 2 grandaughters 6 & 4..I have had them since they were 6 months old. I gave up my job to take custody of my first grandchild and have been struggling ever since…I had a border to help out, but he has since moved on to have his own family!! So this year I find it kind of hard to make ends meet..If you find that their is a family more in need than me, then by all means Please! help them out!!
    Thank you kindly, Happy Holidays & God Bless!!

  65. Cathleen Roberts says

    I am writing in regards to under the tree. It may be to late to send this message, but I must try anyway. My name is Cathy. I am a mother to 4 wonderful children. A daughter age 11, a son age 7, a daughter age 6, & a son age 4. I work full time as a LPN at our local hospital on the cancer floor. I am also enrolled full time in school to get my RN degree, due tomy hospital eliminating LPN jobs. My husband is unable to work at this time due newly diagnosed seizures, and the need to find out what causes them. I could really use help this year for Christmas. I know we have my income, which is more than most people, but it is not that much. We recently had to move due to our last apartment having the bathroom ceiling cave in due to mold. This was an expense we really didn’t plan for or have the money for, but we couldn’t let our kids live like that. We also had some struggles with our 7 year old son. He lost his best friend in a horrific house fire that claimed the lives of 6 children. We had to enroll him in counseling to help him cope with the situation. Not that I care that I had to spend this money, my son needed help that I could not provide for him, but it again was another unplanned expense. I find myself very lucky on so many levels. I have a job, a safe place to live, a loving husband, and 4 fantastic children. I just wish I could give to them what want (which is very little) this Christmas. It breaks my heart knowing I won’t be able to. I hope this letter reaches you in time, and I wish you and your families Happy Holidays!

  66. says

    I would like to nominate a co-worker and dear friend of mine, Rebecca. Her family of 4 has gone through alot this year including her diagnosis & treatment of breast cancer & the loss of employment of her husband. We work together as part-time preschool teacher aides, which is barely enough for groceries each week.
    She has an 8 year old daughter who has recently been diagnosed with a hearing problem & a 10 year old son with anxiety issues. Her husband has been out of work most of the year and their bills keep piling up. Even with their situation, she never complains. It is inspiring to those of us who are around her each day.
    She is too proud to ask for anything and I would love to bless their family with a beautiful Christmas. Thanks for the consideration.

  67. says

    I would like to nominate our family in hopes we can receive any type of christmas assistance this year. My husband and I have two children and well my job/co-workers forced me out of my job at the end of this year. The company started to reduce hours. Therefore, this Christmas seems a bit gloomy this year, because, of not having money to meet our resourcecs let alone christmas gifts for the entire family. My husband is not so happy about me quitting my job, but, I had no choice or I would have gotten fired. And well getting another job in the future would be twice as hard. I had a difficult choice to make and well it’s just bad timing I say. It’s difficult to keep him happy and the kids are too small not to even understand. It’s Christmas can someone help us out. It will be greatly appreciated.


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