The Lies He Tells…

A conversation between my six year old son and his babysitter:

“One day my mom ate a chocolate with alcohol in it and then she didn’t feed me.”

“What Jackson?!?”

“One day my mom ate a chocolate with alcohol in it and then she didn’t feed me.”

“Oh. Okay.”

Ten minutes pass.

“You know what I said about my mom and the alcohol?”


“I was lying. You shouldn’t believe me.”

Wow – I sure am glad I was exonerated on that charge! And for the record – I ate those chocolates after he was fed and put to bed. And yes – they tasted good!


  1. Janice says

    one other funny thing about those chocolates – since i am nursing i was worried about eating them. so i took a bite, dumped out the alcohol inside and then ate the chocolate. lol. after two or three like that, i gave up and ate two – alcohol and all. i wonder if olivia got any in her system from those chocolates!

  2. The Other Elle says

    Ha. At least it was only chocolate! When my daughter was in 2nd grade, a police officer came to her school to teach the kids about the Evils of Alcohol.

    We dined in a Mexican restaurant a few weeks later and I ordered a margarita.

    Let me tell you, that child drew TEARS from several people in the restaurant. There she was in her little ruffled pink sundress, with her blonde hair waving down her back and her blue eyes brimming, on her knees with her hands clasped imploringly, begging me to “PLEASE stop drinking, Mommy, PLEASE! I don’t want you to di-i-i-i-ie!”

    It was the little hiccup in her voice that was the crowning touch.

    I drew stares, glares, and looks of haughty distaste and condemnation from everyone in the restaurant. Even the waitress had contempt in her voice a little while later when she asked, “Do you want ANOTHER one?” Um, no. Just the check. And maybe a bag to put over my head.

    Sigh. We never drank at home, so the poor kid wasn’t used to seeing us with alcoholic drinks. And the policeman told some mighty scary stories. But, explain that to the people who were muttering about “some people don’t deserve to have children”…? Right.

    You need a thick skin to be a parent, sometimes!

  3. says

    This is too funny! Did you tell him that kids get taken away from their parents for lies like that? Sure it’s a scare tactic, but it’s also true.

  4. Shelba Lanham says

    I use to think they were cute but now-a-days a child can’t be a child, if they go to school and tell their cute little stories you could have the police and D.S.S. knockin at your door. I have read alot of horrow stories about things like this. I had a friend that her husband bought rolling tobacco to roll cigarettes when money got tight and he couldn’t afford a pack of smokes. His daughter went to school and was rolling pretend cigarettes at playtime for her classmates they were playing house. Yep you guessed it the teach assumed father was rolling joints in front of the child and the next thing ya know D.S.S. is at the door. Nothing came of it because luckly the tobacco and rollin papers were there to show the worker but this kind of thing happens alot from cute lil stories kids can tell.

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