Works for Me Wednesday

works for me wednesday
Low Fat Summer Treat

This tip is not inspired, creative or unique. But it totally Works for Me!

So in celebration of what works for me, I present my tip on indulging without indulging.

If you read my Tackle It Tuesday post yesterday, you know that I love, I mean really love, berries. I also really love whip cream. Berries and whip cream – But that would just get ugly pretty fast.

So I am a Cool Whip gal. Yes my mother was horrified when she first saw me pull out a tub from my fridge, but now even she eats it.

As I type this, my lips are still sticky sweet from my fresh peaches that were covered – completely – in Cool Whip.

By the way, I suggest the Light or Ultra Low Fat. They both taste great and so I have never even tried the regular. I think I remember Rosie saying on her show years ago that Cool Whip is 0 points of the Weight Watchers scale. But I wouldn’t know. All I know is it is an indulgence without the guilt.

So slather it on girls – and turn your fresh fruit into dessert. (Don’t you love the free advertising we do on these WFMW posts. Good grief – when do we get our checks from these companies?!?)
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  1. says

    That sounds yummy! I wonder if we have that here…… Would be fantastic if we did ’cause I love fresh fruit and whipped cream too!

  2. says

    mmmmmmmmm cool whip. My grandmother LOVED cool whip and it was a “treat” for me to go to her house and have some cool whip on jell-o. I loved to mush both together. I didn’t realize until I was old enough to do my own grocery shopping that cool-whip was not some wonderful gourmet delight. I also had no idea that there was a low fat variety.

  3. says

    I was going say something about kickbacks in my post too! LOL! You’d think with all the product name dropping we do that we wouldn’t need another job outside the home! :)
    Like cool whip but it gives my son a stomach ache so I don’t use it on anything that is shared.

  4. says

    I love your website, and i love cool whip too. Another idea for you…when you make your potato salad, instead of using all mayo, use half mayo and half cool whip. It tastes good and it cuts down on calories and fat. Just wanted to share. Way to go on all those berries, we missed picking season this year.

  5. says

    I love cool whip. I will eat the kind of whipped cream out of a can whenever their is nothing else available, but truly my heart is with cool whip.

  6. says

    Well, I used to eat Cool Whip, but I don’t indulge on anything anymore – I know I am boring, what can I say. I like my fruit pure without anything on top…Yummy 😛


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