Do you want $200.00 to spend at

review-true-jeans.jpgWhat if we could simply click our way to the perfect pair of jeans?

That thought enticed me. Finding the perfect pair of jeans is not easy. As a busy mom, not only do I not have time to go from store to store searching for a pair that fits, but it sure would be fun to be able to check out all of the hot designer jeans I read about it the magazines. (I am lucky if I get five minutes to myself in Old Navy, let alone go on a designer shopping spree.)

But at, the jeans – and the jean fitting experts – come to us! We simply enter our measurements, and the computer lines up all the best jeans for us. True Jeans carries all the hottest denim designers and each pair is listed with a rating for how well they will fit us. All we have to do is pick. This is scientific shopping ladies!

review-true-jeans-logo.jpgAnd one of you is going to have a fabulous Christmas treat! We are giving away a $200.00 gift certificate to spend at True Jeans. Yes – this is a jeans shopping spree. The winner can indulge in the most fabulous pair(s) of jeans she wants!

If that shopping spree sounds just about perfect to you, why not put it down on your Christmas wish list? True Jeans has gift cards available, so a hint to your hubby might be all you need to get you clicking your way into some fabulous jeans! And True Jeans is offering our readers a 10% discount code good through till December 31, (the code is 5minmom) to sweeten up your Christmas shopping.

True Jeans also has a lifestyle blog, called True Life, “for men and women who want to learn about and discuss how fit, fashion, and designer jeans can fit into their True Life.”

If you want to win this $200.00 gift certificate to True Jeans, you just need to:

  1. Publish a post on your own blog linking back to this giveaway post and also linking to True Jeans.
  2. Leave a comment on this post.

If you don’t have a blog, we understand you can’t link back, but then please spread the word amongst your friends.

This contest is open to both US and Canadian shipping addresses!

We’ll announce the winner on the evening of Wednesday, December 19th. Please remember to check back then to see if you won and check your email (including your junk mail folder).


  1. Cassidy says

    Ok so this sounds too good to be true. I’ll be telling all my friends.. but I hope I’m the one to win and not them

  2. says

    How do I need to win this, let me count the ways…

    1. I’m so cheap, my jeans are starting to wear holes in the,
    2. I still own a pair with stovepipe legs, like from 100 years ago when that was cool.

  3. Tracey Byram says

    I never can find pants of any sort to fit me. I’m under 5′ and weigh 90 pounds so I can find pants in girls sizes but they never fit right in the crotch while they do fit in length. I would have to find a great fitting pair of pants to believe such a thing even exists.

  4. Christine says

    Would love this! I need to go shopping for jeans, and to find some that actually FIT me, would be a dream! Will check them out now!

  5. Michelle Byerly says

    LOL, this is just right. Had a baby a month ago, been wearing the same pair of maternity pants and 2 pair of maternity capri’s for 7 months. Tried to get into JUST one pair of my pants yesterday… lets just say Good Will is now 7 pairs richer… and I literly have NO pants with out a 4 inch elastic band in them… even my 2 older boys are asking when I will start wearing a differnt pair of pants.. LOL

  6. Carole says

    What an amazing idea! Every once in a while somebody really does come up with “a better mousetrap”! I’m tall and a very hard fit – a busy mom with no time to be out trying to find a fit. I’m keeping my last “good” pair only for special occasions, wearing more sweats and such for around the house, just trying to make them last. A gift certificate would be a real blessing.
    I don’t have a blog, but I’ll be telling all my friends about this – it’s a truly wonderful concept!

  7. Heather Hart says

    I’ve looked at True Jeans before and they have great choices. I’d love to have the prize to splurge on some “designer, custom fitted” jeans!

  8. Kaitlin Martin says

    No website, sorry. It would be great to win this–my shapely bum, small waist and short legs make jean fitting a bit of a nightmare!

  9. Brooke Ahrens says

    I have 7 pairs of jeans and only one pair fits. Everytime I buy jeans, they fit fine at the store but are too big when I get home. What is up with that?

  10. erica says

    I don’t have a blog, but I’m letting my friends know (although I, of course, hope to win the prize myself…they can look at the website and admire my new jeans).

  11. Julie Jorgensen says

    My oldest child is getting married next month and I need some new jeans to make me feel young and cool again!!!

  12. Amy says

    This would be great to win. I’ve read good things about this company on several other blogs. Jeans that fit great are a dream come true.

  13. Bailey's Leaf says

    Oh my goodness. I’m so tired that I originally read it as $20,000.00 in jeans. I thought, HOW ON EARTH? It’s been a long day in the retail trenches, but consider us in for the 200.00 giveaway! Thanks!

  14. says

    Me!Me!!! Pick Me!!! Being a stay at home mom Jeans are my #1 staple!!! Thanks for another GREAT giveaway! I am going to do my post and links right now!

  15. says

    This would be so nice! Giving birth to 6 babies has left my body in less than ideal shape and having the right pair of pants really does make a difference!

  16. Chrissy says

    I have such a hard time finding jeans that fit and also look good. These may just do the trick. Please count me in.

  17. Sherry Conrad says

    Wow, would be nice to have the perfect jeans that actually fit right. Will be spreading the word amongst friends and hoping I am luckier than they are. *g*

  18. Vickie McCoy says

    My jeans are always tight in some places and saggy in others. I’d love to try TrueJeans, as I’ve heard the fit is good. Happy Holidays

  19. katie gardini says

    I NEED new jeans and I’ve been trying to find the perfect pair but can’t. I’m a poor college student so it makes it more difficult to find a decent pair!

  20. jessica says

    oh, none of my jeans fit after losing weight from nursing…I know that’s a good problem, but jeans hanging on you isn’t! Count me in!

  21. Julie F. says

    Jeans that fit me are first on my Christmas list this year but not in the budget. I would really appreciate winning this one=)

  22. Jennifer says

    I’ve looked at, and gotten their reccomendations for my body, and would love to have a chance to check them out, but unless I win this the prices are just a tad prohibitive with my budget.

  23. says

    Count me in! I could really use a “good” pair of jeans that actually fit and look good. And if they made me look that good in them, I’d be ecstatic! LOL

  24. Sara Nelson says

    Every woman loves the perfect pair of jeans, and a new pair is something I haven’t had in a long time. This is a great sweepstakes for females!

  25. Tabitha says

    Jeans and I have a love/hate relationship. There’s nothing better than a perfect fitting pair of jeans, but the quest to find them can drive anybody up the wall. sounds like just what I need!

  26. Kristal says

    I would love to win this $200.00 gift certificate. I need a good pair of jeans after having my daughter, I haven’t been able to find one that fits right. Thank you for the opportunity.

  27. Julie Robinson says

    Jeans are a gift that keeps on giving – I’d love to win these. I don’t have blog, but I’ll spread the word.

  28. Oriana Opperman says

    I LOVE JEANS>…And what better reason to get new jeans, then I’ve lost a bunch of weight and want to show it off!!!

  29. Phoebe Osman says

    I’ve added true jeans to my bookmarks! iamgine jeans that fit me in the waist AND in the thighs at the same time!!! lol

  30. Joanna Smith says

    I’m always searching for the perfect jeans, these sound like they might be the answer! Happy Holidays everyone!

  31. April Epperson says

    An answer to my prayers. Yesterday I bent down with my daughter on my hip and my pants ripped near the crotch. My heart sank, I barely have any pants that fit now. 3 to be exact and now I feel fat and humilated. At least I was at home but I really need jeans that fit me properly this would be a dream come true. Please make my HOLIDAYS. Thanks

  32. Candie says

    I have lost some weight and I need new jeans to fit my new figure. My coworkers have threatened to raid my closet and remove everything that does not fit me anymore.

  33. Brandi says

    i qould love that for my sister yanira
    she does alot she has 2 SETS of TWINS
    she hardly spends on herself
    beerly can afford to by her pants
    she really needs this
    help enter me in

  34. Louis Willhauck says

    me me …me…i want ..i want ..I want …. anyway,, we always say like that .. better ..good luck for us..or everybody get one pants ..( that’s nice ))>>>

  35. Tiffany says

    I can’t imagine having jeans that fit!! I’ve had two children and recently lost about 30 pounds (almost back to my high school graduation weight)!! This would be great!!

  36. tanya says

    Ok, I’ll admit it. I love to shop. But I detest shopping for jeans. WHY? I always want to cry after two pairs. I have a small waist, big thighs/butt, and am short. That combo is not what most desigers cut their jeans for. So usually they fit me in only one of many areas. Which is quite unflattering and quite depressing. Please help me truejeans! I avoid jean shopping like the plague, even thought I need some new ones desperately!!!

  37. Marilyn R. says

    I don’t have a blog. I can’t compete with you and others fab bloggers. if I win I will start a blog for the new year

  38. Brandy says

    What a great prize! Sorry I don’t have a blog, but I’ll spread the word :) Thanks for the giveaway, and happy holidays to all 😀

  39. Irene Ilmonen says

    If my daughter complains about not having an jeans one more time, I’m gonna scream. Please let me win….for her! :-)

  40. P. Harmon says

    Am I the only one out here who has 2 pairs of jeans and that is it???? I need to go shopping but when I do, I think the kids need more than me!!

  41. Rhonda says

    I apologize I do not have a blog or website yet but I am willing to spread the word!!!

    I would love to win $200 for jeans…..thanks for offering the contest…..


  42. Suanne Giddings says

    I have never found jeans that fit perfectly. I would be elated to win this. I don’t have a blog, but I’ll certainly be telling all my friends about this! Thanks for having this contest. Happy holidays to all.

  43. Debbie M. says

    Wow jeans made for real people not those jeans that are falling half off your body made for kids. I really need these as I live in just 2 pairs of jeans and those are looking very sad with worn spots.

  44. Renee Weinberg says

    My teenagers shop relentlessly for the perfect fitting jeans. I am the exasperated Mom of four teenage girls and two baby boys.