Getting Ready for Labor Day with Simply Heinz — Giveaway FUN!

On Tuesday, our kids will head back to school.

While much of the continent has already been packing lunches and stuffing backpacks for a few weeks, here in the Pacific Northwest we have been lingering in the sun and staying up past bedtime. The party doesn’t end for us until the day after Labor Day.

barbeque-against-blue-skyBut wherever we are, whether we are back at school or holding onto our last hours of summertime freedom, Labor Day is special. It is time to relax and pull out the barbecue. It is time to enjoy the sunshine as we say good-bye to summer.

So, for this last barbecue themed holiday of the summer, we have Simply Heinz™ – our favorite condiment! – here to celebrate with us.

I grew up with Heinz® Ketchup. I honestly don’t remember my mother ever buying a bottle of ketchup that wasn’t Heinz.

Now, in my house, the Heinz® Ketchup loyalty lives on.

And we go through a ton of it! My son LOVES ketchup – seriously loves the stuff. I don’t think the child could live long without it. He eats it with Macaroni and Cheese, Grilled Cheese, Eggs, Sausages, Brats, Bacon, Hash Browns, Roasted Potatoes, and even Steak.

Our Favorite Ketchup just got BETTER!

Simply-Heinz-KetchupSo, with our heavy consumption of ketchup around here, I was ecstatic when I heard that Heinz recently came out with Simply Heinz™ Tomato Ketchup, which is made with sugar, instead of high fructose corn syrup.

I actually squealed. I know – kinda pathetic. But this is blogging ladies. Gotta share the truth!

So, since it is Labor Day this weekend, and we will be gathering around our barbecues once again, we thought it was perfect to have Simply Heinz™ sponsor our Labor Day Link Up.

One Labor Day, but TWO Chances to Win…

On Labor Day, we will put up a linky post for you to add your Labor Day themed post’s link. And, to add to the fun, we will have a $100 gift card and one year’s supply of Simply Heinz™ (coupons for 12 free bottles) ketchup for a random winner.

But that is not all! We will also have a winner drawn from the comments on this post too! We will choose one random winner from the comments on this post who will also win a $100 gift card and one year’s supply of Simply Heinz™ ketchup (coupons for 12 free bottles) .

So make sure you come back after you celebrate Labor Day and link up your Labor Day post and find others to visit!

It is our way of making sure the celebrations continue as you share your memories with your online friends, old and new. So make sure you hop around the linkies next week and leave comments as you go.

There is no rush to get your link up on September 6th — so enjoy your holiday and link up when you have your post ready on your site.

How To Enter

Please leave a comment below by Friday, September 17th, and tell us about your Labor Day plans or traditions.

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Don’t Forget: to enter our second giveaway, come back on Labor Day for our Labor Day Link Up.
And thank you so much to our sponsor, Simply Heinz™.

Written by Janice Croze, co-founder of 5 Minutes for Mom.

Please Note: Simply Heinz™ is sponsoring our Labor Day Link Up. Our opinions, as usual, are ALL ours!


  1. Sarah says

    The only plans we have here is my husband’s fantasy football draft each year on Labor Day itself! Maybe the kids and I will do a movie night!

  2. says

    We plan to grill ribs and eat to our hearts content. I also plan to take advantage of a long weekend to transition Lil Bit into his own little big boy bed and to get the new baby moved into his crib to sleep. Sounds like that may be a labor within itself!

  3. says

    We usually use that day to relax around the house. We never make plans, but usually do end up getting together with people. Last holiday here before school starts!!

  4. Kelly W. says

    This Labor Day weekend, my husband and I are going to the Chick-fil-A Kick Off game between UNC Chapel Hill and LSU. We will be grilling out and tailgating! On another note … I’m obsessed with ketchup too. I think I eat french fries just to have ketchup!

  5. Angie B. says

    On Labor Day weekend this year we are planning on attending our local River Days Festival and listening to Fog Hat, as well as probably attending a dirt track race at our local race track. On Monday, we get up early in the morning and go to a big flea market in the area and probably cook out afterwards.

  6. says

    We always have a BBQ with friends over for Labor Day weekend! Our friends are bringing the hamburgers and I am making Potato Salad, and maybe Pasta salad too!

  7. says

    Our kids have been back to school since the end of July. We have a modified year round calendar so in 3 weeks they will have a 2 week fall break. Hard to believe we are already at our first break!

    I am soooooooo excited about Simply Heinz. Its about time manufacturers realize we don’t want high fructose syrup in everything!

  8. says

    we never really have many Labor Day plans—the ones I remember most fondly are the four years that Labor Day was move-in day on my college campus. It’s been three years since then and we haven’t developed any new traditions. :)

  9. says

    Each year my husband’s family has a picnic back amongst some cherry trees on the family’s farm. It’s a neat tradition and it’s a little more special for my husband and I because it’s also the day he proposed to me 5 years ago this Labor Day! :-)

  10. says

    We are planning a camping trip with two other families to a cabin in the woods by a lake. Sounds like heaven with mosquitoes! Lots of fishing and relaxing, which is fine with me as long as I don’t have to clean the fish.

  11. paula says

    i cook out with my kids and then go to the park and then bomb fire at night and make smores we do that every year! of course i use heinz ketchup! i stock up @ samsclub so i make brats and hotdogs and hamburgers FUN!!!!!!!!!!

  12. says

    Super excited about Simply Heinz, too! I am all about no HFCS — so we will be using this brand/kind from now on.

    We are going to have an ice cream party at my grandparents’ — with all the toppings and fixings you can imagine. Getting a chance to see all my relatives “Just Because” is reason to celebrate!

    musesofmegret (at) gmail (dot) com

  13. Erin says

    every year we have a BBQ at my Aunt and Uncle’s house with a corn hole tournament and everything! WEBN fireworks is also a tri state tradition!

  14. Wendy Atkin says

    Always. Always a cookout, ribs hamburgs, hotdogs( don’t forget the Heinz ketchup), potato salad, pasta salad,.Cold Beer, Corn on the cob.,Watermelon, fresh berries strawberry pie.

  15. Natalie says

    I think this year we are going to be local travelers—having family fun around our town. That means lots of swimming, picnics, and having fun just being together. :)

  16. Jessia says

    we were planning to go to the beach but bad weather is headed this way. Instead, we are going to try to grill and shop!:)

  17. Laura D says

    Labor Day is usually spent watching my so play baseball at some tournament. Afterwards, it’s barbeque and the pool.

  18. Elizabeth says

    we usually have a campfire in the backyard with my family and all of our kids. we do traditional hotdogs, potato salad, mom’s baked beans, and ofcourse, smores!

  19. Jen C says

    Planning to relax for labor day this year – it’s my birthday weekend. The family and I are going to the fair on Sunday, hopefully they will be waiting on mommy on Monday!

  20. says

    We are going with my husbands father (Grandpa!!) to their cabin in Northern California. This will be our daughters first time at the familys cabin so we’re pretty exccited!!! BBQ, fishing and hopefully 5 minutes for me to read a book :)

  21. Amy B. says

    My family does the family get together. My aunts usually host it and we have a pot luck dinner and each brings something different than the year before, but this year it will be at my mothers. We love seeing relatives who live out of state and love that all the kids get to play with their cousins. It’s really nice to end the summer with family. I love summer but love to see this time of year come for our families tradition.

  22. says

    My family always gets together with my brother and his family,as well as my parents for a Labor Day cookout and to celebrate my birthday and my nephews birthday!

  23. says

    First off I am a HUGE Heinz fan lol – I put ketchup on everything! And only Heinz or it tastes weird to me :)
    We spend Labor Day at the beach each year with friends & family. It’s a beautiful state park here in CT and we fly kites, sit by the water, cook out & relax before the craziness of the school year starts.

  24. Maggie M. says

    We always go to my parents for a bbq and the last swimming of the season! Always have heinz!
    Thank you!
    Maggie M.

  25. Kay M says

    We have a big get together here at home. All of my kids and grandkids come, and my husbands sister, and brother, and their families come. We grill a couple of briskets, and sausage, and hot dogs, and hamburgers, and everyone brings something to add to the buffet table! We eat, socialize, laugh, ride 4 wheelers around our 13 acres, play yard games, and the little kids chase the chickens and geese. We just all have a great time.

  26. Nikki says

    Sadly enough, we don’t really have any traditions for Labor Day. Our plans vary from year to year, and this year, we all just plan to relax. With three kids, my husband in school, and both of us working full time jobs, we’ve been pretty busy around here. We just plan to take it easy, maybe grill out some burgers and hot dogs here at the house, and just enjoy being together as a family…without stress, deadlines, school work, or jobs getting in the way!

  27. Amanda Barry says

    We go to my inlaws to eat, swim, play games, have some drinks,laugh, and spend time with each other. We have all sorts of great food from hamburgers and hot dogs to ribs to italian beef. Oh its deliscious and alot of fun.

  28. Rebecca says

    We have a cook out with who ever feels like joining us….Friends and family. This year we are lucky to have Relastives from out of state.

  29. jeannine leonard says

    We as a family are attending the local fair this holiday weekend. Kids cannot wait to see the amilmals and go on rides, Us as adults, cannot wait for the food, especially if there is Heinz ketchup involved. We are also going to a place called Hawk Mountain for a live rapture program for the kids, Beuatiful weather here in PA, so we are going to enjoy it .

  30. chatterboxchick81 says

    For as long as i can remember we have had a boat. Our tradition is going boating on the sacramento river, or folsom lake.

  31. Darla says

    We are having a cookout at my mom and dad’s house. Plus going to my son-in-laws for an annual fish fry. Lots of fun! Lots of Heinz ketchup!

  32. Margaret Santer says

    I will be attending a family picnic at my youngest son’s house with my two sons, daughter-in-law and my nephew. Dominic (my nephew) and Bryan (my oldest son) are Heinz addicts. I would love to win the giveaway because with these two characters coming around, we go through a lot of Heinz ketchup. We just purchased the Simply Heinz variety and it’s already our new favorite!

  33. Becka says

    Well SAturday is my birthday so we are going out Saturday night to celebrate that. But for labor day we are going to have a huge family cookout… weather permitting.

  34. Dawne says

    My family always has a big cookout and I enjoy it so much. After having lived so far away from my brothers and parents for 24 years, it always means so much to me to be able to spend every holiday wtih them!

  35. Kathy says

    I am going on a picnic to Polaski Park, my favorite park………….I love hamburgers right off the grill, and then pour Heinz ketchup all over the burger, where it drips out! We also cook beans, and put Heinz ketchup on those, and serve salad, watermelon and iced tea and lemonade! There’s a beautiful beach, just a short walk away from the picnic tables, and a bridge that goes from RI to CT, all in about twelve steps!
    It is so relaxing!

  36. Joanne Deschenes says

    I miss our tradition….. In May, Memorial Day would start with a big picnic at my Aunt and Uncle’s house…. Labor Day was the day for our picnic. Of course, it was mostly the same people as Memorial Day, but my mom would cook for days in advance…. Too much food was always served…. Heinz would be used in the Polish food cooking…. One of mom’s best recipes, though was her version of meatballs…. She would empty a bottle of Heinz in a bowl. She would then refill the bottle with sherry and mix it with the ketchup. Add meatballs and heat…. it was the best….

  37. Kelly Colucci says

    We are going to visit a miniature petting farm, cleaning our carpets (kids are going to help too), and in general are planning to have a stay at home vacation weekend with our kids!

  38. says

    We always go to a baseball game and throw a big tailgate party equipped with bloody marys, burgers, brats and all the fixings, including lots of ketchup!

  39. Ken says

    I grew up with Heinz ketchup, and have continued buying it for my family. I’ve even been known to eat a ketchup sandwich… just bread, butter, and Heinz ketchup.

    Heinz is the best, and I’m excited about the new Simply Heinz, as I’ve been trying to buy more foods without high fructose corn syrup.

  40. says

    We take in as many of the wonderful festivals St Louis has over the weekend. We get gyros at the Greek Festival, watch Asian artisans at their craft at the Japanese Festival at the Botanical Garden and whatever else appeals to us. We finish off the weekend with a big cook-out on Monday.

  41. Linda Kish says

    100+ degrees and my son is working. I will be hanging out in air conditioned comfort in my house.

    lkish77123 at gmail dot com

  42. Sherri says

    As usual and traditionally we will be at camp surrounded by friends and family! With the husbad playing DJ – it will be an awesome weekend!

  43. Jill Henderson says

    We are attending a wedding in St. Louis on a farm— It will be a great joy to celebrate such a momentous day in the life of the newlyweds with all of the extended family. Now everyone keep your fingers crossed that the storm does not screw up all of the flights!

  44. Patsy says

    We have three little girls and moved 600 miles away from our closest family so we really have no traditions for our “new” family. We will be grilling out at home and taking the kids swimming!

  45. Debbie says

    Our Labor Day plans are:
    Breakfast: HEINZ KETCHUP with Scrambled eggs at the side – HENIZ KETCHUP with bacon as a side
    Lunch: HEINZ KETCHUP with grilled burgers, potatoe salad and chips, adding HEINZ KETCHUP with some hot dogs on the side if still hungry
    Supper: HEINZ KETCHUP with ribs –tried bbq sauce once just doesn’t have the flavor -HEINZ KETCHUP with baked potatoes and a dinner salad.

    My husband, son and I are HEINZ lovers!! My son didn’t realize until he went to college people actually would purchase a different brand and try to use that sour stuff. He went to college with a HEINZ 6-pk with him. Oh, by the way when we got married –we received a case of HEINZ KETCHUP –24 years ago!

  46. Stacy says

    Spending time with good friends. Hopefully have a bonfire/cookout. Always have an abundance of Heinz Ketchup! Simply the best!! What a great way to spend a holiday weekend!

  47. marlene b says

    we will have family and friends over for a cookout. Charcoal of course. then the kids will get wet in the sprinkler weather permitting. always fun on labor day.

  48. Abrown says

    I will be celebrating my 1 year anniversary to my wonderful husband!! Hopefully breakfast in bed with Heinz Ketchup all over my breakfast (which my husband thinks is a sin to put ketchup on breakfast foods, but I <3 it!! Happy holiday everyone!

  49. Hope says

    Sadley enough there has come a day when our school district felt the need NOT to give the kids the day off!!! So our Labor Day celebration will partake over the weekend. We will be soaking in the rays by the lake, BBQ some Hot Dogs and Hamburgers, so that our Heinz will not feel as left out as our kids will on Monday!

  50. Natalie J. Vandenberghe says

    This year, I will be preparing for the arrival of out-of-town (from Oklahoma and CA) guests . First, I need to drive my son to Florence (on the beautiful Oregon coast) to join some friends who are camping for the long weekend (my son couldn’t go when they did because he had football practice–this is his first year of playing and I’m nervous).
    Growing up, it was our tradition to have a picnic.
    Have a wonderful weekend.
    p.s. Heinz is the only brand of Ketchup I’ll buy (or eat, for that matter). It’s what I grew up with and I don’t like how any other brand tastes.

  51. Angie MacFarland says

    We really do not have any traditions, but this year we are doing something new. Tomorrow we are going to “The Hawk Mountain Line” Kempton Train for the day, with a picnic lunch. The Monday on Labor Day we are taking the kids to a local nature park for some fun outdoors and another enjoyable picnic. Maybe we will make this out annual thing, we’ll just have to see how it goes.

  52. Terrie says

    We’ll be going to the Ford Arts, Beats and Eats plus doing some outdoor cooking. I love long weekends with the family.

  53. says

    Super fun cookout with close family and friends. Hamburgers and hotdogs (with plenty of Heinz for all), fruit and pool time are in our future :) Labor Day weekend here we come!

  54. says

    Well, I do all the usual things cookout with friends and family. However this year is going to be a bit different. college football opens this weekend so I will be traveling up to Washington DC to watch the Virginia Tech vs. Boise football game. GO HOKIES!!!

  55. Mike and Sandy says

    We don’t have any, but we do spend time with our families. Labor Day always coincides with the beginning of school, so it’s usually a “relaxing” weekend. Now that “Simply Heinz” is available, maybe we’ll do more BBQ!

  56. xochitz says

    This labour day I’m EXTRA excited because my long-distance boyfriend is coming to visit and staying for a WHOLE WEEK! : D There’s also going to be a big barbecue on campus, that I’ll be attending. ^_^

  57. Jaimie K says

    My husband is a school teacher, so we love the little day off right at the beginning of the school year!
    I just had a baby last week, brought her home, and a few days later she stopped breathing and had to be resusitated (by me). She’s doing well now, but frankly I’m just excited to rest and relax with my family and husband at home this labor day!
    Wonderful giveaway! Thanks!

  58. Keni-Lyn Wendt says

    Heinz is the ONLY ketchup!!! When I eat in restraunts and the serve something that isn’t Heinz I can taste such a difference that I have to force myself to eat it without gaging or not use any ketchup at all!!

  59. says

    WE love Simply Heinz ketchup its the base for our BBQ sauce both hot and mild. Growing up it was only Heinz ketchup and to this day if a restaurant does not have Heinz we do not go back. On a different note the new Heinz Spicy ketchup is GREAT.

  60. says

    My husband is a vegitarian and we rarely have big meaty dinners, we do a few bbqs so my son and I do get to enjoy hamburgers and hot dogs with Heinz our family staple. When my son was young he saw my husband make a “burger” with all the trimmings except the meat! So my son
    invented his own. Ketchup Burger, you guessed it just Heinz and a Bun! He has it anytime with any form of Bread! We buy our Ketchup in Bulk he’s a growing Boy.

  61. says

    Planning to grill at least 2-3 times over weekend–grilling is a fun part of a Labor Day weekend celebration, and my husband always uses Heinz Ketchup on my mac and cheese or potatoes au gratin….I have also found that adding Heinz Ketchup to my beef marinade adds a rich, wonderful flavor to the marinade!

  62. Laura Benjamin says

    We usually go to our camp each Labor Day with our family and our parents. My dad loves to barbecue and makes the best ribs, hamburgers and hot dogs. Heinz has always been a big part of the grilling as my dad has made a “special sauce” he puts on what we are barbecuing and makes everything taste so much better. This year though will be the first year we will not have our mom with us and my dad has Macular Degeneratio and really misses my mom. We told him that we could cancel our traditional barbecue but he said my mom would want us to have it. We are buying tons of Heinz but he said that his secret sauces will have to be bought by my daughter so the secret of Heinz and grilling will still be secret! It is so nice to see his sense of humor coming back!

  63. Paulette says

    Heinz field cookoff this weekend. Will be there all weekend enjoying the food and concerts.
    Heinz is the only Ketchup for me. Born and raise in the Burgh. Nothing better.

  64. Donna L. says

    We’re going to drive over to my in-laws’ house and spend the long weekend there, barbequing, swimming, and just catching up on our lives.

  65. Kristina R says

    We are having a BIG pool party/ cook out at our house. Not to mention I have a Sweet 16 and another Labor Day party to go to this weekend! I’m sure Heinz Ketchup will be present at all of these events, especially mine!!

  66. Lynn Heinz says

    No big plans for the holiday weekend for us.

    When my son was younger, he thought that Heinz ketchup was OUR ketchup because our family name is Heinz (as I always say, “unfortunately…there is no family relation”). He has outgrown that idea, but not the idea that Heinz ketchup is a must at the dinner table. He thinks it goes with everything. He even eats it, as he calls it, “pure” (just the ketchup).

  67. erika merrifield says

    I grew up in Fremont Ohio near a Heinz plant. In the summer months when the wind was just right the sweet aroma of Heinz ketchup could be smelled from my home. I’ll never forget the fun backyard BBQ’s we had for labor day; ketchup in the air, ketchup on my hot dog. Every time I use Heinz ketchup it makes me smile as I reminisce about all the great summer times we have shared together.

  68. Katherine Whelan says

    We haven’t had many labour days as we aren’t American, but we usually spend it making sure the kids are all packed up ready for school the next day, and maybe enjoying a few labour day sales :-)

  69. jacqueline v says

    For labor day, we usuallyt do the traditional thing and have a cookout or we pack snacks and head to the beach!

  70. MommaH says

    We usually try to get the yard cleaned up for the season, and then on Monday gather at the in-laws for a cookout and a last swim before they close their pool. Of course there is always some Heinz ketchup on hand. ; )

  71. Natalyn Richards says

    Labor Day weekend is going to include NORTE DAME FIGHTING IRISH FOOTBALL against PURDUE, a lil beer and a bunch of brats with Heinz Ketchup!!!!!! Go IRISH!!!!

  72. Eileen says

    I practically BLEED Heinz Ketchup! My family thinks I am crazy as I put it on practically EVERYTHING and this has been going on for over 35 years, when I was a teen! LOL!
    I am excited to be doing cookouts this weekend and of course we have the Heinz on board. We usually are celebrating our youngest ‘s Birthday, on Labor Day Weekend and this year her b-day is ON Labor Day, just as it was when she was born 11 years ago! We like to go out tubing on our fishing boat, go out to some land an hour away to camp, or if it’s raining, we play cards and games and rent movies all weekend with just our family. THIS year we will be starting out the weekend with our High School football game, visiting the TASTE of MADISON in Wisconsin for a great time on the Capital Square, and then having a family Birthday cookout party On Monday for our daughter. Phew…will be looking forward to school in session on Tuesday!
    Good luck everyone! Heinz for a YEAR! THAT is like GOLD to me! LOL!

  73. says

    Our labor day tradition is simply to go to someone’s house for an end-of-the-summer barbecue. Usually after this, the host will retire their barbecue for the fall.

  74. Renee says

    Labor Day is the day for picnics. My grandma always has one. Since my husband I moved away, however, we will probably go take a hike up a mountain somewhere to enjoy the last days of summer.

  75. Alice Moore says

    Having a bbq w/out Heinz ketchup, would be like having a bbq without a grill! I have never bought any other ketchup, and I never will!

  76. says

    Heinz is the taste choice in our catering business and in my own kitchen.
    I use Heinz as a spice in my culture (Indonesian) cooking because it compliments and brings out the other exotic spices.

    Labor day will be spent with our family eating and enjoying each other.

  77. Kelly Anderson says

    We have a number of birthdays that fall during the Labor Day week. We are usually here and there trying to fit in the celebrations. Moreover, we have traditionally used this time to catch up on work around the house – we call it “labor” daze! Consequently, meals have needed to be quick and easy. How do you spell B-B-Q??? Whatever meat the adults select – the kids prefer hotdogs and brats and catsup is not a condiment – it is a full fledged side dish!

  78. Lillian Froese says

    We usually host a gathering for 4 generations of our family and some friends. The menu is simple: grilled hamburgers & hotdogs with lots of heinz ketchup and/or mustard, lightly grilled buns,sliced onions, cucumbers & fresh tomatoes, homemade potatoe salad, fresh green tossed salad, and “baked” beans made in the crockpot ( to keep the kitchen cool). For dessert: fresh fruit ( this year it is seedless grapes and dark cherries), ice cream & homemade cookies. A kid and adult friendly meal.
    (When our grandchildren get older, we will again include s’mores for dessert)

  79. Michelle says

    I LOVE holidays, on Labor Day we all get together and meet at my parents house and grill out and enjoy making memories and eating. We LOVE Heinz, as it is a staple at any event.

  80. Melissa says

    Always had a cookout with Heinz and Dukes’s on board, so I guess you can tell I’m from the south! For the past five years, we’ve also celebrated my boyfriend’s birthday – which is on the 5th…it’s always a great cookout. My son’s in-laws are visiting from Russia this year, so I will introduce them to the NEW “Simply Heinz” ketchup. I’m not sure if they have Heinz in Russia, but Heinz is the only ketchup my family has ever used.

  81. Jamie says

    We moved 350 miles from any of our family at the beginning of this year. We are finally going to have the chance to go and see them! We leave tomorrow for a three day weekend to be with the ones we love. Our kids are beside themselves with excitement!

  82. Annette says

    Kids have been in school for two weeks. for Labor Day we will grill, grill, grill. Can’t do it without lots of Heinz ketchup! A favorite of mine since I was a child, I never buy anything else!!! Everyone have a safe and happy Labor Day!

  83. Dot Quaid says

    We usually spend Labor Day weekend at home to avoid the traffic headaches that go with a holiday weekend, and barbeque so I don’t have to spend time in the kitchen on these warn, end-of-summer days. But this weekend we have a relative visiting from New Zealand and she has never been to the USA, so we are breaking our cardinal no-travel rule and taking the RV out to meet her. From our RV base, we plan to take her to San Francisco and points beyond, then spend lovely evenings near the ocean, barbequeing and watching the sun set. We love a Heinz product from New Zealand called Watties Tomato Sauce, I call it “Kiwi Ketchup” because that’s what it is. There will be plenty of Watties around this weekend!

  84. Trisha says

    Love a Labor Day cookout with burgers, hot dogs and plenty of Heinz – regular and Hot & Spicy! My daughter is one of your biggest fans – ketchup on a lot of things for her!

  85. says

    I’m spending Labor Day weekend running around to our local grocery stores looking for a FABULOUS DEAL on Heinz Ketchup! The Pittsburgh Irish Festival is Sept 10th,11th, & 12th and, since the Heinz Company is located in PITTSBURGH, their products are the ones we know,love and USE! We’ve already got the Heinz mustard; let me know if there’s a Heinz ketchup deal to be had!

  86. Kathy says

    We don’t have any real traditions anymore since we’re empty nesters. Our only plans aren’t even really plans, just a thought. We’re thinking of taking the dog down to the lake near where we live.

  87. Robyn says

    Every Labor Day we get the whole family, extended and all, together for a old fashioned corn and potato roast, and a bonfire later. Everyone gets together and roasts hot dogs and makes SMores.

  88. Sherry says

    Our Labor Day parade is the best event. We always go to the one at Hoisington, Kansas.Then we go to the Dairy Queen after. Very nice time will be had by all.

  89. Mary Becker says

    Well, one thing for sure — Heinz isa part of every summer get together at our house. As, I suspect, most American will be grilling on Labor Day, so will we. Uncle Jeff is grillmaster & the rest of us will be dutifully ooohhing & ahhhing at his skill. Lots of burgers, hot dogs & baked beans means oodles of Heinz will be had. In fact, our family goes through so much Heinz ketchup that I can’t imagine that anyone would consider 12 bottles to be a year’s supply! That’s not to say I don’t want to win — I do, I do — just that, like you Janice, we go through tons of it. Most definitely our favorite condiment, too.

  90. Reanne Burnett says

    My Labor Day tradition also begins with an L: Lazy. We enjoy a long weekend and catch up on naps and snacking.

  91. Meriaten Long says

    We like to go to Bumbershoot – Seattle Music Festival as a family – either that or the Evergreen State Fair – we eat scones and street vendory type food…if we have a family bbq, we make sure to have ketchup. Love Heinz ketchup!

  92. says

    I am so excited about the ketchup made with real ingredients and that comes in a bigger bottle! I mean, my kids think the stuff is soup rather than a “dip”!

    For labor day we usually just spend the day with family and have some quality down time to recover from the first couple of weeks of school putting us all back on a strict schedule!!!

  93. Karen Bennett says

    Celebrating Labor Day with a family BBQ…and of course with Heinz Ketchup!! Everyone have a safe and happy holiday. Watch out for them rip tides…

  94. Cathy Policare says

    If it’s Labor Day…It has to be a cookout with Hot Dogs and Hamburgers! And it HAS to be HEINZ, the only ketchup that belongs in our kitchen and on our food!

  95. Chari Dodge says

    Our holiday has changed over the years. We used to host a big picnic with lots of family and friends but in the past few years have just had a quiet Labor Day – just the two of us and our grilled venison burgers somthered in Heinz Ketchup.

  96. Patti Patrick says

    Unfortunatly I have to work…but since it’s at a Dairy Queen, I will still be seeing alot of Heinz Ketchup! Hopefully there will be time for me to squeeze in a cookout with hotdogs and lots of Heinz!

  97. Pam says

    Labor Day picnic is whatever everyone brings. There is always Heinz on the table.
    My daughter and I go through sooo much Heinz that we kept a tally for a year of how much Heinz we used. It was a lot!!!!

  98. Eugenie says

    We’re having a bbq with ribs, chickens, salmon, burgers and hotdogs. Of course Heinz ketchup will be on hand, too.

  99. Amber MacDonald says

    well we always eat hotdogs and hamburgers sometimes steaks depending on who is going to be there lol. We always just get together and eat and catch up! Also the only thing I like on my food is Heinz Ketchup I am a plain person lol!

  100. Tina B says

    This Labor Day weekend, we’ll be watching some college football on saturday! WAHOO! Then I will be going to visit my sister to check on her after she had surgery today.

  101. robert.dotterer says

    Well like some others, will be working 3rd shift all weekend in a personal care home for the mentally ill…..during the day I will be sleeping dreaming of being at a picnic with family and friends eating a juicy hamburger with oozing Heinz ketchup with a deviled egg and pasta salad…playing horseshoes, and being eaten by bugs…..maybe next year?

  102. Susan P. says

    We’re getting together Sat. to go to the movies since my daughter in college is coming down for the weekend. We’ll be doing family stuff Sun. and relaxing Mon.

  103. Diane Helget says

    I made the Heinz Ketchup cookies and will be heading off to a family gathering where everything except the ice cream cones has ketchup on it! Have a happy safe holiday!

  104. Tina M says

    We go to the boat races that our town has every Labor Day. Than off to have a last of the summer cook out with everything,hot dogs, hamburgers the work’s and we can’t live with out our Heinz Ketchup…and of course a lot of Family and friend’s…

  105. Donna Key says

    I plan to do something different this year. My family is going to a Pirate baseball game. My in-laws will be in town so this will be a nice way to spend time with family. We will get a chance to experience the great flavor of Heinz Ketchup. What is baseball without a hotdog and you know Pittsburghers are a fan of baseball and Heinz Ketchup.

  106. Mary C. says

    My husband works Labor Day, so we are having bbq and fixin’s on Sunday. Celebrating a day early! BTW, Heinz Ketchup is the only ketchup we keep in our house… family loves it!!!


  107. says

    we are having a labor day outdoor wedding at noon followed by a cookout, yard games. lots of fellowship. fire pit and samores by the fire as the evening progresses. how can you not have a cookout without heinz ketchup and pickle relish. have a great holiday weekend everyone

  108. cynthia h says

    I will try to spend the day relaxing,but also do not want to forget what the holiday is suposed to be about. Thanks to all the troops who keep us safe and able to celebrate days like this without worry. Happy labor day to all!

  109. Meghan says

    Every labor day we take a road trip and generally grill. I’ll have something to share my Heinz with! :)

    And I tweeted! immortalb4

  110. Johannah B says

    We have no plans. I think I will get out, get some good grilling supplies, and call the boys home spur of the moment. If they are busy, we (hubby and I) will have some great eats for the rest of the week (smile).

  111. Tamara B. says

    We use to go to the beach, come back and have a big barbeque with our familes, neighbors and friends but since the Gulf oil spill we are still not secure to swim at the beach where we go. So instead we are just hanging out and continuing with the big barbeque. We will miss the beach so maybe we will put up a volleyball net and play some voleyball

  112. Larry Wedick says

    I would have to say Heinz is the way to go,
    and it slide out of the bottle nice and slow.
    On a hambuger and fries,Heinz is the best,
    None can compare,so get rid of the rest.
    So enjoy this holiday with plenty of sun

  113. jensowers201 says

    Playing with my children, grilling some meat and taters’,
    there is no such thing as ketchup haters,
    put some ketchup here, put some ketchup there,
    I need it on my fries, I need it everywhere,
    when I squirt it on my mac and cheese,
    my daughter says “oh mom pleeeeassssssssseeeeeeee!”,
    but I don’t care cause one day she’ll see,
    that ketchup is like history,
    it sits upon the table, it’s no mystery,
    but when you forget to put it out,
    everyone screams and shouts!
    “how could you forget?”…
    “what is wrong with you?”…
    Without our Heinz ketchup life would be so blue!

  114. jane bautch says

    I love Heinz ketchup and use it in everything from meatloaf and barbque to on my sweet potatoe fries. I especially like the new ‘Simply Heinz” because I have a son that is alergic to corn. Finally, he can use ketchup again. Even better, it’s Heinz Ketchup!!

  115. colleen c says

    I am going to have a cook out with family at my house and we definately need heinz ketchup for the hamburgers and hot dogs.

  116. ellen says

    This year we are staying home… things kinda came up! Usually we gill out with family, and we might still but, we won’t be able to hang out like usual!

  117. Jessica T says

    Normally it is a low key weekend – getting ready for back to school. But this year my inlaws have taken the kids – so I’m dating it up with my hubby of 10 years!

  118. kathy D says

    Spending time with old freinds in MN……. I miss my friends but do not miss the traiffic of living in a city……

  119. Keri says

    I’ll be working on Labor Day but I know my husband will grill something yummy for when I get home and Heinz will be right there!

  120. Shanna says

    I don’t often see my husband, between his job which is an hour and a half away, and him being an Army Reservist. When we have a holiday weekend, time is precious. This weekend, we’ll be having a cookout, and family movie/game night, as well as a “pajama day”. We’ll stay at home and just enjoy each other’s company.

  121. Catherine Harker says

    Picnic with my family & my parents, pork Bar- B- Q. I use Heinz to make the sauce of course & lots of other yummy foods.

  122. Dori Sedano says

    We celebrate my birthday! I was a Labor day baby! Irony from the get go in my life :) We always grill out and include Heinz Ketchup on the table. This year it’s hamburgers and hot dogs and chocolate cake with coconut frosting.

  123. Kelly Ann T. says

    We will be riding our Harley to a friends lake house. The BBQ will consist of hamburgers, hot dogs and chicken with Heinz Ketchup of course.

  124. Marcy Strahan says

    I am home sick with a raging UTI! I will make me some curly fries with some Heinz Ketchup
    & watch the Stephen King Marathon on SYFY!

  125. Maureen says

    Our Labor Day is a celebration this year. On 7/4, my two year old fell in to a campfire while playing at a family reunion. We have gone through 3 surgeries due to 2nd & 3rd degree burns and he has finally been cleared to do activities so…we are going to have a traditional barbecue, swim together and just enjoy being a family (with no campfires of course).

  126. Mary says

    Labor Day weekend used to be busy camping and cooking for the family but now the kids are grown and doing their own things so I have a quiet weekend with my garden and shopping.

  127. beth whitehead says

    go to the movies with hubby and kids and then home for some pulled pork sandwiches, beans and corn bread all home made i use heinz for the base of my sauce it makes foer a rich and thick sauce that folks just rave about

  128. says

    We usually have a family gathering and grill out. I love summer BBQ’s and will miss them when the weather cools. There’s nothing like a juicy burger with Heinz ketchup, some home made potato salad, and fresh from the garden veggies!

  129. says

    We plan on going to carolina Beach the weekend and do to hotel rates we will probably stay in wilmington and commute the 15 minutes to the beach and enjoy the park and stay on the beach all day
    tbarrettno1 at gmail dot com

  130. says

    We try not to travel labor day weekend, as most family is local and we want to avoid the crowds. I come from a family of educators, so labor day weekend sometimes means finishing last minute planning or details in the classroom, but we try to spend some time by the pool and appreciating summer. My mom also has a birthday that falls right around labor day every year, so we are celebrating with her.

  131. says

    We have a weekend full of soccer games, harvesting the garden and preserving the bounty.
    Then of course a little cookout.
    I am so glad Heinz made a HFCS-free product! I will be looking for it now.

  132. says

    We are at home for Labor Day this year – a tree fell on our house in April and we are smack dab in the middle of remodeling (after waiting for insurance to get their act together) so we’re doing stuff around the house – but we’ll bbq and swim in the afternoon!

  133. sal williams says

    Heinz ketchup was my favorite as a kid and its my favorite now. I could use a dozen bottles up in a year easily.

  134. bonnie says

    up early for breakfast and then to the dog park with my new rescue dog Annie. Later I am off to the golf course with my friends and a big lobster cookout at the beach.And finally watching the sunset at the beach.

  135. says

    We never have big plans, just whatever seems to happen! This year it looks like I’ll be spending my day canning tomatoes while the hubby is at school preparing for his week!

  136. Rochelle says

    I played in the garden and had a peaceful and fun holiday weekend with the family and we still have today to enjoy! We also had delicious steaks and potatoes. Forgot to add that last time.

    Happy Labor Day Weekend!

    romapup at gmail dot com

  137. says

    We usually wind up grilling and fishing. and it looks like that’s what we’ve done this weekend. My husband is working today, so it looks like the kids and me will be lazy at home and eat some left over grilled food:) I need a rest it’s been a pretty busy weekend.

  138. Alison S. says

    Our Labor Day plans are to just be at home and enjoy our family. We’ve been out of town and then sick so much lately that just relaxing sounds heavenly.

  139. katklaw777 says

    We always meet Grandma and Grandpa at the Sportsman Park Fishing Lake in our small town, Grandpa, Dad and the kids fish. Grandma and me get the picnic and snacks ready. We spend the whole day there and always finish the day with s’mores by a fire, Good times!!!

  140. says

    While it’s fine for consumers to choose ketchup sweetened with high fructose corn syrup or with refined sugar, I hope that consumers don’t get caught up thinking that one is somehow healthier than the other. They are handled the same by the body, and have the same number of calories.

  141. bonnie says

    I took my dog to the beach and then went to a family cookout after that I went to a fundraiser for rescue dogs, which I just adopted on in july her name is Annie!

  142. says

    I’m happy to hear about the new ketchup. We try to stay away from high fructose corn syrup so I think we’ll buy this kind next time…

    Our 4-year-old loves ketchup – on french fries, scrambled eggs, etc.

  143. says

    We don’t have any Labor Day traditions. We usually don’t plan to do anything. This year my hubby decided last minute to take the day and do things together as a family. We took a hike as a family and then we barbecued and ate a terrific dinner. The rest of the day was spent relaxing at home. It was a great end of summer celebration. No friends or extended family… just us.

  144. Mary-Frances C. says

    For Labor Day, we traditionally go swimming. We went swimming at my dad’s house, and he made bbq. We had lots of fun.
    mommieseatsoggycereal at gmail dot com

  145. says

    We always have a bbq at my parents for Labor Day. This year, we spent the morning hunting Monarch caterpillars so we can see them make their chrysalis and change into butterflies! So fun!

  146. Katherine C. says

    We had plans to spend the weekend at a water park. But Friday my son woke up sick, so we spent a quiet sick weekend at home. :)

  147. says

    We just stayed home and relaxed this year,had a nice cookout indoor grill meal & heinz ketchup as always was there! We won’t buy any other brand! barb g. directorylanesuperstore(AT)

  148. says

    Well my labor day was a cookout with my family and then I had to work, when you work at the hospital, there’s never such thing as a free holiday. It was nice though, I work in labor and delivery so that’s my “labor day” :)

  149. melissa n says

    we went up to columbus, ms (we’re in florida) to visit with friends we haven’t gotten to see in two years, and pick up the baby furniture they gave us :)

  150. crystal allen says

    we had a fish fry at my inlaws over the holidays. good food, good conversation, good times! thanks clallen at ntin dot net

  151. says

    Labor Day is our last blast of summer. The kids start school the Wednesday after Labor Day so we try to pack it with fun and usually top it off with a fire and roast some marshmallows. It’s a nice way to end our summer.

  152. trixx says

    Since Labor Day denotes the end of Summer, I figured to let it go with a bang. Went on a cruise and came back with a tan that will last me months!


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