Downsize Your Diaper Bag

Royal Heinie Diaper Purse BagIt’s about the essentials.

When you trim it all down, sometimes all you really need are diapers, wipes and maybe some cream. And you need them within a hand’s reach.

My Royal Heinie Diaper Purse Bag is the stylish solution to keep those essential items organized and at your side whenever and wherever you need them.

Keep your Royal Heinie Diaper Purse Bag conveniently inside your favorite diaper bag and pull it out when you’re going out on a quick trip and you just need the basics. It’s a great way to keep your diaper changing supplies together when using your larger fully stocked diaper bag, and yet allows you to quickly trim down.

The adjustable strap makes it perfect for strapping to your stroller, carrying it on your wrist or over your shoulder.

Good For The KidsMy Royal Heinie Diaper Purse Bag is just one of the fantastic products offered at Good For The Kids.

This wonderful Mom-Owned shop that has all you need to “nurture, engage and decorate“.

And they have offered to send one of you your own My Royal Heinie Diaper Purse Bag or a store gift certificate for an equivalent value.

So hop over to their store and browse around. Then leave a comment here and let us know if you’d like to be entered in the draw. We’ll announce the winner on Tuesday, Nov 6th. (US shipping addresses only.)


  1. says

    Wow! That’s perfect! I would love one of those. So much easier than lugging a big bag into the grocery store or other places. Hard to choose a favorite as they’re all so cute – probably the Black Flamingo for me!

  2. Bree says

    Count me in! thats perfect for the stage I am in right now! How stylish! I love the brown truffle one! thank you for offering this!

  3. says

    This would be perfect. We are not needing to carry around 2 sets of diapers anymore and we can get away with just a diaper and wipes if we needed to. This is better than shoving a diaper in my purse or coat pocket.

  4. Mae says

    Saw this on another website 6 mo ago and loved it! So stylish and CONVENIENT. I hate lugging the big ‘ol diaper bag everywhere!

  5. Nunny11 says

    Ok, there are so many cute things on this website! It would be hard to choose between the diaper bag (love the name, BTW) and some of the other great things! Please count me in!

  6. Leia says

    Please enter me – what a great idea! I’d wanted to make something like this for myself and never really got around to it! :blush:


  7. Ashley says

    I love this bag…so cute and would be great for my toddler who only really need a couple of diapers and wipes now when we go out!

  8. says

    Hi Susan, I would love to win this cute down size bag for my daughter who is expecting her third child in February.I will send her to this site to read and shop….Thanks for the great offer. Baba

  9. Angela Willis says

    OMG I really need this.. Connor is on the verge of crawling and anything fast and simple makes my life so much easier.. and man is that cute.

  10. says

    Wow. Good for the Kids is awesome. They are in my favorites for baby needs. They even had Nuby replacements which I couldn’t find anywhere when I needed them! Ugh!

    Please enter me in the drawing. I could definitely use My Royal Heinie for my royal princesses’ heinies!

  11. says

    I am past the diaper bag days but I will say that this is fantastic! I so wish they had stylish bags (affordable ones) back in my days of diaper bags.

  12. says

    I LOVE this bag!!! I looked for something like this a year ago before I gave birth to my 2nd child. It would be perfect now, as she is 1 and we don’t need to carry all of that “stuff” that a newborn needs. I would love to be entered in this drawing! Pick me! Pick me!! :)

  13. says

    As I enter my fourth year of diapering someone’s butt around here (LOL), and I face the eventual potty training of my son over this winter, I would SOOOO like to downsize my diaper bag! *wink*

  14. Jenny M says

    What a great idea for a diaper bag- DH loves it- he says its not as pursey as our current bag;). They have such great puzzles too- lots of hard choices to make for the winner. Id love to enter. Thank you!

  15. MamaChristy says

    Cute! I love diaper bags that look like something mom would actually carry, rather than something for the baby.

  16. Bran3 says

    I’d love the chocolate truffle one! I have three kids and all but one are potty trained, it is time I downsize diaper bags!

  17. Betty N says

    What a great shower gift this would make! I didn’t have anything like this when I was lugging all the ‘baby stuff” around! My soon to be young moms would love to receive this.

  18. Lisah says

    I don’t even have a diaper bag. My poor baby has to be embarrassed by the tote bag i haul around. I could really use this!

  19. says

    I would love to be entered in the drawing. Thanks so much! I really like the idea of only grabbing just the necessities, and it is a whole lot easier than keeping an extra diaper in the glove box, but when you really need to use it, you find out it is two sizes too small. (Don’t ask me how I know.)

  20. Melissa says

    I would love to be added to the drawing. Right now I make due with a 1 quart ziplock but this is so much prettier.

  21. Cynthia Shern says

    Getting ready to be a Grandmother of a bouncing baby girl. Gandma really could use a smaller version of the diaper bag!!

  22. DOnna says

    Don’t we all look forward to the day when we don’t have to carry a darn “suitcase” with us everywhere we go?
    I would love to win this!

  23. says

    I love the brown truffle. It is so cute with the patterned edging. This is a store with such neat stuff–thanks for telling us about it. Have you heard of the Zaky pillow? Wow, what a neat thing for the right baby. Thanks for a fun giveaway!

  24. Katherine Benson says

    Wowza – have just started trying and my friends with babies told me I need a bag like this. Thanks for a great site!

  25. Pamela Devlin says

    I love the name of your “business” (get it?) and I love anything that allows me to downsize–please enter me to win!

  26. Jennifer says

    Sign me up! I definitely need something smaller. My husband just took our toddler out for an “adventure” and grumbled a bit about how big (and girly) our diaper bag is. This could cut the grumbling in half! Who wouldn’t love that? (I think they’re cute too.)

  27. Amber Sell says

    What a wonderful site – filled with wonderful (and beautiful) ideas for children and parents! I love the Royal Heinie Diaper bags – especially the chocolate one and would love to be entered in the drawing. Thank you!

  28. P. Harmon says

    Pretty much the last 12 years, my diaper bag has been my purse and I haven’t had a “nice” one. This is cool.

  29. Ashley Aldridge says

    Somedays I feel like I should have a “Caution: Wide Load” label on my current diaper bag. A smaller bag like this one would be perfect!

  30. Willie Jones says

    With a 4 yr od and a baby due in 1 1/2 months, this would be a perfect way for my daughter to downsize. No more bulky diaper bags for her. We LOVE it!

  31. Donna Holmberg says

    A good friend who has been trying to conceive for over 10 years just got the good news that she’s 12 weeks pregnant… YIPPEE! I’d love to win this so I can give it to her as a “Congratulations… You’re Pregnant!” gift. :)

  32. Mandy G says

    I am a new Grandma :) and I am not your average Granny. This bag is not for your average Granny honey, I’d be proud to carry it! Thanks so much for the chance!

  33. Marie N. says

    Perfect little bag for those moments when you don’t want to lug what seems like the house with you everywhere you go. Oh yes…count me in to win this lovely bag.


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