Canada Day Link Up 2010

Happy Canada Day!!!


Sometimes it is rough being a Canadian.

We don’t get to enter all the fabulous bloggy contests. We can’t buy Hebrew National hot dogs, or Reddi-Wip, or Cascadian Farm. (Feel free to leave in the comments all the things you wish you could buy up here in Canada!) And shipping to Canada from the US costs a fortune.

But, sometimes it ROCKS being Canadian!

We have free health care. We are darn nice people! (Not to say that non-Canadians aren’t nice. I am just saying we are some darn nice people up here!) And we have Smarties.

So, to all my Canadian brothers and sisters, I am sorry that you can’t enter all our contests. (I know your pain.) I am sorry that I tell you about fabulous products you have to drive across the border to buy. (I seriously make regular border crossings to stock up on all the products I am now addicted to!) And I am sorry that shipping to our country is a pain in the you-know-what. (I know that isn’t my fault, but I am still really sorry!)

I hope you have a wonderful Canada Day. And in case you burn yourself on your barbeque or have some other July 1st induced injury, remember to sing the National Anthem while you sit (waiting) in the clinic, rejoicing that your visit is FREE! (Ya, I know we pay for it in our taxes — but we still have it!)

AND if you have a Canada Day post, (whether you are Canadian or not!) please link up here and share the Canadian LOVE!

Oh — and if you ARE Canadian, make sure you let us know in the comments! Would love to see how many of our fellow Canadians are reading. (Well, I know I can look in Google Analytics, but it is fun to see you “raise your hand and say I am here!!!”

Updated to add: In the second linky below, I just met a Canadian blogger who also has a Canada Day link up/Blog Party going on. To find more Canadians, you can check out Canadian Mom Blogger. So fun to meet more friends in the momosphere!

Happy Canada Day!!!

Here is a fun thumbnail linky:

And here is a basic one — cause sometimes you just want it that way!


  1. says

    I never knew you were Canadian! Very cool!!

    I have a Celebrate Canada Blog Party going on (that was actually inspired by your Ultimate Blog Party). Have a wonderful holiday :-)

  2. says

    Happy Canada Day! Hmmm. FREE healthcare? Great concept! Sorry you can’t get Hebrew National. That’s odd. And I wonder why shipping from the US to Canada is so high? Who knows. Wish I lived close enough to where I could cross the border to see Canada!

    • says

      Shipping is high because you often have brokerage and duties to pay. So it can be a pain!

      Lots of brands aren’t available in Canada. :(

      And yes – our health care is wonderful. It has problems for SURE. And it needs more money dedicated to it. But I am VERY grateful!

  3. says

    Great idea! We love our friends to the south but there’s something special about us Canadian (and I don’t mean that in a Saturday Night Live kinda way). Happy Canada Day!

    • says

      Yes – we do! AND some of our cereals taste way better! I think they have less sugar and more fibre. Like our Kelloggs Bran Flakes and Raisin Bran taste way better.

      OH and our McDonalds tastes WAY better!

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    Hooked up here from the blog party and it looks like you have some great stuff going on. I’ll be back! Happy Canada Day!

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    Happy Canada Day! Thanks for the great Canadian shout-out. I am a proud Canadian, and so thankful to be living in Canada each and every day.

  6. says

    I’m a day behind, but Happy Canada Day fellow Canucks – I actually live probably 30 km east of you ladies across our beautiful brand new Golden Ears bridge. Would love to meet you both some time!

    it’s so funny though, I was just saying to my DH last night about Americans not having Smarties!!!

  7. says

    Who are we kidding? It ALWAYS rocks being Canadian! Just stopping by from the blog party… love your site! I will be back! Cheers and happy belated Canada Day btw! Emma @ Tightwad


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