Wordless Wednesday — What you get when you ask an eight year old boy to smile…

Wordless Wednesday - Jackson

What you get when you ask an eight year old boy to smile.

Last week, I featured my two year old Olivia’s smile. This week, well, Jackson isn’t quite smiling… But it still makes me smile.

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    LOL, I have a 17 yr old daughter whose face looks like she could tear you limb from limb just for taking her picture! Your son’s smile makes me smile too! Have a great week!

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    Yeah, I don’t know why but my oldest, around this same age, refused to smile as well. And even now he will not smile and show his teeth.

    Your photo is still great without the smile..he is a cutie!

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    Love it! Must be an 8 year old thing- because it is so hard to get a serious photo from my girl- always putting up the peace sign or sticking out her tongue. Great pic.

    Happy W.W!

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    Welcome to the boys world huh. I notice my son is changing too. It’s quite interesting.

    He is definitely photo worthy and I admit that is a cut ‘in place of ‘ smile :)

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    Oh no! My (almost) 6yo son has started with that too lately! Wah! I miss the smile. I did learn a trick that if you ask them to say “whiskey” (or frisky, for that matter) it produces a better smile than cheese!

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    I love it!! My boys are the same way — every time I break out the camera I get either the fakest smiles ever or something very like a grimace. Have a great week!

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    My three year old gives me a tough boy look when I ask him for a picture, but I was hoping he would grow out of it…maybe not?! Super cute pic.

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    Yep, at some point they become too cool for smiles and pictures and then you get the infamous smirk. Hope you have a bright Wednesday full of real smiles lol.


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    Haha! Looks familiar! My 15 year old son does the same thing. Can’t get him to smile like a normal person even if I tried.
    I’d love for you to come on over and link up when you get a chance. Have a great day.

    Kristi, Live and Love…Out Loud

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    I love that photo… He made me smile as well. It’s funny as they mature and are looking for their own look, displaying their personality and being individuals. It’s priceless.

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    I love that photograph… wait until he is a teenager, then he won’t even let you take his picture at all. You should see what my SIXTY-eight year old husband does when I tell him to smile. TeeHee!!


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