WD Passport Portable Hard Drive Giveaway

Western Digital Passport External Hard DriveWho’s got the most important data in the world?

>>> Moms with digital photos and blog posts — that’s who!!!

Your digital photos and your blog entries are your memories. They are your family treasures. They are worth more than any big company’s customer order data.

Are you treating your treasures as the gold that they are?

I’m going to go out on a limb and guess probably not. (And if you are, give yourself an enormous pat on the back and then take yourself out for a double chocolate ice cream sundae.)

Even the word ‘Back Up’ stresses me out, makes me tired, and makes me call out to my husband to give him another lecture about how he needs to ensure that our systems are properly backed up.

But… we all know, if we want something done right, sometimes we need to do it ourselves. Sometimes, our wonderful husbands are as thrilled by the need for backups as they are thrilled for the need of neatly folded towels. And our backup routine may likely get put on the bottom of their to-do list.

Western Digital Passport External Hard DrivesI have such a memory still fresh enough to sting. My husband does most of our family’s tech support including buying and setting up our computers and networks. After nagging my husband for months (even years) to ensure that all our computers (we have a few for our business and personal needs) are regularly backed up, I assumed that he had it under control.

Well… he did partially. He had some backups of our business computers, but MY laptop apparently had not seemed important enough and was too low on his priority list to ever get backed up at all!

And yes. CRASH went the hard drive. Completely. Gone.

Fortunately, Janice is the keeper of our digital photos and all those photos were safely stored on her external hard drive — A Western Digital Passport External Hard Drive.

Thank goodness our most precious treasures were still safe. But I won’t ever even know what other data I lost.

Backing up is for most of us one of those tasks on the back of our mind that nags at us, but the busyness of our mommy days never lets us get to it.

But, now it is really easy.

Just as Janice protected our photos during my laptop crash with a Western Digital Passport External Hard Drive, so can you.

Western Digital Passport External Hard Drive - RedYes, Western Digital understands that Moms have some of the most important data that needs backing up. And they have generously offered to give 3 of you your own new Passport hard drive in one of their new just-launched fun colors.

We will draw 3 lucky winners and WD will give each winner one Passport in a new color with a carrying case. In addition, they would like to offer those who do not win Passport units, a coupon for a free passport case with a Passport purchase at their online store.

The WD Passport is a high-performance portable storage hard drive that is both Mac and PC compatible. Itโ€™s light and rugged, easy to carry and no external power adapter is needed. Installation is a snap because you don’t really “install” this drive; you just plug it in and it’s ready to use. The Passport compact drive fits easily in any pocket or purse, weighs only a few ounces and holds tons of valuable data, thus moms can take their photos, videos, files and music with them wherever they go.

We are so excited about this giveaway, because we are such huge fans of this product. The passport drive is so easy to use that you don’t need to depend on anyone else to set you up with a backup system. You just plug in this hard drive to one of the USB ports on your computer and then drag and drop your important files on to it.

And the security of backups is just part of the beauty. This cute little drive is perfect for bringing your photos and videos with you to show family and friends, or transferring files to and from your work computer.

You definitely want to get started with a Passport, so enter a comment and link back from your own blog to let your readers know about this great giveaway. We’ll enter your name in the draw for one of three drives.

We’ll draw the three winners on Friday, October 5th. Check back and see if you’re one of the lucky ladies.

Coupon Information: If you don’t win a drive, you’ll definitely want to purchase one. And you can use the following coupon to get a free case with purchase of the drive. So you simply add the Colored Passport and this Carrying Case to the shopping cart and on the check out page, enter the coupon code “FORMOMS” which will make the carrying case free. This coupon offer is valid from September 24 to October 12.

(As usual non-bloggers can enter even though you can’t link back… just tell some friends. Shipping is limited to US addresses. Canadians you can enter if you can have a US friend forward it on to you, or if you live close enough to the border to pick it up.)


  1. brandy walleshauser says

    i would love to win this. my hubby is back in college. so he’s got all his documents on the computer and deletes mine.

  2. Lisa says

    I could use this for sure! After a complete hard drive crash like yours, Susan, that lost years of both personal and work data, I’ve gotten better at backing up, but not as good as I ought to be. Thanks for the chance to win!

  3. Stephanie Anderson says

    I’ve already lost three months of pictures – I would love to have this to prevent any more picture losses!

  4. says

    Wow. What an incredible giveaway! I am terrible at backing up regularly, too. And I fear a crash is impending. Now where can I get one of those things?

  5. says

    WOW—this is wonderful…..what a great way to save all my photos and blogs and such that are so important to me…..what a blessing!!! A link is on my blog…THANKS!!!!

  6. Lana Bailey says

    Many years of pictures…none of which are printed or backed up…are all on our about to die home pc. Backup would be quite the valuable asset! Thanks so much,
    ~Lana B.~

  7. says

    I’m running out of space on my hard drive at home – this would be an awesome solution! Please enter me – I’ll link back in my contest round-up on Saturday for sure. :)

  8. adina weinstein says

    Storing family photos never had it so easy. It would be great to save them for the future and make it so easy to look at and show others. I am so proud of my family and like to “show them off.”

  9. says

    oh yes this is what I need! I have over 1000 photos on my computer. and only half are on cd’s. ack. and so you can imagine how swamped my laptop is. and how scary it would be to lose the pictures!

  10. says

    Beginning of August I lost everything from my computer – all my pictures of my kids from last Christmas until last month, all my designs, all my graphics, everything!!!! So I know how important it is to back everything up (which I have been doing religiously) and I’d love to have one of these!!!!

  11. says

    Please enter me! Boy, with only an 8 gig hard drive, I need it. Okay, so my computer is right up there with the brontosaurus and T-Rex. I need a new one, but the HD would still be awesome!

  12. Margaret says

    Boy, could I use that…my old pc died and I’ve got all sorts of data suck on its hard drive. Never again!! What a hassle!!

  13. Bev says

    wow! this would really be great for me. i don’t have any kind of backups period! this would be a great start and very much appreciated :)

  14. Laura O'Neal says

    I learned the hard way about the importance of backing up my hard drive data. My home PC had major problems twice in one year. The first time a coworker who has a side business repairing PC’s fixed my computer – it had a virus that was preventing me from accessing the Internet. He put all of my documents, files, etc. on DVD’s for me, as he had to erase and reinstall everything on the hard drive. About 6 months later, my Windows XP crashed, and I had to reinstall the software, which deleted all of my documents/files/photos. I had most of my documents on the DVD’s from my coworker, but there were documents I had made in the interim that I didn’t have backup copies of. Sigh… I finally started making backup CD’s on a regular basis. A portable hard drive would be a lot more convenient than CD’s though!

  15. says

    I’m so naive when it comes to computer stuff! Are you saying that my pictures that are on another website (“flickr”) are still not safe??? Oh be still my beating/overwhelmed/fainting heart!!!

    Count me in!

  16. Susan says


    Please don’t panic. Yes, it’s a great idea to have your photos saved on another website such as “flickr”. I’m not sure what their policy is on backing up your files, but definitely they are safe if your own computer crashes.

    So no stress.

  17. Mary Ann Crowder says

    My husband just bought me a new digital camera for my anniversary. We are hoping to have grandchildren soon and this would really help keep all pictures together. Please pick me!

  18. says

    I want it, I need it… I GOTTA HAVE it! I’m a a picture FREAK. Just today, I spent the whole morning backing up pictures onto cd’s. I need a better way!

    Please enter me, thanks! I’ll happily link from my site.

  19. Rena Parker says

    My son was just talking about needing a portable harddrive to store his digital photo’s for his graduate school classes in photography! This one would do great. Really nice product.

  20. Jenny says

    I’m the techy around this house and that isn’t saying much :) I’d love to have this!!! please enter my name in the drawing…thanks!

  21. catherine says

    memories can’t be replaced. I need a Western Digital Passport 250GB portable external hard drive and carrying case to help save my photos

  22. says

    I already own a 120GB WD Passport to backup and save all my favorite photos and hobby websites…It is very easy to use and works great…but I need another one for more storage space…I’ve got lots of photos from my hobby…I hope I can win another one as it would be really super great!!

  23. Sonja Russo says

    I would love to win this! I’m a writer, and this would be a great way for me to carry all of my writing with me, wherever I go.

  24. Brittany says

    Woowww!!! I SO NEED ONE OF THESE!!
    I am an aspiring photographer and i really need to back up my files so i don’t lose them if something happens to my computer!!
    Iv been wanting one of these for quite sometime…
    Hope i win!!

  25. Jessica says

    I would love to win this and load it with children’s music for my car. My radio had a USB slot, and I would not have to tote around 2000 children’s music CD’s and I could sell them to the Used book and cd store!

  26. Faith says

    WOW!! I NEED one of these. I am always need to show Mimi the pictures of her grandkids but the computer can’t come with me to her house!!! Nevermind the fact that I lost a ton of them because of a computer crash!! This thing is so cool

  27. Dana says

    I habe thinking for a long time about getting an external hard drive. I also have been trying to get my husband to do it with no success!

  28. shenita says

    This seems like a great device! As a college instructor with all of my files on my computer, I could really use it to keep my items safe.

  29. Dave L says

    My wife and I are due to have a baby in February, and I plan to take a lot of pictures and video to send to my family back in the UK. The WD hard drive would be perfect for storage!

  30. Deborah Rosen says

    This would make a great gift – copy pictures and stories to the drive to share precious memories with family and good friends.

  31. Crystal Traweek says

    Sadly one of these would have saved 2 years of my DD’s life photos three weeks ago when my harddrive crashed. Please Please Please Mom’s back up your baby’s photos! VERY SAD!!!

  32. Keenan says

    Well, a big name company can’t fix my wife’s computer, so they want to walk her through reformatting, but she has to back up before she can do that, and this would be a perfect way to do so, and she would love they stylish colors!

  33. Jerry Rivas says

    By not backing up a year ago, I lost all my digital photos of family and friends. This prize is perfect to backup my laptops and my desktop.

  34. says

    This is awesome! I have wanted one of these forever!! Pics, files, school, craft stuff…Oh my goodness, I would love to win this! Linking back, now!

  35. Landon C. says

    These things are definitely great to have around for storing family photos and home videos that take up a bunch of space.

  36. Gwen Lenker says

    I really should know better – I’ve already suffered the loss of a hard drive, and I still don’t have a regular backup routine in place. Please let me win this!

  37. says

    This would be such a blessing to my husband & I! He is the music minister at our church and we are both going to bible school. So there is a lot we need to keep on file in our respective computers. He has been talking about getting a back-up hard drive. Winning this would be trully great!

  38. roslyn johnson says

    My husband has spent three days trying to fix all the problems we have on our computer. This would be a much needed asset to us right now.

  39. geekbearinggifts says

    Wow, this would hold so much more than the little memory stick I use to back up my “critical” documents (we had to give up backing up photos.) I can’t tell you how much stuff we’ve lost over the years when computers bit the dust. Thanks for the offer, and I hope we win!

  40. John OBrien says

    It’s thundering here right now, and my wife’s travel pictures should be backed up. Winning would be very handy.

  41. Angela Palmer says

    I have so much that I don’t want to lose. Had a lot of problems when I lost a hard drive (ouch). I would love this!

  42. Morgan says

    Oh boy I could use this!!! I have literally over 100,000 pictures and I’m always worrying over a computer crash. (Every time it thunders I turn the computer off. Well, just about. ;)) One of these would be so nice!! Thanks! Morgan

  43. says

    This is a incredible, most welcomed, much needed item!
    I could really, really use!!!
    My Sweetheart is “The Tech” but many times is way to busy to back up our files, computer drives & show me many of the things he takes for granted.

    I accidentally losing five years of files, picture from two decades, very important home insurance notes, etc. I was in tears.
    I am working at learning much of the technical stuff that is his second language so I can be somewhat independent.

  44. Carlos E Pandiella says

    I would like to win this for my Mom. She hates her laptop becuase it always goes nuts every other month or so. But she has to use it for company reasons.

    I cant afford to buy her a new one, but with this at least she wont always have to lose everything and have a need for those 50+ backup cds.

    No kidding….50+ backup CDs. Think about it. It’s a process that got tired the first time. She is on restore number 4 now.

  45. Kimberly McTague says

    Recent flood destroyed most of our family photos. I wouldn’t want it to happen again – this would be perfect!!

  46. says

    Oh my gosh – I have been looking at these for the longest time, trying to find some extra $$ in the budget to get one. I seiously need one! Yeah, me and all the others who entered! LOL! Really, though, thanks! This is an awesome contest! ๐Ÿ˜€

  47. says

    There is a new service out there that all moms need to know about that offers another way of preserving those precious family memories. I know that most of you probably have tons of photographs that you took before digital cameras even existed. So the question is, how can you get these photographs into digital form so they too can be saved on your computer, send via email to other family members, or put in a slide-show? Scandigital offers this unique new service that allows you to send in your pictures to be scanned and turned into digital pictures which you can then share with other family members online! I really don’t think there is a better way to not only preserve your memories, but also allow other family members to enjoy them as well!

  48. says

    We were just talking about this. My daughter is 18 mo and I haven’t gotten her scrapbook together yet. Why? Her photos are on nearly 2 dozen different burnt CDs. I have to collect them, sort them, geez! I have to find them first! This would really help organize my family.

  49. MIke the Libraryguy says

    I could really use a cool back up drive like that. I am not a mom but sleep with one..ok ok my wife, quit giving me those looks.

  50. says

    This would be an awesome addition to a mom who’s computer (which has a small storage amount anyway) could not completely overload her computer. I would love to try one regardless.

  51. Ashley says

    oh, i am such a worry wart when it comes to the pictures of my girls. I always make a backup disk and keep those in our safe, but thats starting to plie up. i mentioned getting one of these to my hubby. winning one would be oober neat!

  52. Keisha says

    backing up is definitely important & even your backup needs a backup…you never know when a device can fail & leave you w/ nothing.

  53. Kim Allmon says

    This would be the perfect solution for storing all of my treasured photos from our trips to Walt Disney World…and the colors are fun!

  54. Zipporah Sandler says

    This would be absolutely wonderful to have. I have NO PLACE to store all of those photos that I’ve been taking.

  55. says

    I got an error the first time I tried to post this —

    Looks like my trackback beat me to signing up. I’d like to enter the contest…and I’ve linked to the entry too. What a great prize!

  56. Dani says

    Wow – I definitely can use this as I was just recently a victim of a zapped hard drive and lost information. Enter me please!

  57. says

    Oh, I need one of these in the worst way! My work IS the computer and I am terrible about backing up – simply because I have no easy way to do it. This would do the trick! Thanks for the chance!

  58. Tamara Burks says

    I could really use this. My computer’s broke down several times. It’s an antique and I can’t afford a new one.

  59. DARLA KIDDER says


  60. Carole says

    With teenagers, this is a must. I’ve already had our computer virus-infected and have had to have it totally reinstalled, losing almost everything on it!
    Could really really use this.

  61. Lana Fornes says

    I’m a full-time grad-student, mom, and public health educator and I’d love one of these to keep all my stuff and 3 computers backed up between school, work, and home!

  62. CLEMENS says

    HOW NEAT!!! I could definately be seen with this…I need something like this to have as a backup for my pictures :)

  63. Rich says

    This would be great to have. I’ve used so much memory on programs and other stuff. I need the space desperately.

  64. says

    I am an amateur photographer, and the WD Passport Portable Hard Drive would be a dream come true for someone like me, who has been a shutterbug since I was 13 years old and got my first Brownie camera! Of course, now I’m up to a Canon EOS camera, and things have changed a bit – and along with camera upgrades, a portable hard drive upgrade is just the ticket! All I need is the “Passport” to take me where I want to go!

  65. Mickey Anderson says

    I really need this also. Just like everyone else. Soo let the most lucky person at the time of the draw win. Good Luck to all. Thanks for sponsoring the sweeps.

  66. Kathy Scott says

    I am a bookkeeper and the Western Digital external hard drive would look so cool to take to clients offices to back up their info.

  67. Kathleen Guillemette says

    This would help out so much. I manage 4 different systems and need to bring data to all of them. Really hard when you have to rely on little porta disks.

  68. Melissa says

    This is a dream come true, a portable way to back up my precious family photos (and it’s cute, too!). I have my fingers crossed!