How Do You Celebrate Memorial Day?

I am Canadian.

Before I worked online I didn’t notice American holidays. It didn’t affect me that some of them fell on different days than Canadian holidays.

american-flagNow that I work online and my work doesn’t stop unless you Americans take a break, your holidays mean my inbox stays nice and empty most of the day. It allows me to slow down.

So, I stop and remember. I read your posts on Memorial Day and reflect. Observing your holidays gives me more chances to stop and be grateful for what so many have sacrificed for all of our freedom. It may seem strange to you, but I am just as grateful and feel just as indebted to your soldiers as I do to our Canadian soldiers. Both of our countries are out there, risking everything, for the same reasons.

But I do feel left out, sitting up here at my computer, without a barbecue to attend or a hot dog in my hand. I hear that Memorial Day is the unofficial kick off to your “summer.” That kids are out of school, public pools open, and eveyone pulls out their barbecues and enjoys the long weekend.

Speaking of barbecues…

And, speaking of barbecues, I learned another thing working online.

You all have FABULOUS hot dogs by Hebrew National that we don’t have up here!

Hebrew-National-Hot-DogI seriously have to cross the border to buy Hebrew National hot dogs — and let me tell you, the border officials look at you really oddly when you tell them you are going to America to buy hot dogs!

But Hebrew National is worth it! I found out about these delicious all-beef, kosher hot dogs last year when Hebrew National hosted our July 4th Virtual Backyard Barbecue. (Yes, once again I watched your celebrations, lonely north of the border.)

Hebrew National is the only national all-beef, kosher hot dog made with 100 percent premium butcher-quality cuts of beef with no by-products, fillers, artificial flavors or colors. Now that is a hot dog I can feel good about feeding my kids, (and myself!)

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Let us know in the comments how you plan to celebrate Memorial Day. What does your family usually do? Is it the beginning of your barbecue season?

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And in case you missed it last week…

Last week, I did a podcast with Cheryl Hines who is working with Hebrew National for the Better-Than-A-Picnic Picnic Tour to kick off the summer grilling season.

hebrew-national-logo-180pixWith the picnics, Hebrew National and will support various community organizations, like Feeding America, that support those in need, making the picnics fun, more meaningful and BETTER than a Picnic. At each picnic, moms within each of the nine communities on the Tour schedule will hand select an organization in need and create a custom service project for each. All picnic goers will be able to participate in the fun, interactive projects for an opportunity to give back.

All picnic details are available at and Join the Hebrew National page on Facebook for updates, pictures for our events and tips on throwing your own Better-Than-A-Picnic Picnic this summer.

See you Memorial Day — well virtually at least!

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Once again, leave a comment here telling us about your Memorial Day plans or traditions for a chance to win a $100 Amazon Gift Card.

Written by Janice Croze, co-founder of 5 Minutes for Mom.

Please Note: Hebrew National provided us with the prizing for these giveaways and our Memorial Day Link Up is sponsored by Hebrew National. But my crazy Canadian opinions, as usual, are ALL mine!


  1. says

    Growing up we would always go camping on Memorial weekend. I look forward to continuing that tradition once my son gets a little older. This year the 3 of us are going to bbq some hotdogs and just hang out at home together. :)

  2. Kristen E says

    Every year, I remember the birth and loss of my first child, Morganna. She was born with HLHS, the most severe of heart defects. She lived for 12 days, surviving through open heart surgery and countless setbacks, only to succumb to her own fraility. She passed on MAy 26th and was buried the Sunday before Memorial Day. Every year I go visit her grave, remember her,and vow to never forget how special she was and still is to our family. I know it’s not a BBQ story, but it is my tradition.

  3. destiny says

    following on twitter @dad1111

    We bar-b-que every memorial day weekend with our neighbors (well we moved so our old neighbors now) we fill the alley with tables and chairs and have at least 4 different bbq’s cooking at once. Of course the only hot dog we use is hebrew national too they are the best. It is nice to celebrate the holiday with friends that you love. The kids all have a blast in the park and it is a really fun day.

  4. ellen says

    On Memorial Day weekend, usually on Saturday morning, we would start out and put flowers on the gravesites. I know it sounds morbid, but Memorial Day is a day for remembering. Grandma before she passed, would oftentimes grown her own flowers for just this occasion. If the cemetery didnt have the funds for flags for veterans, flags would be put on the family members who served our country.
    I look back on this, and realize what Grandma was doing was ‘connecting’ us to our past.
    In the afternoon, we would all gather and grill out- it was the start of our summer!

  5. Natalie J. Vandenberghe says

    This year I’ll be doing something I’ve never done before–I’ll be spending time with my first grandchild. Hopefully, we will start a new tradition. I have many fond memories of time spent with my family while growing up and I hope my grandson will be able to say the same.

  6. Angel S. says

    We love to camp over the holiday weekend. We have been raining way too long (Oregon nuff’ said) for us to go this year. We may do a backyard campout if the weather cooperates though!

  7. Kirsten T. says

    It’s funny, depending on the year Memorial Day weekend can have so many different connotations. Sometimes it’s the celebration of my birthday (May 28), sometimes it BBq with friends and family (but we do the all year round so it’s not the first of the season), it is the kickoff to summer (and more importantly summer traffic here in the NYC area). This year is just entails staying home and getting yard work done. However, the one common theme every year is to remembering the military members and their sacrifices. Having been in the military for 14 years, I want honor my shipmates that served. This year we are putting flags on graves at a National Cemetary. Can’t wait until kids are old enough to do this with me. Thanks!

  8. says

    Our cook-out season starts as soon as the weather is warm enough. This Memorial Day, we will be gathering around the fire pit in our yard, having a cookout with family.

  9. Deanna says

    We don’t have any traditions for Memorial day but we like to take advantage of the extra day off to get some stuff done & do something fun. This year hopefully we’ll do some shopping!

  10. says

    well…. since the weather has finally warmed up here in New England and it IS the sort of official start of summer – we are going out in my father in law’s boat to a lovely beach that we love. we plan to spend most of Sunday and Monday there!

    PS. I grew up in Canada! =)
    Kathy k.

  11. says

    First of all, I need to not read through other comments on people’s traditions because Kristen E has me crying and it’s not even 8 in the morning. Second, we don’t have a set tradition, but usually get together with my husband’s family for a cookout and some relaxing fun for everyone. It is definitely nice to have the extra day though, anytime Daddy can stay home from work makes life more exciting!

  12. says

    My uncle was/is MIA in Vietnam, so we usually spend some of our day checking in with my mom – sometimes visiting the Veitnam Memorial in our state, or just being together, grilling out and watching the grandkids play. It’s about remembering and being together!

  13. says

    Kristen E, I’m praying for you this Memorial Day. We usually attend a local parade and often we walk through the cemetary in appreciation of those who gave their lives for our nation. We usually end the day with a cookout.

  14. says

    We will probably drive up to the mountains, find a nice quiet stream and have a cookout. My husand always puts up our flag outside our house, and we remember what this day is really all about.

  15. says

    We love Hebrew National hot dogs. Won’t eat any others, in fact. Last night, we had chili dogs for dinner. It was the end of a long week, and we needed a quick, easy, yummy dinner.

    We don’t go out of town for Memorial weekend because my husband and I are both teachers, and we always have one more week to go. As soon as the snow melts, my husband cranks the grill up, so it’s not the opening of our grilling season. Our plans are to have a nice day at home. Throw some things on the grill. Have fun in our new big inflatable pool. And, weather permitting, hit a parade or two. Most importantly, take a moment to think of all those who have and are sacrificing for us.

  16. says

    We are going to my brother’s house for a cookout and visiting. The whole family will be there minus my poor husband who has to work :( but it will be a fun day laughing with my best friends – my family!

  17. says

    Our whole Memorial Day weekend is usually spent celebrating as both my mother in-law and brother in-law have birthdays the 25th and 29th. Today I have an ice cream cake in the freezer, we’re taking the BIL to see Prince of Persia, and tonight we’ll have a birthday dinner for him… yes, a cookout. :-)

    This is definitely one of the best weekends of the year! :-)

    And, Janice, we have a ballpark in Arlington, TX that serves nothing but Hebrew National Hot Dogs!!! They are FABULOUS!

  18. says

    Ours is fairly casual. Family gets together, everyone brings something to share. If we do grill it’s something easy like hot dogs.

  19. Lachelle says

    We put up our flag, enjoy the day as a family and talk about our soldiers fighting for our freedom. We say a special prayer on their behalf before our annual Memorial Day bbq. It’s a great day of rememberance for the soldiers!

  20. says

    Memorial Day used to mean that school was out. Not this year. We have one more week, and I don’t like it that way. I’d rather go back a week early than be in school after Memorial Day. Memorial Day also marks my anniversary. My husband and I got married 5 years ago on Memorial weekend. Memorial Day means thanking our soldiers, past and present, a day off work, and barbecue. Maybe this year we’ll go to the beach.

  21. says

    Hebrew National are the only hot dogs I can eat because of my sensitive stomach. They don’t have all those fillers in them.

    This year is our first Memorial Day since my husband joined the Army so it’s a special one. I am going to bake some flag and USA shaped cookies and we’ll likely go hang out at the river. It just melted so unfortunately it isn’t warm enough to swim in, but I plan to go wading out into it at least! Yesterday his unit held a party with food and sports competitions for the soldiers and families. It was really fun and I got to see the equipment my husband works with all the time.

  22. says

    In the past, I have celebrated Memorial Day down in DC with a friend whose parent is a Vietnam Veteran. We watched the Memorial Day ceremony at the Vietnam wall and he put flowers in memory of friends he fought with who didn’t come home. This year, I am staying home with my hubby and enjoying some alone time together while he is off from work.

  23. says

    We go to the Felton remembers parade…It is a lot of fun! We dont have a lot of traditions but a few b’day celebrations because my DH is May 30 and I am June 1! This year we going to a baseball game and are having family over for a BBQ.

  24. Barbara M says

    I usually go to my sister’s for Memorial day.
    Nothing big or fancy.
    We grill burgers and brats.
    Later if it’s not too hot we go for a long walk.

    barbara.montyj at gmail dot com

  25. says

    Well, for a lot of us up here in the Northwest we don’t actually get out of school until mid-June. But yes, we still call this the beginning of summer. We usually either take a weekend trip or have a big get together with friends. This year we’re going to a birthday party with some friends and they always make it a good time!

  26. says

    My husband’s annual art school alumni camping trip falls on Memorial Day each year. He’s on an island off the coast of Mississippi, in a tent with no outside contact. So I’ll probably just drag the kids to my parents’ house to go swimming. Not much of a tradition!

  27. Tracy Robertson says

    It’s different for me every year. I usually try to do something relaxing, but not crazy-fun since it is a day for rememberance. This year, I have been having to work too much and I’m just happy that I have Sunday and Monday off from work, two days in a row! I will relax and catch up on my household stuff and myself.

  28. Wehaf says

    We don’t have any traditions. This year we are going to be in Chicago, seeing the sights there.

  29. Amanda A says

    We are celebrating this year by going to a service at our local cemetary. They have a nice memorial day program with music and speakers!

  30. LAMusing says

    I live at the beach, so they usually have some fireworks, bands playing and lots of BBQ and swimming!
    This year I’m spending Saturday puttering around on the patio garden, tomorrow BBQ with friends and a card game in the evening, Monday working with a friend. I hope to be able to go to the park for the military band – it’s a beautiful free concert every year that gives us all time to remember those lost and those that survived in our nations fight fr freedom, and all those that put themselves in harms way for the most selfless reason. Was just reading a book about Abraham Lincoln and I am reminded of the great sacrifices others have made.

  31. Ellen S. says

    Put up the flag, go for a picnic and geocaching and just relax. No cleaning, no yard work, just having fun

  32. says

    We’ll be cheering my sister-in-law on as she runs a 10K. After, we’ll be taking in a lovely brunch/lunch together (depends on the time), taking the kids swimming, then enjoying a parade where the kids will be gathering candy thrown from the cars like mad people.

    All of the kids aren’t quite out of school yet, but they do get a nice long weekend off. In NE Ohio, it means that it really is safe to put the garden in. (And yes, I did gardening this weekend.)

    In the past, I’ve taken advantage of the Memorial Day paint sale and painted a room that weekend.

    We’ll eat a good hot dog for you!

  33. says

    Our church starts Vacation Bible School on Memorial Day Weekend every year. So, this year, I’ll be spending most of my day with a group of 12 year olds. :) I’m really excited about it, though, because it’s an opportunity to share the gospel with kids who might not otherwise hear it. No cookouts for us this year, but it *is* the start of summer, so there will be plenty of cookouts to come!

  34. says

    We celebrate by going to a State park with the family for a bbq. We usually do that on Sat. or Sun, and then on Monday attend a Memorial Day parade.

  35. Tracey says

    Every year we attend our small town’s Memorial Day parade. I dress my daughter (and this year my new baby, too) in red, white and blue, and we stake out a good spot on the parade route. We always stand in the same area every year and meet my parents and family friends there.

    We wave our little American flags and salute the veterans, soldiers, firefighters, police and fife and drum corps as they march by.

    Afterward, we may take a walk around town, and of course, have a cook-out later in the day.

  36. Tara says

    My birthday always falls around this weekend and this year i am 21! My daughter has a birthday 2 days before me and she turned 1. so This year my husband took us up to a waterpark and let us splash around. We went to dinner had a few drinks and saw a movie. Today is a HUUUUGE Nascar today so we’ve dragged the TV outside, hooked it up, got the grill ready and expect people to start arriving around 12! It will be an all day eating&&Nascar fest! Monday we have a memorial day parade and I have to show up at Great Lakes Navy base for a few hours and then we round up the whole family pack a picnic and spend the afternoon at the beach, swimming and waiting for the fireworks!

  37. says

    My sister is in town this weekend, so we have spent the last 3 days at my parent’s house. We have even left our daughter there 2 nights in a row so she could spend time with her aunt that she only gets to see 3 times a year! We just spend time outdoors. mini golf yesterday, the park and croquet today – and it’s supposed to be gorgeous out, so it worked out well. :)

  38. says

    When my kids were little we would always get together with our friends and their kids and do a big BBQ. It was so much fun to have the crowd together, just relaxing and enjoying each other’s company.
    Now that I am empty nesting, I celebrate by buying myself a NEW American flag to put on display and usually go to our parade here in town. More low-key, but I do what I can to honor our troops.

    Thanks for the give away

  39. says

    We normally BBQ with friends. Since we’re a military family in a military community, Memorial Day is always a big celebration for us. My husband is in Afghanistan this year so it’ll probably be a bit more quiet than usual.

  40. says

    We usually spend Memorial Day by the pool at my mom’s. The entire family gets together to cook-out and hang-out. It’s always lots of fun. : )

  41. Vickie Riddle says

    We spend the Saturday of Memorial Weekend, cleaning up the cemetary, putting flowers and flags out to honor those who served, and then we have lunch at the pavillion, visit with family and friends. On Memorial Day we usually try to have a BBQ. I hope everyone has a safe and blessed holiday week-end.

  42. Donna Holmberg says

    As a military brat who is half-American and half-Canadian by birth, I have an excuse to celebrate all the holidays in both countries…. and I take advantage of that every chance I get. We celebrate hy having a family get together and sharing good time, good food, and good company all weekend long.

  43. says

    Since I’m three days past my due date, we plan to take a long walk as a family and wait for a baby to be born! We’ll probably fire up the barbeque, and let the three year old play in the baby pool in the backyard and relax.

  44. Rolonda says

    All our extended family plans one big cookout , everyone comes from all over and we celebrate it like the fourth of july

  45. Lesli C says

    As our daughters get older, we’re realizing the importance of family, so we spent this memorial day visiting inlaws in cousins and went to a hot air balloon festival-so much fun!!

  46. says

    Well, my oldest turned had his first double digit birthday on Sunday. So I spent the weekend crying that the fact he is getting old, which means I am too. :)Then today I dragged all of us to Greenfield Village for the Civil War reennactments. I love those. I even got some great pictures too. :) Now go and enjoy those WONDERFUL hot dogs.

  47. says

    Memorial Day weekend found us celebrating my husband’s birthday, my daughter and son in law’s 6th wedding anniversary( they were married on her father’s birthday), my younger daughter’s birthday (June 1) and my son in law’s birthday (June 5). Lots of celebrating this time of year for our family. We did it all at my son and daughter in law’s home.

  48. says

    Since this is our last Memorial Day near Washingington DC we took one last trip down to see the sites. Every Memorial Day for three years we have gone to remember those that have fallen and those that still fight for our freedom.

  49. says

    We spent a quiet day at home. I wasn’t feeling up to taking my 6 children out to any ceremonies because I didn’t want to get upset or upset them. It’s hard to think about soldiers dying when Daddy is deployed.

  50. says

    Like many people, we have a barbecue! This year, we had hot dogs, hamburgers, bratwurst, and summer squash on the grill. I also pay tribute to my friend’s son, who was killed in a helicopter crash in Afghanistan while serving in the Air Force.

  51. says

    No BBQ for us. We just got back from an arts and wind festival in the next town. They had carnival like rides, kite flying contest, local vendors, food and a show. They even had a jaws of life demonstration from the local fire department. After about four hours (on my feet!), we went for a late lunch. We must have been hungrier than I thought because we finished everything, lol.

  52. victoria lester says

    I celebrated it in recognition of my brother who was in the Vietnam War and later in the evening I spent the day having a BBQ with family.

  53. Jan R says

    We had a quiet day at home but of course we did fly our flag and observe a moment of quiet for our brave soldiers

  54. Karen says

    My husband is a disabled veteran, and we spend the weekend having cookouts with various friends and family members. My kids like to draw pictures of their dad on Navy ships, and color an American Flag to give him, and look at pictures of his military days!

  55. Crystal says

    I enjoy seeing my family!! This is a special holiday for my 87 year old grandpa. My grandpa was in World War II and my grandma was there waiting for him when he got home..and they are still together;)

  56. Donna C. says

    We usually spend Memorial Day at a cook out/ pool party with family and friends. This year hubby and I had a quirt weekend at home. We spent the extra day off getting things done around the house that we have been putting off. We also took advantage off the great sales and bought a few things that we needed for the house

  57. Melissa O. says

    We don’t have any traditions yet. We moved many miles away from our families two years ago and this was the first year we were all off together! We took the kids to a local park/petting zoo and then got some Slurpees. We came home and the kids went in the pool. We made a huge dinner and all ate together. It was really really nice!

  58. says

    We had a nice quiet time dinner with family to reflect on Memorial Day. We served our favorite dish Chicken Parmesan inside as it was just too hot outside.

  59. says

    My family and I spent Memorial Day at my parent’s house for a potluck lunch. My dad was in charge of the barbecue and we were in charge of bringing desserts!

  60. says

    We always spend Memorial Day at my Mom’s. We grill out and then enjoy sitting a relaxing on her porch while the kids play. It’s always a very relaxing fun day.

  61. helenlam says

    Occasionally we’ll go to a barbecue but the plan this year is to relax since this is the baby’s first Memorial day!

  62. Melinda J says

    We bbq and swim on Memorial Day, and eat watermelon in the evening when the sun is down but the day is still warm. It is our first day of summer and we relish every minute of it!

  63. Rebecca says

    This year, we spent Memorial day helping my sister move out of her home. Not ideal, I know. But we ended up spending the evening at my parents’ house playing board games and hanging out. It turned out to be a lot of fun. Especially because I won.

  64. says

    We got married on Memorial Day weekend, so it’s always a celebration for us!! We don’t have any real traditions, except to spend time together. It’s always fun to have a random three day weekend, though!

  65. Beth Portuese says

    Every memorial day we head to the one of the best kept secrets in Pennsylvania – Rock Run’s amazing swimming hole to be with family. It is arguably the best swimming hole in the country and as long as the weather is decent we make the long journey there to be with family. Its awesome!

  66. says

    We typically spend Memorial Day with my family as they live on a lake. We go boating, lay on the beach, and then have a bonfire with hot dog roast at night. It’s a nice way to relax and think about what Memorial Day really is.

  67. Crystal says

    My dad is buried in a local military cemetery, so we always make a trip to put flowers on his grave. Also this Memorial Day weekend we are taking our 3 year old for his 1st fishing trip! And capping the weekend off on Monday with our town’s Memorial Day parade.

  68. says

    We had a…BBQ (at my in-laws). :)

    It was fun. Good food, good company, and a wonderful walk on their property afterwards.

    We also talked to Tim’s brother on Skype (he is stationed in Afghanistan)…and we prayed for the troops. I am grateful for all the men + women who serve our country so courageously every day of the year.

  69. Liz says

    Well, this Memorial Day we are going to a picnic/BBQ with a group called the Navigators. They are a Christian ministering to the military. My husband is currently deployed so we will be thinking and praying for him.

  70. says

    This Memorial Day was extra special. We have lived away from family for 7+ years. We moved back over the Summer last year (right after Memorial Day). This year my Dad hung the flag he was given at my Grandfather’s funeral (he was a veteran). He also placed american flag yard lights in his flowerbeds before inviting all of of kids and our families over for a cookout, swimming, and a game of horseshoes. Definitely a great way to to spend Memorial Day Weekend.

  71. Vickie Couturier says

    We usually have a cookout but it was raining this year so we had hotdogs indoors an just chilled,my husband had to work

  72. petteytiffany says

    the best memorial days are spent:
    with family
    at the lake
    playing with the pets
    swimming or boarding or rafting

    eating up a storm

  73. says

    Our Memorial Day traditions used to be camping for that weekend, at the same campground I went to every summer with my family while I was growing up. Now that my son’s getting older, we’re hoping to start tent-camping with him. This Memorial Day we visited my parents at camp and enjoyed a cookout with my extended family. Next year we’ll be there all weekend, tenting, just like I did as a child. And I can’t wait to revive that tradition!

  74. Summer says

    This past Memorial Day, we not only remembered the service men and women, but this year my birthday fell on that day too. My husband and I went to a bbq on Sunday with my family. On Monday, we had a nice lunch date then went to a movie. We ended Memorial Day with a bbq at his dad’s house. It was nice and relaxing. It was a nice long weekend that I did not want to end. :) Thanks for giveaway!

  75. Jaimie K says

    My whole extended family would always get together and go around to a few different cemeteries to clean and place flowers. Then we all head over to great grandma’s house for a potluck barbecue. It’s a fun day.
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  76. says

    It was our youngest’s 4th birthday on Memorial day so we had double to celebrate.We took her to Build a Bear in the morning. Had stromboli for lunch and barbecued with friends instead of family this year.

  77. says

    We took a road trip and visited our family and visited the cemeteries where our grandmother’s are buried because they both died just a couple a days apart and on Memorial Day Weekend.

  78. Kara G. says

    I plan on spending time with my family by the pool and cooking a lot of food!! We are going to swim and eat!! Thanks!

  79. Aimee W. says

    Ever since I can remember, we have one definite Memorial Day tradition that never changes. My family spends the morning at my grandmother’s house — where we all eat a down-home breakfast and then watch the local rinky-dink parade go down the street. In fact, this is actually one of my first memories!!

  80. says

    We spent the day remembering those who had served…made sure we flew the flag and talked to our kids about it being more than just a day for BBQ!

  81. Alinga says

    We line our yard and walkway with American flags, say a prayer for all those who have served, are serving and will serve. Being from a military family, Memorial Day means a lot to us. We had a BBQ with family and relax.

  82. says

    Growing up our family always drove 2 hours to a church rally held on Memorial day. That is not being held anymore so we are ready to make new traditions. This year our family went on a little biking/camping trip. We had a lot of fun.

  83. Wehaf says

    I don’t have any Memorial days plans, but I do always stop and think about my grandfathers. They have both passed away now, and they were both WWII veterans. Once in a while I like to stop to think about what that really means – what was that really like for them? They lived in such a different world from the one we have today.

  84. Steph says

    For Memorial Day my dad came up to visit the kids. We had a BBQ that nite and planted some plants during the day. It was beautiful out!

  85. Kim says

    Our family went to the beach this year for Memorial Day. I’m glad that we did since it’s now becoming covered with oil :(

  86. Helen says

    For memorial day the whole family gets together. We have a barbeque and enjoy our time together. Many men from our family have served our country and fortunately came home safe but it’s always good to take some time to remember the ones that made the ultimate sacrifice.

  87. says

    In my husband’s hometown it is a tradition to visit the two local cemeteries to clean up and place flowers on family members’ graves, then go back to his aunt and uncle’s house for a cookout. Last year I got to be there for this tradition for the first time (they live about 1000 miles away so we don’t get to be there often).

  88. Ladytink_534 says

    The family gets together and grills out while listening to patriotic songs. We’re usually in the pool too.

  89. Julie L says

    We are very thankful for those who have given their lives so that we have the freedoms that we do here in America. We usually have a family picnic with hot dogs, hamburgers, lemonade, potato salad etc.;…this year it was too cold to go swimming at the lake 😉

  90. Ellie says

    Our Memorial Day tradition is to go on a nature walk in one of the parks or rural areas near where we live. Thanks for this giveaway.

  91. Marie says

    We always have family BBQ and then we go to visit my great-grandfather’s gravesite. He was a career soldier and although I never go to meet him the stories about him make him sound like a fascinating person. By going to visit his gravesite we can talk to the kids about all the soldiers who have given their lives for our country.

  92. katklaw777 says

    We always have a family picnic with volleyball, horseshoes and other games. It’s a blast!
    Everyone brings something to cook on the grill and a dish to pass and a dessert to share.
    It was yummy! thanks.

  93. MARY T says

    We gather with family and friends at the cemetery for a patriotic observance to honor those who served in the armed forces. The local American Legion (veterans) group holds a ceremony, and the names of the soldiers buried in the cemetery are read. A patriotic speech is given, and after, people decorate the graves of loved ones if they have not already done so. Its always good to see people who we haven’t visited with since the year before. After all is done, we have a family cookout at our home.

  94. Penelope says

    Every year on Memorial Day, we have a picnic with a group of old friends. Our kids grew up together. Now the kids are grown up, but we parents still love to get together! We celebrate the coming of summer and reflect on the sacrifices made for our freedom.

  95. T.J. says

    We celebrate Memorial Day by kicking back and taking a swim in the pond. It’s a chance to relax and also to appreciate our men and women in uniform.

  96. says

    My daughters birthday is on same day. Every year we used to go to church and I never forget that day. After that we used to go for outing. After getting through your blog I memorized those days and I’d like to say thanks for sharing it. Keep up blogging.!!!


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