What Are You Studying in the Word?

Do you have the kind of friends who will ask you that question, point blank? I do, and I’m so glad. I have really come to value spending time in God’s word: on my own with only the Bible, going through a study by myself, or using a study and meeting with a group. Regardless of the poor habits I fall into at times, back-to-school time always reminds me to get back to the important ritual of Bible study. Circumstances, schedules, or personal preference might prevent us from joining up with a group (which is personally my favorite way to study since it enables me to fellowship, be held accountable to do the study, and learn from the others in the group), but there are many great stand-alone resources available for everyone at reasonable prices. I generally try to work through something on my own in addition to participating in an organized class, and studies like this are perfect for that. Read on for several great resources (each with a give away).

This summer, I studied Java with the Judges from the Coffee Cup Bible Studies java.jpgby Sandra Glahn. There are several things that I enjoyed about this six lesson study. It’s a small book (maybe 6 by 8 inches), and spiral-bound, so it was easy to slip into my purse when I went out to the park or to a coffee shop. Even better, it contains the text so that I did not need to bring my Bible along either (this was also helpful as I stumbled to the table in the mornings to study before I had a cup of coffee in me). But more than the format, I enjoyed this lively and very applicable study of Old Testament History. The time of Judges is critical to understanding the Bible as a whole, and Sandra Glahn presented just enough history so as not to overwhelm. This is a perfect study to do individually, because there is enough teaching within each lesson to clarify the passage. The questions are mostly focused on personal reflection, which allows the reader to personally apply each portion of scripture.The author has donated one copy to give away (U.S. or Canada).

Sue Edwards has two new inductive Bible studies– Proverbs: Ancient Wisdom for a Postmodern World which has nine lessons, and Daddy’s Girls: Discover the Wonder of the Father (sproverbs.jpgome of the attributes of God), which has eight lessons. I enjoy inductive Bible studies, but they do require you to dig in and think for yourself. However, Sue Edwards has easily keyed each lesson so that the individual can decide to just complete the core questions, which take a bit less time, but still give understanding of the text. The Digging Deeper questions challenge the reader to find out more about other facts and passages that illuminate this text. The Summit questions are for a more advanced student and address more complex issues and differing points of view. There is a nice leader’s guide with general tips for leading a group, as well as specific helps regarding the content. There is also a special section called Table Talk specifically for small group discussion. As many resources as there are for groups, the way these studies are structured would also be perfect for the individual who enjoys deep study on her own. Three winners will receive both of these studies (U.S. or Canada).completely-his.jpg

Shannon Ethridge is a woman who has been used mightily by God by honestly sharing her struggles and successes under God’s power. In Completely His: Loving Jesus Without Limits, she shares about a tragedy early on in her life, and how it lead her to the realization that the Creator of the universe longed for her to be completely His. The book explores Old Testament customs and the relevance to the bridegroom Jesus pursuing us as his bride. There are four 30 day Bible study guides that act as a companion, or a follow-up to the book (although the studies do stand alone as well). The first is Completely Loved. These daily studies are designed to foster intensive heart-to-heart time with God. Each day begins with a couple of chapters of suggested scriptures to read, a short illustrative teaching passage, a few questions for personal reflection, and a prayer. This is a great bedside study for morning or evening personal use and personal application. One winner will receive the book and the study (U.S. only).


You may have seen these logos in sidebars of blogs you visit. Lisa, The Preacher’s Wife, posts an online Bible study called I AM. . . so you don’t have to be. She is starting round two, with a new group this week (although it’s open to join at any time). So click over to find out how it works. What’s great is that in addition to reading and studying along with her, you can participate by linking up your thoughts on each lesson. Lisa asks questions to help you understand In this way, you can still benefit from a Bible study community–virtually. Isn’t the internet great?

Do you want another way to get a word from God on your computer each day? Add Faith Lifts devotionals to your morning blog-reads. You can read my latest post on Transparency. If you would be interested in contributing to Faith Lifts, check out the details and send in your submission.

If you would like to win any of the studies listed above, please leave a comment, noting your order of preference (be sure to only enter those that will ship to your country). Enter by Sunday for a chance to win. The winners will be posted on Monday, September 3.


  1. Myrna says

    These all look wondeful. Am I the first to comment???

    Daddy’s girls: Discover the wonder of the Father

    I AM. . . so you don’t have to be

    Java with the Judges

  2. says

    What a wonderful giveaway!

    I would love to win either of these.

    My preference is as follows:

    the duo of Proverbs: Ancient Wisdom for a Postmodern World and Daddy’s Girls: Discover the Wonder of the Father

    Java with the Judges


    Completely His: Loving Jesus Without Limits

  3. Monica says

    They are wonderful… First choice would be Daddy’s Girl, 2nd Java with judges… I dont care what I win. A win is a win with any of these studies!!

  4. says

    I like them all. But here are my preferences in order:

    Proverbs and Daddy’s Girl

    Java with the Judges

    Completely His: Loving Jesus Without Limits

  5. Melissa says

    I like them all, but my first choice would be the Proverbs set. Second, Java with the Judges, and third, Completely His. Thank you!

  6. Juliet A says

    Java witht he Judges sounds exactly like the sort of book I need next. I really like old testament studies – the seem to be more about the scripture and less about promoting a doctrine.

  7. Crystal D says

    All of these sound very interesting.
    My preferences…
    Completely His
    Java with the Judges
    Daddy’s Girl

  8. says

    I would loved to be entered into the drawing for all those books. They all sound very interesting, so any of them would be fine with me! Thanks!

    1. Proverbs/Daddy’s Girl
    2. Completely His
    3. Java with the Judges

  9. Carrie Lea says

    I would love to have the “Java with the Judges”. I am a Sunday School teacher at my church and we are beginning this quarter with lessons from the Old Testament. I think this would be a great help in my studies for these upcoming lessons. Also “Completely His” would be great too, as it makes mention of the Old Testament.

    Thank you for condisering me for a winner of either of these books.

    God Bless,

  10. says

    I just read through Judges and was wishing for something to help me understand it better.
    Java with the Judges
    Proverbs/Daddy’s Girls

  11. says

    I always feel it about this time, after a long summer of hit and miss I am ready to really dive back in and hold myself accountable to a regular study. Any of these books look AWESOME. Since you asked, I will list in order of preference. 1. Java w/ Judges 2. Daddy’s Girls 3. Proverbs 4. Completely His Thanks again for some great reviews!!!

  12. Julie Robinson says

    1. Proverbs
    2. Java with the Judges
    3. Daddy’s Girls
    4. Completely His

    Our church has recently started reading Proverbs everyday – there are just enough proverbs for each month so you just read the proverb that matches the date! This is such a great giveaway and will bless many people! Thanks!

  13. Noralee says

    I am looking for a new Bible Study to do and I just heard Shannon Ethridge being interviewd on the radio. Her book sounds great. Count me in on the giveaway. My preference: Completely His, Java with the Judges and then the Sue Edwards set. Thanks!!!

  14. says

    Thanks for this opportunity!
    1. Java with the Judges
    2. Proverbs/Daddy’s Girl
    3. Completely His (If I hadn’t just bought this, it would have definitely been #1!!)

  15. Penny G says

    These look like great Bible studies. My preference would be the same order they were reviewed:
    1. Java w/ the Judges
    2. Proverbs & Daddies Girls
    3. Completely Loved

  16. says

    I’d be glad to win any but I think my order of preference is the same order that you listed them in your post. Although I live in Spain, I have a US address that you could ship them to (family) who will then drop them in the mail to me next time they send a package.

  17. says

    As a mom, gramma, writer, Bible study leader, & Child of the King I am always desiring to deepen my walk with God through intensive Bible Study so the Completely Loved series caught my eye. At the same time I am always looking for good studies to guide my friends to and through; so any of the studies “fit the bill.” Thanks for presenting a peek at each!!! Connie

  18. says

    Wow, great resources. I’ve done Java w/ the Judges already, and agree that it’s great. So please enter me for either Sue Edwards’ or Shannon Ethridge’s. Thanks!

  19. says

    This is such a great giveaway! I am always looking for new books or resources to use to help on my christian walk.

    My preference is as follows:

    Java with the Judges

    the duo of Proverbs: Ancient Wisdom for a Postmodern World and Daddy’s Girls: Discover the Wonder of the Father


    Completely His: Loving Jesus Without Limits


  20. says

    This does sound wonderful. I think my order of preference would be Java With the Judges, the Sue Edwards set, and third would be Completely His.

  21. says

    I would love to own the Java with the Judges book! Then, my other preferences would be Completely His, and Daddy’s girls. They all sound so great! I love reading books! Great give away…and great reviews!

  22. says

    What a great giveaway! All of these look great, but I guess my preference would be Completely His, Proverbs/Daddy’s Girl, and then Java with the Judges. Thanks!

  23. says

    I would love a chance to win! In order of preference:

    Java with Judges
    Edwards Studies
    Completely His

    Thanks so much for doing this! What an awesome gift it would be!


  24. says

    First choice: Completely His: Loving Jesus Without Limits by Shannon Ethridge

    Second choice: Java with the Judges from the Coffee Cup Bible Studies by Sandra Glahn.

    Third choice: Proverbs: Ancient Wisdom for a Postmodern World and Daddy’s Girls: Discover the Wonder of the Father


    Three winners will receive both of these studies (U.S. or Canada).

  25. Desi Wilson says

    These books all sound so great. My preferences are:
    1. “Daddy’s Girls,” “Completely loved,” Completely His,” “Java with the Judges,” and Proverbs
    Thanks much!

  26. says

    Oh I have been wanting to start attending a Bible study at my Church and my schedule never matches the times the women meet….I’d love to receive one of these!
    My order of preference is:
    Java with the Judges
    Proverbs and Daddy’s Girl
    Completely His

  27. says

    I’d love a copy of Java with the Judges, first…I remember when Sandi first taught it to our bible study group years ago. She’s refined it dramatically and added so much historical background–it’s wonderful. Secondly, I’d love a copy of the Proverbs study. Thanks for the resources–just found your site and it looks great!

  28. Annette says

    Will be starting the I AM study! Thanks.

    1. Java with Judges
    2. Proverbs

    Unfortunately don’t qualify for Completely His.

  29. says

    Thanks for the cool link to the online study, I’m definitely going to check it out. Feeling a little claustrophobic these days at home with my 5 month old!
    My preferences with the studies would be:

    Completely loved
    Java with the Judges
    Proverbs and Daddy’s Girl

  30. says

    Those books look great. I appreciate your opening question about having friends that ask about our time in the word. I have been a Christian for 8 years and the last year or so getting into my bible has been really tough. We have moved to a new city and church, we had a baby, my job stress rose significantly. Of course these are reasons I SHOULD be in the Bible more! Anyway, I love the suggestions. Hope to win and if I don’t hopefully I’ll be able to pick these up.

    I would love:
    Daddy’s girl and proverbs
    Java with the Judges
    completely His

    Thanks for the offer!

  31. says

    I can’t wait to check out the online study. In this past year I discovered how Bible Studies can help so much in furthering your faith education. I thirst for His truth everyday. Thanks so much for posting this.

    I would love:
    Daddy’s Girl:Discover the Wonder of the Father
    Completely His

  32. Beth S. says

    I am ready to check out the online bible study. I will do that as soon as I finish this…

    I would love:
    Java with the Judges
    Proverbs and Daddy’s Girl
    Completely His

  33. says

    I’m not picky, I’ll take whatever He feels you should send me!

    I’m doing the Beth Moore bible study “A Woman’s Heart, God’s Dwelling Place” It’s a new release of the 1st study she ever wrote.

  34. Micaela Beytebiere says

    Hi, I’ve been wanting to start a bible study with some of my friends and I was very interested in the books by Sue Edwards.
    Daddy’s girls: Discover the Wonder of the Father
    Proverbs: Ancient Wisdom for a postmodern world


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