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works for me wednesday

Last week I warned you that I was running dry. My Wednesdays looked like they might become “What Doesn’t Work for Me.”

But last week I went on a WFMW reading rampage. I must have read over 40 posts off Shannon’s Mr Linky list. And while reading all those brilliant tips, I started to remember some of the things I do that actually do work for me.

So, my tip for today is to write down ideas while you are reading the other WFMW tips. Just reading the other ideas gets my creative juices going and all of a sudden I am thinking of things that I do that work. Wow – a goldmine! So, I opened a word document and started typing.

Now I have a list of ideas that I will add to weekly that I can go to when I am in the “it is time to post and I can’t think of anything panic.”

And look – it works for me already!

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    That is a great idea. I have a page in my blogging notebook for joting down ideas for WFMW. Thanks for sharing!

    (You may want to edit your link at Shannon’s, it takes you directly to your June 20th WFMW post. )

  2. says

    That’s very smart – I keep all my Works For Me ideas in an EverNote list – free list-making software suggested by Kim from Hiraeth, I believe!

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    Me, too! I have at least 5 piled up and am tempted to share more than one, but I then I think of all you veterans who are running out of ideas. I’ll let the list keep working.

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    I think that’s a great idea. I also think that, after a few months, some of us should post what we’ve tried and liked for ourselves from all these WFMW tips! (So far…I’m keeping menus and other every day household papers in a binder…and sorting my cutlery by type. Can’t remember who posted those ideas…but thanks!)
    Maybe we should do a “Best of WFMW”!

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    Great idea, I actually started a folder in my bookmarks, and add all the tips there, every week I delete the old ones and add new ones that I want to try :)

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    Great idea. I can never think of any WFMW ideas. I’m just not that creative. I’ll try the list idea this week and see what I c ome up with for next week. :-)

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    I like this idea! :) Most of my ideas I have to be reminded of by those around me or by WFMW posts that jog my memory. And I’m such a big fan of list making… :)

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    There really are gobs of great ideas out there. I’ve been surprised how many of them really will work for me. Last week I called my sister with two ideas because I thought they’d really work for her.

    Keeping a list on your computer is a great idea! Thanks.

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    That is a great idea. It takes me through most of Thursday just to get through them all, and by then I’ve forgotten everything. I keep hoping one of these organizer-type ladies will create categories for everything so we can have all the tips at our fingertips!

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