Nexcare Bandages are going Diamond — And you could win a year’s supply!

You gotta love 3M — those folks are just brilliant! I mean — can you image a world without Scotch Tape or Duct Tape?!?

Those clever designers are always hard at work and now they have come up with some wonderful new bandages featuring a unique diamond shape and a 360-degree adhesive seal around the pad that keeps out dirt and germs.

Nexcare BandagesThey come in various styles like the Heavy Duty – Clear and Tough, (my electrician husband who always has a ton of cuts on his hands will love those,) and the fabulously fun, Tattoo Waterproof for kids featuring characters like Winnie The Pooh to help turn tears into smiles.

(I also love the reusable plastic containers the 30 packs come in. They are perfect for holding crayons, hair elastics, trading cards, etc.)

Nexcare Tattoo Bandages for KidsWith spring here and summer around the corner, our kids will be outside scrapping knees and running to mom to make it all better. So I am going to be prepared with Nexcare Waterproof diamond shape bandages, to keep the dirt and germs out and the bandage in place.

And you can too…

While I have a a few boxes to keep us going, one of you is going to win a year’s supply (45 BOXES!!!) of Nexcare Bandages for your family. That sounds more like a lifetime supply to me!!! 45 boxes will cover a lot of cuts, burns and scrapes – you will be able to cross bandages off the shopping list for at least the next three years!

So time to link up and win moms!

If you want the chance to have enough bandages to last you through this decade, just leave a comment and let your readers know about this contest on your blog. You can give a little link love to 3M too if you want. No worries — non-bloggers are always free to play as well.

Unfortunately, we have to limit this contest to US shipping addresses. But if you have a friend or family member in the states and you want the company to ship to them, that is totally ok.

Good luck! :)


  1. Ally P says

    oooooh BandAids….By 3M none the less (I LOVE 3M Streatchy tape…. 3M is an awesome company with really smart & creative engineers)… I hope I win…. Yes, yes I really hope I win!!! (good luck to everyone else too)

  2. Kendra says

    We went through a whole box last month, I cant imagine how it will be once summer is in full swing.

  3. says

    Oh I have a little boy who loves to get into everything! These sound like a definite necessity for my household. Thanks for the contest, I’m in!

  4. says

    Band aid, band aids, and more band aids. My kids love band aids, even when they don’t have a cut. Sign me up! We could really use band aids.

  5. says

    My hubby works for 3M and we have more of these bandaids, post it’s, cleaning supplies and etc than I could ever use! LOL. I won’t be joining in this one but they really are excellent! The 3M hooks are all over my kitchen and the ‘velcro’ style picture hangers work AWESOME!!!

  6. says

    My son keeps skinning his knees every other day or so. One scrap on top of another…I’m buying some of these even if I don’t win!!!

  7. Holly says

    Awww….I just love these. I know my little Angel is going to love them too. Pick me….pick me….

  8. Jennifer says

    This is hilarious! What would my husband say if 45 boxes of bandages showed up at the house? I hope I win :)

  9. says

    You ladies are too too sweet and I would love a life time supply of bandaids, especially since it seems my kids are just getting to the age of hurting themselves more often.

  10. says

    With three kids and a fourth on the way, bandages are at a premium around here. One of my daughters is allergic to the adhesive — she gets an itchy bumpy outline of the bandage just where the adhesive that sometimes ends up looking worse than the original owie! But the other two can use them just fine!

  11. Sarah says

    WOWZA! What a fun giveaway for anyone with active children and being a klutz myself, I find it even better!!

  12. Kelly says

    Who doesn’t need bandages for the itty-bitty bruises or the owies that didn’t break the skin? Sign me up. 😀

  13. Brooke says

    I want this, but if I win, I’ll have to be careful that my 5 year old doesn’t use them all up in one day turning her baby sister into a mummy.

  14. says

    Hmmm, where did my comment go?

    Count me in, please!!! I have a daughter in middle school who just started shaving, a set of twins in preschool and another set of twins in diapers, and they are ALWAYS covered in Bandaids!!

  15. says

    Count me in too. If you click my name it will take you to the direct post where I wrote about it. This is so cool. We go through those things like MAD. My 4yo LOVES them.

  16. says

    Oh my goodness!!! This is SO the contest for me! I mean our family is so accident prone. Our friends affectionately call it the “Waechter Factor” But seriously, my son was in the ER 4 times before he was 18 months old for injuries!

  17. Jill H. says

    my daughter is addicted to the tattoo bandages…so sign me up! (Although I’ll be lucky if they last a year…she loves to put them on imaginary boo-boos!

  18. Mary says

    Wow I could really use those! DD went through an entire box of them last week and not playing with them either she’s at the klutzy stage! Between her and dh we go through lots of bandaids!

  19. Jackie says

    Oh my daughter is always scraping something on her body since she’s only 3 years old! She LOVES the Pooh Bear and Princess ones. We go through a box of each every month!

  20. says

    Oh, bandages cure all ails here – even ones that don’t officially need a bandage! 45 boxes sounds like a little more than a year, but definitely not a lifetime! What a great prize!

  21. says

    This is the cutest contest I think I’ve read about in awhile!! As a mom I think there is NO such thing as a life supply of band-aids.. HA HA HA HA

  22. Marilyn McFadden says

    I am a grandmother with six grandchidren, so I would have an easy way to share the “loot.”
    Thanks for counting me in.

  23. Jenn in AZ says

    I would love to be in on this too! (Heard about it from Nan’s blog–Life is Like a Lunchbox–Thanks, Nan!) No blog for me yet to link you too, but I would LOVE to get one going someday. Then, I will link you. :)

    Believe me, those Nexcare bandages will be put to good use here! Between my family, my kids’ friends…we will be using them up post-haste!

    Thanks a lot for this opportunity! I hope to be a regular visitor to your blog, now!

  24. says

    Wow. Would this be great or what? With 3 little children I am ALWAYS getting a bandage for someone. Nexcare is also my favorite brand so, double wow.

  25. Jessica says

    Sounds great! Count me in! Bandaids are my defense against my son’s thumbsucking! It is the only thing that reminds him not to put it in his mouth!

  26. Zukppr says

    You’d think that by 10 my wonderful dd would have outgrown the need for multiple bandages on a daily basis. But no, not my dd… We’d love some to get us through bleeding toes from swim team; skinned knees from softball; bloody abrasions from scooters, skates, heelys, and tree climbing; and other assorted major catastrophes :)

  27. says

    Oh perfect for soothing hearts and boo boos….
    Thanks for the lovely contest.
    Love ,

    Angel Mama ( Professional “soother of hearts and boo boos”)…LOL

  28. says

    I have 6 children and this would be fabulous. I’m so glad I found your site and look forward to more posts! I’ll gladly put you on my site. Thank you for the oppoutunity to win these!

  29. Lacey says

    With little ones in the house, I sure could use some bandages. Although the last time there was an injury it occured on lips of the 2 year old. Too bad they didn’t make lip bandages.

  30. says

    Love Nexcare bandages! They don’t come off until you want them to and they don’t hurt when you do!! My kids love the characters and we have had to instill a rule that you don’t get one unless there is blood.

  31. says

    I love Nexcare! My favorites are the ones that look like duct tape…all the guys in my family are willing to cover up a boo boo with those (they are more manly that the other styles). Wow…what a great contest! Thanks.

  32. stephanie says

    with 12 little elbows and knees getting scraped…make that 16 in a few more months…these would be great.

  33. Firefly says

    Nexcare bandages are great! We have one child who is sensitive to latex and they have a number of latex-free products. The ones that aren’t latex-free find themselves attached to others in our home. :p

  34. says

    Wow! Raising three (very active) sons on a farm, I could sure use these. Because of their antics (fishing hook in the hand, stitches, football injuries, etc.,) we helped fund the renovations at our Children’s Hospital. They really should have named it for us out of courtesy, lol.

    What a great contest!

  35. says

    With living on a farm, raising 6 active young boys and a new someone arriving in Oct.
    I’m in!!! What a wonderful contest.
    Can’t even begin to count how many bandages we go through each year.


  36. Jenna says

    Sweet! My husband is accident prone, and I’m afraid our daughter is going to be just like him. :)

  37. says

    What a great give-away! We have 9 children living out here on our rural mountain, so you can only imagine the countless bandaids we go through! One can never have enough bandaids, that’s for sure!

  38. pisecomom says

    My son has gone from hating the thought of bandaids to going through nearly a box a week… so 45 boxes would come in handy here! :)

  39. says

    Life with my girls is all about the imaginary injury that requires immediate application of cool cartoon bandages… this contest sounds perfect!

  40. Kimberlee says

    I’m in too! Sometimes bandaids cure more than simple boo boos around here! Somehow, my little girl thinks they make a bad day much better! If that is all she needs…I can’t complain!

  41. says

    With four kids — and the youngest two making up injuries when the older two are hurt and needing bandages — that might last us a month. Please count me in!

  42. says

    45 boxes is a lot of bandages. I guess I could always use some for stocking stuffers and birthday treats! What kid wouldn’t want to receive a box of bandages as a prize?

  43. Cathie D. says

    A friend directed me to this contest saying that it made her think of me. Humm… does that mean that my kids have a reputation for always needing a bandaid. Probably :)

  44. says

    Are you kidding me?? I’d love to win this. With four boys and a new baby on the way, I could definitely use all the bandaids I can get. Thanks!

  45. says

    45 boxes is a year’s supply? For whom? I have three sons. I’m imagining that 45 boxes is one summer’s supply! Nevertheless, sign me up!

  46. says

    Oh, that would be such fun to have for the grankiddoes! They love band-aids. I love the olden days when band-aids came in metal containers with a hinged cover that you could use for many things. What goes around comes around, eh? Only now plastic. Good news. I never win, but maybe this is my time!

  47. Diane Mc says

    These are the best bandages ever! I don’t react to the adhesive, so they are the only ones I ever use.

  48. Tena says

    I just bought a box of bandages yesterday, but with four kids on the farm I know we will need all we can get. Please toss my name in the bag. Thanks.

  49. Jennifer Poncavage says

    We always seem to need more bandaids around here, especially with a one year old who’s perfecting his walking skills :-)

  50. katina says

    Oooh, ooh, I’m running out of bandaids for my little guy…he scrapes his knees at LEAST once a day!

  51. says

    WOW! These would come in handy at our house. Between the kids and our employees these would be great! Our employees are in a lot of dirt and water (we install sprinkler systems and have a sod farm) and I bet these would actually stick! Hope I win!

  52. says

    I have 3 lil “men” need I say more. One loves to bandaid anything that hurts on his body and he has to have one when the other 2 need one!

  53. The School Nurse says

    Please put me into your bandaid contest..I could sure use them. They are the best in my opinion…KMRN

  54. diann t says

    I like the waterproof bandages. Even with booboos this bandage does not come off in my pool…. yeah that is important because I am a child care provider and it seems that if one child needs a bandage – then suddenly every child must have one to match the needed child’s injury…
    It sure saves me a mess of cleaning bandages out of the filter.

  55. says

    Our most purchased brand of bandages! Oh this is too cool! I probably buy a pkg of the waterproof ones nearly once a month. They are awesome! My husbannd also is an electrician and goes through a pack of bandages himself, I swear about every month. He likes tough ones. Count me in!!

  56. Tina Hortenstine says

    Count me in too. I have a handicapp daughter that cant walk well. Shes always falling. (like daily) So YES count me in.

  57. Chanda Crawford says

    OMG! I have four children so can you imagine the money we spend on bandaides! I swear one a day for us! Hey can i use them on my greyhound too??? He gets lots of scrapes and cuts. Hehehehe!!!

  58. Ms. Erin says

    For my baby sister who one minute laughing and playing,the next::
    crying her eyeballs out.

    These would be PERFECT!

  59. K. says

    Wow. I’ve been using the Nexcare waterproof bandages for very large wounds I got from falling off the side of a mountain (literally). ER doctor hem hawed for a bit and finally decided I didn’t need stitches, but said keep it covered with Neosporin at all times. After a few days, my wound started itching unbearably. I thought the itching meant the wound was healing, but when I took the bandages off, the area under the bandage (but not the padding where the wound and antibiotic ointment were) was red, raw, and blistering.

    I’ve never had this reaction to adhesive bandages before. My fiancee and I use latex condoms all the time, and I’ve never EVER had the slightest reaction to latex. My only conclusion is that this brand must use a special type of adhesive that other brands don’t use, and that I’m allergic to whatever is in it.

  60. Irene says

    These are THE BEST bandages! I was lucky enough to find a Nexcare 160 variety pack of assorted sized, premium heavy-duty and waterproof bandages… at a wholesale club ONCE (only to never being able to find them packaged in that volume again, despite going to different websites and local pharmacies). I would LOVE TO WIN A YEAR’S SUPPLY; so, PLEASE count me in!

  61. says


    If you happen to have a few calm minutes,take a look at the above website. I think you will be pleased to see the adhesive bandages my small company makes.

    Unlike 3M where money is not an object,The Jolly Group,Ltd (my company) in my opinion has hit the mark with our bandages–especially anyone who likes,plays,or follows sports.


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