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Tackling Piano Lessons…

I might just be crazy… but I have now added piano lessons for my five year old son – Suzuki method – to my overloaded schedule.

Now, you might at first think, “Oh — that is nice! Now, why on earth would that be crazy?” But, as I mentioned, my schedule is a bit too full. (Jackson is in quite a few activities already – that is what happens I think when you have an only child. He is in hockey, baseball, swimming, and preschool. But honestly – if you met my kid – you would understand why I need to keep him busy. He is a ball of energy and so social. He gets bored at home. Even if he has Julia to play with, he is just bouncing off the walls. He loves to be with other kids his age, doing things. The only problem is I spend a ton of time driving him around!) My house is in need of a three month’s worth of daily tackles, and my work load just keeps increasing. So perhaps Suzuki method, which requires a “total family commitment” and for me to sit through each lesson, take notes, learn along with him and be his “home teacher,” might just be a tad too much for this very busy, pregnant chick.

But, this is my son ladies! And you know as well as I do, that sometimes we do crazy things for our kids. So, bring on the piano lessons… and the stressful practice sessions (did I mention my son was five and a boy! and well… ahem… active?) Yes, this is NOT going to be easy. So far our practice sessions are quite short and involve me silently reprimanding myself for attempting to get my rather energetic (read: monkey) son to sit still at a piano and follow instructions…

But I will not give up… yet. (LOL) Jackson wants to do this. And if we can actually get it to work — and by that I mean get him to sit still and actually do what he is supposed to do — then I think it will be well worth the time and effort. And it is nice that it is something that he and I do together. I want to make sure that he comes before work. But let’s just hope I don’t lose my mind first!

PS – Last week some of you were asking if our tackles need to be “housework.” No – our tackles can be anything that we need incentive to accomplish. It is about conquering projects we put off, both big and small, and celebrating our achievements. But, since my house is in desperate need of tackling – that is what I know I need to be doing. And I promise, very soon, I will be back at my big tackling projects. I have a baby coming – and a house that needs to get ready!

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    stopping by to say hello. i am slacking this week. nothing to tackle but, i have tons of things i need to tackle. does this make sense?

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    I wanted to start my daughter on piano this year, but I can’t find a teacher. She is going well with clarinet though, she is 10. Our five year old daughter does ballet. Our son 16 did piano.

  3. says

    Oh, that sounds pretty busy times yes, but probably worth it if it comes out something good as piano playing after it!

    Even if he stops playing, he’ll have the basic to take up later when he is grown up – if he wants to. It’s always much easier to learn things as a child.

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    My mom gave me her 120 year old piano that she was given as a gift from my dad when I was 5. I learned how to play on that piano and as of Wednesday, it now sits proudly in my living room. It was definitely the highlight of my week! I hated piano when I was taking it as a kid, now I want to take lessons again because I miss it so much.

    This week I tackled some cupboards:)


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