1. I think that this flavor would be our favorite: Tummy Soothie with *PEPPERMINT + GERMAN CHAMOMILE + FENNEL.

  2. Elderberry is amazing! My kids would probably love the elderberry chamomile or the berry chamomile!

  3. I think we would like the immune soothies! I also think those would be a very good option with cold/flue season approaching.

  4. I would like to try the German Chamomile + Lemon. What unusual flavor combinations. I’d like to try them all.

  5. BLACK ELDERBERRY + GERMAN CHAMOMILE looks like the clear choice, nobody in the house does fennel.

  6. i like the sound of the tummy soothie. I think it would taste quite good since it has peppermint.

  7. Tummy Soothie — sounds perfect for when the tummy is saying no to food, but the mouth could use a little flavor.

  8. Never tried them but I bet my kids would love them all my youngest would like the Elderberry!!

  9. We need the Relax Soothie. Anxiety is high at doctor appointments, when things are running behind.

  10. Definitely the Tummy Soothie for my family! We’ve all got major digestive issues (GERD, Gastroparesis, Ulcerative Colitis, etc.)

  11. I would select the Tummy Soothie – Peppermint + German Chamomile + Fennel ones, all kids like peppermint

  12. I think the tummy soothie would be our favorite flavor wise but we use the immune ones the most!

  13. The lemon flavor nature soothie would be the favorite! My whole family loves the flavor lemon!

  14. They would love German Camomile, although all look delicious and are an amazing 😉 idea!!

  15. I’m not sure they’d be too into the tummy flavor — fennel is a bit of a strong, licoricey taste for them — but I bet they’d like the other three.

  16. The Immune Soothie BLACK ELDERBERRY & GERMAN CHAMOMILE is the flavor that my family would like thanks

  17. I think my kids would benefit from and enjoy the Relax Soothie* PASSIONFLOWER + GERMAN CHAMOMILE the most.

  18. My family has a lot of stomach problems, so I imagine that the Tummy Soothie would be the most used. However, I think each would be really beneficial. I just love this idea, and using natural ingredients to help aid a healthy body.

  19. Believe it or not, the tummy one. My kid has a thing for peppermint as do I ! I might have to sneak some for any stomach issues LOL

  20. I would like the relax smoothie. I think that it would really come in handy for me. i need to relax.

  21. We could benefit from the Tummy Soothie which has Peppermint + German Chamomile + Fennel. I love peppermint!

  22. I just got this in the mail. Our Elf on the Shelf left the boxes out for my boys. The Elf also had tissues all over and a thermometer. She was sick. They loved the calming one. So far we haven’t had to use any sick ones. Thank you. I’ll try and blog about the products next week. This week is finals, and I’m a teacher. Thank you so much!