A Very Wiggly Christmas


Do you have Wiggles fans in your home? Let me tell you, my boys are probably some of their BIGGEST FANS! Every morning my boys wake up Jeff, do the monkey and rock-a-bye their bear along with their favorite musical group.

The Wiggles! Group-2

In fact my three-year-old, Isaiah, has a desire to play the guitar just like his favorite Wiggle, Murray.

Over the summer I surprised Isaiah by taking him to see The Wiggles in concert. My poor son was so awe-struck, that he sat in my lap, barely moving a muscle, for almost the entire show.

At one point Murray traveled around the audience, walked right up to Isaiah, and waved hello. My poor son just stared at him, with his jaw pretty much to the ground.

During their last song of the night, Isaiah finally got up and grooved along, just like he does every morning. I just HAD to capture it on video.

Wiggles are now on Sprout, weekday mornings from 6-9 ET. We are so thankful to have Sprout at our house. If Sprout isn’t available in your area, please visit Wiggles Please to petition to get Sprout from your service provider.

Would you like to surprise your child with Wiggly fun under the Christmas tree?

Thanks to our lovely Wiggly friends, we have one Wiggles Prize pack to give away to one lucky reader. Let me tell you, this is one awesome gift too, with a retail value of $140.00.

The Wiggles Prize pack includes:

  • Backpack
  • Nursery book
  • Traveling Book
  • Baseball Cap
  • Canteen
  • Plush Dorothy OR plush Wags
  • 2 mini-posters
  • Audio CD: Pop Go The Wiggles
  • DVD: Sing A Song of Wiggles

Here’s how you can win:

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Don’t forget to check out The Wiggles each weekday morning from 6-9 ET on Sprout.

*Thank you to The Wiggles for providing one prize pack for giveaway and one for an Under The Tree family. Please note that we did not review the Wiggles Prize Pack.


  1. says

    Last year we went to a Wiggle’s Concert and my girls were in heaven! We don’t have the fancy cable that they are on anymore so we have to watch the old dvds and the couple of episodes we have Tivo’d. The best part of the concert is that they actually make it fun for the adults too :)

  2. says

    My 6 yo has loved the Wiggles for years and we went to see them for 3 years for his birthday. He has introduced the Wiggles to his little brother (15 months) and that is the only show he will watch for more than 5 minutes. His favorite so far seems to be the “Do the Monkey” song.

  3. says

    My 4 year old is the biggest Wiggles lover I’ve ever seen (not so typical at his age). He even dressed as ‘Greg’ on Halloween (and would wear those clothes every day if I’d let him)!

    I know he likes Hot Potato–even gets his classmates to join him singing it at school. He and his brother play “Wake Up Jeff,” and of course there’s “Big Red Car.”

    I don’t know if he could name one favorite.

  4. says

    Julia was their biggest fan when she was little. Every night before she went to sleep she had to listen to them.

    I LOVED this video of Isaiah… way too cute!!!!!

  5. Courtney says

    He seems to love anything to do with Captain Feathersword (I think it’s the motion). But his favorite is fruit salad.

  6. says

    My daughter Julia absolutely LOVES the Wiggles! Without a doubt, her favorite song is the Quack Quack song followed by Dorothy (would you like to dance with me) in a VERY close second! Please enter us! :)

  7. says

    My son did the same exact thing. He thought we were going to see the Wiggles on a movie screen and when he saw them in person his jaw dropped for the first half of the show. My husband and I danced and sang more than he did. He also finally got into it towards the end. Isn’t that funny how they all react that way? Cute post and video and son :) And I love the Wiggles prize.

  8. says

    of course we love the wiggles – we can’t but sing along..and get the songs stuck in our head, too. I don’t know if she actually has a favorite song – she likes them all. The shimmy shake was really fun!

  9. says

    My son loves the Wiggles! His favourite song is either “Wags the Dog” or “Brown Girl in the ring”… but there are so many that are “again?”. I have your holiday button on my blog.

  10. Cheri says

    My granddaughter LOVES the Wiggles. She likes all the songs, but when Hot Potato comes on, she bounces up and down (as well as sings) in her car sear.

  11. says

    That is so funny about your son, because I also took my 2 boys (ages 2 and 4) to see the Wiggles live this summer and they were petrified!! Only at the end did they warm up, and Murray came out to see us too :) So fun anyway!! My boys would LOVE this giveaway!!

  12. Heather says

    All of my children have been fans of the wiggles during their lives. Right now our youngest is their biggest fan. She adores their music.

  13. jennie says

    My three girls love the Wiggles, but let me tell you–my husband wishes he were one. It is his unfulfilled calling in life. I want to win this for him!!!

  14. Ellie W says

    My little grandson loves the Wiggles. He sings a lot of their songs but I think The Cold Spaghetti song is his favorite.

  15. says

    We don’t get sprout, so I petitioned! We’re from New Zealand, so my eldest got to see the ‘Wiggles’ live when he was smaller, now my younger kids like the Wiggles too – they’re timeless!

  16. says

    My little guy loves the Wiggles! He actually has never sang a song before (due to hearing issues) but the other day I found him watching the Wiggles and dancing around and trying to sing the “We Like to party, everybody party” song. It was SO sweet!

  17. Yvonne Butler says

    I don’t know. We do not have Sprout on our cable but this sounds like something I would like to win for my great granddaughter and something that would teach her values also.

  18. Rosey says

    Your story of your son’s jaw hitting the floor is hilarious. We had a similar scenario going on at a live show we saw (of Sesame Street), although the characters didn’t go in the audience. How neat.

  19. Eileen says

    I think the song is called FRUIT SALAD…and of course the Monkey Song. I do love them but donned some headphones of my own some days!!!!

    ejrichter60 at gmail dot com

  20. Eileen says

    I would love to give this away to someone who NEEDS it at our church. it totally makes you LAUGH!!!!
    I subscribe by email!

    ejrichter60 at gmail dot com

  21. Brian E. says

    Thanks for the giveaway…One of my young nieces has been known to break out singing The Wiggles song, “Dance The Ooby-Doo”.

    senorpiero [at] yahoo [dot] com


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